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SiriusXM just acquired Pandora for a large chunk of money.

The satellite radio company, SiriusXM, just bought Pandora for $3.5 billion. Sirius has agreed to maintain Pandora’s platform, as well as their 70 million monthly listeners. Sounds like one hell of a deal.

Back in June 2017, SiriusXM invested a portion of their money to Pandora, hinting they would eventually buy the platform. This will be the radio company’s first full streaming service that they have ever owned. 

For the past few years, Pandora has struggled against competitors like Apple Music and Spotify. The preference algorithm Pandora possessed could not live up to the customized style and control of opposing services. 

We are excited to see where SiriusXM takes Pandora for the coming years. 

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First released on the Playstation 2 in 2002, the original Kingdom Hearts was an immediate hit. The action-roleplaying video game series united two seemingly disparate worlds: Disney and Final Fantasy. Over the past 16 years, Kingdom Hearts has spanned 12 original titles released on almost every major video game platform. The latest installment, which is only the 3rd numbered entry, is set to drop on January 29, 2019. While anticipation for the game has reached peak levels, dance music fans have one more reason to get excited: Skrillex is lending a hand with Kingdom Hearts 3’s opening theme song.


Per ASCAP, the game’s opening theme song will be written by Utada Hikaru, Skrillex, and Poo Bear. This is especially noteworthy as the series’ music has always been a highpoint for fans. Utada Hikaru performed “Simple & Clean,” for the original game and that track is beloved by video gamers and even had some mainstream appeal. Titled “Face My Fears,” Kingdom Hearts 3’s opening theme song has just ensured anticipation for this Xbox One and PS4 title will reach a fever pitch. Also, in a bit of foreshadowing, Skrillex posted a photo from the series to Instagram in 2016 indicating he was a fan of the games.


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Twitch has been removed from Apple’s Chinese app store.

One of the most popular game-streaming services, Twitch, has disappeared from China’s local apple store. Since Thursday, the app was removed and no one has a clue why.

Twitch is known for allowing users to play and watch games, bringing people together around the world. It was suddenly shut off in China following user complaints about connection issues. Twitch confirmed to Vice that they are no longer providing their services in China. Apple has yet to respond to the removal. 

China is known for having strict regulations toward Western online services. The government has less control over the content which they find threatening. Facebook and Twitter have been banned from China as well. 

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DRUU & Holly T – Just You & I

After a series of successful single releases, New York City based producer DRUU ends the summer on a high note by releasing ‘Just You & I’ with Holly T. DRUU’s uplifting vibes and Holly T’s beautiful vocals come together perfectly in this incredible Tropical House track. From start to finish, the track is filled with the sounds of ambient percussion, ocean waves, and bright dance keys that take your mind to another place. It’s a perfect way to chill, relax, or zone out from work. The inspiring lyrics written by Jason Standard and Holly T talk about breaking away and chasing dreams together. The song makes you feel like anything is possible.

Since its release, ‘Just You & I’ has been very well received. The song quickly found its way on the notable Spotify playlists Friday Cratediggers and Dance Rising (formerly Fresh Electronic) that feature dance tracks on the come up. With all this new attention, we can’t wait to hear what these two come out with next. You can check out ‘Just You & I’ out everywhere now!

Be sure to listen to the track below!

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Quix Giving Up

Quix – Giving Up (feat. Jaden Michaels)

New Zealand producer Quix has been on top of the trap game this year. With releases like ‘Fatality‘ & ‘LAMBO’, it’s easy to see how. But now he’s changing things up and giving us a bit of a different offering with his latest track, ‘Giving Up‘.

Featuring Jaden Michaels‘ silvery vocals, Quix gives us not a trap heater but a beautifully melodic bass piece. While it’s not his usual cup of tea, he crushes it just like any of his other productions. And if you were missing that classic Quix sound don’t worry. The second drop is that hard trap drop that we all have come to know and love from him.

Quix is also about to embark on his fall Illusions Tour, so grab your tickets here and be sure to check him out at a show near you.

