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Porter Robinson VIrtual Self

Amidst the rollout of Porter Robinson’s new musical alias, Virtual Self, fans have been speculating if and how he would be mixing his two sounds.

Well, Robinson took to Twitter today to clear up any speculations, stating he will not be playing Virtual Self’s music at his namesake shows and vice versa.

Going in a divergent sonic direction with his new alias, Robinson clearly wants to keep his new musical endeavor separate from his signature sound. He played his debut show in Brooklyn earlier this month and is already slated for a festival stop at BUKU in the spring.

Surely Virtual Self will be making some other festival stops in the new year and perhaps we’ll even be gifted with a headlining tour. We’re excited to see what all the ingenious producer has in store for us in 2018!

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DarudeDarude’s ‘Sandstorm’ is easily one of the most recognizable songs produced in the past two decades. Even if you couldn’t name the song itself, chances are you’ve heard it at least once in your life.

For anyone who was interested in the creation of such an iconic song, Vice has you covered. Vice recently interviewed Darude to tell the story of ‘Sandstorm’. The interview is an interesting watch as it covers what was going through the producers head throughout the creative process and what gear he used while making the song. He also explains how he went from being an unknown producer to a world famous DJ with the attention that ‘Sandstorm’ brought and how he now embraces all the fame that the song has brought.

Check out the video below:

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Instagram's "Recommended" posts

Instagramers’ homepage feed is susceptible to “recommended” content. In early December, the social media platform rolled out testing for their “Recommended for You” section.

Now alive and breathing, this feature suggests 3-5 posts by mirroring photos/videos that have already been liked by accounts partakers voluntarily chose to follow. Previously, suggested subject matter could be accessed in “Explore” or “Following.”

The new capability doesn’t take effect until after you’ve viewed all of the organic posts in your feed. Although getting rid of “Recommended for you” isn’t an option, temporarily disabling it is. Just tap the three-dot menu above the post, and then press “Hide.”

IG hasn’t yet confirmed a date that the “Recommended for You” transformation will be complete on both iOS and Android.

Instagram's "Recommended" posts

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This past April, Pretty Lights announced an all-immersive offshore festival to be produced by the name of Island of Light. Unfortunately, in the wake of Hurricane Maria that devastated the island in September, the event had to be canceled due to the severe level of destruction.

In an effort to bring light to all who were affected, Pretty Lights (aka Derek Vincent Smith) will be live streaming his sets for free on December 28-29th at The Fillmore in Detroit, MI (10:15 pm ET) and on December 31 at The Fillmore in Philadelphia, PA (10:05 pm ET). These events will be broadcasted on the Pretty Lights Facebook page and Youtube Channel. A donation option will be available on both live streams, with all the proceeds going to the United for Puerto Rico.

Earlier this past fall, Pretty Lights live ran a similar event during their Whitewater Amphitheater performance in New Braunfels, TX held on September 29-30. Their campaign generated an outstanding $55,238 from donors.

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We’ve witnessed the meteoric rise of Kayzo over the past couple of years. As a culmination of his hard work, the Doghouse records founder will be releasing his debut album, Overload, on January 19th, 2018.

So far the producer has only released one single from the album, ‘Follow You’ featuring Devin Oliver. Now we only have three weeks to go until we can hear the rest of the album!

The tracklist reveals that Kayzo kept his collaborations to a minimum on Overload, something we haven’t seen much of lately. He once again teams up with Micah Martin, as well as collaborations with fellow bass producers Krimer and Warez.

Check out the tracklist below:


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Here at EDMTunes, we often discuss hot topics relating to techno. Today we’re reporting on another crucial subject: tech-no’s. What are tech-no’s you may be inquiring – it’s a product and/or technology that is designed to break or malfunction within a certain time frame so that the consumer either purchases a replacement part or buys an entirely new device; in other words, predetermined obsolescence. Apple has been known for playing a key role in this tricky business scheme and recently the multi-billion dollar company has knowingly reinforced that fact.

Quick recap: at the beginning of the month, the extremely profitable association permitted the world to know one of their most well-kept secrets. They admitted that they were slowing older iPhone models to prevent telephones with older batteries from shutting down out of the blue. Today, Apple could be facing an extensive legal battle in France over their past decision.

