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Alex Midi‘s ‘Send’ was one of his biggest hits last year and now he has just released a remix pack of the track consisting of three new remixes. One of the remixes that stand out was done by Francis Davila. Davila has been in the game for 15 years now and is currently the reigning number 1 DJ of Central America. With this being said, it is no surprise that his new track adds a bit of a groovy Latin-like sound to the track.

Davila has been one of the more internationally-active producers with releases on record labels from across the globe including Vandit (Germany), Vapours (Australia), Seductive (USA) and Molacacho (Spain). His remix of Alex Midi’s ‘Send’ is one that releases on Aftercluv, Universal’s Latin dance imprint. You can check out the Francis Davila’s remix of ‘Send’ below now!

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Rob Bohm:

Crankdat – Reasons To Run

2017 was a massive year for Christian Smith, aka Crankdat. From being his first full year touring (the US and Asia), to crushing the festival scene, to finally releasing his first single, he kept real busy. And he was fittingly included in our Breakout Artists of 2017 list. Now he’s back to kick off 2018 right; with a new single entitled ‘Reasons To Run‘.

One of the reasons that made Christian such a successful producer is his versatility and his ability to produce quality tracks through a variety of genres and sounds. And this track is a perfect example of that. Pulling elements from future bass, pop, and more, he creates a bouncy track with a message. So give the music video a watch below and be sure to keep an eye out for his next big move.

Crankdat – Reasons To Run

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Destructo Gerry Gonza Shots To The Dome

Gary Richards aka DESTRUCTO is kicking off his We Are Friends tour today, Friday, January 19th. But this event at Output in Brooklyn, New York will be special for another reason also. It will also serve as a release party for DESTRUCTO’s newest collaboration released today. ‘Shots To The Dome‘ is Richards’ newest single produced with newcomer Gerry Gonza.

This “hard-hitting g-house burner” is clearly a product of DESTRUCTO’s creation. The electro style synths sit on the top of the track, creating an intense energy. The chunky bassline underneath is representative of both Richards and Gonza. It gives the track a strange ghetto funk feel that makes you want to move. The track breaks down near the middle, giving the next drop even more impact. And with the vocal sample repeating throughout the track, “Shots To The Dome” is definitely a track that fans will chant along with like a mantra.

Let us know what you think about this newest heater from DESTRUCTO and Gerry Gonza. You can check it out in the link below and leave us a comment! And if you’re a fan check back in about a month. Word on the street is that “Gary’s going to be releasing new music every couple of weeks”. This lines up with the official press release which claims Richards plans to release “a new track once a month”. So keep your ears peeled and we’ll see you in a few weeks!

DESTRUCTO and Gerry Gonza – Shots To The Dome

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Prok | Fitch – Dirtybird Campout Mix

Ben Prok & James Fitch are one of the biggest names in the house/tech house music scene. The UK based duo had a breakthrough year in 2015 when their tunes made it to the Beatport charts and were received well in the clubs all around the globe. They have now come out with a groovy mix for the Dirtybird Campout East Coast 2018 to be held in Florida early next month.

The mix begins with the suave down-tempo the duo are so well known for. The infectious nature of the Prok and Fitch’s tunes leave us captivated and only wanting for more. The soul is then fed with wonderful tech house seldom mixed with some old-school acid elements. Through their recent tracks like ‘Sheeple‘ and ‘La La Land‘, they have proved that they are a huge force to reckon with. Both mentioned tracks were a collab with Green Velvet and were huge hits. We are sure going to be there at this year’s Dirtybird Campout. What about you? Listen to the mix below and decide for yourself.

Prok | Fitch – Dirtybird Campout Mix

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MakoTo support his new single ‘Breathe‘, the re-imagining of Mako is embarking on a 33-day tour across North America. As the sole member, Alex Seaver will deliver his vision for the future of Mako, fronting a four-piece live band. ‘Breathe’ has already reached over 1 million streams since its release, and remixes for the hit can be expected at the end of January.

