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Every single day, the majority of us wake up and immediately check our phones. Every single day, we study the lives of others – and often become jealous at the life in which others are able to live compared to our own. We’re often caught up in the beauty of a model at a fashion event, or a travel influencer in the jungles of the Amazon Rainforest, or simply just friends on vacation. 

But whatever the reason is, social media can also provide a beautiful escape from our daily lives, and often become inspired to achieve something. For example, you could see somebody paddle boarding through Florida, and decide that you want to explore the world – instead of staying indoors being unproductive.

I spoke to Enlarge Your World, a large instagram account, about the impacts that social media can have on society. 

“Sometimes i hear people talk about social media and they hate it. They say to people that social media is unreal. I agree with that a bit: some things are real and some aren’t. But try to remember that only the best of the best pictures and videos will be shared. The so-called influencers also have also a normal life. 

And of course you don’t have to believe everything on social media, just a bit but try to remember that it also brings so much more value to our lives”.

What you have to remember is that in real-life, many people show a facade. For example, you could be meeting up with friends and claim that your life is perfect (when in reality it isn’t). People have attached an unfair stigma to documenting our lives on social media. Instead, it should be embraced. Just be aware that what you see on social media is often not the whole story. 

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Trio play to their strengths on new single

Ekali and SLUMBERJACK have shared their new collab, “Helios”, out today on OWSLA/Atlantic/Big Beat.

This track showcases the sound we know and love from both Ekali and SLUMBERJACK with experimental melodies and heavy drums. 

 “Helios” is the first track off Ekali’s forthcoming debut EP with more new music coming very soon. He’s also heading on a headline tour this Fall, with full tour dates and support acts to be announced shortly.

The track is dark, grimy, and eclectic. Ekali and SLUMBERJACK take the listener on a rollercoaster of peaceful piano and guitar riffs straight into machine gun mania.  

Definitely worth a listen: 

EKALI {Photo Credit: Bryan Van Wyk}
SLUMBERJACK {Photo Credit: Cina Nguyen}

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People of Tomorrow: The countdown has reached to an end, for today, Tomorrowland opens up the door and welcomes all of us in the magical kingdom of The Story Of Planaxis.The infrastructure for this year’s edition has gone above and beyond expectations. As anticipated last month, the Main Stage has gone through a complete renovation, and we can now say that the final result is nothing short of breathtaking. Following the concept of the life under the sea, a enormous seahorse and huge seashells are a big part of the decoration. The big screens recreating an aquarium are perfectly synchronized, and every single detail has been definitely taken care of. Artists like Carl Cox, Paul Kalkbrenner, Vini Vici, Above & Beyond and Martin Garrix will have the chance to entertain us from this impressive spot, among many others. Without further ado, have a look at these incredible pictures below:

Check out Tomorrowland's Epic New Main Stage 

Check out Tomorrowland's Epic New Main Stage 

Check out Tomorrowland's Epic New Main StageAs if all this wasn’t already enough, Tomorrowland’s newest stage ‘Atmosphere‘ is also something worth experiencing. With thousands of LED lights covering the interior of this huge dancehall, we hope this stage is here to stay. Below you can see the Atmosphere stage and the new 360 Amicorum stage which borrows the carousel from the 2017 mainstage.

Tomorrowland has already started and all of us can only think of being there. Follow the live streaming on Tomorrowland’s official website.

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Related image

We have recently reported that Skrillex has been busy creating some magic in the studio with Wuki; however, it seems as though the electronic dance music superstar has been juggling some other soon-to-be incredible projects, despite his months of silence. Yultron has recently shared that he had an almost spiritual awakening during his most recent visit with the American producer – check out why below.

The ‘Bangarang‘ legend is well-known for down-to-earth attitude and approachable vibes. It seems as though his army of dedicated followers aren’t the only ones that took notice as even his musical colleagues can’t praise his charming characteristics enough.

Los Angeles–born, Vegas–satelliting Yultron, has recently taken to his social media channels in order to confirm that new Skrillex music is on its way, not to mention how much he truly adores him as a person and musician. He stated,

[…] the new music is bout to change the game again, like he always does.

The ‘Love Inside‘ artist continued by praising the EDM legend by declaring how he looks up to him like a God.

Check out the full statement below:

We sure love our Skrilly too – we are pleased to see that he is still making such a big impact on others to this day; more importantly, we are counting down the days (even though there aren’t any confirmed dates) until we can finally hear the “inspiring” tracks.

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Here are our top 5 artist recommendations to check out at Global Dance Festival.

The 2018 festival season is in full swing. This year there is more talent than ever before being booked at events. Some talent is new and some talent is making their festival comeback. Lineups can get overwhelming at times but lucky for you we are here to help shuffle you in the right direction.