An organization called HOP, located in France, have been hard at work regarding the prevention of planned obsolescence. In their country, the practice is not allowed and companies can be fined up to five percent of their annual sales. Recently their team took matters into their own hands and filed legal complaints against Apple in Paris, as they did in the past with Epson, due to this troubling breach.

The United States of America is also adding more fuel to the fire as two other lawsuits filed by Chicago’s Atlas Consumer Law group and certain parties in California have also contributed to the estimated 8 lawsuits. To top everything off, another class-action suit was filed earlier this week in Isreal.

Things are not looking great for the beloved company – we hope that these matters get resolved quickly and efficiently. Their recent statement has caused even more controversy. How do you think this will play out?

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Ekali x ZHU – ‘Blame’

Following a breakout year in the dance music scene, talented Canadian producer Ekali is topping it off on one of the highest notes possible with a collaboration with one of dance music’s favorite producers ZHU.

The track begins with the signature Asian-influenced Ekali sound when ZHU’s soulful vocals come in and overlay the smooth production. The build-up of oscillating synths leads into a complementary brassy drop sure to get your bobbing along. The track is a perfect genre-blending of different vibes which come together to create a unique, and beautiful, banger.

We’ve noticed that sometimes when two producers collaborate, they dilute each others’ styles too much instead of bringing out the best in one another. Well, that is certainly not the case here. ‘Blame’ is perhaps one of the catchiest tracks for both of the artists.

Stream the track below and follow the link for a free download!

Ekali x ZHU – ‘Blame’ | Free Download

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afrojack wynn

Afrojack Will Comeback To Las Vegas For 2018 Wynn Residency

Grammy Award-winning recording artist, producer and DJ, Afrojack returns to Wynn Las Vegas for a 2018 residency. Previously a Wynn resident from 2011-2013, his first return date is Friday, Jan 26 at XS Nightclub. He will perform at XS and Encore Beach Club throughout the year.

“We are excited to welcome Afrojack back home,” said Alex Cordova, Wynn Nightlife’s Executive Vice President and Managing Partner. “He is a dance music icon and we look forward to him bringing his music and energy back into the clubs.”

“It’s great to be coming back home to Wynn Las Vegas,” said Afrojack. “I have so many great memories performing there and can’t wait to make new ones. It’s true what they say, there’s no place like home!”

A versatile producer and music artist, Afrojack moves effortlessly across genres from electronic music to hip-hop and pop. He brings his hook-laden music, punchy beats and high energy to his entertaining live performances across the globe as a headliner at the major festivals and clubs worldwide. Furthermore, he is closing out 2017 with a club banger called ‘New Memories’ with DubVision, released on December 8th, and the recent pop/hip-hop crossover hit ‘Dirty Sexy Money‘ with David Guetta.

For Afrojack performance dates, tickets and table reservations, visit and

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we are legend

Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike vs. Steve Aoki feat. Abigail Breslin- We Are Legend

Say what you want to say about these three dudes, in dance music they are indeed legends. Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike and Steve Aoki have finally released their monster collaboration called ‘We Are Legend’. The three of them have been teasing this collab for almost three years. It was indeed worth the wait.

If you remember hearing this in their sets during the past couple years, you would’ve noticed there weren’t any vocals. The official release, on the other hand, does feature vocals. The vocalist you ask? Little Miss Sunshine star Abigail Breslin. She seems to have embraced her singing skills and put down beautiful vocals that compliment the hard synths from DVLM and Aoki. It’s cool to see big names collab, no matter the industry or the reputation. Check out ‘We Are Legend’ below.

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Is there anything sweeter than reminiscing about your childhood? Here at EDMTunes, we believe that amplifying and remixing your younger years’ favorite tracks is the icing on top of pleasant memories as it allows you to relieve some of the best years of your life during the present day. Valentino Khan has recently sugar-coated the iconic Kit Kat jingle by completely crafting the simple tune into a serious banger!

