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DJ UK duo Solardo make a comeback after a long run residency at Hi Ibiza with a new house single called ‘Be Somebody’.

After a long 12-week residency at the famed Hi Ibiza with Swedish DJ Eric Prydz, the DJ UK duo Solardo make a come back with a new track called ‘Be Somebody.’ 

Sampling American house act Ruffneck’s 1995 classic ‘Everybody Be Somebody’, Solardo use a rumbling build-up on the production, before introducing a rattling percussive breakdown. ‘Be Somebody’represents the vibrancy of Solardo’s live sets – featuring a thumping bass line with a rumbling hook adding real depth to the production.

The duo has had a busy year building an empire under their name. The pair started the year with a second sold-out UK tour called Solardo Sessions with stops in Rotterdam, Milan, and Barcelona. Afterwards, they made an appearance in the states with sets at EDC Las Vegas and Movement Detroit. Over the summer, they launched their own club night series HIGHER, hosting lineups with the likes of artists like Seb Zito, Claude Von Stroke, and Paul Woolford.

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The boys are finally back!

Despite releasing groovy “Ultimatum” featuring Fatoumata Diawara back in May, Disclosure have been relatively quiet for a long time in terms of new releases. The group even announced in January that they will not be organizing their infamous WILD LIFE festival with Rudimental this summer, in order to “embark on album number 3“. 

Fast-forward to late August, and it looks like we’re finally starting to get a taste of what’s to come, as brothers Howard and Guy Lawrence out of nowhere decided to bless our ears with two new vibes.

Moonlight” takes things back to Disclosure’s roots, a sound countless fans have come to love over the years. A chopped vocal sample drives the beat as funky chords, pads and analog synths are layered masterfully underneath to create a super warm atmosphere. 

Where Angels Fear To Thread” is where things get really funky. Disclosure flip a jazz acapella sample into another afternoon jam with huge replay value. 

We’ve been completely obsessed with acapella jazz groups lately, and wanted to try and incorporate that sound into our music. The Four Freshmen where one of the earliest groups to incorporate advanced jazz harmony into this style and inspired the likes of The Beach Boys. Years later, they are still inspiring us! Hope you all enjoy. 

Is their upcoming album close, and will it be featuring these gems? Time will tell!

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Clubhouse Festival

Just because summer is over it doesn’t mean that festival season is over. In fact the brand new festival, Clubhouse Festival has just announced their inaugural show this fall on Saturday October 20th. To headline the event they’re bringing out none other than Deadmau5. And joining Deadmau5 will be the likes of Steve AokiLost Kings, and hip-hop artist Wifisfuneral.

Located at the historic and picturesque Laurel Park in Maryland, the festival is definitely looking like one event you shouldn’t sleep on. Because more than just any regular festival, Clubhouse Festival will be not only be providing live music but live horse racing as well.

Tickets will go on sale Friday August 24th at 12pm EST. Be sure to grab them here before they sell out.

Clubhouse Festival Lineup

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Post Malone’s private plane made an emergency landing after its tires blew out after takeoff.

Post Malone and 15 others took flight in a private jet Tuesday morning only to realize two of the left plane tires blew out shortly after takeoff. Terrifying! The group took off from Teterboro Airport in New Jersey around 10:50 AM, headed to the London Luton Airport. 

The pilot began circling New York immediately after realizing the tires had blown out. After hours of being stuck in the air, the plane was rerouted and landed safely at Westfield-Barnes Regional Airport in Westfield, Massachusetts. It later made its way back to New York. 

The rapper performed at the 2018 VMAs Monday night, planning to fly to London the following morning. We are relieved everyone made it out safely!

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Post Malone & 15 Passengers Land Safely After Plane Tires Blew Out

Swedish superstars Sebastian Ingrosso, Steve Angello and Axwell have finally confirmed that they are getting back together. After a lot of speculation and a Swedish House Mafia surprise show in Miami for Ultra Music Festival, they are now officially letting the news spread out all over the social media. However, in a recent interview that Ingrosso had with Swedish news website Metro, he made something pretty clear: the Axwell / Ingrosso Project will take a break for now. Read an extract from the interview below:

Are you (SHM) back in the studio?

– Yes you could say that. We’ll be after the summer and try to do something fun together.

Why a reunion so shortly after you said goodbye five years ago?

– I do not think it has been such a short time. Me and Axwell did our thing and Steve did his thing, and Axwell and I felt we had done our thing for five years. We felt it was time, we missed it. And above all, we had fans who wanted us to reunite […]”

Will you continue with Axwell / Ingrosso while doing Swedish House Mafia?

– No, we will not do that, we will actually put it on the shelf. As I usually say, there are three dots, it’s not two plus a dot. But we will definitely still do our individual stuff.

Of course, there’s no reason to panic, as the trio will be back stronger than ever. The SHM hype they created during Tomorrowland spoke for itself. When will their comeback gig be? Tomorrowland Winter perhaps? Stay tuned for more info!


