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It goes down in the Buckeye State!

I’d be willing to bet that when you hear “Athens, Ohio”, a music festival probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. “Isn’t it like… cold in Ohio?” Yes, but that doesn’t mean we can’t throw down like its 85 and sunny. 

Content warning for our warm climate readers: Temperatures experienced during this review were below 55°F, please proceed with caution. 

The lineup for this year’s #FEST (Number Fest) embodies that perfectly out-of-control college party that you’ll reminisce about when you’re middle-aged and boring. Hip-Hop headliners Lil Uzi Vert and Ohio’s own, Trippie Redd, send the crowd into a frenzy with their emotional and energetic performances, which blended well with the dance music acts of the evening. Lil Uzi Vert favorites like “Bad and Boujee” and “XO Tour Llif3” were the cause of many raspy voices after the festival, as it seemed every single person in attendance belted out the lyrics at full volume. 

Trippie Redd and Le’Veon Bell at #16FEST

Before his energetic performance, Trippie Redd was introduced to the crowd by the guest host of the evening, Pittsburgh Steelers star running back, Le’Veon Bell. Despite being a bitter Cleveland Browns fan, it was pretty cool to see an NFL superstar take the stage. 

Those who were still able to function after RL Grime and GTA‘s day one madness were in for a treat on the second and final day as two of dance music’s most exciting acts shared the main stage.‘s 2017 Best New Artist award-winner, Rezz, was the first electronic headliner to take the stage on the second day. Now I can’t say this with absolute certainty, but it definitely appeared as though Rezz wasn’t just performing, but recruiting members for her cult.

This probably isn’t news to those who are familiar with the one they call “Space Mom”, but for those who aren’t hip, this is standard practice for Rezz. She invades cities with promises of dark bass and mind-blowing visuals but leaves town with an alarming amount of new space-cult members. Athens, Ohio was no exception to this rule. 

It’s always interesting to see the progression of non-dance music fans before, during, and after a set like this. Walking through the crowd afterward I heard many of the non-dance music fans say things like “I have no idea what just happened but I love it”. It’s refreshing to new/non-traditional dance music styles embraced by a new generation of fans. 

Marshmello at #16FEST

The final set of the night was from none other than EDM megastar, Marshmello. Everyone was at attention when dance music’s favorite s’mores ingredient began to light up the main stage. 

His addicting melodies alongside the hilarious and interesting visuals helped elevate Marshmello to legendary #Fest performer status. The setlist for the night consisted of a variety of genres spanning everything from alternative rock to dubstep. 

A hush fell over the crowd as Marshmello dedicated the end of his set to the late Avicii. After a short speech of how important Avicii was to his career and music in general, he closed out the festival with his personal favorite track “Fade Into Darkness” and showed the Athens, Ohio why his music will live on forever in the hearts of fans all across the world. 

#16FEST was definitely one for the books. The men and women who helped make it happen should sleep well knowing that even after sixteen years they still have a powerhouse festival in their hands.  

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This is coming sooner than you think!

Although Yellow Claw have been, and always will be about loud bangers that never fail to get you raging and jumping, they have slowly but surely been progressing to a more approachable and poppier direction. The Dutch DJ’s and producers have certainly come a long way since their “Shotgun” days and split with former MC, Bizzey, and are now plotting the moves towards the next step in their career. 

After a banger-heavy Amsterdam Trap Music, Vol. 3 EP, out on their own label Barong Family, the duo totally switched course with “Villain” featuring singer Valentina, and “Cry Wolf”, their recently released collaboration with DOLF and singer Sophie Simmons, putting together two radio-ready pop hits; and a sound that we can’t get enough of.

Naturally, it all led to the announcement of their third studio album, coming really soon! New Blood will be released June 22nd, and even though the tracklist and features haven’t yet been revealed, it is looking like it’s shaping up to having a pretty interesting and fresh sound. 

Follow Yellow Claw: 


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Some of the highlights are: The Chainsmokers, Marshmello, Kygo, Diplo, David Guetta, Yellow Claw, and many more.

Wynn Nightlife announced its official 2018 Memorial Day Weekend lineup. As the monster kick off of summer, the lineups for XS, Encore Beach Club, Intrigue and Nightswim are the best on the Strip and feature some of the world’s top EDM DJs. 

