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Who knew his latest track inspiration came from his daughter?

Armin van Buuren is a legend in the dance music industry. As one of the most influential musicians in electronic music, he has topped the Dj Mag Top 100 DJs poll a record of 5 times. His weekly radio show, “A State of Trance”, boasts over 38 million listeners in more than 80 countries, and he has performed at the biggest and best shows and festivals around the world. We caught up with him right before his show in New York, just in time to see him play The Brooklyn Mirage with Alpha 9.

“Blah Blah Blah” – what was your inspiration for the track?

Armin: Well, actually I understood a lot of people thought it was something to say to all the haters, but it wasn’t. The story started with Bullysongs, who was a good friend of mine and I did a couple of tracks with him; “Freefall” and “Caught in the Slipstream”. He was on tour with me on the Embrace Tour and we became close friends. He’s a super cool guy. He’s a father too. He has written a lot of really big tracks and I know that he’s been working with his son on the Galantis track. And I said to him, “What if we have vocal like that but on a psy-trance inspired triple-drop,” and he says, “So what are you thinking lyrically?”. I was I was at home sitting next to my daughter and she was telling me how she learned all these naughty rhymes in school, like with swear words and stuff that parents aren’t supposed to know. I started to see how important that is actually for the education of kids – learning nursery rhymes school. So the idea of inspiration actually comes from my kids.

You just played EDC, what’s your favorite part about EDC?

It’s a unique festival, it’s a night festival. You can’t compare it to any other festival. I think a lot of people try to compare it Tomorrowland or Ultra, but I say these are three completely different festivals. It’s a unique experience.

It’s more than just a bunch of DJs and great stages together It’s a vibe. It’s the L.A. vibe mixed with the atmosphere – really hard to describe actually.


What is your favorite festival?

Well, you have the big three, I just named them. I just know it’s really hard to pick my favorite because they’re all really important moments on the dance music calendar. Ultra is the start of the season. EDC is the biggest one in North America for electronic dance music. Tomorrowland, if you really put a gun to my head, I’d say Tomorrowland because it’s so close to my home. I know the guys from Tomorrowland really as I do the guys from Ultra and EDC.

So you’re on the 850th A State of Trance, did you ever think you’d get to 850?

No, I thought 500 would be good after 10 years. I still see a lot of good things happening in a trance music world. A lot of new talent coming off, the psy-trance inspired trance music is so huge right now. Last year I made a big bold move to do a weekly broadcast video which a lot of people actually like. I find it really scary because I felt like I sort of jumped into the deep. No, it’s fun. I actually enjoy it now more than I ever did because I used to stare at an Ableton screen and mix all the tracks together barely hearing all the songs, to be honest. Now, I have to mix live living one take which sometimes I make little mistakes and stuff the people actually appreciate that.

How has the music scene changed since you started?

It’s big. Well, mostly it’s become bigger. People take it seriously. I remember a lot of the interviews that I did in the early days was like, “When is the dance music bubble going to be over?”. Everybody was expecting that it would be gone. But I don’t think that you can really say that there’s a difference between dance and for example commercial pop. A part of dance music has become radio stuff. I think 99 percent of all the top 40 music right now is dance music inspired, it’s sequence based music. I mean obviously there are still analog instruments used but dance music has spread like an oil stain through every other genre.

When you’re writing a track, how do you decide when you’re done and when it’s finished?

It’s never finished. As soon as I finish a track, I start remixing it and you make mashups and you export acapella so you can put it on top of other tracks. It’s never done you know. There are so many albums of mine and tracks that I think I should have done that or even with “Blah Blah Blah”. Now I hear the master back, I’m like, “Oh I should have done this or that should have been louder or…”, it’s never perfect.

What’s your favorite fan encounter?

Oh well, I have to mention the white BMW again. I think that was in Vancouver. Somebody just bought a brand new extremely expensive BMW with all white leather seats and they asked me to write with a big marker on top. Oh yeah.

What is the most ridiculous thing you put on your rider they’ve fulfilled?

The most ridiculous thing I have on my rider? I don’t know even know my rider. Well for some reason I’ve been trying to get the bottle of red wine off of the rider because I don’t really drink red wine anymore, especially not after a gig. But for some reason, there’s always a bottle of wine in the dressing room. So I think my managers just keeps it on just for the sake of it.

What do you eat most on the road?

Healthy stuff, usually vegetarian or pasta. Right before this gig I just forced myself to eat because I wasn’t hungry at all, but I’m doing a three-hour set. Food and sleep and gym are essentials for life.

How do you relax when you get home from tour?

Work out a lot. Mostly, I’m actually pretty boring at home. I love watching Netflix.

What’s your favorite Netflix show?

I’m watching Casa de Papel (Money Heist) right now. I think it’s amazing. I’m marching. Currently, I like documentaries on Netflix a lot. I’ve been watching Robert Robert Kennedy assassination. That was quite shocking actually. I actually enjoy reading biographies and watching documentaries. This is strange habit that I have.

What is your most memorable tour stop or show?

It’s got to be last year when I did the Amsterdam Arena stadium called The Best of Armin Only, which was showcasing 20 years of my music with all my fans, all my tours, All the artists that I ever worked with. Two nights, sold out, live on national TV. It was the biggest thing I’ve ever done. I can’t really do anything bigger because there’s no bigger; it’s the biggest stadium in Holland.

How did you choose the tracks to play when you have to do the best of?

Well actually, believe it or not, there was a little bit of space to experiment. I played two shows, Friday & Saturday, and the tracklists were different on both nights. If you play four hours, and I’ve made so much music over two years. Five albums and a lot of best of’s, singles, and compilations. To put everything into four hours wasn’t doing it justice. We were thinking about the show, which artists could really bring it, and which artists were special on the tour. Also, the attention span in a stadium – to try to keep the attention of a crowd for that long and keep a show inspiring – there’s a lot of hard work. But, the good thing was is that we’ve done five tours. I was here at MSG (Madison Square Gardens) in 2014 to do the Intense show, and at the forum in L.A. we did the Embrace show, we had the Imagine show, we had the Mirage show. From these shows, we took the best live moments.

It was cherry-picking because if you have four hours and you have all these shows to cherry pick from – that was easy. Then, the best thing to do was that we rehearsed. We did a try out in front of an audience and in a smaller location without all the production. There was really a lot of effort that went into that show.

Window or aisle seat?

Window, to sleep. I sleep on planes all the time. I don’t think there’s ever been a flight in the last three years that I haven’t closed my eyes. Even if it’s a 20-minute flight, from a Greek island to another Greek island, I always close my eyes.

Is there anything else you want your fans to know?

So many things. There’s a lot of music coming. Working on the Gaia album which is what a lot of people are asking. Ever since I became a father of two I don’t think I’ve ever been more productive. It’s strange because you would think having kids you would have less time and I actually do have less time, but I guess I’m more efficient. I don’t play. I love playing PlayStation and I haven’t touched it for 3 months. Dedication.

Anything cool we can expect for like the new shows coming up? Anything ridiculous?

We’re testing out some new elements. I’m working on a new artist album. We’re also thinking about the Armin Only brand – do I want to continue with it or not. I haven’t made a decision yet because it’s very expensive to tour a show like that. You have to do at least 20 to 25 shows to recoup the investment that you do on a show like that. And then you need to have venues with a minimum 5000 capacity just to bring all the artists, hotels, flights in, and everything. For that, we’re always designing new stuff. I recently made a whole new visual package, so all the visuals that you see on my shows are brand new. So there’s always stuff going on.