I know what you’re thinking: “give me a break”…but seriously, you’re going to want to hear this! The American producer is known for his classic jungle and deep sounds. This promo incorporates his distinct melodies and goes above and beyond everyone’s expectations. We would even take it one step further and say that if you were to be in a club setting, you wouldn’t even know this song was made for a simple candy commercial. You would look at your friends, and smile wider than when you were eating a Kit Kat bar in your childhood as the track has some serious chart-topping potential if you didn’t know it’s real purpose.

The promo itself indicates that the tune is indeed created for Kit Kat as several candy wrappers and their distinct logo are clearly demonstrated. Now that we know that the ‘Deep Down Low‘ musician can transform a simple tune into an undeniable masterpiece, we look forward to seeing if he will collaborate with other companies in order to grace the world with other sweet tracks!

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Spinnin Records Yearmix

Spinnin’ Records is undeniably one of the biggest powerhouse labels in the world. Featuring releases from superstars like TritonalNicky Romero, and Hardwell, the Dutch label is known throughout the electronic music scene. The fact that they put out a year mix at the end of 2017 is no surprise. But the track selection and the quality of mixing in this three-hour epic set is nothing short of impressive.

Although most of the tracks are releases on the Spinnin’ label, there are plenty of tracks from other labels. Throughout the 180 minute mix, the energy flows easily, not spending too much time on any single song. And with 99 songs fit into three hours there isn’t any time for slow mixing! Most of the songs spend a minute or two playing by themselves before the mixing starts, making for an energetic vibe throughout. The mix features plenty of Spinnin favorites like ALOK and Lucas and SteveOliver Heldens and other artists who create music similar to the feel of Spinnin’ also appear in the tracklist. There is even a trap song that plays towards the end before closing with Hardwell and KSHMR‘s ‘Power‘.

Just like the label, Spinnin’ Records 2017 year mix stands out among a field of contenders! Save this mix for a long car ride or break it up into pieces for convenient listening. Although the flow of the mix is great, the actual mixing is so good you can pick it up at any point and enjoy the music. Check out the mix below. Let us know what your favorite song was or who your favorite Spinnin’ artist is!

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Photo: Juliana Bernstein

Desert Hearts fans, it’s finally here: the dates for Desert Hearts’ spring festival have arrived. Mark your calendars – we’ll be heading to Los Coyotes Indian Reservation on April 27th – April 30th, 2018.

The dates, announced today via Desert Hearts’ Facebook page, offer a weekend of what Desert Hearts is most well known for: 72 hours of nonstop house, techno and love.

You can watch the video announcement below, and make sure to save the date: tickets go on sale January 16th, 2018.

We’ll be keeping an eye out as details around the event develop, so watch for updates.

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Neither of Those Epic Reunions Happened – Obviously

b-b-but Alive 1997, Alive 2007, Alive 2017 right? It makes so much sense – how could they do this to us!? Turns out, the cycle is broken. 2016 was filled with stories about an upcoming reunion tour for both Daft Punk and Swedish House Mafia pegged for 2017. As 2017 closes, we know for sure all of those Daft Punk Alive 2017 stories were wrong and the SHM reunion leaks were fake news also. If you wanna stay on the hype train, you can always hope for Ultra 20th Anniversary Reunions though. Ultra is the perfect place for a SHM/Daft Punk reunion right?! Now for 2018, you can add Jack U to the demanded reunions list.

DJs Go Full On Pop & Won’t Stop

It’s already been said before but a great number of EDM producer/DJs have decided to chase new dreams. Pulse pounding festival sets just aren’t enough for these artists chasing pop culture domination and fame. In 2017 many DJs you probably loved back in 2014 aren’t even producing dance music anymore. These DJs have collectively decided that if you’re a pure EDM fan looking for energy and excitement, then they don’t really give a damn about you anymore.

The awkward result of this change shows up in mainstage festival sets, where the crowd is kinda just hanging out during portions of the “set”. Remember when Avicii performed at Ultra in 2015 and bored everyone to death with the awkward slow vibe of the performance? Well that is basically how most mainstage sets have become now that radio tracks are the goal. Rather than a 60-90 minute continuous mix that takes you on a musical journey, many sets are (1) pop or hip-hop vocals that build to a (2) future bass or trap drop followed by a (3) pause before the cycle begins again. In fact, the mainstage experiences are beginning to get so stale that a slew of reactionary trends are taking place that we are thrilled about.