Quix – Giving Up (feat. Jaden Michaels)

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Khamsin Plastic Dreams feat. Kidswaste

Khamsin – Plastic Dreams (feat. Kidswaste)

If gorgeous melodies and laid-back beats are your thing then French producer Khamsin is definitely someone you should be listening to. While known for popular remixes for the likes of Zhu, Petit Biscuit, and Mura Masa, he’s spent the past year releasing original tracks even better than his remixes. And now he’s teaming up with fellow Frenchman and close friend Kidswaste to release his latest single ‘Plastic Dreams‘.

With the help of Kidswaste’s lovely guitar & vocals Khamsin creates an absolute gem of a dance-pop track that surely demands more than just one listen.

‘Plastic Dreams’ is the first of a series of singles called Reminiscence that Khamsin will be releasing over the next few months. So if you liked what you heard then get ready for some more great tunes. In the meantime, give the track a listen and be sure to grab your own copy in the link below.

Khamsin – Plastic Dreams (feat. Kidswaste) | Download

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Yeah Monday sucks, but right as you drag yourself out of work your Monday is being made much better thanks to Ultra. On the eve of tickets going back on sale for Ultra 2019, Ultra Music Festival is releasing the 2018 Aftermovie.

As per usual with Ultra aftermovies it starts off with plenty of awesome footage of excited partypeople in line and DJs arriving to the festival. At slightly over 14 minutes long it keeps the excitement and hype going without venturing into monotony. Of course the soundtrack featured 2018 smash hits “Your Mind” along with “Losing It“, because how could it not? Perhaps it is also fitting that the movie closes with Arty’s “Tim” which is a tribute to Avicii. Of course the end also features a highlight of the epic Swedish House Mafia reunion, featuring some amazing footage of the show.

You can catch the full Aftermovie above and check our event review here. Registration is over and tickets go on sale tomorrow at 1pm EST.

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By Wade Payne

Drew Taggart Opens Up

In an honest and emotional Instagram post, Drew Taggart of The Chainsmokers, opens up about his struggles with depression. In the post, he comments on how the music he’s been releasing lately has been much darker in tone. He says that these songs are what’s helped him begin to feel better.

“i didn’t begin to feel better until i began putting my feelings into my songs. this explains the sudden dark introspective turn the chainsmokers music took earlier this year…”

It is very clear to anyone who has been listening to The Chainsmokers for a while that the songs that have been released this year, most notably ‘Sick Boy’ and ‘Everybody Hates Me’ are much heavier both in sound and theme. These are in stark contrast to the songs released in 2017 for their album ‘Memories…Do Not Open’.

“Maybe this isn’t the chainsmokers you all wanted and that’s ok, but it’s what we needed to create to grow…” Taggart adds. And it appears that it’s helping. Their newest single ‘This Feeling’ is a hopeful song about following your heart. It’s a song that you almost would’ve expected from the “old Chainsmokers”. But it’s not without its own dark undertones. With the cutesy-morbid animated music video, it seems to be a happy mix of both worlds.

It makes sense that it would be this hybrid, as Taggart adds that this song was the first that he wrote after coming down from his depressive state. It’s hard to shake away all the shreds of darkness after being in it for so long, but it seems like he’s slowly but surely getting there.

He says that “Mentally i’m in a good place right now.” which is a relief to hear. Depression is no joke. He ends his post by saying “I hope y’all enjoy this one.” Knowing the story behind the song, and the struggles that he went through before finishing it, makes it that much more enjoyable.

It’s good to hear that you’re doing better, Drew. And here’s hoping that continues to be the case.


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songwriting is my therapy. i dealt with depression for what most would call the height of the chainsmokers career thus far. you’d think that an artist getting their first massive break and seeing success in a career they love would have no problems, but that’s the funny thing about depression. it’s doesn’t matter what you’ve accomplished because it attacks how you feel about it. your resumé won’t save you. i didn’t begin to feel better until i began putting my feelings into my songs. this explains the sudden dark introspective turn the chainsmokers music took earlier this year with the release of songs like “sick boy” and “everybody hates me” etc. maybe this isn’t the chainsmokers you all wanted and that’s ok, but it’s what we needed to create to grow. that chapter isn’t closed by any means but i do feel like i’ve gotten something off my chest, i’m not hiding my feelings behind a smile when i don’t feel like it anymore. “This Feeling” is the first song i wrote when i came out of my depressed state for the first time. it’s a song about following your heart even when people don’t believe in you. mentally i’m in a good place right now. i’m in love with my friends and family and thank god everyday that i get to write songs for a living. i hope y’all enjoy this one.