Source: TheGrooveCartel

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These partners in crime give us the inside scoop on how they met, their new album and some fun they had on tour.

With their vocal bass music, there’s no stopping BONNIE X CLYDE from wreaking havoc to our ears -and that’s a good thing. In a short amount of years they’ve been making waves in the electronic dance music world and they’ve recently released their second EP. We were lucky enough to have the opportunity to catch up with Paige (Bonnie) and Daniel (Clyde) and talk about their new album and DJ careers. Going back to the beginning of it all…you guys met in high school, but how’d you become friends, is there some crazy story? And what were your first impressions of each other?

BONNIE X CLYDE: We were in the same friend group during high school. Really started hanging out at parties and at the lunch table. Our first impression of each other was starting a chant in our high school every Friday and making people want to turn up for the weekend.

Now you’re a rapidly rising duo who’s making quite the mark on the EDM world with your unique vocal bass music, did you guys ever have another career path you wanted to pursue?

No actually. The only career path we both saw was in music.

So what led you to make electronic dance music and form BONNIE X CLYDE?

In our last year of college we both started producing over Skype. Clyde went to the University of Miami and Bonnie went to Virginia Tech. After producing music over Skype for a year we decided to join forces in Miami after graduation and that is where we came up with the name BONNIE X CLYDE and really started to run with it.

You know the name BONNIE X CLYDE really works well because the infamous Bonnie and Clyde were originally pursuing music careers, Bonnie as a singer and Clyde playing the guitar/saxophone. Did you guys pick the moniker because of that or is there another reason why?

We knew they had musical endeavors before they were criminals and, obviously, it is a guy/girl duo name, but we really chose it because as criminals they made a lot of “noise” in the news and around the US. We felt it was perfect for our music because we like to make a lot of noise in our music and in our performance too.

Recently you released your While We’re Young EP which is all about living life, what’s something on your bucket lists that you still have yet to do while you’re young?

Clyde would like to skydive and Bonnie would like to explore more of the world. This September she’ll actually be visiting Italy for her birthday to see where her ancestors are from.

Back to the album, what’s your favorite song from it and why?

Clyde: My favorite song off of the EP is “As It Should” because it’s the one I can relate to the most. It’s about goals and when you reach a certain goal you feel accomplished, yet you still have more goals to reach. So it’s a never ending cycle.

Bonnie: My favorite is “All For You” because it’s the first song vocally where I feel my most confident and comfortable singing while performing. I love the song’s drop as well. It represents our genre more than any song we’ve made so far.

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Is there a song that was especially challenging to write, make or sing?

“As It Should” had at least four different versions of the song before we decided on it. It wasn’t very challenging, but we couldn’t decide for a bit which direction we wanted to choose.

When you do encounter these kinds of challenges, what do you normally do to get out of that funk or writer’s block?

Usually we go outside and do something fun in the fresh air or just go online and listen to all kinds of different music from a variety of genres and even music from many many years ago. We pull inspiration from all over the place.

Out of all your songs, what’s the most meaningful one to you and why?

The most meaningful one for us is “Do It All Over” because we wrote it from a very real place. It’s all about how every day you do the same stuff over and over, but in reality you can’t do this life over. So you really got to live life to the fullest and live every day like it’s your last.

Starting out, you played at some local music festivals and major ones like Life in Color Miami and you also headlined the Gunshine State Tour. Out of all those awesome experiences, what was the most memorable and why?

Our first festival EVER was Life In Color Miami and we’ll never forget packing out the tent for the first time. We played 4B‘s track, “Pop That,” and the entire tent was jumping with us. It was an incredible first set experience we’ll always remember.

Currently you’re on your While We’re Young Tour, what’s one of the most craziest things that’s happened on tour so far?

Bonnie: While I sang “Bass Jam” to close out one of our sets, four people were crowd surfing. It was hilarious, memorable and so much fun.

So other than this tour, what’s next for BONNIE X CLYDE, any new tracks coming up?

We have some really exciting new music coming that’s completely different from our EP and we can’t wait to continue to share the new BXC style with the world.

Special thanks to Paige and Daniel for taking the time to chat with me! It was a pleasure learning more about your music and we can’t wait to hear your new songs!


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Are you looking for the next big techno festival? Look no further than Adam Beyer‘s Drumcode Festival. The inaugural Amsterdam-based festival debuted this weekend and unsurprisingly was a massive success.

Swedish techno legend Adam Beyer, together with Awakenings, hosted the event at the iconic NDSM Docklands in Amsterdam. Over 15,000 people attended from more than 60 countries. The festival sold out and featured 4 stages showcasing the wide-spectrum of the Drumcode label. Beyer was joined by other renowned techno acts such as Joseph Capriati, Amelie Lens, and more.

What’s next for Adam Beyer and Drumcode? The upcoming Amsterdam Dance Event will feature a Drumcode and Awakenings collaboration at the Gashouder. This time, the event showcases Adam Beyer, Amelie Lens, Dubfire b2b Nicole Moudaber, and more.

