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The podcast where we interview top DJs and EDM producers and ask them how they make their music, how they achieved success, and tips to help you become better producers, musicians, and marketers yourselves! All genres of electronic music are covered. Learn their most secret production tips, as well as hear their advice that will help you succeed in the electronic music world!

House Music debuts in Chicago (1986)

Billboard just crowned Chicago as The #1 Greatest Dance Music City of All Time! House music’s hometown gave the world trailblazing artists (Frankie Knuckles, Marshall Jefferson, Ron Hardy), legendary venues (The Warehouse, Power Plant, Muzic Box) and a genre that remains the backbone of modern dance music.

Who We Are

Each episode of CHI-EDM showcases real EDM interviews. A podcast like you’ve never heard before! Dylan and Luis ask the questions you wanna know to the industry’s top trendsetters.  Chicago Dance Radio Hosts Luis 2 Live & Dylan take you to the epicenter of EDM.

Our Mission

To design CREATIVE content that entertains, informs and inspires. At CHI-EDM we want to produce a podcast like you’ve never heard before. Our goal is to make every episode better than the last. We want to distribute innovative audio products that will stay relevant in tomorrow’s world.

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About the Hosts

Dylan Rudisill

Host / Director of Operations

It was nineteen-ninety something and a preteen Dylan has just returned from Radio Shack with a microphone and a plan. He’s going to start his own radio station with that mic and some old vinyl records. Flamboyantly flying up the stairs to his bedroom he threw open the windows propped up his stereo speakers and created “Sun 101” for the entire neighborhood to hear. Over the next several years local radio DJ’s began referring to him as “that kid again.” Regular calls were replaced with hand written letters for positions that didn’t yet exist. By middle school his persistence had landed him an internship at Clear Channel in Northeast Ohio, where he quickly learned the ins and outs of a radio station. Soon thereafter, he became a full-time on-air DJ ruling the afternoon airwaves during his high school years. However, the world beyond Ohio beckoned and he answered. Dylan traveled to several different cities including Erie, Pennsylvania, Mobile, Alabama, and Madison, Wisconsin. But It was during a weekend trip to Chicago that Dylan got a taste of the city’s bright lights and exciting nightlife. Life quickly changed when he took over as host of Chicago’s Dance Factory Radio. Dylan maintained the only dance music show in Chicago, simulcast weeknights on three FM frequencies, and he appeared weekly at the hottest Chicago clubs hosting live concerts with international singers and DJ’s for nearly five years. The chance to become a Program Director and Morning Show Host led to Dylan saying a heartfelt goodbye to Chicago, but it wasn’t for long. After a few years Dylan was offered a chance to return to the Windy City and this time he’s staying for good.

Luis 2 Live Lopez

Host / Product Manager

Luis “2-Live” Lopez was born and raised on the North side of Chicago. It started really young for Lopez, early it was evident that this kid would be involved in the entertainment business in some way, shape or form. At five years old he was performing skits in the basement, for everyone in the neighborhood, listening to radio stations trying to imitate the disc jockeys, he was fascinated with the thought of being a performer. As he got older, Luis was introduced to a whole new level of entertainment. The meaning of performer would take a twist. We are talking about the DJ. This combined the 2 things he loves most, performing and music. At the age of 13, Luis bought some cheap turntables and started working on beat mixing and scratching. From that point on he started buying records and finally got 1200s at the age of 15. Luis primarily played old school House up until the late 80’s. When techno came around, he started mixing Hip Hop, which eventually landed him a spot doing weekly mixes on a local college radio station. Eventually he ended up attending the college, which opened the doors for Luis to actually get involved in the radio aspect of things. He started doing on-air shifts and finally moved up to music director and handling the weekly dance mix show every Friday night on WCRX 88.1FM. then later he was hired at 92 Kiss FM, and went on to DJ and Host on Chicago’s Premiere 24-7 Dance Station “Energy 927 & 5” Currently he hosts weekends on Chicago’s Dance Factory Radio on WCPT.

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