Starting in Ann Arbor, Michigan the tour will cover major cities like Chicago, Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Boston, San Diego and more. Tickets are available here and you can catch a preview of the live show on Mako’s Instagram here

In addition to ‘Breathe’ and the remixes, Mako will soon be releasing a collaboration with Illenium and Kill the Noise. A bass-driven track featuring each artists’ signature sound, it’s sure to be a chart-topper.

Check out tour dates and locations below!

1/23 – Ann Arbor, MI – Necto
1/24 – Columbus, OH – A&R Music Bar
1/25 – Indianapolis, IN – Hi Fi Indy
1/26 – Toronto, ON – Velvet Underground
1/27 – Chicago, IL – Bottom Lounge
1/28 – Minneapolis, MN – 7th St Entry
1/30 – Milwaukee, WI – Shank Hall
1/31 – Kansas City – Record Bar
2/1 – Omaha, NE – Slowdown
2/2 – Denver, CO – Larimer Lounge
2/3 – Salt Lake City, UT – The Complex
2/6 – Vancouver, BC – Fortune
2/7 – Seattle, WA – The Crocodile
2/8 – Portland, OR – Analog Theater
2/9 – San Francisco, CA – The Fillmore
2/10- Los Angeles, CA – The Regent
2/13 – Phoenix, AZ – Crescent Ballroom
2/14 – El Paso, TX – Lobrow Palace
2/15 – Dallas, TX – Club Dada
2/17 – Houston, TX – White Oak
2/18 – New Orleans, LA – Parish
2/20 – Nashville, TN – Exit/In
2/22 – Atlanta, GA – Vinyl
2/23 – Charlotte, NC – The Underground
2/24 – Washington, DC – U Street
2/27 – Cleveland, OH – Grog Shop
2/28 – Pittsburgh, PA – Club Cafe
3/1 – Philadelphia, PA – Underground Arts
3/2 – Boston, MA – The Sinclair
3/3 – New York, NY – Irving Plaza
3/22 – Las Vegas, NV – Beauty Bar
3/23 – San Diego, CA – Observatory North Park
3/24 – Santa Ana, CA – Observatory


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WAVES – Still Dreamin (feat. Angeline)

As the future bass revolution continues more and more artists combine it with pop music for a mainstream appeal. Today, we present Toronto-based duo WAVES, who just dropped off their debut single on Uprise Music called ‘Still Dreamin‘. They tapped Angeline for the vocals who had a stand out debut alongside Flight School with “One Day,” which amassed 1 million streams on Spotify and over 300 spins on Sirius Xm’s Venus channel.

What really catches your attention are the subtle-yet-brilliant production techniques exhibited by Waves. For example, instead of using a cookie-cutter snare build, the guys utilize kickdrums, modulating their transposition in unique, serpentine-like fashion before the drop. They repeat the method in the song’s euphoric second drop, isolating the synths and vocals chops to create tension before the first kickdrum eventually hits. Overall, Angeline sounds fantastic on top of the track’s other worldly atmosphere and euphoric future bass drops. You can stream the track below and get familiar.

WAVES – Still Dreamin (feat. Angeline) | Free Download

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Bad news usually travels fast, especially in the case of two Australian men traveling to the Rainbow Serpent Festival. The festival starts next Tuesday, January 25th but they will not be attending because on their way they were pulled over at a gas station and arrested for drug possession. In their car was a plethora of substances, 260 grams of Cocaine, 15 grams of MDMA, 25 Grams of Amphetamine, 1 liter of GHB and 4 grams of Hashish. Also on them was tons of Australian and US Dollars.

Quite the find by any country’s standards, it is not clear yet how they were tracked down or if the cops were tipped off, but after being arrested one of the men told police he was contracted to work at the Rainbow Serpent Festival as his company Psyclone Tents would be doing business there.

Rainbow Serpent organizers said in a statement: “The Rainbow team works incredibly hard to keep our patrons safe and to have a legitimate voice in the community around drug law reform and harm minimization.”

Drug use may be rampant by people attending raves and festivals but most event organizers know it makes them look bad when the employees working the events also partake in the use. The men’s names were not provided, but regardless they are probably looking at a good amount of jail time.