Check out the Drumcode Festival recap video below and let us know what you think.


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When one has been in the game for as long as Paul Oakenfold, one deserves worldwide recognition. This goes as no surprise after the English producer has unleashed over 100 remixes for over 100 different artists including Madonna, The Cure, Britney Spears, and The Rolling Stones. Not to mention fans voted him the number one DJ in the world on two separate occasions in 1998 and 1999 by DJ Mag‘s Top 100 DJ list.

They say that hard work pays off. For the three-time Grammy Award nominee’s case, this statement could not be more accurate.

Recent Reports say that the legend himself has been chosen to perform, for the first time ever, at the stunning UNESCO World Heritage site of Stonehenge. This only adds to the extensive list of triumphs that Oakenfold has accomplished to date.

Fans can anticipate the soon-to-be historic event to unfold this upcoming September. Here, 50 hand-picked special guests will have the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to witness this iconic set.

The ‘Ready Steady Go‘ musician is no stranger to playing unexpected, yet astonishing locations. In the past, Oakenfold performed at the Base Camp on Mount Everest, the Great Wall of China, and the FIFA World Cup 2018.

“Despite having performed at incredible events and locations all across the globe, sunset at Stonehenge will be the most magical.

I am so lucky to be able to share my music from such an iconic site. The energy there will be like nowhere else on earth, and this will be reflected in my music and performance” -Paul Oakenfold

Fans may be feeling slightly disappointed that they will not be able to attend or witness the performance. However, there is no need to fret. During the upcoming historic day, Oakenfold will record his new album ‘Live at Stonehenge‘. This will allow his followers to hear the magic that filled the air during his performance.

As always, an event of this magnitude would not be possible without a hardworking team. Alon Shulman, producer, and creator of the event, stated:

“Together, Paul and I wanted to create something completely unique. Having worked closely with English Heritage it is fitting that our first special moment takes place at Stonehenge.”

Shulman has launched ‘Origins‘, a concept that incorporates performance, music, film, and much more. This highly anticipated experience comes as the next installment in a series of unique projects over the course of the next three years.

“Its Alon’s special relationships and his long-term vision that make the impossible possible. We’ll shortly be announcing our plans using amazing locations championing great artists and new music.” -Oakenfold stated.

The funds raised will go to English Heritage, a charity organization that preserves historic sites in the UK.

We truly can’t wait to see what the future has in store. If this event is any indication, thrilling and unexpected events are in the cards…

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Promnite Swim

Promnite – Swim

LA figure head and active member of Team Supreme, Promnite releases his latest single ‘Swim‘ featuring vocals from emerging act B. Lewis. Taking from a variety of influences, Promnite effortlessly combines futuristic house beats along with his heavy R&B background to create a dark club soundscape. Inarguably, the producer has had a huge presence among LA’s contemporary electronic scene, lending production to artists like Katy Perry but still remaining involved locally through residences at the iconic Low End Theory.

Propelled by a left-field pop approach, ‘Swim’ shimmers with 808 hits and infectious melodies. B. Lewis contrasts the light tones of the song with his hard-hitting lyricism, making for a dynamic track. The track is reminiscent of Promnite’s influences, but still continues to evolve his sound. This is Promnite’s latest release since the success of his hip-hop focused EP “Snake Charmer”.

Catch Promnite on tour with Hoodboi:

8/16 – Los Angeles, CA @ Geffen Contemporary at The MOCA
8/23 – Seattle, WA @ Q Nightclub
8/25 – San Diego, CA @ Bang Bang
8/30 – San Francisco, CA @ Audio
8/31 – Portland, OR @ No Vacancy



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The most exclusive show on the planet!

Fifty lucky souls will be able to witness dance music pioneer Paul Oakenfold, perform at the mysterious Stonehenge. Yes, you read that correctly… Stonehenge. 

In his own words: 

“I am so lucky to be able to share my music from such an iconic site,” said Oakenfold. “The energy there will be like nowhere else on earth, and this will be reflected in my music and performance.

“Despite having performed at incredible events and locations all across the globe, sunset at Stonehenge will be the most magical.”

It is reported that the show is invite-only and that proceeds will go towards the preservation of the site. 

Check out a teaser courtesy of the official event Twitter. 

Hopefully the aliens who created Stonehenge like dance music…

H/t: Mixmag

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Eric ClaptonEric Clapton has announced that he’ll release his first-ever holiday album, “Happy Xmas“, in October. It is the musician’s 24th album overall, and his first since 2016’s, “I Still Do“. Although it is primarily made up of covers of a variety of holiday classics, the album will also feature a brand-new original called, “For Love On Christmas Day“.

However, there is one song on the album that has gathered more attention from the EDM community than others. The rock legend surprised everyone by including a tribute to the late Avicii on “Jingle Bells (In Memory of Avicii)“, which is set to be the album’s seventh track.