Zedd, Audien, 3LAU, Major Lazer, Calvin Harris, The Chainsmokers, Marshmello, Tiesto, Tritonal


What does a DJ do when he or she already has a Facebook, Soundcloud, Twitter, Instagram, Podcast, Spotify Playlist, and label? Get an alias, of course!

Just as the previous post highlights the numbing down of the mainstream EDM scene, a reactionary force has occurred where DJs are creating or reviving alias projects where they can experiment with a new genre or be more risk-taking in general. You would think that this is a criticism since everybody is doing it, but who can complain about more artists returning to quality music? Nobody is making a new alias to produce sing-along tracks with Migos, are they? This is because the excitement of EDM from 2010-2014 can still be found on those side stages where these DJs want their aliases to perform.

Perhaps the most ironic thing about this topic is that the artist with the highest number of simultaneous aliases, Eric Prydz (4+), is also one of the most universally respected across the board. While aliases are now a bandwagon trend, we have a hard time criticizing it since the music coming out of these aliases is actually good. In some cases the aliases are well executed experiments in a new sound like Porter Robinson’s Virtual Self. In others there is very little distinction and the aliases blend together such as W&W and NWYR. Who knows what aliases will be revealed this year! Here’s just a taste of some alises.

Armin van Buuren  = Gaia, Rising Star, Sander van Doorn = Purple Haze, Markus Shulz = Dakota, Arty = Alpha 9, Ferry Corsten = Gouryella, Porter Robinson = Virtual Self, Paul van Dyk = Aeon, W&W pres. NWYR, Oliver Heldens = Hi-Lo, Mark Sixma = M6, Afrojack = Kapuchon, Steve Angello = Mescal Kid, Carnage = 30 Racks, Martin Garrix = YTRAM

and of course Eric Prydz = Pryda = Cirez D = Tonja Holma = Fiol Lasse

No More Anons

In 2015 and 2016 everybody was all about anonymous producers popping up on Soundcloud and taking the blog EDM community by storm. You had ZHU, Marshmello, slushii, Hi-Lo, Malaa, Galactic Marvl, and plenty more. The anonymity of the producer drove the project just as much as the music as fans speculated who it might be. In 2017, we are sick of anonymous producer gimmicks and we know who almost all of the anonymous DJs are now. The thing is, now we know that none of these anonymous producers were Skrillex or Armin or Porter Robinson in secret – they were just new kids on the scene trying to build some buzz. However, there’s still that rumor about David Guetta producing amazing music in secret – but still just a rumor. We hate to break it to you, but even Marshmello isn’t really hiding it anymore.

Jumping Off the Bandwagon is the New Bandwagon

Almost everyone who abandoned their subgenre (electro, hardstyle, trance) 3-4 years ago to take a stab at a main stage headline slot is now quickly finding their way off the main stage bandwagon and back to their roots (except for the DJs Who Went Full Pop). As the main stages become total snoozefests, all of the excitement and energy exists on the side stages. Not to mention many of these DJs that abandoned their roots a few years back had their time on top during the Big Room and Future House eras before being sidelined in the Future Bass, Dance Pop eras. Some of this is happening in the form of aliases (as mentioned above) and some are simply marking a return to their old ways. As with many of this year’s trends we point it out for being so obvious, but we don’t want to complain. This is resulting in better music and more interesting live experiences. We’re still waiting for Zedd, Calvin Harris, and The Chainsmokers to get the memo. We will know this trend has reached its absolute peak when Tiesto finally performs a trance set.


Headhunterz, Showtek, Sander van Doorn, W&W, Afrojack, Gareth Emery

The Rise of Psytrance

A year ago most people, even within EDM, had no idea what psytrance was. The intensely energetic subgenre remained a favorite of the most serious trance fans, but the sound was too intense to leave the trance stages.

This year, that changed. Somehow in 2017 psytrance grew to dominate all areas of EDM. Overall though, 2017 was a huge year for trance as part of the reaction to the Chainsmokerization of dance music. The movement was spearheaded by Vini Vici and their rise that was guided by Armin van Buuren. Their collaboration “Great Spirit” from 2016 kicked everything off and their 2017 collaboration “Chakra” kicked things into high gear. Now, it’s everywhere – from being squeezed into numerous dubstep/trap sets to gracing the Tomorrowland main stage.

