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Julian Gray Autonomous

Julian Gray – Autonomous.

It should go without saying that more than just a DJ or a producer, deadmau5 is a tastemaker with an incredible ear for budding talent. From Skrillex to Excision to Rezz, he and his label mau5trap have played a big part in developing the careers of many star producers. Speaking of star producers, mau5trap recently signed young talent Julian Gray with the release of his debut track, ‘Resident Try-Hard’. And now Julian is making his return to the label with the release of his debut EP, Autonomous.

To say the EP is amazing would be an understatement. From start to finish, Julian takes listeners on a journey through his unique blend of progressive, tech, and electro. Opening up with ‘Apathy‘ he gives listeners that taste of what his “Progress-O” sound is all about. The second track, ‘It Is What It Isn’t‘, is a gorgeously melodic piece that could easily pass as a track produced by deadmau5 himself. From there he switches things up with an arpeggio dominated ‘Autonomous‘ before closing out it all out with ‘Paper Planes‘; a laid-back, atmospheric track that is nothing if not a treat to listen to. All in all, an incredible EP from the first track to the last.

Check out Autonomous below and be sure to keep an eye on Julian because he’s undoubtedly the real deal.

Julian Gray – Autonomous. | Download

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Second Single from Forthcoming Illusions EP

Following the release of “Hero” with Vincent, QUIX is back with the second single from his forthcoming Illusions EP. “Giving Up (feat. Jaden Michaels)” arrives alongside the announcement of QUIX’s much-anticipated headlining lllusions North American tour dates.

“Giving Up” is an emotional trap track with beautiful melodies and booming drops. As Michael’s vocals build as do the drums, and that second drop…filthy! 

“So I believe I wrote about 5 different drops for this track, some of them were cool but not fitting for this vocal and overall feel of the song… I especially wanted this track to be remembered with it having a powerful first drop and a hard second drop. In the end, I’m very happy with how this came out and i’m please to say that I have many more songs on the way!” – QUIX

His Illusions tour will span from coast to coast, starting in Seattle in Washington on October 26th at Freaknight Halloween Festival and stopping in cities ranging from Vancouver on November 9th, to Atlantic City in New Jersey on November 24, Holy Ship! in January, and more.

Full Illusions Tour Dates: 

Fri-Oct-26 – Seattle, WA – Freaknight Halloween Festival
Sat-Oct-27 – San Bernardino, CA – Escape Halloween Festival
Wed-Oct 31 Orlando, FL – ZBTerror Halloween
Wed-Nov-07 – Winnipeg, MB – OV Club
Fri-Nov-09 – Vancouver, BC – Celebrities
Wed-Nov-14 – Orlando, FL – Celine
Thu-Nov-15 – Washington, DC – Soundcheck
Sat-Nov-17 – Kansas City, MO – Aura KC
Wed-Nov-21 – Clearwater, FL – Shephard’s Beach
Fri-Nov-23 – Minneapolis, MN – Loft at Skyway Theatre
Sat-Nov-24 – Atlantic City, NJ – Premier at The Borgata
Wed-Nov-28 – Salt Lake City, UT – Energi Wednesdays at Sky
Fri-Nov-30 – Los Angeles, CA – Academy Nightclub
Sat-Dec-01 – Denver, CO – Temple Denver
Sat-Dec-08 – Atlanta, GA – Believe Nightclub
Fri-Dec-28 – Dallas, TX – Lights All Night Festival

JAN 05 – 09 – Port Canaveral, FL – HOLY SHIP! 12.0

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Online / Facebook / Twitter / Soundcloud / Spotify / YouTube / Instagram

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Remixes from Walker & Royce, Christian Martin, Sam von Horn, Will Clarke & more

Almost a year after its release, Justin Jay today returns with a remix album for his debut full-length LP Home. After taking his fans on a “Fantastic Voyage” with his debut album, it was time to take us Home last year. This record truly showed his ability as an artist, singer, and songwriter. 

Today, some of the most talented names in electronic music have gained remix duties to the record – including Walker & Royce, Christian Martin, Will Clarke, and more. Fantastic Voyage bandmates Sam von Horn, Benny Bridges and Danny G also provided edits for the pack, while underground acts like Ricky Tinez and Houseboy (AKA Fritz Carleton) also put a spin on the records.

This 12-track remix album is stacked with talent and gives an already amazing album a fresh new sound. There’s something for every taste and vibe you’re going for. Flowers (Danny G Remix) and Time (Walker & Royce Remix) have to be my favorite. 


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The finalists to play the Output rooftop in NYC have been chosen – now it’s time to vote!

In less than one week, 3 artists will get to play on the Output rooftop alongside Mosie and Julius Jetson. The judges have narrowed it down to 7 artists, and you get to choose who plays! In alphabetical order, here are the finalists. Check out their tracks, and don’t forget to vote here. May the best artist win!  

Jackal Jyve

You can listen to Jackal Jyve’s latest mix here

Jake Simon

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Low Lite

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Michael Mason

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We talked to LAXX about his new music, Remix LP and influences from the UK and US music scene.

After the success of his LP Fake Friends, the Oxford, UK DJ and producer LAXX is back with another piece of music. Fake Friends (Remixes) is more than just a remix album – it’s rather a dancefloor attack full of star-power, and yes, it’s out via Never Say Die. We caught up with him to discuss the new release, his influences, and future plans. Your remix LP is finally out, and the story of Fake Friends now received its second chapter. Looking at both releases, to whom would you recommend the original one, and to who remixes?