1.) Deadmau5 – Friday – 9:45 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. #SummitStage

The mau5 has been on a festival binge this season. He has been playing festivals all over the states and hard at work on new music. For instance, he was booked at Spring Awakening Music Festival in Chicago and just finished playing closing out night one at Paradiso Festival in Washington. Both of these performances he brought the cube. Now there has been no talk about what kind of stage he will bring for Global but looking at his previous record it might possibly be the cube. Deadmau5 just released a whole new album with a brand new track so expect new music to be dropped during his set.

2.) Adventure Club – Saturday – 10:00 to 11:00 p.m. #NorthenLightsStage

Adventure Club is a duo that always promises to bring the heat no matter where they are playing and to whom they are playing for. It seems like this festival season they are showing up on more lineups than normal and we cannot help but to wonder why that is? Maybe it has to do with the recent release of their new Superheroes Anonymous 9: Survival as the next volume in the series. It has been nearly three years since the last volume was uploaded and it was worth the wait. These two close out the festival so make sure to attend this set.

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3.) ATLiens – Friday – 8:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. #NorthenLightsStage

These two masked individuals let their music do the talking for them. They are so talented that they do not even have to show their faces to get the crowd going. ATLiens are currently on The Invasion Tour’ and it’s making a pit stop in Colorado just for Global. These two are on the rise so don’t sleep on them. Check out our interview with them from EDC Las Vegas down below.

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4.) Future – Friday – 8:30 p.m. to 9:15 p.m. #SummitStage

It has not even been a full two weeks since Future’s latest mixtape ‘BEASTMODE 2’ has been out and it already has become the highest streaming only release on Billboard 200, according to Hypebeast. So far the mixtape has been streamed over 73.5 million times. This leaves room for some major recognition for Future and without a doubt should be on your schedule for Global.

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5.) Illenium B2B Said The Sky – Saturday – 5:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. #SummitStage

We saved the best for last. It wouldn’t be a festival without a feelsy, jaw-dropping, emotional B2B right? Global has you covered with this B2B. This was a surprise addition to the festival lineup a couple weeks back and fans were thrilled. Illenium already does one heck of a job when it’s just him but add in another artist there and its game over. Just take a look at his Coachella performance from this year.

Connect with Global Dance Festival:

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“Bazzi – Beautiful (Staygold Remix)”

We have something very special today for’s ‘Remix Of The Week‘ series, and it’s something we’re extremely excited about — Staygold‘s official remix of Bazzi’s hit song, “Beautiful”. Although this official remix of Bazzi marks Staygold’s first foray into the live electronic space, this is by no means an amateur outfit!

It’s very possible that you haven’t yet heard of Staygold, but that’s sure to change in the near future.

Made up of two GRAMMY-nominated songwriter/producers, Staygold is a creative force to be reckoned with. Influenced by a wide variety of styles ranging from Hip-Hop and RnB, to pop and electronic music, Staygold leverages their considerable musical chops to create something unique, exciting, and completely unexpected.

Staygold makes excellent use of vintage sounding samples, reminiscent of early Kanye & DJ Premier, and combines them with a modern sound-design akin to productions like those of Louis the Child, Snakehips, and Griz.

If you enjoy Staygold’s remix of “Beautiful,” you should definitely stay tuned for their first original body of work, “PHASES“, a series of original records slated for release before the end of the year. The group is one we’ll certainly be keeping a close eye on! 

Follow Staygold:

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Enrique Inglesias & Pitbull – Move To Miami (Nitti Gritti Remix)

DJ/producer Nitti Gritti is quickly making his way to the top. With his effortless talent to remix tracks into something new and refreshing, produce with some of the best artists in the game, and play live sets with an electric energy, NG is nothing short of impressive.

Right on the brink of summer, NG was in the studio cooking something up with fellow DJ/producer Wuki for Enrique Inglesias and Pitbull. The two EDM talents produced the hit track ‘Move To Miami‘ for the A-listers. Since it’s release, it has been a quintessential summer track this year and played on radio stations across the country. Now, we have a remix from none other than Nitti Gritti himself.

The new take on the latin infused pop track is a club-ready banger that takes the best aspects from the original and turns them up a few notches. The danceable beat and fast buildups make for a fun song that everyone can get on with. Listen below!

Enrique Inglesias & Pitbull – Move To Miami (Nitti Gritti Remix)

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Streaming giant Spotify just announced a new feature where artists, labels, managers, and partners can submit unreleased music directly to Spotify’s editorial team for playlist consideration.

Given that 75,000 artists are featured on editorial playlists each week and another 150,000 on Discover Weekly, it is safe to say that this feature plays a big role in artist exposer and influence on Spotify’s massive user base.

