Kayzo & Gammer – Forever

Kayzo & Gammer – Forever

It’s 2018, and Bass Music is thriving. There couldn’t be better proof of this than the music Kayzo & Gammer’s are releasing both alone and together. Having previously collaborated on tracks such as ‘Frequency‘, ‘Over The Edge‘, and ‘Periscope’, it’s easy to see that the duo have styles that mesh well together. Another great example of this is their remix of Porter Robinson‘s iconic track ‘Language‘. Today we bring you their newest release, in the form of their new track together ‘Forever‘.

The track starts out with some muffled audio, which later transitions into the vocals. We get some bass and percussion in at 1:06 as the track continues to build. At 1:31 we hear some epic super-saws which lead into a snare build at 1:55. Our first drop can be said to be of a Happy Hardcore nature, but at times feature some Trap elements. We do get a second, as well as a third drop, which you can hear for yourself. The track has a runtime of 6:25–By todays standards this may seem like forever, but it truly isn’t. It’s nice to see artist venture outside of the three minute mark. This allows them to take their listeners on a musical journey, and that is exactly what Kayzo and Gammer achieve here with Forever. The track is out now on Ultra Records and can be streamed below.

Kayzo & Gammer – Forever


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