Although it is not apparent if Clapton and Avicii knew each other personally, there is no doubt that Clapton sympathized with him, as the musician spent decades struggling with alcohol and drugs himself. Clapton struggled with both drugs and alcohol in the 1960s and 1970s, and Avicii struggled with alcohol, which many believe contributed to the ill health that led him to stop touring.

“In the lowest moments of my life, the only reason I didn’t commit suicide was that I knew I wouldn’t be able to drink any more if I was dead,” Clapton wrote in his 2007 autobiography. “It was the only thing I thought was worth living for, and the idea that people were about to try and remove me from alcohol was so terrible that I drank and drank and drank, and they had to practically carry me into the clinic.”

It’s honestly amazing how much of an impact artists can have on not only fans, but on one another as well.

Check out the track listing below:

01 “White Christmas”
02 “Away In A Manger (Once In Royal David’s City)”
03 “For Love On Christmas Day”
04 “Everyday Will Be Like A Holiday”
05 “Christmas Tears”
06 “Home For The Holidays”
07 “Jingle Bells (In Memory Of Avicii)”
08 “Christmas In My Hometown”
09 “It’s Christmas”
10 “Sentimental Moments”
11 “Lonesome Christmas”
12 “Silent Night”
13 “Merry Christmas Baby”
14 “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas”

Clapton has two concerts coming up, October 6th and 7th at Madison Square Garden before releasing “Happy Xmas” on October 12th on his Bushbranch Records/Surfdog Records label. The album is available for pre-order on CD or vinyl on Amazon.

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Bildergebnis für Baka Gaijin x Telekom Electronic Beats Open Air

Being a Techno fan in Germany must be great. Not only is it Mecca for Techno, but its also famous for throwing parties in some absurd locations.

It goes without saying, the Zollverein Coal Mine Industrial Complex is one of those absurd locations. During its active industrial period, the Zollverein Coal Mine Industrial Complex was the largest coal mine in the world. The mine was shut down in 1986 and since then has been a mainstay in the art, culture and creative sectors, attracting more than two million visitors a year.

This past weekend saw the mine transformed from a cultural attraction to a Techno lover’s dream. Telekom Electronic Beats teamed up with Baka Gaijin to host the likes of Ben UFO, Objekt, and Shanti Celeste. The event featured two floors, a pool, and a capped capacity of only 1,000 partygoers.

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Dutch DJ and producer Eelke Kleijn is bringing his highly anticipated “Days Like Nights” boat party to New York City this Friday, August 24th!

The event is hosted by Hornblower Cruises & Events and will truly be a unique experience for those who attend it; you’ll be able to see Eelke Kleijn, as well as, Guy Mantzur throw down on one of the last boat parties of this summer!

Kleijn has had his most successful North American tour to date, and with his July release of “Punta Cana”, there’s no doubt you can expect to experience an amazing set.

Be sure to grab your tickets here!

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DIYNAMIC Festival Cancelled

Solomun’s very own label Diynamic has been successfully hosting festivals in Amsterdam, Istanbul, Barcelona and Naples for quite some time. The 12 year old label, wanting to spread their love of underground techno and house music to London, was set to host a two day festival at Morden Park, September 8-9. Unfortunately, the festival has been brought to a grinding halt as petitions and complaints from residents have led officials to deny the festival’s license. Solomon, Adriatique, Hosh and Magdalena among others were set to play. 

In a statement posted to the label’s Facebook page a few days ago, the Diynamic team stated:

“It is with great sadness that we have to announce the cancellation of Diynamic Festival London. We had put our trust into the hands of our local promoter partner MJMK events, but the initial venue in Greenwich was lost due to a commercial decision by the landlord overriding an initial agreement to host the event, and at our replacement venue (Morden Park) they were refused the licence in what we all consider to be an unfair and unjust decision by the Licensing Committee.”

A Bridezilla’s Wrath

The reasoning for the licensing committee’s decision apparently falls to less than 20 residential complaints, most of them stemming from brides getting married. In a petition posted to, one bride wrote her wedding was booked last March and there was no warning of a festival. She goes on to say “Loud ‘House music’ and thousands of people wandering around Morden Park would absolutely spoil anyone’s wedding ceremony.” The petition garnered over 700 signatures.

We hope Diynamic can recuperate from this quickly and find a new London venue for next year.

You can read the full Facebook post here.

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With an extremely creepy intro proceeded by vocal stabs and complex rhythms, you need to listen to this ASAP.

Hi I’m Ghost (Nathan Davis and Tiago Nunez) have been taking over the electronic music scene with their mysterious and dark signature sounds. With recent releases being supported by the likes of Krewella & R3HAB, they are certainly an artist to watch over the coming months.

“Spookier Riddim” is a follow-up track to “Spooky Riddim” from December of 2017. When played at shows, fans chant, “This Is Some Spooky Riddim Let’s Get Wonky Womp Womp,” which is incredibly apt as this is a very, very spooky track. Hence the name, probably. 