The issue of omitting artists from the streaming services’ playlist feature, brought up via record labels, is nothing new. Generated by algorithms or chosen by employees, many artists have found astounding success after being featured in curated playlists with millions of followers.

Nick Holmsten, Vice President of Content & Global Head of Shows & Editorial, Spotify follows those very complaints with this statement: “The number one question we get from labels, artists, and their teams is: who do I speak to to get on Rap Caviar, Hot Country, ¡Viva Latino!, Ultimate Indie or other Spotify playlists? We’ve listened to feedback from the creative community, and developed a new feature that enables them to easily submit unreleased music for playlist consideration to our entire worldwide team of playlist editors.”

The party who is submitting directly to Spotify’s editorial team has the chance to take apart the song and mention anything noteworthy or of importance i.e. genre, mood, instrumentals, lyrical meaning etc.

“Everyone, whether you’re an artist, label, manager or part of an artist’s team, can try out this feature. Simply log into your Spotify for Artists account or, if you work at a label, head over to Spotify Analytics. There, you’ll have the option of selecting one unreleased song for playlist consideration and submitting it to our team.”

It seems pretty easy to do and opens up new doors to so many more artists. This feature is an equalizer of sorts, giving everyone a fair chance at getting into a high profile playlist.

“We want to make something crystal clear: no one can pay to be added to one of Spotify’s editorial playlists. Our editors pick tracks with listeners in mind. They make these decisions using data about what’s resonating most with their community of listeners.”

The feature is still in the early stages and we will hopefully get some more information soon. Until then, get your notepads ready and start prepping for what could be a huge milestone for artists everywhere.

H/T: Billboard
H/T: Spotify

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The Prodigy – Need Some1

Known as one the pioneers of electronic dance (more specifically the big beat genre), The Prodigy have been influencing the genre’s landscape since the early 1990s. They’ve even been compared to The Chemical Brothers and Fatboy Slim because of their alternative and hardcore sound. Band member Liam Howlett states they own the “Evil Rave” sound and after selling 30 million records with multiple honors, they’ve certainly carved out a niche of their own.  So far, they’ve racked up 6 studio albums over the course of three decades, but now the trio is now preparing to enter their next chapter. To continue their domination, they bring us their newest single ‘Need Some1′ AND the announcement of their forthcoming album No Tourists.

‘Need Some1’ is intense, aggressive and edgy. Its got an element of techno, house and rock that’ll keep you raging for hours. By combining the old dance music sound with the new, The Prodigy brings us something we need to hear. The track even borrows a classic soulful vocal from Loleatta Holloway to add an extra layer of “umph” to the already hardcore track. In addition, the sample is an ode to where the band members’s sound originated from.

‘Need Some1’ is just giving us a hint of what will be on The Prodigy’s full length album No Tourists. Set to debut November 2, the album will be full of tracks that are built to be played live.

On speaking of the album Liam stated,

“This album is equally aggressive as the last records – but in a different way. To us, ‘No Tourists’ is ultimately about escapism and the want and need to be derailed. Don’t be a tourist – there is always more danger and excitement to be found if you stray from the set path.”

A video, that is equally as violent and edgy accompanies the single’s release. The trio is coming back in full force with their new music, giving us all the more reason to listen to them. Watch and give ‘Need Some1’ a play below.

The Prodigy – Need Some1

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This weekend, over 200.000 music lovers will dance off their feet at one of the 17 stages at the first part of Tomorrowland 2018, with some special performances in store.

During the weekend, 4 out of the 17 stages will be broadcasted via, in order to show the fans at home what is happening at the festival’s biggest stages. Besides that, we will have you covered with a daily update about what happened and what to look at for at [arguably] the most popular festival in the world. To start this series of updates, we will take a look at Friday’s schedule.

2017 Mainstage

Diversity on the Mainstage 
Where Tomorrowland’s mainstage was usually dominated by the more mainstream acts, the first Friday has some pleasant surprises in store for us. The madness will kick off with a daybreak session from the legend Carl Cox, which quite surprisingly will be his only set at the festival. In addition to Carl Cox, Techno will also be represented by Joris Voorn in the Mainstage’s evening. Another surprise will be the performance of Vini Vici, who brought their Psy-trance genre to the more mainstream music lovers. This more or less started with their collaboration with Armin van Buuren and continued through tracks with W&W and DV & LM. It will be interesting to see whether they keep going with their own 140 bpm flow, or adjust a bit to the Mainstage crowd and acts around them. This because Vini Vici will be followed by Bonzai All Stars feat. Airwave, from which a more old-school Progressive Trance sound can be expected. With the start of Netsky in the evening, the Mainstage line-up slowly goes mainstream on Friday since it will then present Hardwell, Axwell / Ingrosso and Steve Aoki to finish the night.