Psytrance is leading the way as EDM begins to shrug off the tropical house future bass mishmash that has grown so stale. Now everybody is trying to get in on the trance game as mentioned in the previous items and we couldn’t be more thrilled.

The Hip-Hop Infiltration of EDM Has Maxed Out

Hip-Hop has been creeping into EDM more and more since 2014, and who can blame them since all of the excitement and energy left hip-hop for EDM. By 2017 the worlds have almost fully collided, but some of the results are underwhelming. The dubstep/trap music scene has fully embraced hip-hop, incorporating the vocal hooks of pretty much every popular hip-hop track of the day in the DJ sets. The biggest hip-hop tracks get remixed by many of the biggest DJs, and hip-hop stars new and old are frequent special guests at festivals. These integrations work out well and are probably as far as it should go.

In 2017 this has shifted so far that some EDM festivals such as Life in Color Miami have replaced much of their DJ lineup with rap artists. Perhaps the peak (or, really, the rock bottom) of this infiltration was DJ Khaled‘s now infamous performance at EDC Vegas in 2017. DJ Khaled was booked on one of EDC’s more popular stages, and the cringeworthy result is now the stuff of legends. Hopefully that embarrassment was enough to remind EDM fans and talent bookers that hip-hop artists that do nothing more than hype over a beat are not fit for a dance music festival. Let’s leave DJ Khaled in 2017.

The Festival Market Bottomed Out Thanks to Fyre Festival

The festival bubble definitely popped in 2016 as we covered extensively, but 2017 saw what is likely the final round of festival killings before the recovery truly begins. It all came to a head because of Fyre Festival‘s spectacular flameout. It symbolized the height of festival insanity with exotic destinations, extravagant imagery and beautiful patrons. It was all built on a huge lie that got national attention when it all came crashing down.

The epic disaster spooked the market and made it harder for small or upstart festivals to get funding they need to operate. As a result, many smaller or less experienced festivals fell apart in 2017.

By all appearances 2017 saw the bottoming out of the festival market, and we’re already seeing the upswing. Electric Forest and Tomorrowland are now 2-weekend festivals going forward and we see indicators that TomorrowWorld and TL Brazil may return in 2018 or 2019. Sometimes you have to hit bottom before you can recover.

The Fall of Soundcloud

Let’s be honest; You don’t use Soundcloud nearly as much as you used to. It’s hard to explain why, but if you think about it you’ll realize that you’re using Spotify much more now. It’s not just that Soundcloud had money issues throughout 2017, but it has become much harder to find quality new tunes there. When did it become so bad at surfacing good new music? From SoundcloudGo to reposts flooding the feed, navigating Soundcloud has become more difficult than Spotify. Soundcloud also clamped down hard on unofficial posts, leaks, ID tracks, and liveset uploads to where many of the core uses of the app are withering away. These days if you want livesets you’re probably gonna end up on Mixcloud.

The biggest sign of the fall of Soundcloud is noticed from the blogger perspective. When artists and publicists send out information about their new track, they’re sending the Spotify link instead of Soundcloud. In fact, those new “multi-stream” links that are often posted include every streaming/download service imaginable, but they don’t include Soundcloud.

The Ode to The Aux Cord


The growth of EDM is largely owed to these AUX-cord DJs. From colleged parties, pool days, pregames, and car rides the AUX cord was key to the EDM fan. FM Radio is useless for finding good dance music and the AUX cord commando was always ready with some fire new music to show off to his audience.

Apple began killing off the AUX cord with the iPhone 7, but then Android manufacturers began following suit. Soon Motorola, HTC, Huawei, and even Google itself have abandoned the headphone jack. Now if you want to DJ your 20 minute road trip, a good 5-10 of those minutes will be spent getting added to the car’s bluetooth system. And there is no worse feeling than being at a party with a stereo system ready for your music, but you don’t have your ridiculous headphone adapter with you. Have you tried using your headphone adapter at the gym only to find that it slips out at the slightest tug? Unfortunately these things will only get more common as more phone manufacturers take the easy way out and drop the universal plug.