A post shared by mountain drew (@drewtaggart) on Sep 19, 2018 at 4:18pm PDT

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Out now on Monstercat Uncaged Vol. 6

Sam Dobkin, better known as Trivecta, is a dance music producer and songwriter from Tampa, FL. Today he is back with a new single, “Axis“. He’s stylistically known for creating melodic trance, dubstep, bass, and drumstep music. With “Axis” he brings us a great blend of these light and hard stylings. 

The melodic dubstep track opens with a beautiful lengthy build into heart-pounding bass. He notes “For this one I tried to come up with a new unique way of combining trancey breakdowns with heavy dubstep drops. Super inspired by playing a lot more live shows.” You can hear the live aspect of the track. I think would kill it that space. 

2017 was a breakout year for Trivecta, hopping on tours with Illenium, Seven Lions, Tritonal, and Kill The Noise, as well as getting support from the likes of Don Diablo, The Chainsmokers, Arty, Gareth Emery, and Tom Swoon to name a few. Expect to see more of Trivecta this year. In the words of Trivecta himself, we’ll see more “live shows, much more material than last year, more visuals, an EP, and some more special things that will ultimately make this all into a much bigger experience than ever before.”

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SoundCloud: @trivectamusic

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For its landmark edition, BEMF will host events at some of the borough’s top venues including award-winning nightclub OUTPUT, Avant Gardner, Good Room, House of Yes, and a few non-traditional Brooklyn spaces between October 3-6.

What started on a Brooklyn dance floor in 2009, is now all set to host its 10th edition! Brooklyn Electronic Music Festival (BEMF) is back and ready to kick off a big one, the 10ath edition of the festival this October! Committed to showcasing some of the best genre-bending DJs and live electronic acts with an emphasis placed on celebrating the artists who are perseverant enough to call Brooklyn home, BEMF has spent a decade now painstakingly curating and showcasing both local New York talent and world-renowned dance music acts. 

Making its triumphant return October 3-6 2018 for its milestone 10th edition, the festival will run for four nights across some of Brooklyn’s finest venues bringing some of the finest music in tow. The festival has announced its full lineup as well as welcoming Nina Kraviz, Motor City Drum Ensemble, Mount Kimbie, DJ Hell, Breakbot and more top electronic artists from the borough and around the world.

Spanning across nine venues in the hippest Brooklyn neighborhoods of Bushwick, Gowanus, Greenpoint and Williamsburg, venues will include award-winning nightclub OUTPUT, the two indoor industrial event areas the Great Hall and the Kings Hall at Avant Gardner, versatile performance space House of Yes, H0L0, and a few non-traditional Brooklyn spaces. Once again, the festival will offer a range of programming and talks during the day to complement the nighttime offerings.

Brooklyn Electronic Music Festival 2018 – Full Lineup

Speaking about the evolution of the festival from its humble beginnings in 2009 and how it’s grown to date, founder of BEMF, Jen Lyon said, 

“From DIY beginnings to now occurring at major venues, this independent festival continues to expand the conversation of music and our cultural experiences in Brooklyn. We hope to always continue to push the envelope and support the artists of Brooklyn.” 

Spanning over four days and nights, and nine venues around Brooklyn! The details regarding the BEMF programming break down can be found on the festivals official site,

The festival recognises and acknowledges the increasingly difficult costs associated with living in Brooklyn, both for artists and music lovers alike, and living up to the festival’s inherent responsibility in sustaining the thriving nightlife community in New York, BEMF is again offering a limited number of passes which guarantee access to everything the festival has to offer for a deeply reduced price. While most of these tickets might now already be sold out, limited tickets are still on sale and can be found on Ticketfly. 