2017 Freedom Stage

The other live-streamed stages 
Similar to the previous edition, Tomorrowland is broadcasting 4 out of the 17 stages for the entire weekend. Besides the Mainstage, it includes the huge inside Freedom stage that will be hosted by Tiësto’s Musical Freedom label on Friday. Besides a two hour performance from the legend himself, Oliver Heldens, Don Diablo and others will guarantee you a good time. In case you seek a slightly more emotional experience, make sure to pay a visit at the Anjunabeats stage that is hosted by Above & Beyond. They have opened the doors of their label’s office and released their finest acts like Gabriel & Dresden, Andrew Bayer, Grum, and Ilan Bluestone.  

2017 Garden of Madness 

The forth streaming channel is surprisingly not the Drumcode stage, with acts like Ida Engberg, Richie Hawtin, and [obviously] Adam Beyer. Instead, Tomorrowland is going with performances from Chuckie, Black Coffee and Lil Pump from the Organ of Harmony stage. The other stages that won’t be streamed also include an infinite number of awesome acts. But when you are not that fortuned to witness it live, make sure to tune in to the Tomorrowland 2018 live stream for Friday’s diverse program. 

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Wide-Eyed and Mouth-Gaped after listening to this debut album

Now, this is how you release a debut LP. Said The Sky is blowing us away with his first full-length album “Wide-Eyed” out today via Seeking Blue Records.

Having started the journey towards this career landmark courtesy of singles ‘Over Getting Over You’ alongside Matthew Koma and ‘Superstar’ alongside Dabin and Linn, Said The Sky (real name Trevor Christensen) leaves no stone unturned for his first album project. Accompanied by a nationwide tour covering the entire country, WIDE-EYED represents a serious step into the spotlight from the rising star. 

The 15-track offering is a testament to the four-year journey that has taken Said The Sky to the level of artistry he shows us today. 

  1. He starts off with a beautiful piano intro with Just Our Lullaby that sets the listener up for what is going to be a roller coaster of vibes.
  2. Next up we have Just Us ft. Yuppycult, a bright yet sultry vocal future bass track that has just the amount of pop.
  3. Show & Tell ft. Claire Ridgely is sassy, boppy, with empowering vocals.
  4. Affection ft. Jack Newsome and Origami gives me full Odesza vibes (my greatest compliment) 5 stars!
  5. Beautiful feat Diamond Eyes is soulful with that big room drop. I could see this being played at any festival main stage. 
  6. Pray For Me ft. Origami has been out on the scene for a bit and fits into this album like a glove. It’s a heavier, darker tone than the rest which is a cool change up to mix in. Getting trap vibes. 
  7. Mixed Signals with StayLoose ft. Kyle Reynolds is summery and could fit in the mainstream scene but the funky flare brings it some edge.
  8. Hold Me Closer is a solemnly beautiful interlude that showcases his guitar and piano skills that have brought him to where he is now. 
  9. All I Got also starts slow and melodic but opens to an airy powerful drop that wakes you right back up. 
  10. Faded is giving me straight emo vibes, middle school me is getting down to this. And then with build up and drop show the listener how talented his production skills truly are. I dare you not to nod your head to.
  11. Erase Me is straight ethereal.  
  12. Change Your Mind ft. Vancouver Sleep Clinic is euphoric. 
  13. Over Getting You ft. Matthew Koma, the song that has brought him some of the most attention gives off great big room vibes. 
  14. Superstar with Dabin and Lim seems mainstream but with the interesting moving basslines that switch things up. 
  15. Finally, Never Gone is another angelic track with a powerful drop that culminates the album perfectly and shows that this man is an EDM powerhouse. 

Reflecting on the journey to his debut LP, Trevor explains: ‘This LP turned out as the story of falling in and out of love. The first half of the album kind of portrays the feelings you have when you first meet somebody and are falling madly in love, while the second half represents the feelings you can go through after everything falls apart. This wasn’t a conscious decision from the beginning. I decided to create the whole album when I realized I was sitting on quite a few tunes that could live in the same world and could be part of the same story.’ 

