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We received some crazy news. The infamous electronic dance duo, Hotel Garuda, just announced they will be having one last show together as a pair. Sweethearts Manila Killa and Candleweather made the statement on Facebook via a note. Our hearts are melting.

Chris and Aseem thanked their fans for all of their love and support over the past 4 years. Their last show as a duo will be at Electric Forest in Michigan. For the full statement, please read below.


Let’s break this note down. “The book on Hotel Garuda isn’t nearly over“. Phew, this isn’t a goodbye, it is a see you later as they move on to a new chapter. Like with every great music group, sometimes it’s good to take some time for yourself. After such success in the last 4 years touring festivals and around the world, it’s definitely time to take a step back. Let’s not get too disappointed though. We believe Aseem will work independently and Chris will focus on taking Manila Killa further, as well.

One thing we’ve learned…is that life is about change and development“. News like this seems reminiscent of how we felt when EDM super groups Swedish House Mafia (though our prayers have been answered!), What So Not, and Jack U also announced their final days.

Our beloved pair met in middle school in Indonesia. They drew influences from Thomas Jack, Bakermat, Cashmere Cat, and more to obtain their unique house sound. As one of the top 10 artists to watch in 2014, they paved their career just five months into its existence.

We would like to wish both artists the best and wait anxiously and eagerly for what becomes of them in the future. If you find yourself in the Forest, don’t miss their final set Sunday at 5:30 PM! Show them some love one last time!

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Krewella talk in depth about what it’s like to make music and reveal their all-time favorite bands.

Stopping off in New York City on their spring tour, we got the chance to catch up with the incredibly talented sisters behind Krewella, Jahan and Yasmine, and learned more about the passion that goes into making their music, what it means to them and how they connect with their fans.

Now you can imagine how busy one would be with a nonstop cycle of being in the studio and touring (and barely sleeping), but that doesn’t stop Krewella from making time for both their fans and doing various community service around the country. On this particular tour they had the opportunity to set up what they call, “KREWmmunity service events,” where in certain tour locations they would volunteer together with their fans in giving back to the community, whether it was handing out food at a soup kitchen, organizing donated clothes or beautifying an area by picking up trash. 

Jahan says, “It’s been really cool to see the force of our Krew. It’s so strong that people would drive hours just to come to the community service even if they’re not coming to the show. I think we have something really magical in that way.”

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Having a super dedicated and helpful fan base like that, it’s no doubt that the sisters are not only great music artists, but also wonderful and inspiring people. They even set up a fan phone line where fans can text them and have an ongoing conversation about their music or whatever it is they want to tell them. Besides blasting you if you ask for nudes, the girls are very invested in helping and connecting with their fans. For example, in an effort to inspire fans to keep pursuing their dreams, Yasmine imparts:

“To make our time on this earth really matter to ourselves, in the good kind of selfish ways, I think finding those things that give you purpose and make you want to wake up every day, not make you wonder, ‘What’s the point of even waking up,’ to actually drive you to wake up, if you find that thing hold onto that and pursue that and milk it as much as you possibly can because otherwise what’s the point?”

To hear more great life advice and some behind the scenes with working on songs like “Gold Wings” and coming up with a cool sci-fi inspired “Runaway” music video, check out the full interview with Krewella below. Also be sure to keep your eyes peeled for some new releases and for their upcoming album, New World Part 2!

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Special thanks to Jahan and Yasmine for taking the time to chat with me! It was a pleasure learning more about the artists behind such incredible music and we can’t wait to see what you’ll have in store for us next!

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You wake up in your hotel room and head downstairs to enjoy some local meals and partake in an early morning Yoga session. Afterwards, you and some friends decide to venture through Mayan ruins before you wrap the day dancing to the tracks of Above & Beyond, and you do all of this just feet away from the Caribbean. This is just a taste of what Above & Beyond is planing to bring to Riveria Maya in early 2019.