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Online “Festival” Takes Place Inside Minecraft Server

So in case you were confused by the #coalchella on September 23, you aren’t alone. The virtual “festival” called Coalchella took place inside Minecraft servers at the Mesa Biome level. In case you don’t know what Minecraft is, think Lego meets The Sims. Online DJs played for the virtual network crowd, and to our knowledge, is one of the first of it’s kind. You can visit Minecraft’s server here later to see uploads of photos and other items.

With the recent emergence of eSports as a viable career, this was only a matter of time. Insomniac and other festival conglomerates have become so popular that the virtual sector appeared untapped. “Silent discos” also have been coming on strong in recent years, and this appears to be the evolution.

Some very creative and dedicated online gamer-folks put the event together. Multiple stages, online DJs, free admission, and no travel plans – what more could you want?

While details are still emerging, the event created quite a buzz on Twitter and social media. You can follow the Coalchella Reddit thread right here. Here are some of the highlights we were able to track down.

Checkout the teaser for Coalchella below, and get your Minecraft accounts created for the next one. What a time to be alive.

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seven days one week yotto remixB.B.E.- Seven Days and One Week (Yotto Remix)

Harking back to the golden days of 90’s Euro-pop dance music, Finnish DJ Yotto is breathing a new life onto the trance classic, “Seven Days and One Week”. The song will surely bring back waves of nostalgia for early trance music listeners.

First released in 1996 by French-Italian duo B.B.E., “Seven Days and One Week” epitomizes the sounds of dream trance. This early subgenre focuses on light, catchy melodies overlaid on top of deep repetitive beats, and is a precursor of house music.

The original song, with its addictive beats and soothing melodies, became a worldwide hit, reaching number three in United Kingdom and Germany.

Yotto’s version is just as addictive. He slows it down a bit from the Euro-pop original and adds a deep house spin to the song, making it more soulful while still retaining that dream-like quality. The talented Finnish DJ has seen a stunning rise in his career lately and recently released his debut album.

Yotto’s remix of “Seven Days and One Week” is a must-listen for all lovers of trance and house music. Check it out below:

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Both Dillion Francis and Alison Wonderland took to Instagram to announce a collaboration between the two artists. With Dillon about to release his new album in a few days, ‘WUT WUT‘, this is BIG news. He has been on a trend of producing more Latin-based tracks. We have already heard a few singles from the album like ‘Ven’ and ‘BaBaBA (Vete Pa’Ya).’ If those are any indication of the album expect it to be fire.

Alison has had immense success this year with the release of her album, ‘Awake’, that shot up to the #1 spot on US Billboards Top Dance/Electronic albums. Her increasing popularity allowed her to perform at the prestigious Coachella this past April. The Australian producer is still touring for the rest of the year throughout the world. You can see if she is performing near you by clicking here!

Their Instagram’s showed them embracing one another with Dillon wrapping his arms around Alison. We do not believe they will be expecting a baby as it would look like but in the EDM world we will most likely be receiving something better; a collaboration between these two massive artists. We expect this song to be WONDERful and excitingly anticipate its release.

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She said yes… the collab @alisonwonderland

A post shared by Dillon Francis (@dillonfrancis) on

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secret lover

Gianni Blu- Secret Lover

Chicago native Gianni Blu returns to the airwaves today with his new single, ‘Secret Lover’. In the past, we’ve seen Gianni drop dancefloor-ready tracks like ‘Tell Me What It Feels Like’ and ‘Right Amount of Wrong’. After his performance at The MID in Chicago this past weekend alongside fellow Italian Benny Benassi, it’s only right that Gianni dropped this next-level, shuffle-inducing single.

‘Secret Lover’ is a perfect end-of-summer jam. The track kicks off with vocal samples with a bouncy future house chord in the background. The track progresses with the vocals as the buildup carries you into the first drop. The drop is both groovy and bouncy with a mellow vibe. With only a few remaining days of nice weather, make sure to put your two steppers on and blast this outdoors while you still can.

Check out ‘Secret Love’ by Gianni Blu below. Make sure to give the rising producer a follow on Facebook and Instagram to stay up-to-date with Gianni.