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If 2017 was good for anything, it was good for music. All year long, we were treated to new tracks, shows, and albums, from the most talented producers. However, one of the best things to happen this year was A-Trak showing off his live mixing skills from his home studio all year long.

As a final treat to fans, A-Trak shared a short clip of Porter Robinson and Madeon’s hit, “Shelter”, via Facebook. The track is chopped and scratched at an upbeat pace, giving it a little more of a vibrant rhythm. Although it’s nothing too complex, you can see how much fun he has with it. Check out his mixing skills below:

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Slushii – BTS Mic Drop (Slushii Remix) + I Hold Still (Remix)

Slushii‘s come up into the EDM scene has been felt in waves. This Los Angeles based producer shoes no sign of hesitation. With incredible performances at world famous festivals such as Lollapalooza, Tomorrowland, and EDC Orlando, alongside releasing his debut album Out Of Light, this outstanding producer is showing signs he will be in high gear coming into the new year.

With 2018 quickly approaching Slushii has just dropped his newest remix to “Mic Drop“. He injects his own unique style of EDM beats into this hip-hop original. A combination of bubbly overtones mashed together with an anime-inspired vibration. In no time this tune will be tearing up dance floors everywhere.

In addition to “Mic Drop”, Slushii has decided to treat his fans to a VIP remix of Crankdat and Jauz‘s collaboration “I Hold Still“. Opening with a bouncing xylophone-esque chord mashup and heavily processed vocals, this track leads into one of the most intense drops that this producer has formulated all year long. Sluhsiii brings his unique dirty vibrations to the forefront of this remix but still maintains this flow and style of the original track. Both of these incredible tracks can be found below.

Slushii – MIC Drop (Slushii Remix) | Download

Slushii – I Hold Still (Slushii VIP) | Download

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Above & Beyond are set to have a monstrous 2018. With their new album, Common Ground, slated for January you would think that’s enough. Yet the trio is also releasing a documentary surrounding their acoustic work called Above & Beyond Acoustic: Giving Up The Day Job.

The documentary is produced by Abramorama and will open theatrically in New York in late January with other locations to follow. It will show the behind the scenes happenings when one of dance music’s biggest acts takes a leap into classical music. Now we have the official documentary trailer. Check it out and be sure to see it when it comes to your town.

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The Martin Brothers' DnB Yule log

The Martin Brothers are inherently known for their tech/deep house instrumentals and Dirtybird Records‘ development, but every once in awhile they’ll throw us a drum and bass bone.

In 2015, their family tradition began. Every December, Justin and Christian Martin release a 45-60 minute Yule log YouTube video full of dad bods, secret Santa gift exchanges, spiked egg nog, fast breakbeats and holiday cheer.

“Tired of listening to the same 20 Christmas songs over and over and watching the same boring yule log year after year?” tweeted Justin Martin. “Spice things up this holiday season and enjoy the worlds only DRUM & BASS YULE LOG ft. THE MARTIN BROTHERS (vol.3)! #drumandbassyulelog.”

Justin Martin’s:
Facebook 🎉Twitter 🎉Soundcloud

Christian Martin’s:
Facebook 🎄 Twitter 🎄Soundcloud

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Need more Mau5 in your life? Well, get ready because Insomniac is not only bringing the Mau5 and his out of this world cube production. They’ve also announced an exclusive merchandise collaboration only available at what’s bound to be an epic New Year’s Eve celebration.

Insomniac and Mau5trap have taken to social media to unveil five exclusive merchandise pieces that will only be available at Countdown NYE.

The collection will consist of 1 tee, 1 hoodie and 2 beanies. Each piece is designed by iconic artist Rick Klotz in collaboration with Deadmau5 himself and consists of the familiar cube design we’ve come to love.

Don’t miss one of the best NYE 2018 events this year at Insomniac’s Countdown NYE and definitely don’t miss out on this crazy limited edition collaboration that is sure to sell out immediately.

Tickets for the event are still available here while supplies last!