You can check out Armin’s next tour dates here, and make sure to follow him to stay up to date on new releases!




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Yoga before their epic Steel Yard performance is the one right?!

Above & Beyond are set to return to London this weekend, promising the most wonderful trance extravaganza, whilst also throwing in a yoga session for good measure.

We sat down with Jono Grant, Tony McGuinness, and Paavo Siljamäki to talk about their best memories of UK shows, the forthcoming 300th episode of their weekly podcast, Group Therapy Radio, and the strangest location they have done yoga.

How excited are you to play the Steel Yard show?

We’re all really looking forward to it. It’s always exciting to play in our hometown and we’re bringing our full Common Ground show that we’ve been road testing to perfection so it should be a great night.

How impressive is the Steel Yard structure?

I’ve not seen it in real life but I’ve seen pictures and we’ve talked about it – it’s really impressive. It’s great to be able to do a full-on show in a London park for a change.

Steel Yard in the UK 

Speaking of massive arenas, do you prefer playing in them or a more intimate setting?

They both have their charms, for sure. The smaller shows are a time for trying out new things and really getting a sense of what works close up. The big shows are where we pull out all the stops production wise and just go for it.

What have been some of the standout memories from your UK performances?

We have fond memories of all our UK shows, from when we started at Passion and Turnmills, through the MOS days, Brixton, Wembley Arena and recently the O2. We’re really honoured to have been supported by our UK fans for such a long time. Our show in aid of the Little Something at Wembley was very moving.

What is the overriding emotion you feel when playing to UK crowds?

Happiness, I guess. When we started all the big acts were from overseas and there is always a world of new artists worthy of people’s attention, but our UK fans are very vocal and very loyal. Coming from these islands (mostly!) we really appreciate their support.

What’s the reaction been like to your fourth studio album Common Ground?

I think it’s been really positive. We’ve pulled together all our longest serving vocalists on one album for the first time and there’s been a lot of good feelings about that, and the songs seem to have connected already. We are all very flattered.

12 years on from your first album, how have you progressed as artists?

I think we’ve got a better idea of what it is that we do and how it seems to affect people, so in some ways, we’ve become more focused on that. But the world has changed completely: we started out as paid remixers putting tracks out on our own label when we couldn’t get them signed to majors. Now we do everything ourselves, we have over 30 staff running our labels in what is a true 360-degree music company, with over a hundred artists signed and releases every week.

What plans have you got for the 300th edition of Group Therapy Radio?

We’re going to a different continent this time, Asia, where things are changing very fast. ABGT 300 will be in Hong Kong in September across two days and we’ll be broadcasting to the world from there.

How proud are you to have hosted a weekly podcast for that long?

It’s a wonderful thing to have your own vehicle to speak to the world every week about new music that excites us, that will become part of our show or released by the labels. To be able to keep in touch with people’s lives (it’s certainly a two-way street) is incredibly important for us and for our whole operation.

What can you tell us about upcoming releases on Anjunabeats?

We’ve recently had two big album releases from ilan Bluestone (his debut album, Scars) and Spencer Brown and are awaiting the delivery of Andrew Bayer’s third album, which is awesome.

How excited are you for the yoga set?

This should be special. I’m curious to see how it works in the UK – we’re a famously reserved nation, but I’m sure the combination of Nadia Narain and some gorgeous music will make it a wonderful time.

Where’s the most ridiculous place you’ve done a yoga session?

The first one we did at Burning Man was pretty awesome, looking out across the white sand with all those people was something we’ll never forget.

Above & Beyond will be headlining Steel Yard London @ Finsbury Park this Saturday 26 May joined by the likes of Gabriel & Dresden, Eli & Fur, Genix, Grum + more. Tickets available go to for more info. 

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The unlikely duo will have their debut live set in June

While they may both be tastemakers in their respective fields, few could have predicted a Mark Ronson and Diplo collaborative project would be among the most anticipated debuts of 2018, yet here we are. Announced earlier this year, their act Silk City, named after a Philadelphia diner, is set to play their first official live set at Governor’s Ball, one of the biggest festivals in the Northeast.  

Just ahead of their main stage debut the duo has also released their first single, “Only Can Get Better.” The tune features Australian native Daniel Merriweather and boasts distinct disco influences. The two DJs reportedly met early on in their career, nearly 20 years ago, and have always shared a bond over their appreciation for early dance music and its roots. Stylistically, “Only Can Get Better” is certainly a reflection of just that. 

Check it out below, and stay tuned for more to come from Silk City.

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South Florida is going get some serious wobble next year. Taking place in the same venue that brought the Excision Paradox Event as well as artists such as Zeds Dead, Snails, Borgore and Gammer, Boca Raton’s Sunset Cove is set to achieve a new level of bass heaven like never seen before. Enter the Forbidden Kingdom, the first all bass and dubstep music festival in the state of Florida.

The biggest names in bass and dubstep music will be playing at the premiere venue. While an official lineup is yet to be released, you can bet it’ll be one you won’t want to miss. The  event is set for February 16th and 17th of 2019 so stay tuned for updates with us throughout the year. Plenty of mystery is yet to be revealed about the Forbidden Kingdom, but in the meantime, keep on headbanging bassheads.

Follow Forbidden Kingdom Music Festival for more information below.





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Pete Tong, English DJ at BBC Radio, gave a key note speech at the International Music Summit in Ibiza today. His emotional speech focused on the importance of mental health of artists in the music industry. During his talk, Tong focused on the passing of Avicii and how it was not how he should have died.

                ‘We weren’t supposed to die chasing the dream.’

Tong also mentioned how Avicii was thrown into the industry without any guidance. We know Avicii, real name Tim Bergling, grew strong feelings against touring, which later led to his retirement. “Tim had no training, there was no introduction, he had never even had a proper job,” said Tong. As we look back, Tim should have had more guidance and time to recuperate from other health issues he fought.

A panel called Our Duty of Care started after Tong’s tribute to Avicii. During the panel, Christine Brown of Help Musicians UK said: ‘People in music are three times more likely to suffer from mental illness. That really pushed us into action.”

We hope that the time spent on mental health at the International Music Summit will encourage and help others that are struggling today. Mental health can often be forgotten  since it may not be visible but it can affect anyone.

A full transcript of Pete Tong’s speech can be read below:

Pete Tong’s Tribute to Avicii

A month ago on Friday 20th April the world was stunned at the news that Tim Bergling / Avicii had died.

A few days later his family released a statement indicating that he had taken his own life.

How could this have come to be?

How could Tim, one of the most talented and successful artists of his generation go from making music in his bedroom in 2008 to taking his own life in a hotel room in 2018.

I believe we can find some of the answers, when we examine what it’s like to be a successful DJ/Artist/Producer and relentless globetrotting live performer in the present day.

From the start Tim was clearly a very special talent. His innate sense of melody, combined with his gift for arrangement and production set him apart, but what was truly unique about Tim in 2008/9 was that he was so young. He was the first teenager of the EDM era to make music inspired by his peers and then join them all within a matter of 12 months.

The warp factor speed of his breakthrough fuelled by the adrenalin rush and global connectivity of social media ensured that Tim’s feet never touched the ground.

By the time his track ‘BROMANCE’ hit, his contemporaries in dance music’s mainstream were the likes of David Guetta, Tiesto,The Swedish House Mafia, Armin Van Burren, Above & Beyond, Steve Aoki & Paul Van Dyk.

All of these artists had been in the game for at least 10 years, they had done the proverbial 10,000 hours and they had honed their skills and managed to work out a modus operandi, as their popularity grew and their diaries filled. They were certainly more prepared for what was about to happen to them over the next five years, than Tim.