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Welcome to “Underground Vibes Of The Week“, the place to discover new music. No matter if it’s Trap, House or Ambient, heavy and dark or bright and bouncy; if it’s a vibe it belongs here. 

 chromonicci – Do It All

Talent Chromonicci is back with his debut EP, and standout track “Do It All” is one of his most ambitious works yet; having the producer rap for the first time over a playful beat. 

Ordnry Yngstr – Seek

Ordnry Yngstr also recently came out with his latest EP, a bright journey through tight drums and quirky synths.


Starting off as a Hip-Hop producer, Judge has successfully transitioned into showcasing his own unique style, with various tunes ranging from dark bangers to ambient vibes like this one. 

sakuraburst – GLACIERFALL

Sakuraburst’s latest full-length project Harpsinger is coming soon, and the four already released lead singles couldn’t get us more excited.

ntourage – .needless 

ntourage’s latest low-key gem flows seamlessly, and will have you spinning it on repeat.

 $ayonara. – e r o s.

$ayonara never fails to amaze with his minimal and dark productions. 

BRUX – Paper Boy

Mysterious producer BRUX is back with yet another vicious house single that is sure to be turning heads. 

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One of the coolest remixes of 2018 from HIDDN & DVLM…

HIDDN is a brand new project from a producer who has been writing tracks for many in the DJ Mag Top 100. Having recently performed at UNITE for Tomorrowland in Mexico, he has released collaborations alongside Henri PFR, Yves V and now MATTN on labels such as Sony, Tiësto’s Musical Freedom, Spinnin’ and Smash The House.

Now teaming up with Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike for a remix of their smash hit single “When I Grow Up“, his career certainly knows no bounds. With incredible rhythms and a flawless production, it comes as no surprise to learn that this is likely to be one of the biggest remixes released during 2018.

Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike said, “We had a lot of fun working on the original, so it was great to get the chance to revisit the track and work with HIDDN on a fresh perspective”.

Meanwhile, HIDDN was certainly happy to express his gratitude for having such an amazing opportunity:

“I think that getting recognition for your music from artists such as Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike is something incredible and I feel grateful for this and the opportunity they gave me for this remix. Collaborating with DJ Mag Top 100’s #2 DJ’s is always a big step for anyone . It’s a big step for me and I hope that I’ll get other opportunities in the future. I would list them in my inspirations, alongside guys like David Guetta, Swedish House Mafia, DJ Snake and Major Lazer. First of all for their wonderful career and all they achieved and also because they are from Belgium”.

The remix is available to stream/download now.

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Blood Moon EP

Synesthesia Records – Blood Moon EP

Ever since its inception, Synesthesia Records has prided itself on discovering and showcasing the best producers that the mid-tempo genre has to offer. Even though it has only been active for about half a year, the budding label has put out quality releases time and time again. Now, Synesthesia has stepped up to the plate with its biggest project yet, the Blood Moon EP.

Assembled by LICK, the compilation features tunes from seven different producers, including the frequent Deadbeats collaborator himself. The six other contributors, ZABOSocial KidNo EtiquetteKRILLASWARM and Voliikall embody LICK’s recently-launched Dark Vibe Order (DVO) brand. Despite the fact that each track on the Blood Moon EP falls under the same subgenre, the artists manage to let their unique signatures shine while staying true to the overarching sound.

Listen to the latest offering from Synesthesia Records below and if you dig it, be sure to check out some of the past releases from all producers involved.

Synesthesia Records – Blood Moon EP | Stream/Download

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Go inside the mind of the vomitstep pioneer!

The vomitstep pioneer, Snails, has been unstoppable this year. From a headlining spot at this year’s Lost Lands Festival to the creation of his new record label Slugz Music to a brand-new remix album for his debut full-length, The Shell, Snails fans have never been this excited.  

We spoke with the bass music titan about this insane year and what’s next. Brace yourselves, from the looks of it, Snails is only just getting started. What experience do you try to create for your fans during your live performances?