LAXX: I think Fake Friends is much more of an experimental record with all different styles of on it, while the Remixed LP is an absolutely solid dancefloor assault. So both have got their time and place, but the original is more of a listening experience in places, and remixes take songs to the whole new levels of energy.

Fake Friends received really positive reviews, as well as reaction from fans. Have you heard any reactions for the Remix album so far, or it’s still so early?

Across the board, I haven’t heard anything other than pure love. We got some fresh talent and some established names involved, and everyone crushed it!

How did you first felt when you received the remixes?

Hearing the remixes as they came in, honestly, I was pretty blown away. Every single remixer SMASHED it to pieces. It’s nuts to hear sounds I made from scratch twisted and chopped into something completely different. I think my favorite part of it was every artist we got involved took each of the remixes somewhere unique.

In general, how does it feel to hear your music remixed by someone else for the first time?

It’s definitely strange at first. Each of the sounds I made/ used in the originals I handpicked and carefully made to fit the vibe so at first, it feels strange having someone else work with them.. but I can’t complain about a single thing, I’m so proud of what these guys did on the Remixed album!

For this release, you once again worked with Never Say Die Records. How motivating it is to be part of the family and to be surrounded by top talents when it comes to bass music?

Never Say Die is an incredible label. So much talent on the music, but the guys behind the scenes are just as talented and dedicated. It’s a family, from all over the world, and though intimidating with the likes of Habstrakt, Eptic, Trampa, Oddprophet, Megalodon, Zomboy, Must Die, Badklaat, to name a few… It’s a solid group of producers who make music they believe in and don’t follow short-lived trends. I still find it insane that I’m alongside these guys, but it’s massively inspiring and motivating.

You come from the UK, but it seems like you’re equally popular in the USA, if not even bigger. How would you explain that fact? Do you have any idea why your music is so well-received across the pond?

You know what, I was thinking about this the other day… I grew up hearing so much music from the US as a kid that I think it inspired me a lot. But as I got older, and got into dance music, it was mainly UK sounds, so I think my music is a blend of both. I listen to a lot of Grime, Bassline, and Garage which inspire my sound a lot and I think it comes out in my music in certain ways. I think I take elements from these and mix it with sounds I like from the US scene.. and people seem to like it!

So, I know the new material is still fresh, but I know many would like to know what you’re up to next. Do you have any new music coming up?

I’ve got a few cheeky bits and pieces dropping pretty soon… which you’ll hear soon enough! Fake Friends was massively liberating for me, being able to put all different styles out on the record felt like I was able to flex styles people wouldn’t have expected from me, and it feels like the doors have been opened honestly. I’ve never been one to follow the trends, and I’m going to continue to make music that speaks to me. As I grow and learn and evolve, my music does, too. Fake Friends is just the beginning…

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Hippie Sabotage are about to embark on their Lost California Tour, and we had the chance to smoke with them to discuss about their inspirations and more.

There are only a few musicians that you can look at and confirm their love as an artist versus the benefits financially. Especially the ones who like to carry the peace and love mentality that is obviously needed in today’s world. There are two talented brothers that work together making beats who are acutely passionate to be artists. Meet Kevin and Jeff Saurer also musically known as electronic and Hip-Hop producers Hippie Sabotage.

The duo has been working together for over ten years and shown no sign of quitting. Despite already leading an attractive hippie lifestyle, they have devotedly built an empire of dynamic music. Hippie Sabotage is best known for producing tracks that could be defined as instrumental music but has hard kicks of Hip-Hop and Trap. They started buzzing in the scene once their breakthrough remix “Stay High” by Tove Lo was issued. After a slew of releases, they’ve retrieved in a combination of other singles over millions of streams. In recent news, they just announced their Lost California Tour this fall, and we couldn’t be more excited. 

I can go on and on about their endeavors and image they portray, but we don’t know truly the facts unless we hear it from them. With a lot of laughs and giggles, I had a smoke session with the duo and discussed what their thoughts are on recent events in the industry and what’s behind their music. Enjoy!

First off, how was Hippie Sabotage formed?

K: It started when we were skateboard kids which is all we did. Then started making Youtube videos and we wanted to put music behind. So, our curiosity sparked on how we could make Hip-Hop beats. Anything that was related to that, we remained curious.

So, were you guys self-taught or did you go to school?

J: No, we didn’t take classes.

K: Jeff started making beats in middle school, and I watched him for years, and he even took guitar lessons but never went to them and so I just went to them instead.

How did you come up with the name Hippie Sabotage?

K: I had a lanier that had our dad’s initials and I always carried it around me. Those letters stayed with me in my mind, and after talking to each other, we came up with Hippie Sabotage. So, we rolled with it.

With over ten years of experience making music, seeing how much the music industry as involved and changed, how important is it to you guys to remain authentic to who you are and what you make?

K- For our fans, they just want to hear what our ideas are.

J- We don’t stress over about being ourselves. We love putting our ideas out there. The whole point of being an artist is being you and not trying to fit in.

It’s obvious you guys are doing well being who you are as an artist, I mean you’ve hit up a lot of the major cities in the US and now, have toured in different countries. What’s your experience been like traveling internationally?

J- The international shows are a lot smaller, so they’re intimate. It took us a couple of shows to adapt, but now we love those.

K- In the smaller shows, the energy is wilder. 

What have been some of your favorite places to perform?

