CHI-EDM EPISODE 4 – XCEDERA Twins — Confetti

Meet the XCEDERA Twins in this interview! We’ve picked the XCEDERA Twins and the song Confetti for this weeks Breakout Song of the Week! Urban recording artist with styles that range from R&B,Hip Hop to Pop, and EDM. Dynamic duo A-L & C were born and raised in St.Louis Missouri but currently reside in Hollywood CA. Whether XCEDERA Twins are working with industry heavyweights like Missy Elliott, TLC, Snoop Dogg, Sisqo or just busy producing their own stage shows, these twin brothers are not only double trouble, but a triple threat. Honing such talents as singers, rappers, choreographers, dancers, and songwriters, the name “XCEDERA” was a perfect fit as these guys can do it all!. In this episode we learn about their music, show style, and twin life in Hollywood. Episode 4 ends with a voicemail we got from, “I was at Wal-Mart…someone stole my van!”

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