A&B Group Therapy with Anjunabeats in Paradise

Today, Above & Beyond announced their latest production which includes all inclusive stays at several resorts, access to a variety of ruins and jungles to explore. Concertgoers can also enjoy a wide selection of cultural foods along with traditional and non-traditional entertainment. Fans experience all of this while vibing to a mesmerizing soundtrack provided by the Anjunabeats record label throughout the weekend. Packages for the event start at $1,589 leaving the attendees with nothing to pay for but airfare.

Above & Beyond are known for their melodic tracks and unifying sets that have drawn in fans from around the world for about 15 years now. Along their journey they have added a slew of artists to their Anjunabeats and Anjunadeep record labels such as Arty, Audien, and Seven Lions. Throughout the course of the event Above & Beyond will play three sets, each with a different style and atmosphere that best captures the trio’s vision. In between these highlight sets, the Anjunabeats and Anjunadeep labels have their own stacked lineups that are sure to bring the best of what the two labels have to offer. New fans and old will be traveling from the furthest corners of the globe to experience group therapy and celebrate life, love, and happiness.

Above & Beyond Anjunabeats Riviera Maya will take place on January 4th-6th, 2019. You can check the trailer out below:


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Nitti Gritti – Judge ME

It is no secret that it is pretty hard for newer producers to make a splash these days. It appears that Nitti Gritti doesnt seem to be having that problem. Over the past year we have seen Gritti release bangers such as his track ‘In This‘ which is currently being played by most of dance music’s biggest names. Gritti is also known for some of his amazing remixes, such as his remix of Ellie Goulding‘s ‘Lights‘. Fresh on the heels of his newest remix, Gritti is back in a big way. Having previously released a good amount of bass music, it seems that Gritti is switching lanes a bit.

Nitti Gritti isn’t afraid to try new things, this can be seen of course from his track ‘Bailando‘. With his new EPJudge Me‘, Gritti takes this one step further. Having tweeted “500 retweets and Ill drop this Rock EP next week”, the Miami based DJ/Record producer did just that. After receiving 500+ retweets, Gritti released his new EP which features four Rock songs.

Judge Me is unlike anything Gritti has previously released. The EP consists of four stellar tracks, each unique in its own right. The tracks are titled ‘Judge Me‘, Tell Me‘, ‘Money Bag‘, and ‘The Persistence Of Memory‘. The EP features the man himself on vocals, and it is only right to assume that he’s also the one behind each of the instruments. It’s plain to see that Nitti Gritti is literally a one man band. The EP can be streamed below, enjoy.

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Bravalla Music Festival has been Sweden’s largest four day music festival. Normally, we think of music festivals as a safe space to express yourselves and love your friends like family. However, we forget that anyone willing to attend also opens themselves up to possible criminal behavior. Inasmuch, Bravalla organizers have opted to close the festival indefinitely following a wave of sexual attacks at last year’s event.

News of this comes after speculation that the festival may occur in 2019 despite the cancellation this year. However, reports indicated at least 11 sexual assaults last year. Three of which led to arrests. Prior to that, at least 40 girls complained of being sexually harassed or abused by “foreign” men. The tweet below from Breitbart London confirms just that.

Public relations head, Kajsa Apelqvist, has stated that this move is disappointing but in order to create a future indicative of this festival, this is not the way to proceed. Are these attacks social problems and not festival ones? Sexual assault at music festivals has long been a serious issue. Though, it seems it is just now coming to light. While this drastic action is certainly called for, who’s to say that this approach would combat the crimes from further facilitating elsewhere.

Cancelling the event altogether acknowledges that something horrible is happening. However, some may say that the festival should actually work towards a creative festival space that respects personal boundaries and autonomy of its attendees. Rumors of this turning into an all women festival circulated, no executions of that have taken place.

No festival company wants the reputation of associated with serious sexual assault problems. So addressing these issues head on seem to be controversial. But at least the festival handled the safety of attendees first. Thoughts?

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Initial Vote Passed by Legislation, Will Still Need Approval From Parliament to Become a Copyright Law

The Internet we all know and love may be coming to a censored end. Yesterday, the EU‘s legislative branch approved a proposed copyright law that, simply put, would screen all uploaded content to the Internet for copyright infringement. That’s right, ALL uploaded content. You can think of it in the context of how YouTube scans uploads for copyrighted material, but for the entire Internet. This would impact all different types of content, including texts, audio/video, images, and software.