His music is truly an experience and if you get the opportunity, check him out live while on tour: 


7/21 – Denver @ Global Dance Festival (B2B w/ Illenium)

8/4 – Hawaii @ The Republik

8/11 – Baltimore @ Moonrise Music Festival

8/17 – Tampa @ Ritz

8/18 – Orlando @ Glit

8/24 – Dallas @ Lizard Lounge

8/25 – Austin @ Vulcan

8/29 – Denver @ Red Rocks (supporting Illenium)

8/30 – Omaha @ Sokol Underground

8/31 – New Orleans @ Republic NOLA

9/1 – New York @ Electric Zoo Music Festival

9/7 – Grand Rapids @ The Stache

9/8 – Minneapolis @ Skyway Theatre

9/9 – Kansas City @ Dancefestopia Music Festival

9/14 – Albuquerque @ El Rey

9/15 – San Bernardino @ Nocturnal Wonderland

9/16 – Thornville [OH] @ Lost Lands Music Festival

9/20 – Buffalo @ Rec Room

9/21 – Toronto @ Velvet Underground

9/22 – Montreal @ Belmont

9/29 – Phoenix @ Goldrush Music Festival

10/4 – Reno @ The Blue Bird

10/5 – Berkeley @ Cornerstone

10/6 – San Diego @ Bassmnt

10/13 – Atlanta @ Terminal West

10/18 – Vancouver @ MIA

10/19 – Edmonton @ Chvrch Of John

10/20 – Calgary @ Hifi Club





Deorro x MAKJ x Quintino- Knockout

In today’s modern age of EDM, we seldom talk about big-room bangers anymore. Sure, big-room DJ’s still dominate the industry, but single tracks aren’t widely revered like they once were. However, when you get three big name DJ’s to collab together on a festival-ready track, it’s most certainly worth covering. That’s what we have today, folks. Melbourne bounce phenom Deorro joined forces with MAKJ and ‘Epic’ maestro Quintino for a new floor rocker called ‘Knockout’.

‘Knockout’ sure sounds like it’ll do just that. This track gives us flashbacks to 2013, which was an era of absolute bangers in EDM. “Hands Up” are the words that build you up into the first of two drops. The drop has that classic Melbourne bounce sound with MAKJ’s chopped synths. At the breakdown, you hear Quintino’s sound bridge into an almost rock ‘n roll melody. The track builds up again and drops into that monster bounce-infused bass line.

For those of you who still love that big-room sound and want to go crazy, ‘Knockout’ is the track for you. You can buy and stream it everywhere today and listen to it below.

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Elixir Records Presents: “Julien Earle ‒ The Ones”

Right on the heels of a series of excellent official remixes for major acts like Martin Garrix, Dua Lipa, and Crash Land, Julien Earle brings us a phenomenal summer anthem entitled “The Ones”.

With the backing of Elixir Records and Tenacity Records, Julien Earle is poised to make serious waves with his newest single.

I made this track while streaming on Twitch and after I came up with the chord progression I knew I had to take it further so I got the vocals and the rest wrote itself.” – Julien Earle

Infusing deep house elements with summery, tropical vibes, “The Ones” is an infectious, upbeat, and poppy electronic anthem that is a great fit for both the dance-floor and commercial listening.

Take a listen to “The Ones”, and be sure to keep your eyes and ears open for more great music from Julien Earle.

Julien Earle:

Elixir Records:

Tenacity Recods:

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feel baout you

Silk City feat. Mapei- Feel About You

The smooth stylings of Silk City are back. The side project of Diplo and Mark Ronson has done nothing but impress since kicking off the project earlier this year. Their first track, ‘Only Can Get Better’, was a massive success and today, they have their follow up track. Their new track is called ‘Feel About You’ featuring the vocals of Mapei.

‘Feel About You’ is just as smooth- if not smoother- than ‘Only Can Get Better’. The track kicks off with a downtempo melody and light synths to set the vibe. Mapei’s soft vocals come in, carrying you through to the first bass line. The bass kick is a perfect blend of mellow and vibrant sounds. It’s not too deep yet not too crazy. The legato tempo captures the exact essence of who Silk City are. The name definitely fits the production.

Check out Silk City’s new track ‘Feel About You’ with Mapei below.

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Nick Catchdubs – All Night feat. Mattie Safer (ZOI Remix)

Nick Catchdubs continues to recruit friends and producers for remixes of his house hit, “All Night“. The remix is the latest flip from Fool’s Gold, as both Trippy Turtle and Japanese producer Masayoshi Iimori have both given their versions of the New York based DJ’s song. 

ZOI brings a dense and chunky house cut of “All Night” as the track now carries a more hard-hitting vibe. Locking in on heavy percussions and slapping synths, the producer spotlights Mattie Safer’s glitchy vocals. As Zoi takes big bass sounds into a dark soundscape, we can’t wait to hear what other remixes are in the works.

Nick Catchdubs – All Night feat. Mattie Safer (ZOI Remix)

Stay tuned for more and be sure to groove with Nick Catchdubs during his set at Fool’s Gold Day Off in NY August 11th. Tickets here.