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2018 has been off to a dramatic start with a cheating scandal from The Chainsmokers and now rising producer k?d gets his name added to the drama pot after dropping his first single of the year called “Glass.” Almost instantly, comments began flooding all social media platforms stating an apparent copy of Madeon’s “Technicolor,” it seems he had enough of the accusations and a few days later he took the song down completely.

Whether the similarity was there or not which can be argued easily for either side the damage done on k?d’s confidence as a producer is apparent since he is influenced heavily by Porter Robinson and Madeon. This week, k?d shared a screenshot of a DM he received from Madeon in which the French producer expressed sympathy for the comments he was receiving and offered words of encouragement.

“Hey! I saw you deleted your song ‘Glass,’ I hope it’s not because of the comments I’ve seen people make regarding Technicolor […] I don’t think the similarity is that striking.”

Well done, Madeon. Shoutout to bigger artists that still remain good human beings after money and fame.

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Sander van Doorn certainly treated his fans to an amazing 2017, diving back into the darker side of trance through his alias Purple Haze. We had the opportunity to ask him a few questions, and discussed new music, motivations, and upcoming shows.

1. Thanks for taking the time out of your busy schedule to answer a few questions. First, we’ve been tracking the development of your alias Purple Haze since you first wowed fans at Ultra Miami, what made you decide to take a dive into the darker side of Trance? 

No problem at all, thanks for having me! I decided to dive in – or actually back – to trance when I was in my studio and trying out different things and I was feeling like I just needed to explore a different and darker sound. That way, with Purple Haze, I could release music that didn’t fit my SvD image. Purple Haze exists for 12 years already, it has been quiet, but I needed to go back into exploring that Purple Haze side again and in no time, I had 13 tracks ready. Because of that I just wanted to go back on the road for shows which was completely new to Purple Haze.

 2. The third album of your career, the first under your new alias, was released this past October. Can you give us some insight into the motivation you had to release the Purple Haze album SPECTRVM only seven months after debuting the alias live?

I think my motivation lies in the fact that, because it had been a while since I made my Purple Haze sound, I had so much to express on that side. I just got in such a nice flow that the songs kept coming and once I had enough I just felt like, why not bring out an album.


3. You recently released a semi-acoustic rework of Light Me Up, one of the best tracks on the album. How important was this track’s influence on the album and what were your motivations to release a rework?

This track is really important, because it touches on a different level. I really noticed during my shows that it was a favorite of the audience as well. I wanted to give it something that would make the track extra special and that’s why I chose to give it a semi acoustic mix.

 4. You had an incredibly busy 2017, but that didn’t hold you back from releasing new music under SvD, such as the incredible tune Mant Array. How do you find time to balance the pressure to produce music under SvD and Purple Haze? 

For me this is just a natural process. I go into the studio with no clue of what I want to create. That’s the interesting part of it, one time I can come out of the studio with a SvD track and the other time I come out with a Purple Haze track. It does depend of how I feel going into the studio, but I never know upfront what direction I want to go into with a new track.

 5. Under Purple Haze you’ve released some truly unique Trance Music. How excited are you to be playing at a State of Trance Utrecht in February and showcasing the darker side of your music along some of the world’s best Trance artists? 

I’m extremely excited! I’ve played at ASOT NL many times before in the past, so to be playing there again honestly feels like coming home. Really excited about my show I want to play.

 6. We don’t want to get too greedy following the extensive time you put into SPECTRVM, but do you have any big upcoming plans for 2018 that you can give us some insight into, either under Purple Haze or SvD? Perhaps some unique shows or music coming out?

For both Purple Haze and SvD there’s many exciting things coming up. In February, I will be releasing a new Sander van Doorn track, a track I’ve been working on for quite some time, one I’m really proud of. Furthermore, I’m in full swing in the studio and have a lot of new Purple Haze tracks coming up for you. Stay tuned!!

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Camelphat & Elderbrook Cola zhu remix

Camelphat & Elderbrook- Cola (Zhu Remix)

Cola’, one of the most popular dance songs of 2017 just got a serious makeover from Grammy nominated sensation Zhu. Camelphat & Elderbrook’s collaboration found itself at the top of dance music charts for quite some time in 2017, and to have the creative mind of Zhu put his spin on it is super exciting.