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As they gain more and more momentum with each release, all signs indicate Hi I’m Ghost is on a meteoric rise in their journey as one of dance music’s most promising acts.

You can listen to their new song here:

With an extremely creepy intro proceeded by vocal stabs and complex rhythms, Spookier Riddim is certainly one of my favorite bass tracks out there right now. The drop is certainly spectacular due to the combination of the intriguing sound design & vocal use. I’ll certainly have this on repeat for weeks to come.


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The Tease is Over – System F is Back

While attending Dreamstate San Francisco this weekend, EDMTunes asked Ferry Corsten about the Dreamstate SoCal teaser video that showed the phrase “System F Located.” He smiled and told us “That’s still just a teaser at this point.” Then today happened.

Announced in the full Dreamstate SoCal lineup reveal, System F will in fact make a glorious return to the main stage. The event will take place at the NOS Events Center in San Bernardino, CA, November 23-24.

System F made a huge splash in the 1990s with big anthem tunes such as ‘Out of the Blue,’ ‘Cry,’ and ‘Together.’ Taking a leave of absence, Corsten’s alias made a brief return in Tokyo at the Agefarre in 2015. While his UNITY project looks to bring all genres of trance together, this set will certainly feature plenty of classics for all to enjoy. The name System F actually spawned from Ferry’s systematic way of producing a track.

For those who yearn for the “good old days,” this is a can’t miss. Tickets for Dreamstate SoCal can be purchased starting August 23. Below, enjoy the System F hit ‘Out of the Blue’ on YouTube.

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Kyle Watson Into The Morning Tour South African producer Kyle Watson has been having a massive year so far and it only seems to be going up from here with a handful of debuts. He has just announced his debut US tour in support of his upcoming Into The Morning album.

Featuring thirteen amazing tracks, his debut album is slated for release later this week on August 24th on This Ain’t Bristol. And in case you weren’t excited enough for the album, he also just released a mini-mix that features all thirteen tracks from the forthcoming album.

So give the mix a listen, pre-order the album in the link below and don’t forget to grab your tickets to a show near you here.

Kyle Watson – Into The Morning Mix | Pre-Order

Kyle Watson Into The Morning Tour

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Arkade Destinations: Tulum

Arkade Destinations: Tulum

Kaskade released a massive 18-track compilation, ‘Arkade Destinations: Tulum‘, under his label Arkade. “Tulum” is the first destination in the upcoming Arkade compilation albums. This is a must-listen compilation to end your summer just right.

Undoubtedly this compilation will transport you to Tulum, the beautiful Caribbean coastline in Yucatan, Mexico. From chill house music to more down-tempo tracks, the album has it all. Moreover, the music will make you want to get a Piña Colada and go to your nearest beach.

Additionally, the album starts off with Kaskade’s new track ‘Give It Back’. You can find music by Classic Unknwn, Late Night Alumni, Lipless, Fake Blondes, Frankie Shakes, and many more.

Check out the full compilation down below:

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It’s true — add club aficionado to Carl Cox’s biography as Space Ibiza may be reincarnated. He revealed that Space Ibiza’s team is looking to build a new club on the White Isle with the same name. We can only hope that it’ll be bigger, if not badder than its predecessor. It’s going to be an exciting time in the music industry.

After being asked if he’d found a new home to play on the island, the British icon dished out the news on a recent interview. He says that “Space was definitely the place for [him],” and says he has an idea of holding an opening and closing of it next year. The real excitement is looking for a new spot to build the new Space. The 15 year long time resident made music a revolution there so it’s only fitting that he builds on it.

“Yes, it’s going to happen – there’s no doubt about that!

Walls and beams make houses but love and dreams make homes. We think this is exactly what Cox intends to do–build a new resident home in the near or distant future.

The infamous club put Playa d’en Bossa on the map for exclusive show destinations. Everyone knew Playa d’en Bossa because of Space as party-goers flocked there for waterslide nights and top notch entertainment. It closed in 2016 and took #1 in DJ Mag’s Top 100 Clubs poll in 2017. The open terrace and booming dance music set the club standard high.

Cox envisions that the new establishment won’t have to be back on the Playa. It should be somewhere quiet though but not next to Ushuaia. There will be a new concept for the new place but the motive remains the same: a place for the same people to go where they’ve always gone. Anyone that wants to join Cox on the same quest, feel free! #CarlCoxNeedsANewHome

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One of the most exciting EPs of 2018…

HVDES is an artist that we’re certainly watching out for over the coming months. With her debut EP titled “Revelations“, her dark persona is evidently shown throughout each track. 

With a stunning 3 tracks, it clearly highlights her talent & exceptional ability within music production. Released by Kannibalen Records, each song clearly personifies the devilish character of HVDES. 

We got the chance to speak with her about her new EP, origin story, and plans for the future. We’re absolutely in love with this EP. How did you originally get into electronic music?