K- Brock, London, and Ireland are fun.

J- Paris and London.

You started off as Hip-Hop producers, then merged into electronic, what encouraged you to make that transition?

K- There was a time that EDM wasn’t really a thing. We would tell people that we made beats and they wouldn’t know what we were talking about. Once we started getting into making music, we wanted to blend in what we liked already which is Hip-Hop and other influences like instrumental music. At a certain point, we wanted to have our own vision so we implemented the experimental element to it.

With that being said, what kind of inspiration exists behind your music?

J- It sounds corny, but just your feelings. It’s our outlet for what we have to say.

Then, when people see you perform or listen to your music, what do you hope they leave with?

K- First off, I hope they are having a great time and dance a whole lot. Also, maybe leave with a hope of the future.

J- We like to have an inspirational vibe in our shows.

When you first started off, social media wasn’t really huge, what was your alternative to expose yourself?

K- We were in Bandcamp.

J- More importantly, we were so focused on getting songs with people. We knew if we had this and this collaboration eventually it would lead somewhere.

With the recent events of artists opening up about being depressed or even leading to suicide, how are you guys able to manage the work-life balance to assure you have a healthy state of mind while being successful?

J- You have to find happiness without validation.

K- You gots to be happy within yourself and go from there. We are lucky that we look out for each other and our family does too. We are aware that there needs to be recovery time since we travel so much. Eating healthy and staying positive during the rough times.

J- Like he said, stay optimistic and have big goals.

To lighten up the mood some, do you guys have any hidden talents?

K- I can run the best democratic campaign right now.

J- Don’t get him started! (laughs)

K- I am ambidextrous. I can do things with my left hand and right hand.

What do you guys like to do when you’re not working?

J- We are working all the time, but it doesn’t feel like it’s working. We normally just chill and make music.

K- We wanted this, so it feels more like we have extra time to express our ideas.

What are some exciting news you can share with our readers?

K -We have two friends who are doing a California road trip to get us a bunch of artwork for our new songs we are working on. Once we feel like those tracks are good to rock n roll, we will put it out. 

With new show announcements just released, don’t miss your chance to see them live. Purchase passes here for their Lost California Tour.

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Volt & Memory Lapse team up for an out of this world release!

Coming hot off from his highly successful recent release “The Purge” Volt teams up with Memory Lapse to create their latest collaboration called “Cut Me.” A lot more of a slower temper than the traditional Volt sound but do not doubt for a second that his massive bass drops are absent from this track because they are not. The build-up for the track creates, and eerie beginning as if an abduction just took place. Each second is closer to what is about to go down next, and it is all simultaneously. Once the drop touches down on earth, then game over, and all hell breaks loose. Take a listen for yourself and get lost in space. 

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The 23rd edition of Nocturnal Wonderland, North America’s longest-running dance music festival, has concluded after two electrifying nights of music and art.

It has been about a week since headliners fell down the rabbit hole and entered Nocturnal Wonderland to celebrate the 23rd birthday of the event. Over 75,000 headliners from all around the world traveled to the largest blacklight party in all of Southern California. On September 14 and 15, headliners flooded to Glen Helen Regional Park located in San Bernardino, California for a weekend where humans were immersed into a land down under full of interactive art and music. Now just a heads up, this is being written from the perspective of where this was someone’s first time not only in California but first time attending an Insomniac event in California. So not only was there a different perspective on music festivals witnessed but the whole Californian rave culture was easily readable and presented during the weekend too. 

Photo Credit: Dustin Downing

Attending an Insomniac festival in California is a dream for several ravers because Insomniac Events was founded by Pasquale Rotella, who resides in California with his family and their headquarters are in Beverly Hills, California. This is their home state, and there indeed is no place like home. It is equivalent to attending a sporting event at the home state. The energy, noise, and overall experiences are like a night and day comparisons to an away game. Not to mention, that this is the 23rd anniversary of this festival so this is not Insomniac’s first rodeo with this event. 

The drive to any festival venue always plays a significant role in the build-up towards the arrival to the festival grounds. Taking sharp corners and driving into a valley was super visually appealing. I guess in a way this begins the trip down into Nocturnal Wonderland. It helps paint the picture of how the weekend is going to play because cell service gets lost the deeper you go. From afar, lights are easily spotted, and Nocturnal Wonderland flags are flying high to welcome all headliners. The parking and organization of where to go are extraordinarily orderly and structured.  

Photo Credit: Jason Adamchak

There is a little bit of walk to the venue. However, this is a great time to spark conversations with other headliners, appreciate an array of outfits and totems, and really enjoy the view that surrounds the grounds. Not to mention the long walks allows for the security and ID checkpoints to never get overcrowded because each day wait times were under around 15-20 minutes. The security checkpoints do offer strict searches and metal detectors, but it is a comforting feeling that Insomniac makes it clear that the safety of their guests is a top priority. It is better to be safe than sorry, and they have plenty of different lines to choose from which helps speeds along the process.

Waking up to the festival the sounds of creatures from Nocturnal Wonderland play distinctly in the background. It was like walking up to another dimension. The convenience of walking straight up to real bathrooms and a bar was super convenient. Nocturnal Wonderland welcomes headliners with a handful of performers and entertainers right before entering the forest walkway that leads everybody to the main festival grounds. 