Zhu’s remix takes a much different path from the original. He incorporates darker chords, with a slower bassline. The classic ‘Cola’ vocals still go really well with the tempo and the vibe. It just goes to show you ‘Cola’ can come in all shapes and sizes and still be delicious. You can check out Zhu’s creative twist below.

Camelphat & Elderbrook- Cola (Zhu Remix)

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Drug smugglers can get pretty creative when it comes to sneaking their products into countries. Some build giant catapults or use old bazookas to launch weed into the states. Others just strap pounds of cocaine to their bodies and hope no one notices how lumpy they look. Some even just ship it over the border and hope for the best. But there’s one method that smugglers around the world seem to keep coming back to, time after time. Produce disguise.

In 2016, smugglers stuffed marijuana into fake carrots. In 2017, it was disguising marijuana to look like 34,000 key limes. And now, in 2018, European authorities have discovered a massive shipment of cocaine hidden inside a bunch of fresh pineapples.

Generally speaking, pineapples have a ton of benefits. They cure coughs and colds, help you lose weight, strengthen bones, improve eye health, boost immunity, and fight off infections. But did you know that they are good hiding places too?

The coke-stuffed pineapples were discovered between police in Spain and Portugal in an investigation that began almost a year ago. The joint investigation led them to search a series of shipping containers, where they discovered that the shipment of pineapples from South America was moving more than just the spiky fruit.

“This organised international group had repeatedly brought large quantities of cocaine to the European continent,” Portuguese investigators said in a statement.

Around 1,642 pounds of cocaine were split into various packages, coated in yellow wax, and hidden inside hollowed-out shells of the pineapples. Police seized the fruit stash and raided a lab in Spain, where the stuff was allegedly going to be cut and repackaged. They made nine arrests in the process.

In addition to the cocaine bust, authorities also reportedly seized 400,000 Euros.

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Dirtybird fans: we’ve got some new tunes for you, just ahead of the inaugural Dirtybird Campout East.

This epic compilation features tracks by label head himself Claude VonStroke, Bruno Furlan, Dateless & Lucati, Justin Jay, Maximono, amongst many others – it’s truly stacked.

This release comes at a perfect time to hype Dirtybird’s inaugural East Coast Campout in St.Cloud, Florida on February 2nd-4th, 2018. The festival’s lineup is absolutely massive, featuring artists such as DJ Tennis, Barclay Crenshaw, Green Velvet, Justin Jay, Justin Martin, Mija, Madlib, Rampa, Ryan Hemsworth, Shiba San, Tiga and Walker & Royce.

Additionally, there will also be games prepared for campers including Beatbox Competitions, Costume Canoe Races, Kickball Tournaments, Potato Sack Races and Tug of War.

Campers will all be competing for a chance to take home the legendary Ironbird Trophy, don’t miss your chance – you can grab your tickets here. 

The compilation leads with a track by VonStroke and Furlan – check it out below!

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ARTY Sunrise

ARTY feat. April Bender – Sunrise

Artem Stoliarov  aka ARTY is a recurring presence on Armada Records. His numerous individual tracks and collaborations like ‘Nehalennia‘ with Armin van Buuren are staples in the Armada library. Arty is consistently on the lineups of the biggest festivals. Especially with the rise of his trance alias Alpha 9. And now the Russian dance music prodigy returns to Armada for his first 2018 release. ‘Sunrise‘ featuring April Bender greets the new year with a bright ray of positivity.

‘Sunrise’ is definitely a sing-a-long progressive house track that will lift anyone’s heart. Bender hits every note perfectly, blending seamlessly with the music. And ARTY’s musical prowess doesn’t go unnoticed. The breakdown is beautiful and melodic, giving space for the uplifting lyrics. When the song drops it is impossible not to move. The big room progressive sounds are perfect for a crowd jumping up and down in unison, sharing in a moment of joy and happiness that only music can bring.