Tim had no training, there was no apprenticeship.
He’d not even had a proper job.
Some of you here today have seen his documentary TRUE STORIES.
Whether its all entirely true or edited in a certain way – the journey and the results are pretty harrowing, particularly now that he’s not with us anymore.
For those that haven’t seen it…

The first few years are pretty straightforward.
You travel around the world at an insane pace. You collect all the money, You lap up the adulation and drink the free champaign and everything else that goes with it.

After a couple of years the anxiety builds as the schedule and demands get more and more intense. The entourage grows and there are now vast numbers of people and companies relying on your business. The bar is constantly being raised.

You now rely on the alcohol, the drugs and the pills, just to get you through each day.
Your tired, constantly tired and sick but you can’t stop.

It’s particularly daunting to watch – just how many times – he asked those around him – if he could stop and cancel shows. Most of the time he was told he couldn’t as there was too much at stake.

In Tim’s case his body did start to breakdown and after multiple medical interventions his health deteriorated to such a point that he announced his retirement in 2016. His last show was here in Ibiza at Ushuaïa at the end of that summer.

Last year Tim slowly started to release music again and when I interviewed him for Radio 1 he seemed in a really good place and talked with real passion about how making music, not touring, was what really mattered to him.

We might never know what happened in the end, what led him to taking his own life. What demons he was still dealing with or how much the anxiety played its part.

His family called him a seeker – “a fragile artistic soul searching for questions – when he stopped touring he wanted to find balance in life, to be happy and to be able to do what he loved most – making music. He could not go on any longer, he wanted to find peace.”

Tim’s story is unique – its the perfect storm – in the sense that few will ever be that young and that talented, making the right music, at precisely the time when a worldwide musical movement is about to explode, coinciding with – precisely the time – when social media was changing all the metrics on communication and having direct access to your fans.

Given they way it turned out I hope we never see it again – BUT his death has put the spotlight firmly back on our profession – The Life of a DJ .

For those of you who have either attended or followed the IMS on line – you will know that the subject of mental health has been on our agenda for many years.

Artists and DJ’s have begun to open up and talk publicly about the issues and their personal experiences.

In 2016 Eric Morillo gave us a very candid interview about his decent into drug abuse and near death to cope with the fear of failure and a decline in his popularity.

Last year in 2017 we hosted the launch of the Pioneer funded DJ Sounds documentary – WHY WE DJ – Slaves To The Rhythm – which we have just shown again this morning, where many familiar faces talk about life on the road – the loneliness, the anxiety, the depression, the ego.

One of the recurring themes that comes up – is that DJ’s feel stupid or ashamed to complain.

I used to liken being a DJ, to that of a lone stage actor, in the same play, night after night – but I have recalibrated that. Its more often being like a court jester at a medieval feast.

As Moby (who’s ten years sober) said in his recent Lefsetz podcast – even without the drugs and alcohol touring is unhealthy. If your a musician on tour you do your gig get on the bus and leave and even if there is a certain amount of degenerate behaviour its got nothing compared to the life of a celebrity DJ with private planes/Ibiza/Las Vegas and palatial hotel suits. You do your show and normally its back to the room for endless partying which is great to a point but so corrosive and destructive.

For most  – the reality is very different – the constant lack of sleep – the airports – the flights – your exotic tourist experiences are often limited to the view from the back of a cab.

Most DJ’s will go will go though their whole career having to play clubs and festivals to make a living. It’s only the select few that will make money when there asleep through the success of their music.

In the underground world – endurance is king (or queen).

Marathon sets until sunrise and then almost certainly onto the after party… and if you really want the gold star, another one after that. In Ibiza you could be doing that for 20 weeks a season. It’s no wonder that a DJ’s musical output suffers when they have this kind of schedule. You need special forces training and an iron will to survive multiple seasons in ibiza – and after ibiza there is always another summer, somewhere else in the world – so you have do it all over again.

The downside of this cycle can be seen in Luciano’s heartfelt post on facebook a few weeks ago, lamenting Avicii’s passing and sharing his own harrowing experiences which led to near death in pursuit of the job, pulled out of a plane when his heart was about to stop. He talks about the recurring themes of loneliness and anxiety in hotel rooms after playing to 1000’s, the illness that touring generates, where in his case the only way to survive was to self medicate. Pills to wake up and pills to sleep. Hurting himself and others around him, ego out of control. ALONE.

He said if your 17 and join a top football team you have all the other players and coaches and management to prepare you for the pressure, money, travel and fame that might follow.
As a DJ he felt he was often completely alone.

No one prepared him for this life. No one warned him. There wasn’t a manual.

Luciano also revealed in the post – that he was celebrating one year sober since that incident.
He doesn’t blame the industry, he says ultimately the individual has to take responsibility.

He accepted he had a disease and when we are sick we normally go to the doctor for help but in the DJ world it’s just not spoken about.

Being a DJ doesn’t make you an addict but if you have those issues its a huge challenge.
In recovery they talk about changing the people places and things that trigger your use.
If your a DJ that means you really shouldn’t be hanging out in clubs but if your life and family depend on it, if you have a mortgage, school fee’s and bills to pay you don’t really have a choice.

You have to go back – and try to do it sober – often creating greater anxiety. Its a very unique and challenging scenario.

Luciano couldn’t at first understand why you would want to go out if you could couldn’t drink and get high but he’s learnt that he had a job to do, a great job and that every show doesn’t have to be a party (for him anyway). After six months clean he also re discovered that the reason he used to go out was to laugh and share and enjoy the music. He can do without the bullshit. When the bullshit starts he just goes home.

In my 40 years of being around this world I can’t think of a single person who’s achieved success who hasn’t paid a personal price via health, relationships, divorce, broken homes, addiction, depression and anxiety. The statistics don’t lie this is a tough business.

For years we’ve laughed and immortalised the hedonism of our world via books magazines and films like BERLIN CALLING & ALL GONE PETE TONG. It was supposed to be fun.

10 years ago when we started IMS all the talk was about how electronic dance music was going to break in America and conquer the world. To a large extent that all happened and is still happening… but people were not supposed to die chasing the dream

I don’t come here today to say the party’s over – but this is a wake up call to ALL those involved, to start looking around and see who might need help

In the past few months the IMS and the AFEM has been approached by more ands more people behind the scene’s – the managers, tour managers, promoters and music executives all feeling the strain of the life style and seeking advice.

IMS, thanks to the work of Ben Turner and Blaise D’Angelo have just completed the first Remedy State wellness retreat here in Ibiza. Designed specifically for people in the entertainment industry. It’s success proves that our industry needs healing, and that people want to be healed.

What I hope for and encourage during the next few days at the IMS and beyond – is that we get more of these issues out in the open and that the DJ’s and those around them feel less shame and more encouraged to speak up and seek help when they are struggling.

The more we can share our experiences and educate the more we can help those suffering in silence.

The wider music community have organisations like Music Cares & Help Musicians to reach out to in times of struggle.

I ask – Is its time to establish a support group or fellowship for those in the electronic music industry?

In memory of Avicii  –
That is something to talk about.

Thank you

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Big WildBig Wild makes a bold statement today via his audio/visual collaboration “ASCENSION” with home base label Foreign Family Collective. The short film boasts a powerful message; it presents a scenario that the world may one day face, an “end-of-the-world” type context where artificial intelligence takes over and humans are no longer. ASCENSION is set in a near-future dystopia where machines are needed to create life. It’s a grim but not outlandish testament to the beauties and dangers of technology, and the selfishness in humanity’s strides for “greatness”.