Photo Credit: Keiki-Lani Knudsen

The festival grounds contained four unique, high-quality stage designs, a blacklit playground, and a wonderland full of the most loving crowd in all of California. Walking into the festival grounds brings a rush hopefully a little similar to when guests walk into the Las Vegas Motorspeedway. There is a spot on the top of the hill by the Sunken Garden where one can see a birds view of the whole festival, and it is a sight to behold. There was so much to see and do that it was difficult to choose where to start the journey for the weekend. There was no doubt in my head that seeing the main stage design came to mind first as well as the need to grab a photo in front of the famous ‘Nocturnal Wonderland’ sign came to a close second. 

Photo Credit: Ivan Meneses
Photo Credit: Scott Hutchinson

The famous Nocturnal Wonderland is iconic to this festival with its groovy colors and in a way is almost like the Hollywood sign of the festival. Its a great moment for any festival squad to come together for a family photo before everyone gets lost in wonderland. The wait to take the picture is not even horrible either most people are in and out within minutes and the Wolves’ Den, which is mainstage, provides the perfect soundtrack while waiting. The massive Wolves’ Den, towering at 60-feet and standing 141-feet wide, featured 81 pieces of pyro and eight lasers, sucked the crowd into another universe. 

Photo Credit: A headliner

BIJOU threw down such a grand welcoming set full of future bass and house music that really set the mood while the sun was still up. Then the list continues with SLUMBERJACK, ARMNHMR, and Habstrakt. Personally, the artists that were a huge surprise was ARMNHMR. Shifted from strong bass to feelsy in a matter of seconds. I usually tend to take breaks from the main stage, but truthfully there was not a moment that the main stage stopped popping off during day one. It was banger after banger including strong visuals for each dj. 

Theaward for best day one act without question goes towards Jai Wolf. The soft beat tracks set the perfect mood in the cold nighttime California air. The pyro light shows really came to life for his set. Illenium also premiered for the first time ever his Awake 2.0 show at Nocturnal Wonderland, which he is now touring to different cities to share. This was one heck of a live show, and it was beautiful seeing a full piano, drums, and guitar all come together along with the Illenium playing all at the same time unifying several sounds and symphonies to create one unforgettable experience. 

During Illenium’s set, the true colors of Californian ravers really shined. These ravers are the most beautiful individuals that walk this planet. The fact these people were okay with cutting in between them before an Illenium show says a lot about there character and shows that these people are just here for the love, music, and good vibes. Not to mention how careful these ravers rave. Hand fans all over and everyone is not afraid to share the wealth and fan one another. The feeling of all being equal is made clear, and it’s a great atmosphere. 

Festivalgoers also enjoyed an array of food and drank during their two-night visit to wonderland, choosing from a variety of fan-favorite vendors such as Dogtown Dogs, Fresh N Juicy, The Classic Taco and more. Campers could satisfy late-night hunger pangs with The Boba Truck and Rock N Roll Pizza, among others. The food that was offered to headliners was healthy and mouthwatering. Vegan dishes were also made available to guests. There were glow-in-the-dark tunnels, live mural painting, and psychedelic 3D art pieces that made the walk to the food and vendors enjoyable. 

Photo Credit: Scott Hutchinson

The first day was dedicated to music because of how great every artist on the main stage was. Its as if everybody’s feet were glued to the dancefloor because the dancing was never ending and the music just kept getting better. It felt good to dedicate a whole day just to being in the crowd and this was by choice because of how overwhelming the view from mainstage was along with the sets. The people of Nocturnal Wonderland indeed help intensify the want to stay at Wolves’ Den, and that is hard to find at music festivals these days. Plenty of room to float from space to space and it was never difficult to see people. There are even viewpoints where one can relax in the grass and still be a part of the main stage magic!

Photo Credit: Tony Nungaray

Nocturnal Wonderland is the best for several reasons, but honestly, the most refreshing one is that the festival doesn’t open until 5:00 p.m. PST and is open until 2:00 a.m. PST with of course silent discos in the campgrounds after the festival. Every festival should consider later start times because this allows guests never to be rushed in the mornings. The calmer the morning the less stress is formed, and everything feels natural. At times the thought of even attending massive rave went right out the window. This then causes more attendees to want to show up right at the start of the festival because everyone has been patiently waiting all day to rave and everyone is well rested. 

The second day quickly approached, the desire to fall down the rabbit hole consumed the bodies of everybody. Well rested, it was time to get ready for rave day. Since the first day was focused all around the music the second day was dedicated to exploring the festival grounds. This was the day where all the interactive art got to be played with and conversations with strangers that soon turned into family happened. 

Photo Credit: Jason Adamchak

BlackGummy and the Wolves’ Den is where the second day started, but then his music quickly painted a different path. It leads to the tents where all the blacklights were. It was there that the vision of the festival made itself known. This wasn’t just a music festival it was a music festival inside the most significant old school black light and LED rave in Southern California. The music was just another plus but to see everyone have paint and leave there mark was something. It was fitting seeing for once ravers get off their phones and interact with the environment. 

The path then led everyone to the Boombox Art Cart bringing in the real underground house vibes. Entertainers fully decked from head to toe with makeup flooded the ground and created a funny experience for all. If one looked close enough, they would have seen Mr. Rotella, and his daughter Rainbow and son Forest posted up in this area creating memories for themselves. This was a nice area to breathe and to take a sneak peek at what Camp EDC looks like in Las Vegas and has employees available to ask any questions about it. 