Some of the highlights: The Chainsmokers, Marshmello, Kygo, Diplo, David Guetta, Yellow Claw, and many more.

For more information on the complete lineup for all of Wynn Nightlife’s venues, click here. We’ll see you in Vegas! 

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Afrojack announced that he will be hitting twelve major cities on his “One More Day” North American tour. With the kickoff starting May 11th in Vancouver, he’ll travel to all of the cities below within 20 days. The tour will finish May 30th at Barbarella Music Festival, which takes place at Santa Domingo in the […]

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Excision & Illenium

This 2018 festival season is about to be a banger. One indicator of the beautiful filth that is in store for the headbangers that catch X and Illenuim at every opportunity – is a teaser of a new song that they’ve been working on.

First of all, Nick Miller (Illenium) released a statement prior to Excision’s Instagram video expressing his excitement for the release of the song with the legend of Legend Valley. Regarding the state of the Tweet, Illenium’s excitement is pretty clear from his last sentence.

With the two hottest producers in the dubstep scene collaborating on one song, we know this single will be turning a lot of heads when the full release is dropped. Consequently this preview reveals the most notable aspects of the artists individual strengths.

As you can hear here their unique sounds overlap into one intense, rail-breaking, heart attack-inducing rush. But is the sound game-changing? We’ll let you decide.


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As of this morning Soundcloud users are reporting that the platform appears to be having issues. Users have been taking to both Reddit and Twitter to report some of the various errors they have been encountering.

Reddit user Jackim has gone on to report that he has been having issues with both his profile and his stream with various other functions being affected as well. Twitter user have also voiced their findings online as well.

The reports and complaints have even made it up to the support over at Soundcloud because they even went on to address on their twitter the situation going on with the platform currently.

So despite all the bad press going around including the recent lawsuit mentioned last week, it looks like Soundcloud isn’t going anywhere just yet, they are just dealing with some issues. We can expect to see the platform bounce back from this as soon as they can figure out the root of the problem.

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Steve Angello‘s fans have really showed their loyalty throughout the years. Even after Swedish House Mafia‘s split, fans have stood by the Swedish DJ. Now, with success of his newest album, Human, Angello is looking to give back to his supporters for their countless years of loyalty by presenting a “Lifetime Pass”.

Steve Angello recently announced on a his social media that a “Lifetime Pass” is coming soon. Lifetime passes grant the holder access to every one of Angello’s solo shows for life. He stated that this is his way of thanking his fans for the constant loyalty and support. There is no information on how we can attain a pass just yet but it’s safe to assume that he will release it via a contest related to his new Human album. We can’t help but find it interesting that he specifically points out that this only applies to solo shows. This is more or less confirmation that SHM will have some more shows at one point or another.

In an updated post, Angello revealed that the pass will look something like a white credit card. While we wait for more details on this incredible opportunity, you can check out the announcement below. Also be sure to listen to his Human here now if you haven’t already.

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thomas newson

Thomas Newson – Ragga

As festival season kicked off earlier this year, a new banger is made that is perfect for future summer events. Dutch DJ and producer Thomas Newson fires up the release of his latest track entitled “Ragga“. This exciting jam features electro house vibes that will hype up listeners. The drum beats and tribal vocals explodes with high amounts of energy throughout the track. Released by Revealed Recordings, Thomas Newson is bound to set another hit single with “Ragga”.

The song starts with the drum beats that slowly ease in at the first sound. Soon, the bass and vocals are added to support the build-up. When the drop plays, it’ll fuel up listeners with its massive combo of wild beats, heavy bass, and vocals. Overall, this track is set to warm up any festivities and can easily be danced to. Check out and listen to Thomas Newson’s “Ragga” below on SoundCloud.

Thomas Newson – Ragga | Stream/Buy

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The Canadian government is funneling 85.3 million Canadian dollars to create an intellectual property strategy. Apple’s iTunes finds a new home in the Windows Store.

The Canadian government is spending 85.3 million Canadian dollars on intellectual property

Over the next five years, the Canadian government is funneling 85.3 million ($66.5 million USD) Canadian dollars to create a “comprehensive IP strategy.” This money will be put towards education, legislation, and tools for the in-depth plan to alleviate some of the issues in intellectual property.