The art piece takes viewers through dark rooms and barren deserts, with flashes of ancient Roman statues that are symbolic of Western Civilization. The machines appear to be steadfast in bringing a flower to life throughout the video, leading to the flower’s imminent death and slamming down the hammer of the ethos of “ASCENSION”.

In Big Wild’s own words:

This art piece tells the story of an advanced society that’s become so mechanized and ruled by technology that it’s neglected the natural environment, which it in turn has to now rebuild. The painful irony of this situation brings to question our infatuation with technology and an increasing detachment from the natural world.

We wanted to create our own world and convey a simple but powerful message. I really wanted to experiment musically and collaborate with visual artists to create something unique. I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out!”

Big Wild is the sound designer, producer and composer, who has made waves in recent years with his particular brand of melodic electronica, and through the championship of ODESZA’s imprint Foreign Family Collective. This new art piece marks a bit of a departure for the one piece act, acting less as a new direction, and more of a score to this impactful short film.

ASCENSION is out now everywhere via Foreign Family Collective.

Big Wild Ascension

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,The Glitch Mob Las Vegas

The Los Angeles based trio known as The Glitch Mob is back in full force, after having taken a few years off from touring. They’re currently in the beginning stages of their extensive 38 stop tour. This tour features sounds from their new album titled See Without Eyes‘.

This Sunday, May 27th they make their highly anticipated return to The Brooklyn Bowl in Las Vegas. Opening for the tour is Elohim, her awe-inspiring vocals are featured on the track ‘I Could Be Anything’. This tour has an updated custom stage design known as Blade 2.0 which is sure to leave the audience mesmerized. Tickets for the Las Vegas tour stop and any others along the way, can be purchased here.

Throughout ‘See Without Eyes’ they focus on a futuristic theme, all while telling a story of self-discovery. In addition to distinctive basslines, which always come standard with The Glitch Mob, this album offers a plethora of vocals. Listen below to hear what sets this album apart from any others previously produced by The Glitch Mob.

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To combat the selfie and food blog spams, Instagram now has the option to mute people from appearing in your feed. This update rolls out over the next coming weeks, and you’ll be able to choose to hide someone’s posts, their stories, or even both from popping up on the main screen. Don’t worry, you will still be able to view a muted person’s profile. They won’t know they have been muted and you can unmute them at any time.

This feature seems to be long overdue as the social media platform is flooded with more photos every day. While the unfollow feature is appealing, it is often times a little too much. If a close relative posts 12 times a day, would you still unfollow them? Having to add them back after a certain period of time may create awkwardness. Instead, you can choose to mute the loud profile, while preserving your real life relationships.

This tool aims to be a less aggressive option than unfollowing another user. Users can now personalize their feeds based on what they want to see. To mute an account, simply tap the “…” menu next to an account handle, and choose “Mute Posts.”

IG has come a long way but still remains the simplest platform. With the addition of the “stories” and “explore” option, there is still much content to display to you. But as networks get older, more people and friends are added and feeds start to clog up. It becomes an all or nothing space. Either stay un-private and get crept on or be private to protect yourself. Unfollow someone annoyingly posting their life status every 30 minutes or continue to follow them and deal with it. Like its parent company, Facebook, adding a mute button is far more respectful of kinships. It’s about time Instagram joined the social media punishment race.

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Teaming up with Wiz Khalifa, their new song “When I Grow Up” is an anthem dedicated to growth & self-belief

Having amassed several hundred million streams, it’s pretty fair to say that Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike are so of the biggest names currently within the EDM scene. 

Teaming up with Wiz Khalifa, their new song “When I Grow Up” is an anthem dedicated to growth & self-belief. Also dropping a hardstyle remix of the track at EDC (possibly by Brennan Hart), their set will certainly be memorable for years to come.

You can watch here:

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Related imageKnife Party has always been one of the hottest electro house groups in the world of electronic dance music. Gareth McGrillen and Rob Swire, the two members of the drum and bass band Pendulum, have always succeeded in pleasing their audience with their outstanding visual productions and their incredibly unique sound.

Recently, the Australian duo announced that they are “heading back over to North America,” for a new tour. However, the positive feedback seems to have fallen short with their dedicated Canadian audience.

Although their official tour announcement includes two stops in Canada, i.e. Winnipeg and Vancouver, Canadians have been quick to point out that a North American Tour should consist of more than just a couple stops in Canada, as opposed to ten in the United States of America.

As some of their dedicated followers are in the beginning stages of planning a road trip to hit up the nearest tour destination, Canadians can’t help but wonder if more dates are on the way. Maybe these are truly the only stops that the duo will be making in Canada.

The first tour date is quickly approaching and we absolutely can’t wait to see what they have in store. Rob Swire has previously stated that new Knife Party music is in the works. Perhaps we may even find out that more stops are planned. In the meantime, fans must cherish the fact that they will at least be coming to North America, which doesn’t seem to be the case for other EDM artists these days.

Tickets go on sale tomorrow, Thursday, May 24, 2018. That said, this tour is one of the most highly anticipated series of events of the year. Don’t wait to purchase your tickets to ensure your spot will be on lock.

Check Out Knife Party’s Official Tour Announcement Below:

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my place

Tchami & Brohug feat. Reece- My Place

Two of the very best in house and future house have joined forces for a monster new track. French house phenom Tchami has enlisted Swedish trio Brohug for a new track titled ‘My Place’. Add in the angelic vocals of Reece, and what you get is an animal of a track.

The gritty styles of both Tchami & Brohug blend beautifully together in this track. The song starts off slow, with Reece’s vocals setting the vibe of the track. As the song builds up, it drops into the vibrant synths of Brohug while Tchami’s smooth tempo overtakes the record. Reece’s dark, angelic vocals give ‘My Place’ a proper elevation to make this track truly special.

The combination of Brohug and Tchami clearly works well. Hopefully we see this combo more in the near future. Check out ‘My Place’ below and let us know what you think.

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So. Much. Techno.

Last weekend, New York got a heavy dose of proper electronic music.

Hot Since 82 brought his hotly anticipated Knee Deep show to the Big Apple, taking over the Knockdown Center for a long night of thumping basslines and unwavering energy. Pete Tong and Lauren Lane came along for the ride too, while Brooklyn’s legendary Output venue aided in production.

All in all, it was a night we won’t forget anytime soon. Here are 6 reasons why

1) Getting down in a former glass factory. The 50,000 square foot venue was perfect for the dance music throwdown; gritty and industrial.

2) World-renowned Brooklyn nightclub on production; a fantastic audio-visual experience that morphed the industrial space into an all-out rave. Lights look great below, but boy, we wish you could’ve heard the sound!

3) 2-hour sets! We love it when DJ’s get their sweet time on stage.

4) A thrilling performance from the hit tastemaker Pete Tong.

5) The man of the hour, Hot Since 82 stole the show with a deep, relentless set packed with incredible techy beats.

6) A crowd that was one with the music. Sensational energy all night long.

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“Chelsea Cutler – The Reason (KVMO Remix)” is proud to announce the first episode in a new series entitled “Remix of the Week”. 

Each week we’ll pick a trending new release to be remixed by one of our favorite up-and-coming artists from around the world, and will use this remix as an opportunity to highlight fresh and exciting new talent.

We’re starting things off with rising star KVMO, who is perhaps best known for a series of high-impact remixes that he has released through YouTube Curators such as Proximity and xKito, including his well-known versions of “Snugs – Radio Silence” and “Galantis – Hunter“. 