AC Slater then delivered an exact future bass set and really went back to his old deep house roots, and it was entertaining. Audien, of course, brought the tears and feels and Boombox Cartel brought the fire and massive bass drops. It was time to venture off again and finally check out the Labyrinth stage. A little of this stage was experienced during the first day for Liquid Stranger. The 48-feet big, 84-feet full Labyrinth stage included eight flame heads, six lasers, and showered headliners with 36 pounds of confetti. GUD VIBRATIONS hosted the stage the second day, and SLANDER and NGHTMRE brought The Atom. 

Photo Credit: Tony Nungaray

The Atom stage entirely moves and rotates from every angle and almosts mirroring the same concept at the nightclub in Las Vegas called Omnia. During their set, they stopped to announce that they would be turning GUD VIBRATIONS into a record label. They announced it for the first time at Nocturnal Wonderland because Southern California is where they first debuted The Atom, admitting they owed California this special announcement. Hairs from all over the body began to rise up, and goosebumps grew. 

It was at that moment in time history was being witnessed. A best friend then looks at me and says “California where dreams come true.” That was a quote that then stuck with me for the rest of the festival. That was the best GUD VIBRATIONS set ever to be played, and during their set, all of the nighttime creatures came out to play and flooded the stage. The vision of a Nocturnal Wonderland came together so quickly, and it was beautiful to see so many performers at every corner. It helps create that mood of enjoyment and fulfillment. 

The festival ended spending some quality time at the Sunken Garden with Lee Foss and MK who hypnotized the ears full of deep and tech house. The hill that leads to the stage shows a beautiful view of Nocturnal Wonderland. This is a place where one can take it all in and see the beautiful festival and San Bernardino. The Sunken Garden has a lighthouse and full of art that really adds character to this stage. It is gorgeous from top to bottom and creates the perfect house sanctuary for headliners. It is also slowly noting that Insomniac is now starting to add Desert Hearts acts to their events as one of my best friends was telling me. 

Photo Credit: Keiki-Lani Knudsen

Insomniac productions are genuinely meant for the experience. It is worth noting that all of the issues that were seen either on site or behind the scenes that were causing problems were automatically fixed the following day. When exiting out of the festival guests was handed water bottles and was helped with exiting the festival. They know how to keep it organized from beginning to end and really do care about the experience of each headliner. They are the only festival that still gets me to stay until the very end until the music and lights are all turned off, and that is quite hard to accomplish these days.

The California rave scene shows off to be the most laidback, easy going, most welcoming, and loving ravers ever. They care about raving safely and always have bandanas and fans on them. Rave culture is embedded into the state of California, and these individuals really do care about their scene, and it’s easily noticeable and contagious. There is room for only love and peace at Nocturnal Wonderland. 

Not to mention that the actual old school rave scene that was founded decades ago is still very much alive and present at this festival. It is clear that families and relationships were discovered because of this festival. Nocturnal Wonderland has had a chance to really mature and its made its mark on people. Some couples met at that festival and siblings passing down the tradition of taking their youngest siblings to their first rave live on. A lot of value and meaning stands behind Nocturnal Wonderland that its easily smelt through the air. 

My only two suggestions for this festival would be to expand it back to three days because there is so much to do and see that two days is just not enough. Three days gives the options to headliners to basically spend one day at each stage and really immerse into the magic of Nocturnal Wonderland. The other one is to move the water lines not in the middle of a significant walkway because it can become easily congested at times because of this maybe movie it behind where first aid was behind Wolve’s Den so while guests wait in line for water they can see the stage. 

There is so much history behind this festival that it fills the atmosphere instantly and it helps create the vibe and theme all weekend. Camping will for sure be the next journey and new experience next year. There is a special place for not only California but Nocturnal Wonderland in my heart and these memories will last a lifetime. Thank you to all of the medical professional, police, security, Insomniac, Ground Control, staff, and everyone else that help made this Nocturnal Wonderland possible. Of course, a huge thank you to Mr. Rotella for always putting the guests first and continuing to outshine yourself each year. You help keep the magic of the rave culture alive and well. Nocturnal Wonderland was genuinely remarkable. 

Photo Credit: Isra Ziade

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Vigel vs Cosmo & Skoro – Drums

Russian producer Vigel has teamed up with the Russian duo Cosmo & Skoro for new track ‘Drums’. Released through Armin van Buuren’s label Armind this track is full of energy. It begins with an adrenaline-boosting drum fill build-up before telling us to “Wait for the drums” at the drop.

This track is full of drum heavy builds, which is to expected from a song called ‘Drums’. But it still manages to keep things fresh and interesting. There isn’t a moment where it feels repetitive. It does this by adding variety to the drops. The most interesting part of the song is the middle where there are little to drums at all.

These three Russians are no strangers to Armada music, but this it the first time that they’ve collaborated on a track. In an Instagram post, Cosmo & Skoro revealed the collaboration. “…waiting for your support and of course comments, how cool Vigel turned out in this photo.”

The song is fun to listen to and will be even more fun to dance to. Hopefully there will be more collaborations from these three soon. Perhaps there is an epic Russian DJ battle in our future? We can only be so lucky.

Vigel vs Cosmo & Skoro – Drums

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In an episode on “Actually Me”, a show by GQMarshmello took to social media to surprise some of his fans by going undercover and responding to their questions. “Actually me” is a popular show where celebrities go on the internet and interact with their fans. In typical Marshmello fashion he did not speak throughout the video and instead had a computer talk for him. If you do want to hear what he actually sounds like you can watch one of his live sets; here he is performing at Ultra this past March.