Article 13 of the polarizing law, which can be read in it’s entirety here, focuses on this upload filter. Article 11 focuses primarily on what would forever be known as a “link tax.” This is a stipulation that would require online services to pay news publications for using their content. In simple terms, companies like Facebook or Google would be forced to purchase licenses from media companies before linking to their websites.

The Repercussions of Article 13

The passing of Article 13 alone would be highly destructive. In essence, it would require the creation of an automatic filter for all online content uploaded in the EU and beyond. The system would cost taxpayers lots of money, be impossible to keep updated, and would open itself to lots of copycats and those looking to mock or bring the system down. In many ways, it would mean anything uploaded would need to be approved by lawyers before reaching the public.

While there is no definitive timetable for Parliament’s vote on the law, people believe it will happen by the end of this year or early 2019. One of those firmly against the directive is Green MEP Julia Reda. She had this to say: “The methods to address the issue are catastrophic and will hurt the people they want to protect. It’s a sad day for the internet… but the fight is not over yet.” Many experts have warned that this will turn the Internet into a “tool for the automated surveillance and control of its users.”

A major backlash is brewing as more information is made clear to the public. The volume of calls, e-mails and texts from those against the law is having a large effect on the legislation. The majority of Parliament previously in favor are likely now thinking twice.

Still, nobody has a firm answer to the question: Would the EU copyright proposal protect all or privilege a few? Checkout a full rundown below from the account of Jimmy Wales, inventor of Wikipedia.

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Hotel Garuda will share their last performance as a duo at Electric Forest.

A couple minutes ago, dynamic duo Hotel Garuda announced to social media that their last set together will take place this weekend at Electric Forest. The two began their journey in 2014, playing countless shows and festivals around the world. 

Hotel Garuda:

“One thing we’ve learned over the years is that life is all about change and development and we welcome these changes with open arms.”

Before you tear up, this doesn’t mean Hotel Garuda is over. The two will be working on separate projects for now and Hotel Garuda will be moving into a new chapter.

Don’t miss their final set at Electric Forest on Sunday at 5:30 PM, it will be a special one. 

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House of Latroit Radio just had its sixth edition premiere and its full of new music and surprises.

House of Latroit Radio has quickly taken off as this season’s hottest and feel good summer radio show yet. House of Latroit Radio #6 actually became #6 under the #vocal house genre upon it being uploaded. The beautiful house melodies from start to finish bounce off one another creating a seamless tone of happiness and energy. This installment of the radio show offers new music produced by Latroit, some feedback about how Movement Music Festival in Detroit was, and even a surprise guest towrds the end of the show makes an appearance. 

“So HOL Radio #6 starts out with your newest track “Talk to Me” out now on AKA Records. Tell me a little more about this track and how you came up with it?”

Talk to Me‘ bites a vocal that was really popular in the 90’s from a group called the ‘South Street Players called ‘Who Keeps Changing Your Mind.‘ My friend Craig Dimech, who I worked on music with a lot had the idea to do that track. I did it and it features the vocals of Jonathon Mouten and a frequent listener of House of Latroit Radio named “baddcheeta.” She is a cool girl that I met just from the comments of HOL and it turned out she was a singer. I had her in the studio one time and she just did the first female vocal in that track and then that is how a HOL listener that I met from the comments of Soundcloud became involved.” 

“HOL Radio #6 showcases a new color scheme for the album art that is different than the past couple, why is that?”

“We want different looks within the context of the general concept of art. We are going to do a different one every episode.

“What are some of your favorite tracks from HOL Radio #6?”

“I really LOVED this one.”

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“You talk about being at Movement Festival in Detroit for the 30th anniversary during the show, so how was it?

“Oh, it was amazing. I am really lucky to say that a group that I played in back in the late 80’s called Inner City is still so close. Inner City, particular in the UK, was widely considered to be one of the first American dance music groups to get that music to cross over. Inner City really did kick off a movement. That is Kevin Saunderson’s group. Kevin is still active in the scene. He is a legendary producer at this point and has an active touring schedule still. He decided to get the original touring group together for the 30th-anniversary show at Movement in Detroit and it was a really special movement. Happy to have been a part of it. 