But ‘Sunrise’ is more than just an impressive song, it is also a special project for Arty. In a personal statement the DJ and producer describes what this track means to him.

“It’s important for me to continue making the music I enjoy the most and ‘Sunrise’ definitely falls into that category. It’s both a milestone and an incredibly important track in my career as I get back to my Progressive House roots and I’m extremely excited to officially share it with my fans after successfully sneaking it into my live sets for the past few months.”

Check out this newest project from Arty in the link below. Is ARTY’s return to the progressive house sound exactly what you’ve been waiting for? Or should ALPHA 9 be the focus of the Russian wunderkind?

ARTY feat. April Bender – Sunrise | Download

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Above & Beyond feat. Zoe Johnston- Always

The magic of Above & Beyond and Zoe Johnston seems to grow stronger and stronger. This wonderful pairing sees another single added to their portfolio of music. Taken off Above & Beyond’s upcoming album Common Ground, their new single is called ‘Always’.

Much like every Above & Beyond album, there are a few songs that are more like compositions than productions. ‘Always’ is just that. The core of the song is a beautiful piano melody that you almost forget about once you hear Zoe Johnston’s voice. Her dark, yet angelic voice rings clearly and beautifully throughout the song. This will no doubt be one of the masterpieces off Common Ground. As “Sure as the rising sun”, you will love fall in love with ‘Always’.

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The new year is starting off with some bangers. Rising producer Lookas is flexing his versatility with two new tracks he released from his Lucid EP.

‘Eclipse’ is a pure dubstep track that will get you headbanging in no time. However, not satisfied with just sticking to one genre in this EP, ‘Alarm’ is a soulful future bass offering featuring vocals from powerhouse group Krewella.

The final track of the Lucid EP, ‘On My Own’ featuring Able Heart, will be released Friday on Monstercat. By the preview of it, ‘On My Own’ will have a moombahton flare to it, meaning the Lucid EP is Lookas truly trying to prove himself as a dynamic producer.

If you live in Los Angeles, Insomniac will be hosting a Lucid EP release party at Exchange on Jan. 27. You can buy tickets here.

Stream the two new Lookas tracks below!

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DJ Sliink is making his Schimanski debut this Friday and he won’t be alone. Sliink will be performing alongside a stacked roster of talent including Fight Clvb, Dirty South Joe, and many others. The producer has really put the whole world on notice last year with his major collab with DJ Envy and Fetty Wap on ‘Text Ur Number’.

From Ultra to Spring Awakening, DJ Sliink has performed at some of the world’s biggest stages and for good reason. You can expect a wild night of hip-hop and trap at Schimanski this Friday as Sliink, along with all his friends, touch down in New York. Grab your tickets to the show here now and check out the full line up below. Who knows who may show up that night…

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Laidback Luke has demonstrated time after time that he is indeed master of the art of DJing. He has also produced many hit tracks throughout the years and even uploads vlog tutorials to assist beginner producers with their work. However, he recently made a comment on Twitter that has left fans and fellow producers very perplexed. The superstar DJ stated that the concept of sound design is “not that important” and later added, “you’ll always suck compared to the professionals that design presets.” This sent many producers, including San Holo, Habstrakt and Sullivan King into a frenzy and whom immediately shot back at Luke for his preposterous statements.

Laidback Luke is well known to be very transparent in terms of his thoughts but demeaning the confidence of young producers just seems a bit out of character. To no surprise, Luke was bombarded with criticism after his comments but he managed to stay calm and humbly respond to his critics explaining his perspective. He ultimately apologized for his bold statement and commented that it all seems to be a big misunderstanding. You can probably expect a new vlog from Laidback Luke to clear things up on sound design real soon. Check out the full Twitter exchange below.



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studio 54

Since it’s “Throwback Thursday”, we thought we would focus on one of New York’s most notorious clubs: Studio 54. Recently, Ian Schrager, the creative founder, and Michael Overington, the dynamic manager, were interviewed by Dave Simpson. Let’s just say that the stories that they confirmed developed within the nightclub were simply, legendary. You will not believe everything that it took to create such an iconic scene!