HVDES: I only really started getting into electronic music around 2014. I grew up on punk rock, hip-hop, metal, and pop punk/emo type stuff. I was super deep in the punk subculture both mentally, spiritually, and physically, and literally did not listen to anything outside of it. I think the first time I was ever exposed to any sort of electronic music was when I went to a treatment facility at 16 years old, because for the first time in my life I had been taken out of the small punk bubble that I had sunken into so deeply, and was around other kids who listened to different kinds of music, everything from pop to hardcore to EDM, and it sort of just opened my mind to what’s actually out there musically. It was like a whole world that I had completely shut myself off to. 

After that, I think I just really fell in love with electronic music because of how infinite it is. There are endless possibilities to what you can do with sound, and that was really what was so intriguing to me. I grew up playing classical piano, boxed in by the structure of music theory and the “rules” of where and how everything should be, musically. So to work within a medium where those “rules” didn’t necessarily need to be followed, was very inspiring for me.

What’s the vision for the upcoming few years of your career?

I have so much more music on the way. Ideally, I’d like to tour… especially in Japan and Asia. I am so fascinated with Japan and the culture there. I’d love to see my name on major festival lineups. And honestly, just continuing to create authentically. Wherever that may take me.

The overall sound of this EP is extremely unique. What was the inspiration for it?

I draw a lot of my inspiration from my personal experience as a human. The first tune, “Revelations,” is sort of a take on Justice’s “Genesis.” Genesis is the first book of the Bible, and it is all about the creation of the world. Revelations is the last book of the Bible, with vivid imagery of disaster, suffering, and destruction– many people see it as a map to the end of the world. 

Now, I’ve never actually read the Bible, nor am I a religious person but I think that this is powerful because I’ve always believed that destruction is a form of creation. True personal growth, mentally, spiritually, and physically, requires leaving behind the old and embracing the new. This is something I can relate to personally, because I’ve done a lot destroying, to myself, to say the least. I’ve battled with mental illness and addiction for many years, and had more than a few periods in my life where I’ve pretty much completely self-destructed… and from hitting those lows I was able to truly understand what it means to take my power back. 

 “R U Afraid” speaks to that as well, which is why I put the sample in there that says, “Are you afraid of the dark?” Because ultimately, I am not the darkness inside my mind. I’m not defined by my depression or my past or any of that shit. It’s just a passenger, something I have to acknowledge and understand, but not yield to.  Not saying like.. ‘go fuck your life up if you want to figure this shit out…’ But in my own personal experience, if it weren’t for those dark places that I went to, I would not be the person that I am today, and I would not understand or appreciate my life in the same way that I do. And I would not trade that for anything.

Lastly, “Thoughtcrime” is a term from George Orwell’s book 1984, which, in the dystopian society he writes about, basically means an instance of unorthodox or controversial thinking, considered as a criminal offense or as socially unacceptable. That being said, this tune is meant to empower. My ultimate goal as an artist and a creator is to aid in breaking the stigma against mental health issues in our society through my own art, music, and experience, and I just thought that this idea of a thoughtcrime from Orwell’s novel perfectly encapsulates how our society views people with mental health issues and the conversations being had about them.

What’s been the most rewarding thing about creating an EP in comparison to just releasing one single?

I think that the most rewarding aspect is that this EP tells a story -my story. It’s much more impactful and meaningful to me than a single. I’ve been working on this for a long time. The story had to be told in the right way.

This is a question that I ask in all interviews that I do. If the world was to end tomorrow, what would you want future generations to remember you by?

I would just want them to remember the message that my music preaches and the power they can draw from it.  

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French DJ Madeon has been relatively quiet since the Shelter Live Tour which ended in April 2017. Towards the end of last year, we were told by Madeon that he would be releasing his next project in 2018. Now, the wait is (almost) over. Finally, the DJ who became known for his happy-go-lucky tracks filled with 8-bit style synths teases us with clues of what his 2nd album contains.

The information was given exclusively through Pixel Empire Podcast—a podcast dedicated to Madeon, Porter Robinson, and the music industy—where there were a number album teasers and puzzles given. Conducted by Madeon’s personal creative director from the .CHIVTEAM, the interview consisted entirely of cryptic clues on the new project.

Here’s what we gathered so far:

  • The Architects‘ is some entity that has to do with new album and there is a logo. We don’t know if it’s a symbol, brand, or artist.

  • The name of the album could be DREAM. This is due to a number phrases such as “Discover real echoes absolute messages” that create the acronym.
  • This album will be nothing like his previous album Adventure. Madeon has previously mentioned on social media that the new album will be nothing like his previous material and that he cares about it “more than anything he’s ever done.”

You can stream the entire podcast on Youtube in the next few days. In the meantime, we’ll be left in bewilderment of what that next album will have to offer. Since it’s Madeon however, we can all bet he’s cooking up something that’s worth looking out for.