“You ended the show a little differently this week. It was called “Ruben’s Pick of the Week” can you tell me a little more about that?”

“So Ruben Castro is my intern from Collective. Icon Collective produced really well known artist like JAUZ, Kayzo, and NGHTMRE, and the list goes on. I am pretty active and mentor from time to time at Icon Collective and a lot of producers come from my studio. He is the one currently, and is a really nice guy and helps produce the show every week. I just like the idea of giving him a platform every show to let kids know what he is into.”

Take a listen to the full House of Latroit Radio #6 down below. Join the conversation on Twitter and let the world know what your favorite track is by using the #HOLradio. 

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Two Feet gives an incredible performance on “The Late Night with Stephen Colbert”.

Last night, Two Feet made his TV debut on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert”. It feels like yesterday “Go Fuck Yourself” shook up the SoundCloud community, introducing us to a unique hybrid of electronic and jazz music. His sexy sounds have captured a massive audience, accumulating millions of streams around the world. 

The New Yorker is also known for his impressive versatility, being the singer, producer, and guitarist under his moniker. 

Check out his performance on the Colbert show performing his single “I Feel Like I’m Drowning” here. 

Catch Two Feet on tour with Panic At The Disco in 2019.

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This will be the first blockchain-powered music festival ever!

Take a look at this transformative new music festival. DJ/Producer 3LAU is joining forces with one of the largest independent event promoters in America, Prime Social Group, to create the first ever blockchain-powered music festival Our Music Festival (OMF). It will make its big debut in San Francisco October 20th at the Civic Center Plaza. The event will have a combination of EDM and hip-hop artists, featuring Zedd and many other all-star names to be announced. 

Combining technology and entertainment, the festival is created to allow fans to add value to the festival by engaging in the festival’s ecosystem. Fans can earn crypto-currency, generating the possibility of winning tickets, food, beverages, VIP and more!

Check out the preview of the festival here!


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Over Easy and Lydia Kelly’s “Be Somebody” (feat. YØN) receives a club mix that is musically appealing.

Originally formed in 2016 while attending Michigan State University, James Sullivan and Max Press make up the electronic and dance-pop production duo of ‘Over Easy.’ Pulling from many different musical influences, Over Easy combines sound from many sub-genres of electronic and pop music into their own unique style and sound. In October of 2017, Over Easy released their first of two collaborations with Rachel Shape, ‘Over You,’ followed by the second track, ‘Games,’ the last release of 2017. Their latest collaboration with Lydia Kelly and YØN, ‘Be Somebody,’ is the first single of 2018 and the latest crossover electro-pop track. The club mix is a lot faster pace than the original and is a taste of something different than their original sound. 

“We’re extremely excited to share with you our single, ‘Be Somebody,’ featuring our close friends YØN on the guitar and Lydia Kelly singing vocals. This one is special to us and we wanted to tell a story that we’re all feeling!”

The beginning of the song starts out with deep, meaningful lyrics and the more intense the lyrics get, the more the beat builds up in the background. This dance-pop track will have people off their feet and dancing until the break of dawn.

Take a listen for yourself and let the music drown out all of the worries. 

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Connect with Over Easy:

Facebook | Instagram | Soundcloud | Spotify

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Presidential PalaceAnyone down to have a rave at the French Presidential Palace? This Thursday, June 21, France will celebrate it’s annual Fête de la Musique (Music Day) at the beautiful Élysée Palace. While this is the 37th edition of the celebration, it will mark the first time the event focuses on electronic music.

The four-hour show nicknamed “L’Élysée Fête La Musique“, will be a celebration of French electronic music which grew popular in the 90’s by artists like Daft Punk and Modjo. Confirmed artist to play that night includes Kiddy Smile, Kavinsky, Ed Banger, Céziare, and Chloé. We can expect the palace to be the perfect event environment with great food, drinks, and of course, music!

