CHI-EDM EPISODE 6 – DJ Nurotic from Chicago’s 103.5 Kiss FM – Interview and Mini-Mix

Interview and Mini-Mix! 103.5 Kiss FM’s DJ Nurotic was born and raised on Chicago’s northwest side. DJ Nurotic’s love for music was apparent really early on. It was a birthday party at age twelve when he witnessed a “DJ” for the first time that he instantly knew what he wanted to do with the rest of his life. Years of practice lead to his first residency, at age 17! Having spun at concerts for groups and bands in many genres from hip-hop to reggaeton, house to bachata, he has never limited himself to one crowd or one genre. Besides Chicago, he has also performed in many other states and has released an impressive amount of mixtapes. Dj Nurotic is heard weekends in Chicago on 103.5 Kiss FM and nationally on SiriusXM’s BPM.

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