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There’s a lot more than you think behind this masterpiece.

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Medasin has been teasing his debut album Irene for quite some time now, having fans craving to find out what it will sound like, as the producer’s viral remixes and breathtaking originals have showcased unmatched originality and talent. Now, with the highly acclaimed project – his first original music in a long time – out for a week, the question everyone has been wondering about still remains: who is Irene, and why was her impact on Grant so massive that he decided to dedicate his first complete body of work to her?

Medasin recently revealed to Billboard that Irene was his outpatient program counselor at Access Counseling Group, her rehab facility in Plano, Texas, where he would seek help as he was struggling with mental health and drug issues in his mid-teens. As he told: 

“The idea of Irene is essentially me elusively telling the story of where Medasin came from. Also, to convey the idea that simply sharing positivity and encouragement can actually set a huge thing into motion. Living in this way of sharing, healing and love can give birth to all kinds of shit, in my case, a music project. Irene might as well be considered a collaborator on this, because if I had not simply crossed paths with her, my progress wouldn’t have been set into motion.”

Ever since Irene was taking care of young Medasin, she talked about wanting to a coffee shop near the facility, that will act as a safe place for people in recovery to get together and support each other in constructive ways. The now-successful producer never forgot her wish, and now hopes his reach can help her make her dream a reality. As Irene doesn’t have the financial ability to make the coffee shop happen, Medasin created a GoFundMe just for that. 

Support Irene’s vision here, and check out Medasin’s track by track breakdown on his first album. 

“Weird Summer”
I never intended to make this an intro track. I just made it, and it worked out that way. This was kind of an experiment of randomizing a ton of parameters while having it still sound like cohesive music. It’s entirely nonsensical, yet feels like it makes perfect sense at the same time. That made for a perfect intro to lay out the foundation for the rest of the album. I guess if you make the strangest, weirdest track the very first moment on the album and lay out that foundation, then it would be hard for any of the tracks to be so weird that it feels uncomfortable or strange to listen to, because you have already heard the weirdest shit possible on the very first track.

This also started off as sort of an experiment of live percussion sounds on this desk of random Foley objects that I have been building. Again, none of the songs on Irene were made in order, they were just made, then, at a way later date, were put in order according to how I liked. This one was no different. It was not intended to be the second track when I made it. i guess, to me, it just sounded extremely animated and cohesive. At least to me, it’s hard to listen to “Ramen” without picturing some sort of scenario or place in your head, so it made for a good track to start things off. I named it ramen because I am a big ramen fanatic and try all kinds of ramen everywhere I go. Right before the album came out, I took a trip to Tokyo and had some classic tonkotsu ramen from a place called Ichiran that was the most perfect, amazing ramen I had ever tasted. The track somewhat reminds me of the peace and joy I experience when getting lost in an incredible bowl of ramen. On this track, there are also some quiet, Foley field recordings I took in Tokyo while standing on the street outside of the ramen shop.

“Leaving Earth 2”
This track was some weird, unnecessarily deep idea that I was manically obsessed with while making it. Please don’t ask why. I don’t know. It’s supposed to depict dying from first person, then imagining a heavenly soundscape and song that might play during your transition from life to afterlife.

“Warm Blue”
*Cringe Warning* This song is about a girl I liked. the Foley recording at the beginning was actually one I recorded on the 4th of July at a fair watching fireworks with her. To give some more context, I really liked this girl, but I didn’t think she liked me, too, so every time I would hang out with her, it was awesome and fun – blah, blah. she was my best friend – blah, blah – but I found it increasingly hard to ignore the elephant in the room; the elephant being the fact that I painfully, really, really liked her and didn’t have the balls to tell her; hence the title “warm blue.” ‘Warm’ ’cause I’m around her, but simultaneously ‘blue’ because I really want her to know I like her, but can’t tell her, and the closer I am to her, the more I want her to know, and the more it’s bothering me.

“Slinky Man”
I was actually going back and forth with Galimatias trying to finally finish one of the (works in progress) we have together (we have far, far too many, by the way). We were trying to start something new and were sending crispy samples back and forth. This was one of the samples he sent me, and I ended up taking it in a direction I really liked that he wasn’t really sure what to do with. I just ran with it on my own. The thing about me, and especially Gali, is he won’t even bother to force himself onto a song just for the sake of “collab bro,” unless it feels 1,000,000% right and is something that we both consider completely amazing and expresses both of our styles. I guess this one I really liked and thought totally had a place aesthetically on the album, but was in a creative direction too far away from Gali’s taste and style, hence why he didn’t force himself to work on it. Perhaps we will finish one of the other 23,985,734 WIPs we have someday soon. Who knows, but shouts out to Galimatias, one of my favorite producers and friends of all time.