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Zeds Dead x Jauz Lights Go Down

Zeds Dead x Jauz – Lights Go Down

It’s not every day that two bass A-listers team up for an epic drum and bass collaboration. Since the holiday season is still in full-swing, it seemed only fitting for Zeds Dead and Jauz to unleash an outstanding new track, fulfilling their army of fans desires of acquiring a gift fit for a bass-lover. ‘Lights Go Down‘ is one of the year’s most highly anticipated releases; there is no doubt that this fresh tune will kickstart your new year celebrations!

Although Jauz and Zeds Dead are best known for their bass-heavy pieces, their collaboration has completely taken the electronic dance music world by surprise as the drop incorporates an incredible blend of drum and bass, instead of their signature sounds. The mix of vocals and distinctive melodies found only in that particular genre will take your generic expectations of the artists to an entirely new level. Get ready to be amazed; this track is already thriving with a huge wave of positive feedback and it was only released a couple of days ago. There is no stopping this fresh piece from dominating the charts – we can’t wait to hear what you think!

Zeds Dead x Jauz – Lights Go Down | Download

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The iPhone X was supposed to be a HUGE game changer for Apple, with various brand new features which ranged from introducing Face ID, multiple lighting settings in portrait mode and even wireless charging, not to mention a brand spanking new design, consisting of the first OLED screen on an iPhone, and the removal of the home button altogether to allow for a almost full screen display, one would expect they hit it out of the park right?

Unfortunately, iPhone X forecasts are telling an entirely different story.

According to report from Bloomberg, what was supposed to be an initial order of 50 million units of the iPhone X for the first quarter of 2018 has now been reduced to 30 million, news that has even caused Apple stock to be driven down as well.

The presumed culprit for the lack of interest is looking to be the really high price point for the device and the feeling that consumers feel perhaps it is not as innovating enough as Apple suggests it to be.

Clear results won’t be certain at least late April but signs aren’t looking good for the tech giant.

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About ten years ago, a man named Diplo launched a little something called Mad Decent Block Party, whose origin began in Philadelphia. The event required the closing of one single street to host a free day party that featured a handful of hip-hop and dance acts, who were still considered to be underground talents at the time.

Thanks to those Philly days, the party is now more successful than ever. In 2013, Mad Decent Block Party upgraded to a 13-city tour from its previous year’s five-stop visitation, and in 2014, it landed in 22 cities across North America. Not only that, but they charted a cruise ship in 2015, made it to India back in 2016, and even made it to Red Rocks in 2017.

Although the label only made two stops for its 10th anniversary this year, Diplo officially disclosed plans to start things back up. That’s right! Block Party will be making its way to Pakistan in February 2018, which he revealed to fans through Twitter.

With MDBP’s newest stop just over one month away, fans can expect dates and a lineup to be announced very soon. The upcoming event comes almost exactly two years after Diplo’s first career visit to Pakistan, where he played a show alongside Elliphant and local Pakistani musicians, Adil Omar and Talal Qureshi, in the country’s capital, Islamabad.

While there is no word on who will be on the bill just yet, he did mention Omar and Qureshi again in his tweet.

For now, you can watch Diplo share his thoughts on his first trip to the country in 2016, where he gives advice to young Pakistani musicians:

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Virtual Self

Virtual Self – a.i.ngel (i_o Remix)

Ever since Virtual Self, a new project by Porter Robinson, released the Virtual Self EP last month, the remixes have been rolling in, to no one’s surprise. While his two singles before the release of the EP, ‘EON BREAK’ and ‘Ghost Voices’ have been subject to several remixes, up-and-coming producer i_o decided to take on the massive five-minute track ‘a.i.ngel’ (Become God).

i_o flips Virtual Self’s glitchy maximal track into a bass-heavy electro remix with house elements. i_o successfully retains the original track’s elements while putting his own dark and powerful spin on the song.

Jauz included the i_o remix of ‘a.i.ngel’ as a special gift in his Bite This Xmas! compilation which he dropped on fans Christmas day. Bite This! is Jauz’ new indie imprint dedicated to showcasing up-and-coming talent, as evidenced by this compilation.

With only one original song to his name, a dark and glitchy track entitled ‘Warning,’ i_o recently signed with Mau5trap. He also recently released a collaboration with Tommy Trash entitled ‘Oxygen.’ Not bad for a new artist! Clearly, the big names in the industry have already taken notice of this talented producer and we will definitely be seeing only bigger and better things from him in the near future.