Snails: I try to make them enter my world! I want them to experience something they never did before with all the music and visuals attached to the music. It’s something really important for me since I’ve been working really hard to create that world around Snails.

Was there a specific moment in your life that made you certain that you were meant to be a musician?

I feel I didn’t know until I really starting doing music and shows, I’ve been doing graphic design at school and always thought that was my path but as soon as I started working on songs and creating that whole world, I discovered that I could apply my graphic design skills to the music and create something totally new. All of that would be my own project and my own world so at this time I really realized that it would be something way bigger than I thought.

A couple years ago people would cry “dubstep/bass music is dead”. Now, it’s bigger than ever. What do you think helped the genre take back the throne?

I feel all the newer artists pushing the envelope and really trying to think outside of the box to create new styles really made a big difference. Same as for all the artists like Excision pushing the envelope of bass music to another level. Creating festivals and places dedicated to bass music and reuniting thousands of people really brought back that kind of music.

Where do you see bass music heading in the next couple of years? Any specific trends to keep an eye on?

I feel it’s going to evolve into a place people don’t know about yet. It will bring a new wave of music and style that’s gonna push new artists to create different styles of music. That’s definitely one thing about bass music, it’s always in motion and that’s the beauty of it. One day you think everything has been done, then the day after, a new artist comes up with a song that changes the game like SVDDEN DEATH or Kompany.

What inspired you to create your own label, Slugz Music?

For me, it’s really to be able to put my vision into something where I have the ability to push the most I can. Working with so many amazing labels has shown me lots of great stuff that I want to apply to my work with the artists that Slugz Music is going to sign. I want to push bass music and the artists to make sure they can expand the most they can. As an artist, I want to give back to them and also make them feel happy about their release. They put so much effort into those songs and I want to make sure all of them get a proper release.

What do you want Slugz Music to do differently from other labels?

I want to work with the artists themselves to really develop their vision and their world through Slugz Music and my help. I’m looking to build a family with Slugz and have everybody really be unique in their own world. The goal is to push the envelope as much as we can, both musically and through their visions.

If you could collaborate with any artist from any point in time, who would it be?

Metallica and Slayer! My two favorite bands of all time and the ones that literally brought me into the bass music world.

The first half of 2018 has been great for Snails fans. What can fans expect for the rest of the year, any big plans in the works?

The biggest tour I’ve ever planned alongside my next EP! Also, the debut of my new production at my Red Rocks show on Oct 5th. I’ve been creating so much music and taking the time to make sure it’s all perfect for my fans while also evolving my sound for them! I can’t stop myself from sharing all of my music with my people.

Have you and Kill the Noise finally settled the “Kill the Snails v. Snoise debate?

Hahaha Snoise won! But me and Jake (Kill the Noise) made vests with Kill the Snails on them so we are going to keep it that way. Maybe a side project of that side project who knows?

Which producer has the best chance of beating you in a taco eating contest?

Nobody. I eat the most tacos out of everybody!

A special thank you to Snails for talking with me. You can check out his insane new remix album featuring Kill the Noise, Funtcase, Space Jesus, and more, below. 

Like what you hear? Catch him all across North America on The Shell 2.0 Tour. 

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Snails Talks About His New Label, Tunes, Tours, and Tacos [INTERVIEW]

Tomorrowland is one of the best things that has ever happened to the Electronic Dance Music Industry. Year after year, this fairytale music festival attracts more than 400,000 people from all over the world who gather together in the city of Boom, Belgium. They all get to spend two weekends of madness and friendship, all following the same motto: Live Today, Love Tomorrow, Unite Forever.

To continue spreading the power of music all year round, Tomorrowland is now launching a brand new gastronomic line: The MESA Restaurant. Located in Antwerp, Belgium, this culinary paradise doesn’t revolve only around good food, but also has a special ‘sharing’ formula, so that everyone around the table can enjoy different tastes. The dishes on the menu are as international as the festival is, and the concepts of ‘sharing’ and ‘uniting’ are more present than ever.

MESA Restaurant, inspired by the ‘Tastes Of The World‘ (Tomorrowland’s top of the line festival dining experience), opens up on September 22nd and it’s located at Kloosterstraat 99, 2000 Antwerp. Prices per person start at €45 and include 3 dishes to share.