A detailed report released on Thursday, April 26, states that this investment is to “help Canadian business, creators, entrepreneurs and innovators understand, protect and access intellectual property (IP) through a comprehensive IP strategy.”

“We know IP is a critical ingredient in helping Canadian businesses reach commercial success,” states Navdeep Bains, minister of innovation, science and economic development. “Canada’s IP Strategy will make sure Canadians know the value of their intellectual property and how to leverage it to innovate, increase profits and create middle-class jobs.”

Sony Music’s revenues shoot over $4 billion thanks to streaming

Streaming is no doubt king. Sony Music just released its 2017-2018 fiscal year report, and it raked in an astounding $4.03 billion, which is a 16.9% increase from 2016’s $3.6 billion. Rob Stringer was appointed CEO of Sony Music back in 2016. 

Additionally, digital downloads continue to fall, and physical products (CDs and vinyl) continue to rise. However, Sony Music saw a small increase of about $45,828 in digital downloads this fiscal year, totaling $1.22 billion. 

Apple’s iTunes makes its debut in the Windows Store

Microsoft stated last year at its BUILD conference that Apple‘s iTunes would show up in the Windows Store by the end of 2017. But it’s just now finding a home within the Windows Store. 

There aren’t any more or fewer features within iTunes through the Windows Store application, and the updates are now handled through the Windows Store instead of through iTunes. Furthermore, iTunes in the Windows Store ensures the compatibility with Microsoft Windows S, which only runs applications downloaded through the Windows Store.

Late last year, Microsoft discontinued Groove Music (formerly Xbox Music), its own streaming service, and partnered with Sweden-based Spotify. 

Music Modernization Act unanimously passes in the House of Representatives

The Music Modernization Act, which has three major sections, passed the House of Representatives. 

“[The] overwhelming support in the House for the Music Modernization Act reflects the bill’s widespread consensus, both across the aisle and across the music industry,” states Michael Huppe, SoundExchange President and CEO. “This legislation stands to benefit artists, songwriters, labels, publishers, studio producers and others – many of whom are represented by the SoundExchange Companies.”

Cary Sherman, CEO of the RIAA, adds: “With this unanimous vote, we are one step closer to a once-in-a-generation reform of our music licensing laws. It’s a long time coming and we have much work to do, but the breadth and depth of unprecedented legislative support demonstrated over the last two weeks is illustrative. It is the result of a broken system that poorly serves creators and years of painstaking consensus-building by a many key members of Congress. This bill has advanced as far it has because its component parts reflect reforms of the entire music ecosystem. That is an essential ingredient. Our focus and attention now turns to the Senate. We are fortunate that the major planks of the House-passed ‘Music Modernization Act’ enjoy bipartisan support in the Senate, and we look forward to working with Senators and their staff as they consider and advance these key reforms.”

We must keep fighting the good fight and supporting this bill as it moves its way into law. 

H/T: Digital Music News, Billboard, Music Business Worldwide, TechCrunch

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The hard-working duo Yellow Claw has been gearing up to unleash their globally-inspired new album. Fans have been glued to their social media accounts in order to find out when it will be dropping. Today, the wait is finally over…

The Dutch producers have unveiled that New Blood will be released on June 22, 2018. The fresh new album will blend different styles and cultures throughout their tracks. Yellow Claw and The Barong Family have traveled sufficiently more throughout the years and the cultures that they have come across have truly impacted their music.

“We have traveled increasingly more and met so many new interesting people. This album will show a level of differentiation and variation more than ever, a true globalization.”

Furthermore, the talented group has revealed that they have at least one collaboration in the works with Chinese DJ Chace. There have also been speculations that they might be teaming up with STORi. It seems as though these groups of skilled individuals truly vibed  well together. It has even been reported that they have created an estimated twenty tracks together.

We can practically feel the good vibes flowing through the air. If this is any indication as to how the album will turn out, we can’t wait to hear what they have in store.

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James Blunt has returned to the EDM scene.

This is definitely my new favorite song.

Having previously collaborated with the likes of Robin Schulz, James Blunt has returned to the EDM scene with a beautiful new song titled “Melody”.

In collaboration with Belgian superstar Lost Frequencies, the track uses a blend of acoustic and electronic elements to create the next summer hit of 2018.