Virtual Self – ‘a.i.ngel’ (i_o Remix) | Free Download

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Dance music boasts it’s fair share of masked and cloaked producers that hide behind the guise of their masterly-crafted personas and sound. Martin Garrix is set to follow in the footsteps of dual-identity artists as his deep house alter-ego YTRAM. Martin and YTRAM (“Marty” backwards), will hosts two slots on the coveted Sunburn Festival lineup.

If you remember, YTRAM made his debut on the festival circuit earlier this year at Tomorrowland in full mask-mode. Martin later ditched the mask and revealed his actual identity to the crowd. Martin and YTRAM are both slated to take the main stage but at differing times at Sunburn Fest.

Sunburn Festival will take place Dec 28-31 in Lavale, Pune in India and ring in the new year with an immaculate lineup of big-name veterans like DJ Snake, KSHMR, Dimitri Vegas, and Like Mike. The concept of a new Martin Garrix project is enough on it’s own, but having two new music possibilities going into the new year is even better!

For more info on the Sunburn Fest schedule and tickets click here.

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Top Tracks of 2017
Christmas has come to a close and 2017 is on its final days. We’ve already named our top breakout artists, the top albums, and the best remixes of the year. And now it’s time to reveal the best tracks of the year. We asked arguably some of the most knowledgeable people in dance music (our staff) what they thought were the best tunes. These are are results from 20-11. Let us know what you think of our choices and stay tuned for our results from 10-1.

20. Headhunterz – Destiny

Headhunterz officially announced his return to hardstyle earlier this year. This was his first track released since. And more than just that, this track is a powerful story of his journey from and back to the genre he loved.

19. Yotto – Wilderness Girl

Melodic, catchy, and titled the “Hottest Record in The World” on BBC Radio 1, Yotto’s first Anjunadeep release of the year was definitely deserving of a spot on our list.

18. Above & Beyond – Alright Now

Featuring veteran vocalist Justine Suissa’s alluring vocals combined with your favorite trance trio’s melodies, ‘Alright Now‘ was definitely one of the best tunes of the year.

17. Kaskade – Tell Me

Vibey, groovy, and everything you love about Redux, this Kaskade tune was definitely one of the best of his EP and consequently also one of the best tunes of the year.

16. Gammer – The Drop

Crushing the festival scene ever since it was an ID and continuing to do so since its release, Gammer‘s latest tune definitely deserved a spot on our list.

15. Gaia – Saint Vitus

Armin van Buuren‘s side project Gaia has only put out absolutely fire trance tracks since its inception and ‘Saint Vitus’ is no exception.

14. Zhu – Intoxicate

This dark yet melodic track perfectly showcases everything you love about Zhu and for that it earned a spot on our list.

13. Avicii – Without You

Avicii making his return to producing was definitely big news for this year. And this track was arguably the best from his returning AVICI album.

12. Tchami – Adieu

House producer extraordinaire Tchami released his Revelations EP to much acclaim.  And this smooth and vibey track was definitely the top of that album and one of the top tunes of the year.

11. Lane 8 – Little Voices

Rounding out this list was Lane 8‘s ‘Little Voices’.  Minimalist and melodic, this track was a fan favorite for our staff and house lovers everywhere.

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Fool’s Gold Records‘ founder A-Trak designed the phenomenal Spotify playlist titled “A-Trak Loved in 2017.” The Montreal bred music producer, executive and turntablist extraordinaire, Alain Macklovitch (A-Trak), featured an assortment of tunes ranging from Myd‘s groovy single “The Sun,” to Vince Staples‘ hip-hop rhyme “Big Fish.”

In addition to broadening fans’ euphonious palette this holiday season, A-Trak’s Dec. 30th set at The Met Brisbane has Aussies caroling an Andy Williams‘ oldie.

“I made a playlist of 50 songs that grabbed my ear in 2017” said Macklovitch.”These aren’t the BIGGEST songs of the year. Any publication can make that. These are songs that influenced me, songs that I played in my sets, legitimate hits that were legitimately great and weirdo joints that I loved. Link below, keep supporting great music!”

Connect with A-Trak:

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