Discover Tomorrowland's 'MESA' RestaurantFor more information and reservations at MESA Restaurant, click here. You can also check out Tomorrowland Winter exclusive lineup here.

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Deathpact – Cipher One EP

Today marks the release of mysterious producer Deathpact’s debut EP. Titled ‘Cipher One’. However it seems to raise more questions than it answers.

This is what we’ve been waiting for since July. A culmination of the ARG (augmented reality game) that fans have been working through for two months. One that had them calling a cryptic phone number, trying to decipher a website’s command prompt and even decoding braille.

While we are no closer to solving the mystery behind the music, we now have a five song EP to pore over until Deathpact strikes again. And boy is there a lot to this EP.

It begins as one would expect with a ‘Delightful Introduction’. Calling this a song is a bit of a stretch, it is rather a two second exclamation of death. And it moves right into Deathpact’s first single ‘Danger’.

It begins the gritty and atmospheric mood that travels through the whole EP. This song is full of dripping water and what sounds like creaking doors, all hidden behind thoughtful and precise beats and rhythms. Once we’re thoroughly immersed underwater, we move to the ‘First Interference’.

Strikingly different in tone to ‘Danger’, this song almost sounds like it wants to be a pop song. Maybe it was initially before the titular interference. It begins with a static filled jumble of sounds that feels like we’re turning the knob on an old radio. It is upbeat in parts, then returns back to the bass heavy style that we heard in ‘Danger’. The song ends with a corrupted dial tone.

The third song is ‘Piston’ the industrial banger that is littered with strange animal trills and chirps as well as a strange callback to retro cartoons. This all works together to lead into the finale song ‘Circadian’.

Undoubtedly the most haunting song on the EP, it begins with loud footsteps through an empty corridor. The distinct Deathpact style is littered, this time, with an alarm ringing throughout as the same voice from ‘Danger’ urges us to Wake Up.

The alarm varies in volume, as if we are moving in and out of consciousness. Near the end of the song, it adds a beeping that, like everything else in this project, gets distorted.

The EP ends with the sound of a clock striking. Hopefully we all woke up in time.

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No matter which phase of electronic music listening you are at, there will always be respect for Armin van Buuren. Whether you like techno, house, minimal or trance, there’s a special place for this DJ/producer that undoubtedly had a big role in spreading the love for electronic music all around the world.

On his latest A State Of Trance radio emission aired on Friday, Armin made a very special announcement for all of his fans: a new GAIA album is in the works, with fresh new music and a tour coming up soon. GAIA is Armin’s side project, along with dutch producer Benno de Goeij. Though they mostly focus on Trance, Armin has disclosed that this upcoming production will also feature some techno! More details are yet to be revealed, but we are already getting excited by the news.

While we wait for the new GAIA album, you can listen to ASOT 882 below and indulge yourself with Armin’s best tracks and favorite songs from artists such as Vini Vici, Ruben de Ronde, Alex M.O.R.P.H, Gareth Emery and more. Or you can also catch the incredible GAIA duo at their Amsterdam Dance Event special show on October 18. Check the Facebook event right here!

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SLANDER & RIOT – You Don’t Even Know Me

Recognized as one of the most successful duos in the dance music industry, SLANDER is back with another fire track. This time they teamed up with RIOT to produce ‘You Don’t Even Know Me.’ Released by Monstercat, the tune is pure gold and will be one of the biggest tracks this Fall for sure.

The track features a guitar synth opening paired with dreamy vocals for a very emotional feels trip. This opening sequence is done very well with a smooth bass line before transitioning into the first drop around 1:05. What comes after is an euphoric melody accompanied by catchy vocal chops that adds unique flavor to the piece. The lead up to the second drop is where it gets very interesting. The influence of upcoming heavy hitters, RIOT is easily heard during the second drop at 2:54. The hardcore and gritty elements finish off the song with a bang.

‘You Don’t Even Know Me’ is the perfect example of when melodic meets heavy. The flow from start to finish is sensational taking listeners on a head swaying to neck breaking rollercoaster ride.