During an interview, Blunt said:

“It didn’t quite fit my album. But I loved it, so when Lost Frequencies approached asking to work together I was thrilled. I was already a fan of his and really wanted the song to be heard. He plucked the chorus, worked his magic, and made a great summer track out of it.” 

“Melody” is out now via Armada Music, and is available on all your favorite streaming platforms.

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Project North is taking the boundaries of EDM to a completely new level.

Combining a fusion of Dance, Hip-Hop, and Latin-influenced music, Project North is taking the boundaries of EDM to a completely new level. Having been signed to some of the biggest labels within the music industry, it’s undebatable that they are one of the most promising upcoming names in dance music. 

Now building on a solid foundation of industry connections, the talented duo (previously known as DAMSTERAM & JRND) has launched Project North. 

Showcasing their musical agenda from the first release, their ability to transgress boundaries of genres is absolutely phenomenal. Dubbed acoustic bass, their signature sound is truly a piece of musical art.

A new chapter begins, stay tuned.

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It IS as good as it sounds, a lifetime supply of tickets to Steve Angello shows is becoming a reality. How, what, when and why – Find out more!

Its just been a matter of days since Steve Angello unleashed Human on us all. What first released as a three-part EP series has now grown to a massive 21-song offering called Human, exactly as he promised when the project first debuted after Coachella 2017.

In the build up to the album release, earlier in April Steve Angello went on to first speak about what he calls “The LifeTime Pass.” From what it sounded like, all of Angello’s fans who went on to Pre-save his album on Spotify, would be entered into some sort of a draw or at some point become eligible to get a lifetime supply of tickets to each and every solo show by Steve Angello. 

Lifetime pass to any of my shows! Enter here:

Angello himself had described his album Human as a concept album that he has meticulously labored over for years. And from the results we went on to hear, we couldn’t agree any more that those efforts have paid off and HOW! 

Hot on the heels of the albums release, Angello is going on to do something unheard of for his most loyal fans, as his way of saying thank you and rewarding his fans for their loyalty, Angello announced The LifeTime Pass which will give, one or more of his fans the chance to get a lifetime of access to all Steve Angello shows ever. 

This is my thank you. For your support. For your loyalty. Presenting The LifeTime Pass. Free access to any of my live solo shows… for life! More info to come! #HUMAN

Steve Angello 

While the details on what this pass entails or how one would go about obtaining it remains uncertain, it sure as hell seems like a promising proposition. But from Angello’s last tweet, it does state the lucky fan/fans are not going to have to shell out anything for this ultimate pass which he states will provide “free” access to all his shows. 

If his latest album is anything at all to go by, we’d totally want in on this pass! Stay tuned to Angello’s social media handles and his website for more scoop on the lifetime pass! And in the mean time, jam on to Human right below here! 

H/T – Your EDM

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rio previewBlasterjaxx- Rio [Preview]

Thom Jongkind and Idir Makhlaf, better known as the Dutch duo Blasterjaxx, have a new song dedicated to one of the best cities on earth. Their new song is titled ‘Rio’ and will see its release on May 7th. Luckily for us, the duo released a short preview for us that gives us a pretty good idea of what to expect.

‘Rio’ sounds like it’s going to be an absolute floor rocker. The preview starts off with blaring trumpets that project an energetic melody. In the background, you can hear tribal drums start to pick up steam. The track then breaks, only to start building up furiously into the main drop. Unlike some previews, this one gives us the drop, and it’s festival-big. What else do you expect from these two?

Blasterjaxx’s new track ‘Rio’ will be released May 7th on their own Maxximize Records. Check out the preview below and stay tuned for the official release.

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When Swedish House Mafia made their comeback closing out Ultra Music Festival, we knew something more was coming. AxwellSteve Angello, and Sebastian Ingrosso all showed up wearing newly designed clothes. The fans went wild in hopes of getting their hands on some of that sweet Palm Angels swag.

The website required a password to enter. New merch featured SHM’s iconic three dots and “03 25 18” on the back, with an overlay of “Swedish House Mafia” and the date on the front. It wasn’t the highest production value, but fans gobbled it up anyway.

Only digital renders of the merchandise are available on the site. No actual clothing has been featured, so fans were making purchases without much to go off of. The souvenirs were only available until April 2 so fans had to act fast. While exclusive and limited for a time, it did its job in attracting the people who just wanted to be “part of history.” At what cost, we wonder? The shirt cost around $63 dollars, and the hoodie around $126, not including shipping.