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Most notably, KVMO has received widespread acclaim for his original song, “Me and You” featuring Helen Hess, which was featured on Trap Nation and has racked up well over a million streams.

For his Remix of the Week, KVMO takes on Chelsea Cutler’s new single “The Reason”.

The result is a stunning summer anthem that perfectly compliments the sultry and heartwarming vocals of Chelsea Cutler. KVMO infuses the remix with his signature warmth and musicality, and we can’t wait for you to hear it!

Be sure to check out the original as well:

Follow KVMO:

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Mad Decent Pool Party

Diplo‘s Mad Decent parties have always been his signature event, but they have gone through many changes over the years. The Mad Decent Block Party was scaled down and the Mad Decent Boat Party was given the ax, but this year Diplo’s label is keeping it simple and classy with the Mad Decent Pool Party. Since July 4 is on a Wednesday this year, most of us will have to celebrate on June 30 and July 1.

The Mad Decent Pool Party will recreate the swanky pool parties you remember from Miami Music Week at Miami’s Delano Beach Club in South Beach. DiskoLab put on many huge events here during MMW 2018 and Diplo is bringing an all-star lineup with him. Besides the head honcho himself, he’s bringing a very special guest, Mad Decent All Stars and plenty more to be announced.

Mad Decent Pool Party touches down on Sat June 30 and tickets go on sale next Wednesday at this link. For table reservations email This is the place to be in South Florida for July 4 weekend.

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Find out how this Russian-born DJ’s dual projects plan to dominate electronic music this year.

Right after his set at Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC), we got a chance to speak with Artem Stoliarov, better known as ARTY or ALPHA 9. With a career spanning 9 years, his recent expansion into dual projects with equally impressive release schedules and touring dates is admirable. Not only does he tour the world with DJs such as Armin VanBuuren and Martin Garrix, he also hosts a weekly Sirius FM radio show, Together FM, with over 5 million listeners. Do you think you’re going to push more towards your ALPHA 9 project?

No, I think since last year when we launched the entire ALPHA 9, it’s going to shift toward ALPHA 9. I want to make sure that I’m sending the right message to the fans that it is really serious. It’s not just the kind of one-off thing that I’m doing because we’re playing festivals here and there. I’m taking it personally and the ALPHA 9 project is really intimate and important. And it’s like this is another way to communicate with my fans who have been missing trance music a lot. So it’s been definitely shifting towards ALPHA 9 a bit more because we did the first tour and released a bunch of the records but I think this year is balancing out. So, next year is going to be in terms of the shows, more ARTY. We want to make the ALPHA 9 shows a little bit more exclusive. Both projects are equally important to me. 

What’s your favorite part about having that side project?

It’s funny you call it a side project, I was calling it a side project too full time but now it doesn’t feel like that because I think, as I said earlier, both projects are so equal. It’s just a different type of music. With ARTY music and ARTY performances, it’s still a bit more mainstream but ALPHA 9 is super cinematic. I mean personally for me when I play ALPHA 9 shows it’s one hell of an experience. Playing 3-minute breakdowns and the trance old school things that I grew up with is why I started to listen to trance music in the first place.

So yeah, there’s definitely a difference in terms of like delivery of the music and the way it looks together as the music itself, the shows, and live performances but these two projects are still equally important.

Okay, so we’ll call it the new project and not the side project.

Yeah, I do, I do like that. I should say the same thing.

So you’ve already had ten tracks come out. What’s your favorite one this year?

Yeah, 10 tracks between ARTY and ALPHA 9. Damn, that’s pretty insane when you’re thinking about it. This year is going to be one hell of a year that’s for sure. So far, my favorite I think is still “Sunrise”, because “Sunrise” has a really strong message. The track itself is the message to my fans again, that I’m kind of stopping messing around with the styles. Throughout the last couple of years I’ve tried pretty much everything to do with ARTY from indie dance music to pop music and some more heavier music to more experimental music but now ARTY definitely does – I mean I definitely do – progressive house music. “Sunrise” was one of the tracks that I want to show to fans the music that I want to do, that’s the music that I miss doing and that’s music I missed playing in my shows. At some point, it takes a lot of time and it’s you know it’s an experience when you’re playing live shows. At some point, I figured that I want to do music again that I can play in my live sets. I want to do music again that people can enjoy listening to on Spotify, it has to be on both sides for me.

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So what more can we expect music-wise for releases?

There’s gonna be another at least 10 records coming out, as I said before it’s gonna be a big year. We just released “Couldn’t Be Better” last Friday. I also have the remix because “Couldn’t Be Better” is a definition within ARTY and ALPHA 9. It’s a little bit more mainstream record. It is the most mainstream record that I have in my catalog right now that I plan to release before the end of the year. All the music that is on the schedule is done. So now, I’m working on the music that is going to come out next year pretty much. So for ALPHA 9, we have the remix for Armin coming out, I think it’s going to be the end of June, one of his classics and my favorite personal track from Armin called “Shivers”. It came out in 2004 and was the first record that I listened to and that’s how I fell in love with trance. We have a new single for ARTY and I can’t tell you the name because people keep asking about it. There are another 4-5 tracks releasing for ALPHA 9. Also for ALPHA 9, there’s a lot of remixes and edits that I’m playing in my live sets that have never come out for release.

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How was your secret set at EDC? 

It was really fun. As I want to know and be a better producer in the studio because I’m working in the studio every day. It’s quite an experience as you’re learning and teaching yourself new things, pushing yourself and trying to make yourself a better producer. That’s the same thing I want to do with my DJ sets. At some point last year I started playing completely different sets and doing techno and house sets. I personally really love techno music and house music. I do love to play it a lot. It’s just a completely new experience and new vibe. You need to figure out totally different ways and it’s so much fun to play. You can imagine playing like between 60-100 shows a year, almost every week. Not exactly the same set but you have the core of the set for ARTY and ALPHA 9 and the new experience when you’re playing different types music will freshen up things a lot and again, make you a better DJ. So I played house music in my set and it was pretty incredible.

What stage were you at? 

I was at the campground stage.

What’s the craziest thing you put on your rider that they’ve fulfilled for you?

I wish I could be as fun as Dillon Francis and put some obnoxious thing on my rider. I think the craziest thing we did was the Russian vodka that you can only get in Ohio and Florida because it’s produced in Ohio. I love it but people don’t like it that much. It’s pretty expensive, it’s called Spirit of the Tsars, it’s a caramel taste. It’s so easy to drink it because it’s a little bit of a sweet taste.

So if we brought out a bottle right now, would you drink it? 

I wouldn’t drink it right now. I mean I’m going to have a bunch of drinks but not this early, man. I have two and a half hours before the show starts and that’s really dangerous. I mean, promoters sometimes put some funniest stuff, some gifts or birthday cake. They put my face on a huge cake.

What is the weirdest tour stop or show you’ve ever played

Weirdest show? Let me think about it.

I mean, I’ve played many, many shows and a bunch were weird. Sometimes the crowd is totally not into the music that you’re playing and sometimes the set up is really bad, sometimes everything is falling apart. But I think the weirdest was definitely when I first started DJing in my hometown, it was pretty sad and weird, but it was a really long time ago.

What’s your favorite non-electronic song?

Clocks by Coldplay. 100%, I really like Coldplay. It’s probably my favorite rock band or pop band, whatever you want to call it. But lately, it’s kind of half electronic but this new artist I think he’s from Dublin. His name is EDEN. His music is just outstanding and incredible and I’m a huge fan of this. So you definitely should check it out.