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Seven Lions – Dreamin’ (Remixes)

As DJs put out track after track of pure gold, they sometimes call on some friends to put a different spin on it. That’s exactly what Jeff Montalvo did with one of his latest releases. Jeff, better known as Seven Lions, put out his latest achievement ‘Dreamin” two months ago. This week we see the release of the ‘Dreamin’ (Remixes) album. The updated tracks all see their release through Seven Lions’ very own Ophelia Records.

First to lend a hand is Anjuna veteran Sunny Lax. His take on ‘Dreamin’ provides a slick combination of his rolling drum beats and atmospheric sampling. Subtly focusing on the vocals of Fiora, the massive build-up peaks with a flourish. An accessible trance anthem ensues – Sunny hit it out of the park.

In contrast, the Denver duo Last Heroes had a different vision for the track. The melodic bass combo actually takes a recipe out of Seven Lions’ own book. Their electro dubstep version of the track hits hard and with fierce purpose. The soft breakdown provides great balance to the track. Allowing ambient and beautiful piano work to carry the track, the final crescendo hits even harder than the first.

Last but not least is the take of Italian Mazare. Ramping up the tempo ever-so slightly, this version puts extra pep in your step. Powering through the racing beat are the sped up vocals, playing together quite nicely. As a result, the electro pop reimagining simultaneously has beauty and urgency. The track does not let up, finishing out the remixes with class and on an uplifting note.

Checkout the ‘Dreamin” (Remixes) for yourself below on Spotify!

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Atman – Egzod

Egzod has been on a tear recently, and he’s just getting started. Hailing from France, the young producer is now based in Miami. In just under two years time, the rising producer has released over 20+ original tracks and remixes. His vision for music is one of fusing cinematic audio techniques with those of music production. Through these methods, he is easily able to teleport us to distant lands using our auditory senses alone.

He has decided to release his Atman EP in stages, and the first track of it is ‘Atman.’ If you’re wondering what this means, I’ll let him explain it himself:

“Atman is a word from Ancient India that is equated to inner self or soul; the true self of an individual. Discover who you really are, find your purpose, and leave behind you footprints on the sands of time.”

With that being said, it gives us whole new perspective going into the track.


The track starts off with a flute, playing a rather quaint melody. It reminds me of something out of a movie soundtrack. After this, we get some vocal chops that are without a doubt sampled from a traditional Indian singer, it sounds like something you would expect out of Bollywood. We get some percussion as well as some KSHMR-esque war drums, which leads us up to the drop.

Once the drop occurs, were actually taken back a bit, as we can’t say there is much music like this. It is definitely bass heavy to say the least, however, features a unique stuttering rhythm that many are not really accustomed to. This seems like something you wanna vibe away to, but that makes you want to headbang at the same time. This is one that you’ll definitely want to check out.

The track is out now and can be streamed below.

Atman – Egzod | DOWNLOAD


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Crywolf is back stronger than ever.

Singer and producer Crywolf is officially back and is releasing some of his most forward-thinking and impactful pieces of music yet. Known for his transparency, character and raw emotion, the artist has amassed a cult following over the years, that crave his epic songs and follow him on tour as well as his festival stops. 

Crywolf has been silent in terms of new music since his Skeletons EP was released back in February, partly because almost $10.000 of his gear got stolen from his car in Chile, a touching story you can read all about here

He returned in July with “Q U I X Ø T E [i am alone, and they are everyone]“, the first track he wrote after he lost everything, and beautiful “ULTRAVIØLENT [adrenochrome]” almost a month ago. Now he presents us with his latest masterpiece; “ultraviolent [she sang to me a language strange]“, that contrary to its counterpart is one of Crywolf’s darkest and most chaotic tracks yet.

Featuring co-production from Midoca, as well as singing by Charity, “ultraviolent [she sang to me a language strange]” is an impactful masterpiece that starts off with a psychedelic atmosphere and glitchy vocals, before transitioning into a bass-heavy drop. 

Enjoy the video below: 

Follow Crywolf: 


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