A few victims have already taken to Reddit to notify others of the fiasco and to compare stories. Turns out the merchandise was shipping with incorrect sizes or hoods better suited for a giraffe.

Here is a response from the fulfillment company.

Sandbag Comment on SHM Merch Issues from r/UMF

With so many people saying the same thing, is it still worth dropping that much money? If you still want to, the website is here. We hope the fans are able to get their money back.



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Mind Over Music is a series which helps you overcome mental obstacles to unleash your creative energy.

In last week’s Mind Over Music, we discussed how you can nail your production If you still haven’t checked that out, you can head over and read it here

Now, in today’s fast paced world everyone might not have the same work ethic or flexible schedules, but there might be similarities in the end goal among different people. Making a time chart or schedule that works the best for you and brings you closer to your dream one day at a time is insanely crucial! You have all the time in the world to achieve your goal, but that doesn’t mean you have all the time to waste and think you’ll achieve your thing “somehow.” 

So, this article will help create time charts for people whose schedules fall into one of the categories explained below:

Type A: You’re At Home Most Of The Time

If you’re at home most of the time because of where you are at this point of your life (you might be working remotely, you might have dropped a year to follow your dream etc), any time wasted between getting up and getting to work is up to you because there is no time spent on “travel” or “getting ready.” Just paying attention for a day or two to where you spend your time can help you out a lot to draft a good time schedule that works for you

Instead of sleeping in until whenever you wake up, get into a regular routine of waking up at the same time each day. Schedule in specific times for you to work on business development, creative projects, and even time for exercise and hanging out with friends!

Once you’ve your time chart, stick to it for at least 2 weeks and see much you get done as far as your music is concerned! If you have the flexibility of this lifestyle, you should be insanely grateful. If you’re super serious about your art and dream, just working hard and not wasting any time can yield some really appreciable results!

Type B: You Have A 9-5 Job

It’s easy to say you couldn’t do something because of your 9-5 and paying bills is hard. While this is true, learning how managing your own time shouldn’t be that hard. In this case, you have to set your priorities straight. Different people might perceive this differently but the best example is, like after job what comes first, cracking a cold one with the boys or getting that mixdown right so you can send off that demo? 

Learning how to tap into your creative energy after a long day of work isn’t easy. Ultimately though, if it’s what you’re passionate about then it should invigorate you instead of drain you.

Adam Frosh aka Wooli has mentioned many times on Twitter that how he manages his 9-5 financing job while still making bangers! It’s as simple as that and little things like these can pile up to yield some major results in your life so you can finally say “yeah, I worked hard and my art allowed me to leave this 9-5 to make a living off of my dream.”

Type C: You Have A Fast Life With Unexpected Commitments

In this case, making a time chart sure seems impossible, but having a bit of certainty can go a long way! If you’re a pretty outgoing person that has certain commitments, knowing and cutting off anything you feel is not important is the only way for you to add time to work on your art! 

If you don’t have a regular schedule, I would suggest creating a list of things to accomplish either the night before or first thing in the morning. That way you can still ensure that you pencil in time for creativity without feeling gridlocked into an impossible schedule. 

If you have a pretty hectic life then finishing a song in a month, sending it out to labels or self-releasing it and having another track almost or half ready, can be daunting. However, if you have a fire in your belly to chase after your dream, then you will find a way to make everything work.

It’s not about making bullet points for your life, because something or the other is bound to go south. However, what matters is your consistency and perseverance. The path to your dream will get clear once you’re able to balance your art and other life commitments. We hope this was helpful and inspired you a bit! Do let us know in which category you fall!

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From thriving skatepark to renowned clubbing institution – a look at one of the world’s most iconic clubs.


Bristol has always been regarded as a city bursting with underground music and cultural influences. Nestled in the South West of England, the city has cemented its name as one of the most reputable purveyors of dance music talent over the years.

Motion nightclub is a major factor behind this – a venue that started life as a rough and ready skatepark called Sk8 & Ride in 2005 when co-owner Tom Kilford took out a loan to build his vision. Despite being a thriving skate park during the day, Kilford experimented with hosting small raves during the night consisting of only a few hundred people – some of which included parties in between the half pipes with a makeshift canopy to give it an indoor tent vibe.