Also, have you have always had bleached hair?

No, I think I bleached it in 2016. I was going through a lot of shit on my own. Personally, I was in a really weird spot in my life with a lot of things that I had to think through. I was not feeling myself hundred percent personally, so I said, “F*** it, I’m gonna do that,” and I loved it. I posted something on Instagram, a picture when I first bleached it, and I was thinking my mom is going to be mad at me. I was actually thinking, my mom and my dad are going to be like, “Are you okay?” I was like,”Yeah I’m okay.” My mom was actually super stoked about it.

Anything else you’d like to say? 

Positive vibes, keep it going! 

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Breaking Through is a conversational series highlighting the stories of rising dance music artists.

Author Note: Germany’s bass duo Donkong, comprised of Chemnitz’s Thomas Küchler and Mannheim’s Johannes Schlump will be referred to as Donkong throughout this piece. 

When a genre of music is the prevailing go-to for clubbers, artists not associated with that genre find it difficult for promoters to book them especially when the number of venues in your country showcasing international talent is limited, creating impedance for the artist’s identity or worse yet, the inability to find one.


“Germany is very hip-hop oriented at the moment,” says Donkong. “With music laying around and a scarce club scene, we’re trying to figure out our audience and we don’t feel we were very strategic in finding one. Business wise that’s our biggest problem, but we think it could be our biggest strength.”  

Donkong though, are not rookies as one may initially perceive, building a solid discography of three EP’s, various original singles and remixes since their 2012 inception. Their music, including the popular track Animals, has been heard well over 3M times on Spotify alone and with the debut of Identity Mixtape released to coincide with the May 25, 2018 release of their fourth EP, Invaders, the mixtape is a Thank You, of sorts, to Donkong’s fans as well as a tool to showcase their newly self-discovered sound (hence the ”Identity” title) to potential recording labels featuring unreleased material:

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Admittedly, mistakes were made with the inability for their music to be properly showcased partly due to outside influences such as being invited to play all important festivals only to learn that due to their location and expense, the promoters abrogated those offers. Others were due to producing a full-length album with no audience or platform for release, reducing the duo to releasing singles. Donkong also admits self-induced errors by releasing material at the wrong time but in fairness, hindsight is 20/20.   

Donkong. Thomas Küchler (l) and Johannes Schlump (r).  

With their unique brand of bass, Donkong has held a loyal following but with expansion concerns, one might simply ask, “Why not move?” But as with anyone, we sometimes forget that artists are people, too with real lives and circumstances proving difficult to just pack and go.  Already separated by 600km, Thomas and Johannes have built a long distance relationship with their music and followers. “The internet is great,” Donkong proclaimed. “But you still have to meet people face to face,” citing the interpersonal communication side of the business. 

As with many aspiring artists, side projects keep the rent paid with Donkong providing soundtracks for companies such as Duplo and Adidas combined with producing numerous remixes while taking advantage of the opportunity to expand both musical and personal identities, explaining that:

“We enjoy being with other people. ”There’s a part of you that wants to be a part of them and their art – you build up a trust with an artist and as fans ourselves, connectivity is something held very personal to us.”

Conversely, Donkong’s business side of receiving record company remix requests of unknown artists began to question the validity of the remix and more importantly, their values. “It didn’t feel right and sometimes the song wasn’t better. We want to do the music we like but not to do music that just pays the rent,” Donkong emphatically said. 

Donkong – Identity Mix – w/ Track Listing. 

When the duo is recording, Donkong enjoys incorporating a bit of humor into some of their themed productions while targeting a larger goal saying, “We’re having fun! Not all music has to be big and critical, there are better places for that than in club music. We hope, as a duo, to help the culture grow in Germany and maybe it’s to our advantage to be some of the few doing (bass music) it.”

Donkong.  Thomas Kücher (l) and Johannes Schlump (r). 

The story does get better for Donkong. Their latest single from the forthcoming EP, Bassline Junk is a solid release with Thomas providing the distorted vocals on the track. And with the duo’s performance at the German Eine Liebe festival they are unrelatedly engaged in negotiations with a different, larger label optimistic of the concentration with the duo’s fanbase extension inside of Germany as well as integrating elements into their live performances, ”but it’s feast or famine with the bookings,” Donkong said. “It’s tough.” 

Donkong – “Baseline Junk” Promo. (; 0:34)

Donkong is humbled though with their achievements thus far. “We’re privileged to be doing this full time for three years,” the duo proudly said. “We are so grateful for our fans! We know there are other artists that are less fortunate.”

Eager to begin a new chapter in their quest to become relevant in the German bass scene, or lack thereof, they realize maximum public exposure is achieved through live performances and look forward to that opportunity a new label may bring them.

 “We’re excited to tour,” Donkong exclaimed. “We’ve got our bags packed and are ready to go!” 

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Danny Avila, Rave Radio, and Will Sparks speak up.

For better or worse, social media has become an integral part of society. Even if you’re “off the grid”, social media still significantly impacts your day-to-day life. 

Everything from your favorite songs on the radio to the hot new restaurants in town, or even, the writers whose work you admire, all three of these and more, depend on social media to stay in business. 

The point of this article isn’t to say how social media is evil. Social media has created endless opportunities for creators, entrepreneurs, performers and more, that were not possible before its invention. Social media has allowed talented unsigned artists who work on tunes in their bedroom get signed to major deals and tour the world doing what they love. However, social media often becomes a major component of the immense stress artists take on when they enter the spotlight. 

We reached out to some of our favorite artists and asked them how they handle the stress and pressure that comes from social media.

Danny Avila

“With all honesty, I think at a certain point in my life I made the decision to fully commit to and work on my career as an artist and i always knew this comes along with being a sort of a public figure. For me personally, I’m lucky enough to be able to say that i really enjoy sharing my life and experiences on my socials and interacting with fans, getting feedback and so on. Of course, there is private stuff i don’t want to share so i don’t do so. In the end, it’s up to everyone how “public“ you want to be online (or not) and how much importance you designate to potential “online-negativity” in your mind. That being said, it’s clear in today’s scene that those pressures can have a negative effect on an artist and wear you down a bit, but think that’s the case on all levels and not just for artists. So no matter if you are an artist being “public” or just a young kid being at school in their own smaller social environment, it can get you down.”

Rave Radio

“Now more than ever we need to be conscious of what affects our mental health and state of happiness. Maintaining a healthy diet helps to generate the chemicals your brain needs to function properly. When on tour we actually limit the booze, vodka waters if you want a little buzz and cut out shots. I’m happier and clearer the next day and don’t waste a day in bed or airport floors. Natural supplements like Fish Oil and Flax Seed Oil help brain function, 5HTP can help with serotonin levels (mood regulator) and GABA can help to calm the brain when its overactive. Keeping aware of what’s real and what’s fake on social media is SUPER important at a time of digital plastic surgery apps, fake social media stats and carefully cultivated feeds that don’t show what really goes on. Be true, be transparent and keep it real, you’ll feel better in yourself and won’t create a false reality for yourself.”

Will Sparks

“Social Media, it obviously affects each individual differently. I couldn’t even imagine how hard cyberbullying must be for kids at school these days. Those that have a high following are more susceptible to hate and cyberbullying, but they themselves also have to take on the burden and try deal with it whatever way they can. I taught myself how to deal with it by shutting it out, and almost desensitising myself from the stupidity. I realised all haters want is a reaction, and that is embarrassing on their end more than anything. Since then, all my anxiety and fear to post online has vanished. If you’re getting personal attacks, DO NOT RESPOND. Delete the comments, block the person if you think that will help. Always aim to be the bigger person and don’t buy into their negativity.”