The rave is expected to attract 1,500 attendees but unfortunately, free passes are no longer available. French President Emmanuel Macron and his wife Brigitte are also thought to make a surprise appearance to the event! Raves are popping up in a variety of unique locations around the world including an ancient castle in Spain, and a French Military Base. Take a look at the official L’Élysée Fête La Musique website here.

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With their June event just finishing up, Splash House is ready to reel its dedicated fans back in. The California based festival is returning to Palm Springs August 10-12 for another epic lineup. With shows being hosted at the “Renaissance, Riviera, and Saguaro hotels, as well as the incomparable After Hours setting of the Palm Springs Air Museum” there is sure to be no lack of excitement for attendees.

The main event is bringing in the heavy hitters to follow up on the success of their June event. Louis The Child, Gorgon City, MK, Whethan, Walker & Royce and a DJ set from Gryffin appear at the top of the list for the festival. But the impressive list of names doesn’t end there. Camelphat and The Black Madonna will make appearances along with Will Clarke and a B2B set with Detleft and Latmun that you definitely will not want to miss. 

And don’t forget the afterparty. Mija and Goddollars & Paradise will grace the stage when the decks aren’t being controlled by Noizu or the Australian party boy Fisher who will be joining his partner in Cut Snake for a set during the actual festival. Hosted inside of a museum full of vintage aircraft, this will certainly be one of the coolest afterparties of the year.

Check out Splash House’s full lineup below. Tickets for the festival start at $135 while the afterparty will run at $40 for the first tier. With a lineup this stacked it’s impossible to not have FOMO if you don’t plan on going. So go ahead and book your flights and buy your tickets. We’ll see you in August.

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In light of all that has happened over the past week, Steve Angello posted a serious comment acknowledging how the fans affect young artists without even knowing it.

Artists are always engaging in beef with each other but when the rivalry becomes public, fans begin chiming in their thoughts which only intensifies the situation. This is even more so for up and coming younger artists who may try to use this opportunity to increase their fanbase. Younger inexperienced artists are more easily pressured by fans and may act violently in hopes of pleasing their fans without realizing the consequences of their actions. Steve Angello comments on this serious dilemma in a recent Instagram post.

While it is all fun and games in the perspective of fans, we often forget that artists are humans too. Angello states that we as fans actually have a huge impact on the attitude of artists. While we may never know what truly drove the shooters who murder xxxtentacion to commit the crime, let it be an example of just how young artists are clearly affected by violence. Fans have pointed their fingers at Soldier Kid for X’s murder and this is exactly what Angello meant by the spread of violence through fans. Max Vangeli‘s melt down last week stirred up quite a bit of buzz in the EDM world last week as well. Whether it was a stunt for publicity or he genuinely felt the need to call out his peers, fans engaged in his Twitter outbreak and began ridiculing him for his wild comments.

Angello would then get personal by sharing about the devastation he felt when he lost his father and how he couldn’t possibly imagine losing a child of his own. This personal comparison is meant to show fans the reality of it all and how artists are nothing more than any other human who encounter these situations. Check out his post full post below and just mindful of how your words can affect the lives of others.

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Imogen Heap is back on a world tour!

Music innovator Imogen Heap has announced her first world tour in 8 years! She will be bringing music creators, fans, and the industry together in 40 different cities. It will be a combination of concerts, discussions, workshops and a “Creative Passport” exhibition. This exhibition will be designed to promote peer-to-peer connections and creativity. 

Imogen Heap-

“Finally after years, all the threads of my life are coming together on this tour, as I get to share my passions and projects in music and tech all around the world. Exploring each city we visit with family, friends, fans and colleagues and collaborating with the music maker community as we go. What could be more exciting!! I especially look forward to airing a positive outlook for music makers and the business that surrounds them – as for two decades in my own career, this wasn’t always the case. I truly believe a big change for good is upon us with the ‘Creative Passport’ and other technologies, as we transform the music industry into a fair, flourishing and vibrant place.”

Frou Frou will also be joining her in select cities. This will be the first time they have reunited since 2003!

It’s safe to say we are so excited to have the Hide and Seek legend back on the road. Grab your tickets here

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This might be Splash House’s greatest lineup to date!