After a couple of years of people constantly slipping down the ramps during events, the venue expanded and cleared space in order to accommodate for larger crowds, which paved the way for Just Jack to host the first major party in 2007 with an increased capacity of 1000 – but only a single toilet… 

Motion was officially born.

Roll on a decade and the club now accommodates a crowd of 3500 and is regarded as one of the most exciting in the world, sitting at #16 in DJ Mag’s Top 100 Clubs Poll.


Who wouldn’t want to party in a former skate park? For anyone who has visited the venue, they will know just how good a Motion event is. The undeniable charm and character of the venue heavily contribute towards this. From the spacious main room boasting a balcony overlooking the stage and a sunken DJ booth at eye level to the crowd, to the neighbouring room two, which feels like you are partying in a dark and gloomy cave with the crowd hunched over the decks. Everything about this venue is designed to provide an unrivaled experience.

There’s always a lively atmosphere throughout the venue and one of the reasons for this is because no event is the same. Motion is a modern-day Rubik’s cube of the clubbing world – constantly changing and adapting as time goes on. Every time you visit, something about the venue has been altered or moved. Whether it’s the layout of the courtyard, the skate ramps, the location of the cloakroom, or the ever-changing lighting rig. In the music industry, change doesn’t always go down well, but with Motion, it creates a new buzz at each event through providing the audience with a fresh encounter.

More recently, Motion has been making use of the adjoining Marble Factory – a room that not long ago was filled with skate ramps. The warehouse has been completely redeveloped with an impressive 360 mezzanine wrapping around the stage. It represents an intimate space with a smaller capacity and one that is designed to host live music events alongside club nights. The grand opening was graced by none other than The Chemical Brothers and has since gone on to be utilized for full venue takeovers at certain events.

All of these varied spaces and changing facets culminate into a rave experience reminiscent of a ’90s warehouse party, where the stripped back canvas of the venue perfectly compliments the gritty and raw dance music Motion is known for purveying.


Some of the first ever gatherings at Motion were punk and metal shows, but over the years Motion has gained a reputation for showcasing an eclectic mix of genres – from disco and house to techno and grime.


But it’s the heavier end of the bass spectrum that resembles the foundations the club was built on. With Bristol being one of the largest melting pots for drum and bass talent in the world, Motion firmly grasped this early on and has since hosted some of the most exhilarating DnB lineups around. Local promoters such as RUN and The Blast have flourished from their partnership with Motion, alongside huge labels in Hospital Records and Ram Records making annual appearances.

Despite this, every year Motion pays homage to each corner of dance music, ensuring every possible angle is covered and that the appeal of the club reaches out to a vast audience. The winter is a particularly exciting time for the venue, as the famed In:Motion series takes place – attracting many of the biggest names in electronic music. Last year’s series was closed by a special New Years Elrow showcase, which treated Bristol to the unique, bizarre and colourful experience the Spanish-inspired party entails.


Idris Elba

Big screen film star, producer, musician, DJ – call him what you want, this guy has got some serious talent and never fails to put on a show. After the resounding success of a sold-out event last year, he returns to Motion on May 25th with his diverse selection of musical influences. Also featuring on the line up is Max Chapman, Lauren Lane, and Waifs & Strays – a duo who was one of the first to host a party at Motion during its earliest and rawest days as Sk8 & Ride.

Hospitality BBQ

To add to the never-ending list of Motion additions, over the last few years the venue has been utilizing its outdoor space for music events during the summer period. From clearing the entire courtyard to accommodate a main arena bigger than the one indoors, to setting up a stage alongside the river running adjacent to the venue. Hospital Records were one of the first to utilize Motion’s outdoor space and have since thrown three constantly improving BBQs – two of which were graced by blazing sunshine.

Hospitality, a brand that has flourished into one of the UK’s most beloved dance music events, returns to Motion on June 9th with a line up including the likes of Hospital’s latest signees Kings of The Rollers, special guest DJ Hazard and a unique jungle set courtesy of the legendary DJ Marky. Expect heavy bass, local food vendors and hopefully some good weather…


History, legacy, ambition, character, big sound systems, diverse spaces, multiple toilets… This venue has it all. Anyone taking a trip to the UK should stop by one weekend to experience a true cultural gem of the country. Many producers first made their name here and continue to revisit and reminisce in the nostalgia of a venue pivotal in shaping Bristol’s thriving music scene.