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Hayden James today released the official video for his summer hit “Just Friends feat. Boy Matthews“. The video matches James’ sunny tones and uplifting compositions, taking viewers on a couple’s romantic ride through Los Angeles. Aptly matching the song, the video follows a similar storyline–– depicting a bit of an unclear scenario between two lovers or friends.

“Just Friends”, Hayden James and Future Classic’s most recent offering, was an instant hit, crushing streaming stats and garnering over 20 million streams in over two months.

Watch the video below, and keep an eye out for more Hayden James soon.

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New US Senate Proposal Would Send Emergency Alerts Through Netflix, Spotify, and More

In a bill introduced by Senators Brian Schatz and John Thune, the US Senate is now focusing emergency alert message right to the new age source – streaming portals for video and audio. Following the footsteps of the ALERT Act from February 2018, the READI Act would target streaming platforms such as Netflix, Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon Music, and many more.

This act comes in response to the Hawaii ballistic missile false alarm that had millions shook. This episode was deemed user error and the employee who sent the false message was immediately fired. The alert sent to Hawaii cell users in January 2018 was frightening:

This appears to be a new age bill that attempts to relay important alerts to a younger demographic. Most TV and music consumers no longer have cable or a proper radio. If you were listening to Above & Beyond on Spotify, this bill ensures you would still receive the message.

The main goal is efficiency combined with the broadest population reach. In a study released by Nielsen Music in 2017, Americans hit play on 184 billion songs in 2017. Combine that with Netflix’s staggering increase, and one could argue the bill carries some serious weight.

The timeline on the proposal is currently undisclosed. Here are some highlights of the READI Act:

The READI Act would:

  • Ensure more people receive emergency alerts by eliminating the option to opt out of receiving certain federal alerts, including missile alerts, on mobile phones;
  • Require active alerts issued by the President or FEMA to be repeated. Currently, alerts on TV or radio may only be played once;
  • Explore establishing a system to offer emergency alerts to audio and video online streaming services, such as Netflix and Spotify;
  • Encourage State Emergency Communications Committees to periodically review and update their State Emergency Alert System Plans, which are often out of date;
  • Compel FEMA to create best practices for state, tribal, and local governments to use for issuing alerts, avoiding false alerts, and retracting false alerts if they occur, as well as for alert origination training and plans for officials to contact each other and federal officials during emergencies; and
  • Establish a reporting system for false alerts so the FCC can track when they occur and examine their causes.

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In the third episode of Musical Freedom Focus, our attention is shifted towards Oliver Heldens. Musical Freedom Focus is an interview series stemming from Tiësto‘s very own record label. Using this platform, Tiësto has been able to host interviews of a handful of artists. Although few in number, the other in-depth interviews include Jauz and Brohug.

The interview takes place around the windy city’s streets with Oliver where he discusses his ‘groovy and energetic’ sound. Furthermore, he welcomes collaboration with artists from other genres. It may follow that the next “Gecko” might be heard on the radio.

Speaking of the song that reverberated through the entire EDM community, Mr. Heldens confesses that he created the song while traveling on a holiday. ‘Gecko’ has spawned countless remixes from a range of diverse artists. When the inspiration hits, you just have to run with it. Heldens also touches on Heldeep Radio and how it uplifts artists who he likes, and is proud to help make an imprint on the community.

Shoutout to Tiësto for allowing a beautifully shot, yet intimate interview via Musical Freedom Focus. Below you can find the link to the series.

“I definitely try to make music for myself. And it also doesn’t have to be in one specific direction. I would also love to collaborate with more people outside our world. I love to produce music and I also love DJ’ing, I love curating music.”

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Spontaneity and synchronicity: the two main ideas behind techno maven Richie Hawtin’s interactive show, CLOSE. Standing between two tables with computers, a mixing console and Ableton on one side, and a keyboard and modular synthesizer on the other, Hawtin explains his interactive setup in a new video. “A hybrid of analog and digital”, Richie refers to it as. The point of CLOSE is to create an immersive experience for the audience, positioning the tables in an open stance so that Richie’s movement is viewable to the audience.

“When I start a show, I have one or two songs that I load into the computer, I have nothing in the machine to play. It’s about me experimenting in front of you, seeing where I can take this.”

As if this concept isn’t innovative enough, during the show cameras are placed all around the CLOSE setup, catching Richie’s hands and movement. In the background, abstract visuals of Hawtin playing are then displayed on a screen behind him. You can catch a sample of what that looks like below.

Richie debuted CLOSE at Coachella last year, and again at Movement earlier this year. His next CLOSE tour dates are overseas, but we hope he brings this immersive experience stateside soon.

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Louis Futon is 26 years young and at the top of his game.