Thank you to all of the artists who shared their experiences with us.

Stress affects all of us and there’s no shame in asking for help. Everyone should head over to the Mental Health Foundation’s website for more information on Mental Health Awareness Week and what you can do to help deal with some of the stress in your life.

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There is probably no artist in the dance music scene that has a creative process more transparent than deadmau5. He streams many of his producing sessions and previews his unfinished productions on his streams as well. Deadmau5 even famously found a vocalist for ‘The Veldt’ this way. Deadmau5 may make plenty of great music, but only a select handful are vocal tracks. That’s why its even more exciting that he is returning to a tried and true collaborator to preview another huge vocal track.

Deadmau5 previewed a new track on his Twitch stream, which is known as ‘Monophobia‘ at this point. To spice it up the track features the haunting vocals of Knife Party’s Rob Swire, who previously offered up his vocal chops on the legendary “Ghosts N’ Stuff”. While it might be a work in progress, this track has some serious potential and the fans are obviously loving it already. Might this be another deadmau5 track on level with “The Veldt” or “Let Go”? We think it could be. Check out the preview below.

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enthusiastic rezz

On Twitter today, legendary Canadian producer deadmau5 shared a screenshot of a conversation showing just how enthusiastic Rezz is about collaborating with him. Perhaps a little nervous too, second-guessing herself, but the message is clear: the previously hinted deadmau5 and Rezz collab is coming soon.

Looking to try some slower tempo beats around 85bpm, this would bring deadmau5’s music down a little bit and fit nicely with his fellow Canadian’s sound. Rezz could be considered Joel Zimmerman’s protege, having first taken the leap into electronic music after watching him streaming some production live. Her first EP was released on mau5trap records, and she says her next album is done.

In response to the lengthy text, it looks like Zimmerman slapped together a beat at 85bpm and it is already a monster. It sounds perfect for a Rezz track, with an oscillating hi-hat and edgy synths. Give it a listen on Instagram below and get hype!

Here you go @officialrezz fuckit yolo swag 85bae

A post shared by deadmau5 (@deadmau5) on May 22, 2018 at 2:25pm PDT

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This is really weird and really great.

Just a month ago, Mija impressed her fans with her remix of Alice Glass“Without Love”, where she turned the dark and heavy track into a Drum & Bass banger; nothing like the soft synth-pop that characterized her latest EP, How To Measure The Distance Between Lovers. Looks like the talented artist is looking to continue this stream of bangers and keeping things weird by blessing fans with another release: “TALK”

A trippy and repetitive music video accompanies the single, whose ominous spoken lyrics showcase Mija’s view of reality; an endless cycle of absurd happenings. That in combination with fast Drum & Bass drums, jazzy chords and weird sounds thrown left and right, make up for one of Mija’s most interesting tunes, and definitely one we can’t get enough of! Enjoy the track below! 

Follow Mija: 


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METAFO4R – EDC Las Vegas Debut Set

The DJ quartet Metafo4r jumped into the scene performing at Kinetic Field at EDC Vegas on Friday. Although they might seem like a new group, the four are actually seasoned veterans when it comes to performing. Metafo4r is a combination of Firebeatz and DubVision, who are both duos who decided that together they are a more powerful force.

“The four found that glowing music reference you never knew you were hoping for.”

The group played at Kinetic Field bringing in the EDC “dusk till dawn” mantra. Their stage presence was unique, staging a four-piece group behind the decks. Although both groups are different, it did not detract from their performance which yielded a lot of new music. The super group dropped ID after ID, with some iconic Dubvision and Firebeatz sounds. This was certainly one of the more memorable sets of the weekend.

According to some of those who were there to witness Metafo4r’s act, it was reminiscent of Swedish House Mafia. I do have to say they do a great job of introducing new music in a saturated genre. If you’re intrigued to see what the four brought to EDC, you can listen below!

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Rinzen‘s concept of music, put simply, is perhaps the best way to describe his sound: “I believe music is more than just a collection of sounds, but a window into entire worlds.”

His newest concept EP, out now on Deadmau5’s iconic mau5trap imprint, is just that. Exoplanet is a three-track exploration through the space beyond our atmosphere – he explains it as “a journey through the cosmos” and “an exploration into worlds beyond our own.” The emotion-rich, melody-heavy house and techno mixture brings a carefully concocted combination of darkness and light together to balance your journey through the stars.

Rinzen’s production style has proven to be perhaps one of the most intriguing and immersive experiences that we’ve seen from a new mau5trap artist in years. His unique form of cinematic techno not only guides you through a heartbeat-inclined bassline but simultaneously draws you into a story you won’t want to end.

Give the full EP a listen below and snag it on Beatport here.

Rinzen – Exoplanet EP

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When it comes to Asaf Borger, the man hardly needs an introduction, but we’ll give him his due. Known professionally as Borgore, AKA the man who ruined dubstep, AKA Daddy, Borgore has had a wildly successful career in dance music spanning nearly a decade. His production career officially reached the EDM mainstream with the release of Gorestep Vol. 1 in 2009, followed by Borgore Ruined Dubstep Vol. 1 & 2 on his own record label Buygore Records. With subsequent hits under his belt such as Decisions, Wild Out, Unicorn Zombie Apocalypse, #NEWGOREORDER, Last Year, Ratchet, Forbes, Blast Ya, 100s, and more, Borgore has established himself time and time again as one of the legends of dubstep over the course of his career.

2018 isn’t even halfway over yet and Borgore has already put out five singles, as well as his recently released jazz album Adventures in Time, showing the world his true talent and musicianship. Always one to push creative boundaries, Borgore has already achieved an entire career’s worth of accolades, yet it seems he is just getting started. EDMTunes had the chance to sit down with Borgore last weekend before his set at Shaky Beats Music Festival in Atlanta. We discussed his desire and motivation to help the next generation of artists achieve success, the experience he had writing and recording a jazz album, and what success in the music industry means to him, among much more. Thanks to Borgore and his team for taking the time to chat with us, below is a summary of some of the things we touched on.

ShakyBorgore Performs at Shaky Beats; Photo Courtesy of aLIVE Coverage for Shaky Beats Music Festival

Earlier this year, you released five singles, once a week, with five different artists who are on the come up that you wanted to give attention to (AFK, Axel Boy, GG Magree, Benda and Svddendeath). What was your goal with this project, five songs in five weeks with lesser-known artists?

The thing is, I always want to find a new artist. One because I think it’s helping the culture, you know, showing some people some new music. And two just because I like to learn. I’m sitting with these younger people, and seeing their approach to music and I learn new things. I find it very interesting. 

You just released your jazz album Adventures in Time, which has been in the works basically since you were a teenager. You self-composed, played all the piano, and mastered the whole thing. What was the recording process like?

So what we did was we had a room where I was recording the piano, next to me in an isolated room was the drummer. We also built an isolated room for the bass player. It was interesting because I hit them up, we were friends for years, and I said listen, I wrote jazz songs, I know I’m not the best piano player in the world, you’ve played with some of them, but lets record this album. And the fact that they helped me so much throughout the recording, they were very patient with me. Because the songs are hard, I don’t know how much people understand what’s going on (in jazz), and it might sound pretty simple and approachable, but the songs are difficult. So they were very patient with me. Then I mixed and mastered it, which is something that I’ve never done before. I’ve never actually separated 24 channels of microphones, bottom snare, upper snare, symbols, the whole shenanigan. It was very interesting for me.