Throughout the video, he answered various questions from fans. We now know he uses in-ear monitors inside his mask to hear his music during shows. Overall, he made quite a few jokes about how he is in fact a Marshmello. Because he is sugary gelatin he doesn’t get hot while wearing the mask for hours and was also born in your local grocery store.

He also talked about the music he produces. He defined his music genre as super bounce and how it gets influence from super future bass. Marshmello noted that he even used his own vocals on his single ‘Alone’, and it took him 4 hours to produce. Check out the full video below now!

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strobe machine

Ruben De Ronde X Rodg – Strobe Machine (Pacco & Rudy B Remix)

Ruben de Ronde and Rodg have been teaming up for a run of impressive releases. Their project continues to draw the ears of Croatian duo Pacco and Rudy B. With a progressive remix of de Ronde and Rodg’s ‘(L)’ under their belt, they are ready to take on ‘Strobe Machine’. Originally from the 2017 Ruben de Ronde X Rodg album Togetherr, this remix goes deep and progressive in the best way possible.

If there’s one thing you can expect from this release, it is an energy that never lets up. There is something soulful about the twist that Pacco and Rudy B deliver. With a weird techy element that spices up the soundscape, any listener can find something to pique their interest. Full of that driving energy the duo are known for, you’ll be moving your feet till the last note.

We’ve included a link below for you to check out Pacco and Rudy B’s latest remix. The continuous drive and intimate groove they create is exactly what ‘Strobe Machine’ needed. Give us some feedback and let us know where you think the Croatian progressive DJs should play next.

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Spotify, the worldwide music streaming entity, faces a huge lawsuit. A former sales executive, Hong Perez, has filed a lawsuit against Spotify. The suit also includes its US head of sales Brian Berner. The suit states both were in violation over gender-based discrimination, equal pay violation, and defamation.

In a public complaint filed with the Supreme Court Of The State of New York, Perez had been with the company for three years. “She received extremely positive reviews and performance feedback. Her region was one of the top performing regions for Spotify”. Perez was even hailed a hero by Spotify when she helped a co-worker who was suffering from a stroke.

The complaint alleges that during Hong’s time with Spotify, she “became increasingly concerned about Spotify’s culture with respect to its treatment of women”. This eventually culminated with Brian Berner allegedly terminating her on false grounds. The document goes on, giving examples of this gender-based discrimination. Below is an excerpt from the complaint.

Spotify LawsuitThere are much more allegations throughout the document. One example describes a male employee getting promoted after a complaint cited him for sexual harassment. Another states that the Head of Human Resources thought it was “appropriate to tell an all-hands meeting that his favorite curse word is ‘c#nt’”.

In a statement given to Variety, Spotify said “We do not tolerate discrimination of any kind at any level. While we cannot comment on the specific details of a pending litigation, these claims are without merit.”

Looks like Spotify finds itself in a sticky situation. Stay tuned for more updates as this case goes on.

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San Diego‘s beloved CRSSD Festival will return in a little over two weeks time. For this, we could not be more excited. We will once again see CRSSD Festival return to downtown San Diego. The two day event will be held at the Waterfront Park, and will run from September 29-30. Just as with the last CRSSD Fest, the lineup runs deep. It will be featuring equal amounts of HouseTechno, and Live Electronic Music.

On the house side of things, we can all plan on seeing names such Anti-Up (which consists of Chris Lake & Chris Lorenzo), Dusky, and AC Slater. When it comes to techno, Veteran DJs such as John Digweed, Pig & Dan, and Nina Kraviz have got us covered. As far as the live acts go, the roster is amazing. You can expect to see marquee acts such as Bob Moses, Flight Facilities, and Duke Dumont. You can also count on seeing Chicago-based Louis The Child, as they are this year’s Special Guest.

These are indeed some of the biggest names in both electronica and the underground. It should be remembered, however, that there is still a whole lineup full of artists’ waiting to be heard. This is where CRSSD Festival’s Official Spotify Playlist comes into play. Featuring music from over 50+ CRSSD Artist of both the past and present, you get your pick of over 120+ tracks.  With a playlist like this, you are more than prepared for the show to come.

You can check out the Official Spotify Playlist here, or stream it below. Tickets for the event can be purchased herebut act fast as they are nearly sold out.

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“I wonder what would happen if you gave an octopus MDMA?” A bizarre question to some, however Gül Dölen, a neuroscientist from the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine posed the question, experimented with this idea alongside colleagues and found ‘unbelievable’ results.

When people take MDMA, commonly also known as molly or ecstasy, people report feelings of euphoria. They also find themselves more specifically interested in physically touching things and/or others. Dölen wondered if the drug would have similar effects on animals that it does on humans.

Octopuses are known for their intelligence. They have the ability to unscrew jars to get to a food source and have also been able to navigate mazes. However, octopuses are very antisocial and very rarely do they interact with one another without aggression.

Seven octopuses received MDMA inside laboratory tanks. The octopuses then ingested the MDMA through their gills. Dölen hoped that her experiment would show them whether the drug would enable the animal to behave more socially. In turn, it would show them that the drug wound into the octopuses serotonin transporters.

The researcher then moved the octopuses to a tank that had three different rooms to choose from. One central room, one containing a male octopus, and another that held within it a toy. Before the octopuses received the MDMA, they all avoided the male octopus. However, after their dose of the drug, they spent more time in the room with the male octopus. The reports say that they also reached out and touched the octopus in what was deemed as “non-aggressive manner”.