Louis Futon ended his Fall On Me tour with a bang, selling out The Teragram Ballroom in Los Angeles, California. The show was filled with high energy, vibrant lights, and insane instruments. When Louis Futon steps on stage, you feel the music flowing through his veins. Even off stage, that energy transcends through his music production and social media presence. With an oversaturated electronic music market, Louis Futon is a breath of fresh air. He pushes the boundaries of his sounds, bringing in soul, R&B, hip-hop, and jazz to the table. His live set included an amazing trumpet player who goes by Ariel Shrumpet on Instagram. His addition to the tour took the show to another level of artistry.

Louis Futon is not a stranger to the music world. In 2015, he released “Wasted On You” with ODESZA’s record label Foreign Family, amassing millions of streams. Since then, he has been producing feel-good music, touring across the country, and creating sensational beat challenges with his friends. He’s doing pretty well if you ask me.

We sat down with Tyler (Louis Futon) before his Los Angeles show to talk about his upbringing, creativity, and some deep pizza thoughts. 

EDM: How did you and Foreign Family first come together. What’s was the process to land the official release of “Wasted on You” with them?

Louis Futon: Ah, I actually forget. I really don’t know because it was right at the beginning of Foreign Family when we started talking and they said “Hey we got this label, it would be sick if you put out a song” and I said “How about this one?” and then they said they loved it. They might have reached out to us or we might have reached out to them I’m not sure. That’s a terrible answer. (laughs)

EDM: Your show tonight is with Brownies and Lemonade. How did you first get introduced to the LA crew?

Louis Futon: 

Well, it’s funny, we were having brownies and lemonade… Nah I’m just kidding. I met Kush (B&L member) awhile back, we met at Hard Summer 2 years ago and said “we should do something together” and then it never happened for another 2 years. But it finally did happen! And here we are. 

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EDM: So you live in LA, what’s your best and least favorite part about the city?

Louis Futon: My favorite part is the smog and my least favorite part is the ocean… I’m more of a smog guy. 

EDM: We absolutely love your beat challenges they are so entertaining to watch. What made you think of the beat challenge?

Futon: So I did this one for J Dilla’s death and I did a step by step to honor him and it did pretty well and then my managers were like “we should turn this into a thing”  and I said “nah it won’t do well” and they said “yea lets try to ask people what they would want you to flip and then just flip it” and then I agreed and it just blew up. 

EDM: It seems like it comes so naturally for you.

Futon: That’s my process it comes so naturally to me because I don’t think twice about it that’s how I make music but it’s actually insightful because it’s really that easy. It’s kinda intimidating for other people who want to get into music where people don’t know the process and how it’s that simple. It’s more about the energy and flow of producing rather than the technicalities of it. 

EDM: You seem like you have a lot of musically woke friends. Did you always have musically inclined people in your life growing up? 

Futon: I did, I was in and out of bands my whole life. I picked up drums and guitar and I was in and out of so many bands that definitely helped shaped my music taste and pushed me further. I used to write all of our old stuff with all my friends. I was getting in raps when I was in 6th grade. And for electronic music, its hard to say, maybe my friend right here way back when introduced me to Skrillex. I really like hip-hop too so I try to blend those two, and I’m always changing now, it’s completely different from when I started 3 years ago. I never know where I wanna take my music, I just take it day by day. 

EDM: There has been a big wave of changes with electronic music. Its reached mainstream channels and has been saturated with a lot of similar sounds. You are so good at standing out from the rest. What is the scariest part of the industry for you right now?

Futon: Scared? I’m not scared of anything. 

EDM: Can we expect an album or an EP in the near future?

Futon: I have a couple of songs coming out with a few friends and then a single and…. then I can’t tell you. That’s it.

EDM: Last question, if you could be a pizza what kind would you be?

Futon: That’s a tough question. Easy answer veggie pizza. Hard answer… well, smashed yams to put as a sauce, chopped up zucchini, preheat to 375 degrees add some pepper, then some pineapple. That doesn’t mean I would eat that pizza but if I were a pizza that’s what I would be if that makes sense. 

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ODESZA announced they won’t be playing Red Rocks but hinted at a possible Foreign Family music festival!

The event we’ve always wanted might be happening next year. Reddit has been speculating at a possible Foreign Family music festival next year. ODESZA has been playing the iconic Red Rocks for 4 years now and has announced their 2019 break from the venue. 

BUT, they are saying they have something BIG in store for us. Earlier in the year, the electronic duo hinted at a Foreign Family festival in a Redditt AMA. Now the rumors are circulating this will be the next surprise for 2019. They are pretty unstoppable at this point, we definitely see this happening. Foreign Family had their first stage at Electric Forest last year and now they are ready to level up.

The pair has yet to play at the legendary Gorge Amphitheatre and fans are hoping the festival will be held there. Wherever it may be, I’m there!