I actually finished the album a year ago, and the main obstacle for me and my team was that we didn’t know how to release it. It was like, how do you release this in the sea of everything else that’s happening? So after a year of sitting on this, I just came to them and said listen guys, lets just fucking put it out. Let’s just put it out and see what happens. And the feedback has been so supportive, unbelievable. I was the most excited I’ve ever been when I saw what people were saying. Because, the worst-case scenario was that everyone would say it’s awful, and what I really thought was going to happen was it won’t get too much attention. And the best-case scenario, which is what happened, is that everyone loves it, and I’m very thankful.

Adventures in TimeBorgore - Adventures in Time Album Cover

How did your approach differ when you were working with those artists, who you praise as some of the best artists in the world, compared to when you produce on your own?

It’s super scary. It’s super scary to go and play live, and putting those guys on an album, for them it’s a risk. But, just imagine you’re a young producer, and two of your favorite producers say OK lets do a collab album. That’s how it is. And you have to do it live in three days. It’s exciting, but also very nerve-wracking.

Do you think this jazz venture is a one-time thing? Or do you have plans for something more you want to do with it in the future?

I was 100% talking to them, and thinking with myself about doing a volume II. I just didn’t know when I wanted to do it. But after all this great feedback, and after doing this amazing live show I did in LA, amazing for myself, I don’t know if people enjoyed it or not, I cannot speak for them. For me, it was very fulfilling and I think that I’m going to record another one soon.

Speaking of the jazz show in LA, do you ever see yourself taking to a festival stage, or a bigger stage in general as a live performer rather than a DJ? What about touring as a jazz band?

Doing a live performance in EDM is something I was thinking about for years and years. I think it’s very difficult for it to not just be tokenistic, you know. Like yeah, I can put a drum kit on stage right now and call it a live show. But would it actually be live? Would it actually add something to the show? I’m not sure. I’m not going to put a live show on stage that is half assed. If I do a live show it has to be…for example I’m looking at Netsky’s live show, and it’s a live show. They’re actually playing the songs; they’re deconstructing the songs and playing them live, it’s incredible. Again, I don’t want to make something half-assed, I would love to do it, but it just takes work.

As far as the jazz, it’s a dream. It’s a dream for me to tour with it, and if not to tour with it, at least play a couple shows a year, and I think that the first one went very well. I was scared that I’m incapable, because playing it live (to an audience) is completely different than recording the songs with a click (metronome) with several tries. There’s room for error (in the studio), and just playing it live, there’s no room for mistakes. We survived the first show, great success, and I cannot wait to have another one.

Borgore 2Borgore Performs at Shaky Beats; Photo Courtesy of aLIVE Coverage for Shaky Beats Music Festival

You’ve got an upcoming United States bus tour, 25 stops. After a decade in the industry, why do a bus tour when you can just hop on a plane and fly everywhere?

The main thing with a bus is that I can bring people with me. So when I do fly dates, I can just bring myself essentially. When we do a bus, there’s a little bit more room for production. And there’s also, like we talked earlier about helping the next generation, when I do a bus I can have people with me on the bus, and we don’t have to pay their flights and stuff so we can actually have a bigger support of future artists. On my first bus I had Carnage, on my second bus I had Ookay, Dotcom and Jauz, and on my bus that’s coming up I’m going to have two newer acts, that hopefully in the future will be as big as the names I just mentioned. When everything is confirmed, we will be able to say who those artists are. 

Before I go, I wanted to talk about one of the cooler artist/fan interactive experiences I’ve ever seen. Back in March, you hosted a pretty unreal street parade in New Orleans before your set at BUKU Music + Art Project, which also included a charitable aspect. How did that all come about and what was that experience like?

My tour manager Kyle and I, when we do shows that are not too far from each other, we would rather drive than fly. Just because it’s a nicer experience, we can stop at Cracker Barrel. And our favorite thing is to listen to comedy on the radio instead of music just to take a little break. We landed on this Hannibal Buress comedy show, and he was talking about how somehow for $300 he got a police escort, and a line behind him, and had a parade for $300. And then he was like, you know what’s cooler than just walking in the street and spending $300, walking in the street with a parade, police escort, and booze for $300. And I was like we should really get on this. So we actually somehow made it happen, and by doing this we actually helped kids in New Orleans who can’t afford music lessons get music lessons, we got a lot of them actually, and it was just good vibes.

Do you feel like your legacy in the music industry, or the world at large has already been written, and if you could write your own, what would you want people to be saying about you?

As a kid, my dream was, back in the Napster days, I really wanted kids to pirate my music. And now kids are pirating my music, so I think I made it. You know, if people are trying to get your shit for free, for me, that’s what I wanted.

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Ibiza To Sue Netflix For Filming Ibiza Movie In Croatia

Ibiza Will Sue Netflix Over Film

We know sometimes filmmakers shoot in different locations than the ones they are portraying, and that’s fine. It can be expected most of a movie to be filmed at the spot it carries on the title. For Netflix, this might not seem so obvious, as their new film ‘Ibiza‘, has been entirely filmed in Croatia. The Spanish government is, to say the least, not excited about this, and has reportedly instigated a lawsuit against both the streaming giant and it’s filmmaker Alex Richanbach.

Whether it’s for taxes or due to other strategic decisions, the Ibizan government claims that the movie should certainly feature the White Isle‘s landscapes and vibes, instead of recreating it using Croatian scenery.

Ibiza, best friends tripping‘, is the story of three friends who decide to escape their hectic lives in New York City. They decide to go on a fantastic adventure on the Mediterranean island. Parties, beaches, DJs, and love are just some of the ingredients of this girly and funny comedy. Actors include Gillian Jacobs, Vanessa Bayer, Phoebe Robinson and Richard Madden. The writer of the movie is Lauryn Kahn and the director is Alex Richanbach. The release date for the film is May 25th. We will see the outcome of this story.  At the end of the day, this could all be settled before it reaches court.


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EDC Las Vegas 2018 has now concluded and thousands of festival goers are leaving the city. This year was the first time EDC has completely sold out as well. On Sunday, the last night of the festival, it is estimated that more than 135,000 were attending the festival. Metropolitan police have stated they made a couple dozen drug-related arrests Sunday, but overall, it was a good year for the festival.

Las Vegas police made 28 felony arrests which were all narcotics related late Sunday night and early Monday morning. In 2017, there were a total of 38 arrests and in 2016 a record 40 arrests for the final nights. Overall, police reported a total of 90 felony narcotics arrests for the entire 3 day festival. Two misdemeanor arrests are also confirmed on Sunday night. Thankfully, police said they made no DUI arrests and that no major traffic accidents occurred at or around the speedway.

According to Insomniac Productions, 166 people were removed Sunday night, with a total of 263 ejections for the weekend. That’s an improvement from 282 ejections last year at the festival. When asked, the Clark County Fire Department said they could not provide the number of medical calls and people taken to hospitals from the speedway. The Las Vegas Sun reports that Jeff Buchanan, a fire department spokesman, said “those numbers would not be available for an unspecified amount of time.”…..But when can we expect to see these numbers?

While there are improvements in arrests and ejections, why are medical calls and the number of people taken to hospitals forgotten? We’ll see what details are revealed in the following few days, but having these statistics missing is odd. There is still room for improvement to combat narcotic use, however we are thankful that the event went down safely. Thank you to all who helped make the 3 day event safe and memorable. Insomniac has already announced that EDC 2019 will take place May 17th, 18th, and 19th. Obviously, it will be at the speedway again and most likely will sell out again. Make sure to save these dates and stay tuned for ticket announcements!

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