Reports said that the octopuses “acted like they took ecstasy”. At first, when they had ingested too much of the drug their breathing became erratic and they turned white. However, on a lower dose, one octopus appeared to be “doing water ballet”, swimming around the tank with tentacles outstretched. Another seemed specifically interested in small smells and sounds. Another spent part of the experiment doing flips around the tank.

From this reaction, the scientists took that despite the huge differences between the brains of an octopus and a human, social behavior came naturally built into our DNA.

Dölen said that the findings of this study may open doors to for more accurate studies on the impact of psychiatric drug therapies in a variety of animals that are distantly related to people. She added that the study of psychedelics and other recreational drugs is no longer deemed to be a “risque topic”.

Dölen explained:

“I hope that this is one of the studies that pushes us in that direction and it’s not one of those weird things that only ravers know anything about”

For more information regarding the study, check out the links below.


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Spotify is leveling up with this new upload feature for artists.

Spotify is stepping up their game by announcing their latest artist friendly feature. Rather than the headache of going through a label, independent artists will have the freedom to upload their music straight to the platform. This will eliminate the third party fees that smaller artists have to go through to get their music on the streaming service. Goodbye Tunecore. 

Similar to SoundCloud, artists can upload their music, artwork and add additional information. The only difference is that the music won’t be available immediately, the artist will have to pick a release date.

As of right now, you have to be invited to the program but we have a feeling that won’t last very long. They are in the early testing stages of the feature but hope to make this available to all artists as soon as possible. 

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Brockhampton has released their highly anticipated album “Iridescence”.

The wait is over. The Brockhampton crew has finally dropped their new project “Iridescence”. The boys have been cooking up this work of art for a while now, promoting it for many months. They have birthed 15 colorful tracks that were well worth the wait. 

 Kevin Abstract:

“Not tryna lead anyone on or anything i just want us to keep making stuff we’re proud of and put it out when we’re ready i mean it from the bottom of my heart when i say thank you for your patience. iridescence,” 

Jam out to it in its entirety here:

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The underground scene is thriving so hard right now!

Nothing feels better than hearing about and seeing promising acts & labels come up and some recent names that strike us are JOOL & Whales. You must have heard about Whales who previously used to go by his moniker “Sex Whales,” and has been releasing some really crazy tunes for a while! Now, even though JOOL hasn’t been around much, but one thing we can assure you about is he’s here for a long haul! To give a backstory about JOOL, he the artist that can say “Yeah, my first release was on Never Say Die: Black Label,” not only that he recently released his second Black Label tune named “Sivad” and an official remix of Signal by LAXX. Sounds exciting, right?

Now, seems like these acts have joined forces together with Odio Records to bring us a hard-hitting banger named Giza. “A collaboration amongst the middle east” is the best way to describe this tune. The track starts with a super cinematic feel with that classic middle eastern vibe and is layered with a trap beat. The tune slowly progresses towards the drop but still maintains the vibe and keeps the listener in suspense before the hell breaks loose! Listen to Giza below:

Whales & JOOL have done a phenomenal job in not only innovating but also in maintaining a proper vibe. We can’t get enough of this tune. Follow Whales, JOOL & Odio Records on their socials to stay updated with their future projects!

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The ghost with the most returns.

Ghastly fans can’t get enough, and he’s well aware of that. The young talent already blew us away in 2018 with his debut album, The Mystifying Oracle which included features from massives names like Crankdat, Barely Alive, and Dr. Fresch. He also stunned us all with his stellar remix of Latroit and BISHØP‘s “Loving Every Minute.” Giving us no time to breathe, he’s already unleashed new heat for us to jam to.

His latest instalment, “This Song Scares People”, is a goosebump-giving banger that’s truly out of this world. The chilling intro prepares listeners for what’s to come, as his signature sound is paired with diabolical synths and an unforgiving drop that’ll blow up any dancefloor. This one hits hard, check it out:

Undoubtedly, Ghastly will continue to impress fans with each new release. Catch him on the second round of his Mystifying Oracle Tour with support from ARMNHMR, Dion Timmer, Tynan, Kompany, and more. Find your tickets here.

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SLANDER is back with another heater!

SLANDER has established themselves as one of the most talented and groundbreaking producer-duos, consistently releasing a wide variety of tunes that never disappoint. Most recently, they’ve collaborated with Crankdat and Asking Alexandria for “Kneel Before Me” and with Juliana Chahayed on “So Long.” Now, they’ve teamed up with up-and-coming duo RIOT for a brand new heater via Monstercat.

“You Don’t Even Know Me” packs a powerful punch. The tune starts out with a melodic, vocal-led intro accompanied by an emotional drop and quickly moves into a heavy dubstep banger. Watch out for this one, as it’ll send you on a feels trip then straight into neck-breaking action. Listen below:

While this is their 9th release in 2018 alone, SLANDER is far from done dropping new hits. This is the first tune off of their new EP, so expect a few more slaps in the coming months. Catch them on their Headbangers Ball Tour this fall with support from WAVEDASH, Tsoki, Eprom, and a handful of others. You can snag your tickets here.

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“No matter how you look at it, Berlin has techno and techno has Berlin.”

This is one of many striking lines in the documentary ‘Sound of Berlin’ that came out earlier this year. The hour-long feature is a love letter to electronic music and the German city.