Back in the mid-1970s, the big apple was on the verge of bankruptcy, resulting in a dangerous environment. With the alarming state, individuals would flock to clubs in order to forget about the world’s realities. With a bohemian-mindset, the then lawyer, Schrager, and his friend Steve Rubell, involved in the restaurant business, were in the process of launching their own nightclub.

After walking past a dated TV studio, located in the west side of Manhattan, the two up-and-coming businessmen felt as though it would be the perfect fit (despite the unsafe ambiance). They then convinced the studio owner, Jack Dushey, to lend them $400,000 in order to flip the building and of course, add lighting elements to create their ideal venue. The staffing needs were met shortly after which resulted in everything playing in their favor.

Ever since their first event was launched, the sets and lighting were, what Schrager could only describe as, “an assault on the sense”, culminating in a dance floor filled with undeniable and effortless joy. The escapism that New Yorkers were seeking was finally realized!

The crowd was a controversial subject for many. The venue had a strict door policy in place:

‘We wanted a mix of rich, poor, gay, straight, old and young … somebody topless could dance with a woman in ballgown and tiara’ -Ian schrager confirmed.




Keeping the “wow” factor in mind, they would dump 4 tons of glitter on the dance floor which also included a massive “man in the moon” hanging above it, and not to mention they would also bring in a variety of wild animals – including a zebra and a horse. We are sure you may have seen the infamous photo of the moment when Bianca Jagger jumped on the white horse – talk about horsing around…:


Many celebrities started to attend the Studio 54 events. The atmosphere was even more special for them due to the fact that no one would pester them for autographs resulting in them being able to be themselves and enjoy their time at the club. Big-name celebrities such as Donald Trump (who Schrager confirmed “was a serious guy” and never danced), Mick Jagger, Madonna, Diana Ross, and every other big-shot individual, made an appearance from time and time again.

Overington has confirmed that it wasn’t all fun and games. Having started as a cleaner, earning a mere $3-an-hour, he worked his way up to becoming the manager. He was the main reason why the venue stayed open since Ian and Steve were in jail for 13 months for tax evasion charges. Being a great friend, he would visit them in prison to inform them about the ongoings of the club. He truly was the sensible person who kept the staff in line.

Due to their large-scale and out-of-this-world venue, the backlash from the neighbors as well as the emergency response departments was prominent. Incorporating wild animals, cars, ice, drugs, among much more, caused several consequences to occur.

 “You are in violation of the regulations by having a zebra in the club.” -an old letter from the Health Department stated.

Looking back, it seems as though the entire team behind one of the most legendary nightclubs in the world could come to the mutual agreement that “success made us do stupid things, like fighting the US government” and that they were “lucky to have survived it”. For the rest of us, looking back, it seems as though it was a spectacular phenomenon.


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The two biggest dance music podcasts are about to collide as ASOT & ABGT join forces, sort of. While ABGT just celebrated 250, Armin van Buuren’s A State of Trance is celebrating 850 episodes next week and major celebrations are in order. Part of those celebrations is a special guest mix from Above & Beyond on the 850 radio show special, live in the studio.

The 850 celebration will actually span multiple episodes, but Above & Beyond will show up for Part 1 next Thursday. There will surely be plenty of new material from their upcoming Common Ground album which releases on January 28. Could the Anjunabeats trio be joining Armin for ASOT in Miami? Their last ASOT Miami appearance was during Ultra’s 15 Anniversary in 2013.

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As the Lollapalooza 2018 lineup announcement nears, rumors circulate As festival season nears, lineup rumors run rampant as excitement for live music and warm weather grows. Now that a handful of festival lineups have dropped, speculation for Chicago’s own Lollapalooza can kick into high-gear. The festival returns to its home in Grant Park August 2-5, […]

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The Chainsmokers Release ‘Sick Boy’ With No Previous Hype

The Chainsmokers, Alex Pall to be specific, has recently been under fire for cheating on his girlfriend. Just one day after all the drama developed, The Chainsmokers surprisingly release ‘Sick Boy’. The main vocals come from no other than the front man Drew Taggart himself.