It’s been 2 weeks and we are all still coming down from the Splash House high, patiently awaiting their August edition. The Palm Springs pool party usually announces their June and August lineups back to back, but this time, they decided to do things a little differently. They built the anticipation by holding off on the August lineup until a later date, but today is the day. Goldenvoice’s hotel hopping music festival finally announced their August lineup and it’s hot! Are you ready for this? Splash House’s newest house guests will be Louis The Child, Gorgon City, Gryffin, MK, Whethan, Walker & Royce, and many more. For the after party, catch The Black Madonna, FISHER, & Mija crushing the stage. 

Miss the June Splash House? Well now there are second chances to make things right.

Passes go on sale Friday at 12 PM! See you at the pool!

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Revisit your favorite tracks as each artist puts their own spin on our favorite Illenium classics.

It’s almost been a year since Illenium took the electronic dance music scene by storm with the huge release of “Awake”.  Being regarded as one of the best EDM albums of 2017, this 13 track album skyrocketed through the charts and really put a new meaning to the name Illenium.  He has spent his time since the release headlining almost every major festival, creating a live show to accompany the album, and gaining more and more loyal fans every day.  From “Where’d You Go” to “Crawl Outta Love” Illenium brings a different dynamic to each track, touching on different emotions throughout.  

With the recent release of “Awake (Remixes), each track on the album was taken by 15 different artists and re-interpreted to bring to life a new version of our favorite Illenium tunes.

Whether we’re revisiting the feels with Crystal Skies, WE ARE FURY, and Au5 or taking things a bit harder with Kompany and 1788-L you don’t want to miss out on this new album.  Stream it on Spotify above or visit SoundCloud to each individual artists page to listen now!  

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He also continues his mission to help other undocumented students with powerful documentary.

Last week, multi-platinum recording artist, global activist and first rap ambassador of Global Citizen Karim Kharbouch, better known by his stage name French Montana, who immigrated to the South Bronx from Morocco at age 13, released a powerful short documentary with on the day that he received his U.S. citizenship.

Montana hosted a dinner for three very lucky high school dreamers at his home in California. Here, they all sat down together over dinner to discuss the importance of DACA and brought awareness to his “We Are The Dream” Campaign with educational non-profit Get Schooled. The #WeAreTheDream campaign targets high school to college-aged undocumented students and aims to help them attain higher education without barriers. Though Montana has already received his citizenship, he’s working hard to ensure that other young people who remain undocumented in America have a chance to live out their dreams.

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Please see French Montana’s official statement below:

“I see my face in all of y’all ’cause, you know, I came here in ’96, but they didn’t have the DACA program and stuff like that when I came,” Montana said. So, for me, when I got — After 12th grade, they basically just told me I couldn’t go to college.”

Earlier this year, Montana became the very first rap ambassador of Global Citizen for his continuous humanitarian efforts with DACA, maternal health care through the  Mama Hope #Unforgettable campaign, and his Pan African health and education movement into Morocco.

Check out the full video below

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Watch Arty debut a track he wrote in honor of the late EDM legend, Avicii. While the track hasn’t officially released yet, it will is meant to be out soon.

April 20, 2018. A day that is forever going to be a hard one to forget for anyone in the industry as well as dance music fans around the world. While some time has passed, the industry as a whole, artists and fans included are still mourning the passing of one of EDM’s greatest young producers whom we lost way too early, Avicii.

While the tributes keep pouring in by the plenty, everyone seems to be coping with the loss in their own unique ways. While there have been numerous mixes and remixes of some of his greatest music, on the other hand, the big guns of EDM like Tiesto and Nicky Romero to name a few have dedicated huge chunks of their sets at major festivals like Ultra and Coachella towards tributes to the man. His homeland as well has been paying tribute to the Swede in many ways from church bells chiming his tracks to the time over a 1000 singers performed a heart-wrenching version of “Wake Me Up.” We wish we could still wake him up, but…

A couple of days ago, Russian DJ and Producer Arty, released a track influenced by Avicii’s signature style of music and titled it “For Tim.” The young artist released a video from when he debuted the track only a few days ago stating “I could barely hold my tears…”

While he doesn’t specifically state in the tweet what the track it is or who it was for, he went on to reply to a fan who tweeted to him asking if it was “For Tim?” To which he replied to confirm it was indeed and also that it was the very title of the track as well. He further went on to engage with fans on twitter who said Avicii would be smiling and dancing in heaven when he heard this to which Arty responded saying he would only hope his friend has finally found his peace and how he really missed him. 