The Foreign Family crew consists of Jai Wolf, Chet Porter, Rufus Du Sol, Kasbo and many more dynamic artists. 

Where do you want the Foreign Family festival gang at? 

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In 2018 the melodic progressive sounds of EDM in the 2012-2014 period are coming back in the sounds of many artists. Perhaps its a bit of nostalgia or a realization that future bass pop is boring, but we love it. With Hardwell making his first return to Tomorrowland since 2015, he has something special in store.

Hardwell took to social media to let fans know that he has been working on a follow up to “Apollo“, one of his most beloved tracks. Hardwell said the emotional power of the track really resonates with him, and he made another track that similarly tugs at those emotions. Best of all, he is going to premiere this new track on the Tomorrowland Planaxis mainstage. Tune in tomorrow for catch all the action!

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In My Last Life album out August 24

Washington DC native Andrew Bayer returns with his latest full-length release ‘In My Last Life’, previewed by the new single ‘Your Eyes’ alongside impassioned Norwegian vocalist Ane Brun.

This time around, we are seeing a reinvention for Bayer. He is taking a slight turn from his classic dreamy electronic sound, to a more psychedelic synth-pop vibe that will garner a more diverse appeal in the process. 

Teaming up with the instantly identifiable vocals from Norwegian singer-songwriter Ane Brun (the first of three collaborations from his new studio album), the pair aim to deliver a more euphoric and enticing sound, standing apart from the current radio club format.

‘Your Eyes’ will feature on the forthcoming album ‘In My Last Life’ set for release on August the 24th.


6/23/18 – Digital Dreams, Toronto, ON

7/14/18 – Cityfest, Prague, Czech Republic

7/20/18 – Tomorrowland, Boom, Belgium

810/18 – Ile Soniq, Montreal, QC

8/17/18 – Das Energi, Salt Lake City, UT

9/2/18 – Electric Zoo, New York, NY

9/29/18 – AsiaWorld-Expo (ABGT300), Hong Kong

10/06/18 – Orlando – Gilt

10/13/18 – Minneapolis – Rev Ultra Lounge

10/20/18 – Chicago – Sound Bar

11/9/18 – Washington, D.C – Soundcheck

11/10/18 – Austin – Vulcan

11/23/18 – Houston – Spire

11/24/18 – Dallas – Lizard Lounge

11/30/18 – Denver – Church Nightclub

12/1/18 – Phoenix – Monarch Theatre

12/6/18 – San Francisco – 1015 Folsom

12/7/18 – Los Angeles – Exchange

12/8/18 – Calgary – The Palace

12/13/18 – Seattle – Foundation

12/14/18 – Vancouver – Celebrities

12/15/18 – Portland – 45 East










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‘3AM’ is when the magic happens

Last week we heard the release of Baauer, AJ Tracey & Jae Stephens new summer hit ‘3AM‘, now we get the music video to accompany it. 

This moody, smooth beat pairs perfectly with the afrobeat vocals and r&b vibes. In the official video directed by Peter Marsden (LuckyMe) we see AJ Tracey and Jae Stephens ride a 1960’s yellow cab through New York via the old Hollywood trick of rolling backdrop projections and lighting.

This is Baauer’s first single since his acclaimed debut album surprised critics in 2016, proving once and for all, there was more to Harrison Rodrigues than his viral sensation ‘Harlem Shake‘. After the success of his song with Alunageorge and Rae Sremmurd-“One Touch“-and working with Jay Z, A$AP Rocky, Future & Pusha T, there should be no doubt in anyone’s mind Baauer is a force to be reckoned with. 

‘3AM’ is out on LuckyMe Records now: 

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Doomsday is a festival-ready anthem.

This song has festival written all over it. Australian powerhouse vocalist VASSY is back at it with the help of award-winning producer, Lodato on latest track “Doomsday” out now via Sony Red x KMV, an imprint spearheaded by VASSY herself.

If that doesn’t impress you enough, her discography includes a cornucopia of chart-topping collaborative hits with some of dance music’s most prolific acts including Tiesto, David Guetta, Afrojack, KSHMR, and more. Lodato is not one to shy over as well. He was just named “Remixer of the Year” in 2017 by DJ Times

The heavenly vocals and progressive chorus give this track everything it needs to be a staple in sets throughout the year. 

The inspiration for the track was drawn from her mantra of inspiring fans to break through all obstacles that are thrown in their way: “I wanted to create a dark and moody anthemic ballad about facing our inner demons. To inspire listeners to get through the struggle whatever it is. You’re standing on the edge for dear life, but you’re finding a way to keep going.”-VASSY

Check it out for yourself here: 

Stay up to date with everything VASSY by following her socials for news about her latest releases, upcoming tour dates and much more.













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