Larry Harvey, one of the founders of the iconic Burning Man festival, has passed away according to a statement posted on the Burning Man website. It appears Harvey had a stroke earlier this month, and never fully recovered afterwards. The statement reads, “we resolutely held out for a miracle. If there was anyone tenacious, strong-willed […]

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Piggybacking on the announcement of his “Dune Tour,” Zhu also released his latest EP. In anticipation for the tour (which Zhu sent out text messages telling people), Zhu tweeted this week that the album would drop. Dropping this week — ZHU (@ZHUmusic) April 23, 2018 Zhu has always been very sneaky when it comes to […]

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Another Sunday, another day for chilling.

It has happened to us all; waking up on a Sunday, not wanting to realise it’s Monday tomorrow, and still hangover af from last night’s festivities. There’s only one thing to do in this situation so listen closely: put on this week’s playlist, featuring vibes by talents such as esta., OZZIE, zodivk and chromonicci, and prepare the recipe we’ve handpicked for you; Spicy Peach and Avocado Salad. 


3 tbsp. fresh lemon juice
3 tbsp. olive oil
2 tsp. pure honey
1 shallot, finely chopped
1 Fresno chile, thinly sliced
Kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper
3 ripe but firm peaches, cut into wedges
2 avocados, pitted and cut into wedges
1/2 c. fresh mint, torn if large, plus more for garnish
1/4 c. roasted pistachios, chopped


  1. Whisk together lemon juice, oil, honey, shallot, and chile in a bowl. Season with salt and pepper. Add peaches and toss to coat. Let sit at least 15 minutes and up to 1 hour.
  2. Just before serving, add avocado and mint and toss to combine. Season with salt and pepper. Top with pistachios and garnish with mint.

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Armin Van Buuren – ASOT 2018 Compilation

Each year, trance legend Armin Van Buuren puts out a mix compilation that showcases the season’s brightest upcoming tracks. His A State of Trance 2018 compilation is out now, and it does not disappoint. The forty-two track marathon is separated into two parts: the “On The Beach” CD, and the “In The Club” CD. It offers all the tunes expertly mixed together by the man himself, and individually in their unadulterated format.

Starting in 2004, this album marks the fifteenth release of the annual mix compilation. Some critics yearn for the days of the older, more raw sounds of trance. Armin pushes the envelope of an ever-evolving genre, never resting on accolades or re-hashing a successful melody. As a result, his goal to “unite the world through music” seems attainable with releases like this.

Side One – “On The Beach”:

The “On The Beach” mix is a joyous and fluid ride through the melodic side of trance. The mix features tracks from Maor Levi, Super8 & Tab, Seven Lions, and many more. It all begins with Armin’s hauntingly beautiful “The Last Dancer,” which evokes powerful emotion throughout. A standout track comes from Denis Kenzo, who offers a soulful vocal track in “Who I Am.” Wrechiski’s song “Fervour” provides an urgent bass line and inspiring piano. Joel Hirsch’s soaring ballad “Run To You” features the vocals of trance darling HALIENE. This mix delivers on Armin’s preface: “Imagine yourself looking out at the ocean, with a cocktail in one hand and a loved one by your side.”

Side Two – “In The Club”:

Taking a turn to the “In The Club” mix, you instantly transport to the pit of your favorite nightlife location. Starting with the track “Mowgli” by Anjuna high-risers Fatum, the heavier mix will have you throwing your hands up in no time. Listeners will enjoy the new track “Kaiju” from Davey Asprey. More delicious vocals ensue on “This Life” by Craig Connelly feat. Roxanne Emery. In addition, the mix marks the return of Armin’s Rising Star alias with the track “Just As You Are,” most notably debuted at Ultra on the ASOT Stage. With names such as David Gravell, DRYM, Simon Patterson and KhoMha at the helm, the power-packed side hits hard.

Featuring so many top notch tracks, the Dutch icon continues to amaze after over 25 years in the business. The seamless transitions and diverse variety on his ASOT 2018 compilation are wonderful to experience, and show why he is truly one of the best there will ever be. Between his family life, album releases, radio shows, a hectic international touring schedule, fan appearances and interviews, one has to wonder – how does he do it all?