While the influence Avicii has had on the largest to the smallest of names in music is undeniable, his lively and addictive style of synth pops and unforgettable hooks is something many are trying to keep alive. While this track by Arty is the only testament to that, it’s not only an incredible display of respect and love for Bergling but also combines the evident melodic influence from his style of music with Arty’s unique progressive house style’s to create something extremely special.

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Arty Produces Heartfelt Tribute Track for Avicii Titled “For Tim”

A$AP Ferg gets a new Plain Jane.

Is WILDLYF the Newest Member of the A$AP Mob

WILDLYF just dropped his Remix to A$AP Ferg’s “Plain Jane” and he makes sure to do the epic hip-hop track justice.

Ferg’s distinctive vocals peak through the heavy bass creating the perfect track to rap and rage along to. Anyone catch that Skrillex sample? We’re here for this!

If you’re looking for a song to mosh with your friends to, look no further.

Check out the song here! 

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Look At That Butt? Don’t mind if we do.

Dillon Francis just dropped “Look At That Butt” (feat. Jarina De Marco), the fourth single off his forthcoming Spanish language album, due out later this year. 

“‘Look At That Butt’ is a take no prisoners female empowerment anthem about owning your sexuality while demanding respect from the male gaze,” shared Mad Decent artist Jarina De Marco on the inspiration for for the track. 

Jarina De Marco | Photo credit: Elise Mesner

A song with a powerful stance that you can shake your butt to? Sign me up!

Check out the feel good track below:

Francis takes us back to his early day’s of moombahton vibes with this new track. Right in time for summer! He will perform at numerous international music festivals and resume his residency at the Wynn Las Vegas for the third consecutive year. A complete list of upcoming live dates and ticket information can be found HERE

Dillon Francis Tour Dates:

06/23/18 Las Vegas, NVIntrigue Las Vega

06/25/18 Portland, ORModa Center

06/28/18 Las Vegas, NVEncore Beach Club

07/07/18 Las Vegas, NVIntrigue Las Vegas

07/07/18 Las Vegas, NVEncore Beach Club

07/13/18 Las Vegas, NVEncore Beach Club

07/15/18 Las Vegas, NVXS Nightclub

07/19/18 Las Vegas, NVEncore Beach Club

07/20/18 Seattle, WACapitol Hill Block Party

07/22/18 Paris, FranceLollapalooza Paris

07/27/18 Las Vegas, NVEncore Beach Club

08/03/18 Chicago, ILLollapalooza

08/04/18 Calgary, ABChasing Summer Festival

08/05/18 Pomona, CAHard Summer Music Festival

08/09/18 Las Vegas, NVEncore Beach Club

08/11/18 Las Vegas, NVEncore Beach Club

08/17/18 Magna, UTDas Energi

08/23/18 Charleville-Méziéres, FranceCabaret Vert

08/24/18 Nüburg, DENew Horizons

08/25/18 London, UKSW4 Festival

08/25/18 Daresbury, UKCreamfields

08/26/18 Haarlemmermeer, NLMysteryland

08/31/18 Las Vegas, NVIntrigue Las Vegas

09/08/18 Las Vegas, NVXS Nightclub

09/14/18 Las Vegas, NVIntrigue Las Vegas

09/22/18 Las Vegas, NVEncore Beach Club

09/28/18 Las Vegas, NVEncore Beach Club

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All On YouLOOPERS – All On You

LOOPERS is back, and he’s bringing the heat with his newest release ‘All On You‘. Having previously released on Laidback Luke’s label MixMash Records, LOOPERS is perhaps best known for his recent work on STMPD Records. STMPD is run by Martin Garrix and it was here that they released their collaboration ‘Game Over‘. If you check out LOOPERS’ Soundcloud, you can see that it’s loaded with bangers. It goes without saying that this release adds one more to that long list.