The single can be considered the opposite of what EDM is now a days. ‘Sick Boy’ leans to the indie pop genre and people have mixed feelings about it. Half of the people are supportive of the duo, and the other half plead the “old” Chainsmokers come back. Without a doubt, we live in an era where music has to be unique to stand out and The Chainsmokers have found the secret formula to make it work.

The lyrics are unique and not like any cliché teenager song they have done before. People will always find a reason to hate them, and that comes as a normality when you are at the peak of the industry. Get prepared to listen to this song on every pop radio station in the following weeks.

With the song release came a music video which in my opinion is pretty cool. Check out the single and video down below:

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Which Stage Will You Be At On Friday?

Claude VonStroke and the Dirtybird label are known for their unique and playful personalities. While some big labels and production companies hate leaks and teasers, the Claudefather loves them. The boss of the Dirtybird fam is sharing the daily lineups for his newest festival in a fun new way. Instead of announcing the entire daily lineup at once, VonStroke is releasing it piecemeal over Twitter.

Dirtybird Campout on the West Coast has two stages, The Birdhouse and The Bass Lodge. So far it looks like we can expect the same for the East Coast edition. On January 17th, Claude sent out the tweet above with. Although it doesn’t include set times, MijaSage Armstrong and Barclay Crenshaw (Claude VonStroke’s real name and trip-hop alter ego) are on the Friday lineup. But there is already more!

Today’s daily lineup tweet confirmed that Friday will be the La La Land takeover. Green Velvet‘s Relief Records has seen a flood of remixes of its head DJ’s signature track. Walker and Royce join the takeover with Prok and Fitch as well as Papa Claude mixing with Green Velvet as Get Real. Other big names include FisherDateless, and ZDS (Zombie Disco Squad).

Assuming one tweet per day and two stages, the full daily lineup will be revealed by Monday January 22nd. Keep tuned in for more updates! The Atlanta Dirtybird Scavenger Hunt starts today and Early Access is in just two weeks! Get your tickets at the Dirtybird Campout Website and see you in St. Cloud!

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EDC Las Vegas is known to be the Insomniac‘s biggest festival and known to be the place where all the stops are pulled to make it an experience. It comes at no surprise since they build up some incredible stages and gather a wide genre of artists to appeal to fans with all tastes of music.

EDC tends to announce their lineups later in relation to the event than many festivals these days. Each year fans are always excited and curious as to whom just might be there. little surprise a Twitter user to even go as far and ask Above & Beyond‘s own Tony McGuinness whether we can expect to see them this year at EDC Vegas.

To which Tony replied with an answer that is sure to get a lot of fans disappointed.

So could this possibly mean that we won’t be getting our dose of Above & Beyond euphoria this year at EDC Vegas or is Tony possibly trolling us all? Perhaps it’s related to the new Common Ground tour. Either way, check back with us and we’ll keep you updated if anything changes.

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It looks as if ZHU has finally given fans a taste of the long-awaited Tame Impala collaboration he’s been teasing since earlier this month. This is the rumored ID played  during his set at Sydney’s Fomo Festival over the weekend. 


The moment where ZHU drops the anticipated track was captured in a one-minute clip taken by a fan at the festival. The track sounds ambient and we can definitely hear some of the psychedelic overtones that are reminiscent of Tame Impala’s musical style.

Though details are mum and the clip in question is pretty short, this minor bite of artistic pairings is enough to give us FOMO.

Check out the trippy video for yourself.

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Jordan Comolli – All This Time

Jordan Comolli is a rising DJ/producer who is making moves in dropping his new single ‘All This Time’. Released by Trap Nation, his latest song will take you away with its hypnotizing trap sounds. It is definitely a track where you can get lost in the rhythm and soaring synths. With his talent, he will be dominating the stage with his quality production!

‘All This Time’ will make you feel hyped from start to finish. The track begins with a low bass, high synths and vocals. Gradually, the song proceeds to the build-up where the drumming effects take place. As the drop is released a collection of bass, synths, and drums play all together. The vocals continue to play throughout the track giving it a relaxing vibe.

Jordan Comolli – All This Time

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