Hoodboi – Breathing Room (Remixes)

Hoodboi – Breathing Room (Remixes)

Following the versatile ‘Breathing Room‘ from producer Hoodboi, the artist follows up with more treats for listeners with the release of the EP’s remix series. The LA based producer has recruited a number of music friends to put their own twist on his genre bending sound. The remix series covers several title tracks off the album, and gives the listener the opportunity to perceive the compositions in a new way.

French producers Point Point begin by brightening up ‘True Colors’. Focusing on soft and bright tones, the track is a slice of fluid electronica. Point Point adds a layer of lightness to the otherwise synth driven track. Xander takes us on a more funk-infused route, switching up the vibe for ‘Tip Of My Tongue‘. The artist tends to lean towards more pop oriented production, making for a bubblier version of the song.

Lophiilie creates a new approach to ‘Long Distance’. Simply taking the vocal sample from the track, the producer completely transforms the structure of the song with clever trap drops. In contrast, Promnite dives into a deep house vibe with his bass-heavy remix of ‘Breathing Room’. Herzeloyde concludes the remix series, with a much more fast-paced alternate version of “Drowning”. Similar to Promnite’s house approach, Herzeloyde reconceptualizes the song with glitchy production. The remix series is now available for streaming below.

Hoodboi – Breathing Room (Remixes)

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