‘All On You’ exemplifies exactly what you would expect from a LOOPERS track. It’s fast paced, punchy, and includes some very unique sounds. LOOPERS has come to be known for his sound design, as his leads give us drops that don’t really sound like any one else’s. In the world of dance music, this is an important part of finding your sound. As you can hear for yourself, LOOPERS is doing just that.

Alongside the track, LOOPERS also released a music video for the track which you can view here. ‘All on You’ is out now on STMPD Records, and can be streamed below.

LOOPERS – All On You | Download


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Zedd in the park

Zedd Hypes Us Up For ‘Zedd In The Park’

Earlier this year, Zedd shocked us all when he revealed his plans for a new event called ‘Zedd In The Park‘. Zedd In The Park is being presented by Insomniac Events, and will be held at the Los Angeles State Historic Park. Zedd In The Park will take place on on Tuesday, July 3, 2018. This will be the first dance music event at the State Historic Park following its remodeling. The remodeling started in 2013, and saw its grand reopening in April of 2018.

Zedd In The Park will feature a trio of dance music’s rising artists. The event will see Zedd enlisting the help of WhethanMedasin, & Oliver Tree.  Each bring their own unique sound to the historic venue.

The trailer below showcases the venue as we get the chance to catch some views of the beautiful Los Angeles State Historic Park. The teaser plays to the tune of some Zedd music. The tune in question is the Chachi & Dstar Remix to Zedd’s mega hit ‘The Middle‘. In the video we get the chance to see all four of the artists having some fun. I’m sure this is the same response we can expect for ourselves come July 3rd.

In case you weren’t aware, Zedd hasn’t headlined a solo show in LA since his ACLU benefit in 2017. It goes without saying, this is something you do not want to miss. Tickets to the event are on sale now. You can find them here.

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Armin Van Buuren x Shapov – The Last Dancer (Music Video)

Today sees the release of the official music video for the Armin Van Buuren x Shapov track ‘The Last Dancer.’ After blowing fans away at Ultra Music Festival with the uplifting track, Armin has given his fans a beautiful video to match the music.

“Received so many positive reactions from all of you after premiering The Last Dancer at Ultra Music Festival. Wanted to return the favor, so hereby the official video for The Last Dancer (with a special intro version of the track) 😊 Thanks everyone!”

For over 25 years, Armin Van Buuren has lived and breathed trance music. He has stated that everything he does, he does for his fans. While some of his recent releases have been heavily scrutinized, that hasn’t stopped him from being super productive as of late. He released his Blah Blah Blah EP a little over a week ago and also teased a highly anticipated Gaia album on Twitter:

For the Armada label boss, the sky is most definitely the limit – seems like he is just getting warmed up. Checkout the euphoric music video for ‘The Last Dancer’ below on YouTube.

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Lane 8 Summer 2018 Mixtape

Lane 8 – Summer 2018 Mixtape

Beginning back in Spring 2014, Lane 8 has put out a seasonal mixtape to bring out the best vibes for the upcoming season. Lane 8’s Summer 2018 Mixtape has just hit the airwaves, and oh boy, does it deliver. Featuring signature vibes and progressive tunes from the man himself, the mixtape offers up loads of new music that will have you in the Summer spirit in no time.

Running at just over 5 hours, tons of original mixes from the San Francisco native appear throughout the mixtape. It does a beautiful job of giving the listener beachy, vernal vibes without over-extending. The mixtape shows a lot of growth from his Rise days, giving fans a new twist on his classic sound.

i made you a new 5 hour mixtape

A post shared by Lane 8 (@lane8music) on Jun 20, 2018 at 10:03am PDT

With his star only on the rise, Lane 8 will be performing this Saturday at AnjunaBeach in Huntington Beach. His This Never Happened Tour concept is a fan favorite, where he embraces attendees to “get back to connecting with music and the people around you.” Upon entering for his show, your cell phone camera is taped up to prevent photos and videos. Anyone who tries to take advantage of this intimate event is shown the door.

Grab a drink, sit by the pool, and let Lane 8 whisk you away. Checkout the full mixtape below.

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