“Work For You” Feat. Kaz Moon
This, to me, was definitely the most “songy” song of the entire album. The way it all came together actually makes for an awesome story. I am very, very picky about vocalists over my music, and I was on a search for new, unique vocalists I liked and wanted to work with on the album. St this time, I was living in Carrollton, Texas, and there was a badass Korean BBQ joint down the street that I would always go to. The manager, JP, and a lot of the staff were fans and played my music there, so it was always just a fun and happy place to go eat. Anyway, one day JP (the manager of Gen Korean BBQ House) tweeted some song that I really, really enjoyed. The song was by Kaz Moon, so I texted JP and asked him who that was and how I can get a hold of him. Turns out the dude works at the Korean BBQ place and is good friends with JP. Kaz Moon also just happened to live in Carrollton at this time, too. The stars kind of just aligned, and I started some back and forth with Kaz, just getting to know him and sending him beats. This song came about, so that’s that. Kaz is super, super unique man. I looooove his style, and it was an honor to be able to have him on the album. Please, go check out Kaz Moon and follow him everywhere.

This is one of the wisest tracks on the album, in that I made it longer ago than any of the other songs, and it stuck through the constant trialing and filtering out (of) songs off and on the album. I really don’t have much conceptually to say about this one other than I remember just really, really enjoying this melody while I was working on it, so much to the point of it bringing me to tears like a little bitch several times while working on it. Whenever I tear up to my music, I know I am connecting with myself very deeply. I sort of trusted that this was a good pick for the album because of how powerful it was to me at one point.

“Tired” Feat. Sophie Meiers
This one is really weird, actually. Again, I was looking for vocalists I enjoyed to reach out to, Sophie being one of them. She was already a fan of my music, and I was a fan of hers, so there was just no resistance to creating together. After sending her the album to listen to and see if she was inspired to write to any of it, she wrote to this beat and sent me back a rough draft. Everything she was writing and singing about was very, very weirdly relevant to my current love life situation that I sort of touched on earlier while breaking down “Warm Blue.” I hadn’t told Sophie anything about the situation. She had no idea. She was just doing her thing and it just so happened that the stars aligned. She ended up accidentally writing about something that I really, really super connected with at that point in my life. Again, under those extremely rare, extremely low-odds circumstances of how this song came about, I knew it was perfect for the album. I live for musical moments like these.

Again, I didn’t intend for this to be the outro or (for it) to even be on the album at all until way later when I was piecing the album together and giving the tracks order. I just made this purely ’cause I felt it and had fun making it. I just liked the big organ chord resolve at the end. To me, the resolve sounded very conclusive and like a perfect thing to have be the very last moment on the album. When the chord resolve hits, you can almost hear it communicating “the end” or giving the feel that something has just concluded.

Get tickets for the Phase 2 of Medasin’s Irene Tour here

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Nocturnal Wonderland surprises headliners by adding Slushii to the lineup.

It is less than a month until headliners fall down the rabbit hole to get lost at Nocturnal Wonderland. It seems like Insomniac still has some tricks up their sleeves. Slushii has just been announced and added to the two-day lineup and will play on September 15 (Saturday). Just recently, Slushii played two slots at Tomorrowland, and one of those sets was on the main stage.

Single-Day tickets have been announced along with Two-ay passes, which are still on sale. However, car camping passes are about 90 percent sold out so make sure to jump on that now before they are all gone. This will be a wonderland that you will not want to miss. Plenty of surprises are soon to surface in the next couple of weeks. Stay tuned and see you down the rabbit hole. 

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The stage lineups for both days have been officially announced for Nocturnal Wonderland 2018.

It is never too late for a little pre-festival stage planning. Even though the set times are not out yet, headliners can still take note of where each artist will play and can form an idea of where they will spend most of their time in Wonderland. So far, four stages have been announced with lineups for both days. Take a peep down below at all the stages to see where your Wonderland journey will begin. Let the world know where you will be by using the #Nocturnal2018. 

1.) Labyrinth

2.) BoomBox Art Cart

3.) Wolves’ Den

4.) Sunken Garden

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Sj just reworked his leading single from his debut EP “If We Could Stay High,” out now on Enhanced Music.

Having just finished a huge tour across North America and in reaching 40 million-plus streams on Spotify, Sj is taking over the dance music community one city at a time. The success from his latest EP “Calabasas” has brought the artist to the forefront of the electronic-pop scene with fans everywhere waiting impatiently to see what Sj has to release next. Luckily, for you, the wait is now over, because Sj’s next release is finally here for the world to enjoy. The Tritonal protege has worked his magic and reworked the leading single from his from his debut EP “If We Could Stay High,” out now on Enhanced Music.

The edit takes the original on a little higher tempo on some parts of the song while adding a little more emotion to it than the original one. The beautiful vocals from Chelsea Lankes really highlight the track and help make the track come full circle. The lyrics blend perfectly with the synthetics of the edit to help create the perfect pop electronica track. Sj has a couple of tour dates still left so make sure to check him out if he is coming to a zip code near you.

Support on all platforms here.


8/24 – Prysm – Chicago, IL

8/25 – World – Charlotte, NC

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