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A-trak‘s Fool’s Gold Records has always been a haven for innovative new producers, and one of the label’s star prodigies, High Klassified, is back with a new five-track EP: Kanvaz

The simple yet altered title of the EP is a true testament to High Klassified’s style. Unlike other bass-producers from this era, HK understands that bass is just an element; a piece of a much larger puzzle. Instead of merely throwing a fat bassline in the listeners face, he uses that element in multiple ways.

Within these five tracks he explores numerous styles including trap, house, and future R&B while maintaining his signature sound. Pair that musical awareness with a slew of top notch features and the result is a legitimately fresh EP.

After a stellar 2017 that saw High Klassified working with the likes of The Weeknd and Future, the Kanvaz EP is a sure sign that 2018 will be no different.

High Klassified’s Kanvaz EP is available now on Fool’s Gold Records. Stream the full EP below.

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UK production trio Disciples have released a brand new single, “Atheist“, via Warner Bros. Music. ‘Atheist’ is the third song released thus far this year from Disciples, following up “48HRS” and “On My Mind”.

“Atheist” revolves around a catchy vocal loop and singing from Disciples’ very own Nathan Duvall. The minimalist deep house beat slowly works in various sonic elements before reaching a climax around the 3-minute mark, marking another hypnotic release from the immensely talented London-based trio.

Disciples landed a worldwide hit with Calvin Harris in 2012 with their collaboration, “How Deep is Your Love”. The song made it to #2 on the UK singles chart and was a top-10 record in 22 other countries, quite the achievement for a production trio that was firmly in the underground prior to their collaboration with Harris.

The upcoming summer should be a busy one for Disciples, who have a weekly residency in Ibiza at Amnesia on top of festival appearances at Snowbombing, Hideout Croatia, Sundown, and Belgian mega-festival, Tomorrowland.

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Lost Frequencies feat. James Blunt – Melody

After a massively successful commercial collaboration alongside German DJ/Producer and streaming giant Robin Schulz on “OK,” James Blunt looks to keep the good tropical house vibes going with Lost Frequencies on their new single, “Melody.”

The song first came to life when Blunt had been writing in the studio with Steve Mac (co-writer and co-producer on Ed Sheeran’s “Shape Of You”) and Ammar Malik (co-writer of Maroon 5’s “Moves Like Jagger”).

​”It didn’t quite fit my album,” James Blunt shares, “but I loved it, so when Lost Frequencies approached asking to work together I was thrilled.” He adds, “I was already a fan of his and really wanted the song to be heard. He plucked the chorus, worked his magic, and made a great summer track out of it.”

Lost Frequencies says, “I’ve always been a James Blunt fan and when I got asked to do a remix for one of his tracks, we started talking and I proposed instead of doing a remix, it would be cool to make an original track together! That’s when James sent me the demo he had of “Melody,” where I started working on immediately!”

Check it out below.

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Few artists epitomize Europe’s roll in the evolution of dance music like Paul Kalkbrenner, and his latest single, “Part 6”, proves that even further.  Kalkbrenner is among a group of stalwarts who have been holding down clubs and festivals in Europe for almost 30 years.

Kalkbrenner himself hails from Berlin, the undisputed techno capital of the world. His upcoming album, Parts of Life will be a love letter to the city that not only birthed him, but the music he loves so much. Rather than remixing and rearranging old tunes as he did on his ‘Back To The Future’ mixtapes, Kalkbrenner is back with entirely original music shared in its purest form.

As with his last single, “Part 8”, Kalkbrenner displays his familiarity with club beats alongside his signature uplifting melodies. Those who have seen Kalkbrenner’s world-renowned live performances know this track will hit right in the feels when he’s up on stage. Hearing Kalkbrenner pose the query “Is this what we’re living for?” can only be answered by a resounding “yes.”

One place Kalkbrenner is undoubtedly excited to share his new material will be this summer at Tommorowland. So much so that he saw fit to pay homage to the legendary festival by filming a performance video of the new song on the empty grounds. In less than 100 days people from all over the world will fill those grounds. Kalkbrenner is simply getting things warmed up.

Watch the video below to hear ‘Part 6’ which is now available.

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