It begins before the fall of the Berlin Wall, diving deep into how techno music really got its start—as a way to feel connected to each other as well as how to feel free during such an intense time in history. “You were in a room and you danced. Everyone was equal in front of the music,” explains Alexander Krüger.

It uses minimal narration, relying on interviews as well as historical and modern photographs and video to drive the narrative. Because it uses this firsthand account of storytelling, the interview pool is quite vast. It too spans the course of history, not only gathering insight from the people who started it all, but also the people who are in the scene now. Those featured include Juan Atkins, Dr. MotteDimitri Hegemann (founder of Berlin mainstay Tresor), Marc Houle, Monolink, Pan-Pot, Mathias Kaden, Nela, Alexander Krüger, Ekaterina and FreedomB.

The soundtrack for the documentary was made by Marc Houle and does a fantastic job in keeping the pace and setting the mood. This, coupled with the cinematography and the focus of different flashing light sources around Berlin, mimics the atmosphere of being at a techno show.

Though the documentary aired back in May 2018, it was an Apple Music exclusive. Good news, though: it is now free to stream on YouTube, and is definitely worth a watch.

Check it out below.

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Florida’s biggest and best Halloween festival just dropped its daily lineups and we’re getting psyched. Wynwood Fear Factory is entering its third year and it’s coming with some big changes. This year the party moves indoors to the Mana Wynwood warehouse location and it moves to Fri and Saturday nights the weekend before Halloween. Even better? The party goes from 8pm to 3am both nights!

Now we have the daily lineups and you can catch Blackgummy, Getter, Deorro, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, and Galantis on Friday. On Saturday you’ll get brohug, Keys N Krates, Fisher, Duke Dumont, and RL Grime to close it all out. Head on over to their site and grab your 2-day or 1-day tickets before they’re gone!

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Knife Party Presents: Knifecast Episode 1

The first ever Knife Party podcast is here! It is called Knifecast with evermore episodes to follow we hope. The Australian duo comprised of Rob Swire and Gareth McGrillen have slowly been building hype this year. Their latest development is the launch of a new radio show/podcast. Today, the first episode streamed live.

It is a mix between talking and playing music, as they say in the start of the video. With so many artists making podcasts of music, the pair decided to add some comedy, real life talk, and smashing hits to theirs. The show includes discussions about movies, music, sound bits, travel, food and many other topics as well. They want this to be a place where artists can come and talk about literally anything–such wholesome guys.

Wrapping up the show, the guys dropped an absolutely bonkers new single. It’s a special dubstep track, the first for them in a while. The new ID begins with a voice talking, and explains the story of Lost Lands. Building up the beat, the track drops as the words “eat a** at the rave” chime in. It goes into a prehistoric sounding breakdown then takes you back into the jungle with its buildup. For anyone that has listened to the entire podcast and reached the end, get ready for this dirty surprise that closes it. Much like their LRAD track, this one started off as a parody but will likely become hugely popular anyway.

We enjoyed listening to their playful banter and hope that more episodes will be just like this. Their accents make everything that much better. Fans are already taking to the show quite well as shown on their Youtube Channel as well as Reddit.

Enjoy the first episode below! Show them some support–it’s a great one, we assure you.

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Don’t sleep on the opportunity to level up your Imagine Festival ticket to VIP.

Do you ever regret not getting VIP and you end up getting stuck with GA at a festival? Imagine being able to painlessly upgrade to exclusive lounges, bars, and express entry. Well, if you are attending Imagine Music Festival this weekend, it is not too late to level up your experience.

Imagine Music Festival is coming up this weekend and they are offering an insane package. If you upgrade to VIP, you will experience:

  • Exclusive VIP Bars
  • VIP Lounges with seating and private stage viewing
  • VIP Cabanas (More info below!)
  • Exclusive Trailer Restrooms with Air Conditioning
  • Express Entry into Festival

I was sold at “Exclusive VIP Bars”. You can upgrade your festival ticket AND/OR camping to the glam life. 

Also, before you don’t get lost in the imagination, check out the official festival grounds map. 

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Moguai & Raumakustik have given this famous speech a new home in the world of dance music.

The famous speech from “The Great Dictator” is one of the most well-known speeches known to date. Charlie Chaplain’s famous words inspired many when the film came out in 1940. Now, Moguai & Raumakustik have given this famous speech a new home in the world of dance music. Both acts from Germany, Moguai & Raumakustik, wanted to bring an inspirational message in troublesome political times. 

The track mixes a classic yet relevant sample with fresh beats and a remarkable groove. The Greatest Speech will be rocking dancefloors worldwide, and send an inspirational message to music lovers, clubgoers and festival attendees for years to come. 

Check out the track here:

Follow Moguai:

Follow Raumakustik:

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This uplifting tune is a great way to wrap up your summer and to chill out with on your last nights out on the beach or the rooftop terrace.

Dannic, the well known Dutch DJ/producer, is back with another track on Spinnin’ Records. This uplifting tune is a great way to wrap up your summer and to chill out with on your last nights out on the beach or the rooftop terrace. 

“I’m so pleased to be releasing on Spinnin’ once more, this time with ‘Tenderlove’! It’s been making such a splash in my sets everywhere from Tomorrowland to Parookaville and I’m excited to see how my fans react in Asia to this one, later on this month – big house vibes with a classic-sounding, colossal vocal, I hope you all enjoy!” Dannic

Wether melodies or groovy rhythms are your thing, this track will make you move and capture a little bit of your heart. Check out the track here now! 

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