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Oh Tomorrowland, it’s hard to even encapsulate how much we love you. When a brand just blows past your expectations and takes actions purely to improve your experience, it creates something way more than the typical American PLUR festival excitement. I could write a book about all the reasons Tomorrowland is the pinnacle of music festivals, but I already did that last year. So to make it interesting, we’ve rounded up the winners and losers of Tomorrowland 2018. Hit next for the losers.


Techno & Tech-House

If you’re only looking for filthy face-melting drops, you might wanna stick to America. Seriously, Tomorrowland has nailed the techno and tech-house game. Name a “must see” artist and they were probably there and maybe even had their own stage. Tomorrowland even had Charlotte De Witte and Solomun play the mainstage for peet’s sake! Adam Beyer, Jamie Jones, Tale of Us, Patrice Baumel, Boris Brechja all threw down amazing sets and that’s just a small sampling from Weekend 2. While Ultra’s Resistance is epic, Tomorrowland has a more subdued and emotional techno experience in addition to the epicness of the Atmosphere stage. It’s hard to decide which stage makes for the best techno experience, but Atmosphere, Garden of Madness, CORE, and Amicorum all were legendary.


You wouldn’t know it but Dirtybird rising star, Fisher, was not on the lineup this year. However his latest single “Losing It” was the most played track of the festival. It was everywhere with spins from Kungs, Throttle, Lost Frequencies, Sebastian Ingrosso, Fatboy Slim, Zonderling, and more. This track might not have made it to the aftermovie, but it was the track of the festival and we are NOT complaining about it.

Salvatore Ganacci

Lowkey Salvatore Ganacci won Tomorrowland more than anybody else. He first burst onto the scene at Tomorrowland 2017 with his original WTF moment, but he blew that away for his mainstage debut. His wild antics drew a massive reaction with lots of fans and lots of haters. Having met with Salvatore himself, he says the funny stuff was never really planned at the beginning and he just tries to have a good time and not take himself too seriously. Is that really any worse than a fake anonymous identity and a helmet? Beyond that, he is actually a serious producer on Ingrosso’s Refune label and that “Antidote” remix played by SHM at Ultra was his. The guy was such a Tomorrowland legend he made it into the Aftermovie 3 times.


Tomorrowland boasted the most LEDs ever this year, and it was most noticeable on its incredible Planaxis mainstage. While the 2016 Tree stage also incorporated LED screens, this was the most ever used and they were put to good effect. As much as we wanted aquariums built into the stage, that would not have been very kind to the fish.

Besides the Mainstage, the brand new Atmosphere stage boasted a fancy lattice netting structure coated with LEDs to create a surreal vortex effect going up the entire thing.


The late great EDM legend was sorely missed at Tomorrowland, as it was one of the first festivals to give him exposure in his early days. The People of Tomorrow were out and about showing their admiration and love for Avicii through massive Swedish flags and the DJs showed their love by playing a litany of Avicii tracks. “Levels” was the 2nd most played track of the festival. Tomorrowland also put a permanent Avicii memorial on its One World Bridge where fans were often seen paying respects.

Tomorrowland Winter

While it was sweltering hot in Boom, people were already looking forward to the cool temps of March in the French Alps. Tomorrowland was so ready to hype Tomorrowland Winter, that the 2018 Aftermovie was released the day after the festival ended so all attention could be shifted over. We even learned that the crowd-favorite Freedom Stage will be coming to Tomorrowland Winter. Now things are full steam ahead for the inaugural event. Maybe SHM will christen the event as well.


The Heat

Ok so on one hand Tomorrowland was lucky enough to have avoided rain in the very rainy country of Belgium. On the other hand the heat and dryness was so intense that Weekend 2 was almost forced to abandon pyrotechnics. Friday of Weekend 2 was Belgium’s hottest day on record and the festival took serious measures to help people. These heat measures led to some of the strangest images you will ever see from a music festival. Seriously, watch the video above for a few minutes because you will never see something like that again. The scorching heat was most noticeable in the brand new Atmosphere stage, which was sadly not designed with a heatwave in mind. The enclosed structure provided very little openings for steam air to get out, so the result was an absolutely steaming sauna where you could literally see the heat emanating off of people. All that being said, Adam Beyer, Eric Prydz, Q-Dance and more were still incredible in there.

Axwell / Ingrosso

Axwell and Ingrosso are not really losers at all, but the “Axwell Ingrosso” duo might be done at Tomorrowland for a long time. Over the course of Tomorrowland’s 2 weekends, the Swedish House Mafia members did everything they legally could short of announcing a world tour and Tomorrowland 2019 performance. During week 1 Steve Angello brought Sebastian Ingrosso onstage purely for the SHM hype. Then during Weekend 2 during Sebastian Ingrosso’s set he brought out Axwell and they told the crowd this would be their last time performing at Tomorrowland for a while.

Bass Music

Tomorrowland really makes clear the difference between the American dance music scene and the European scene. Tomorrowland really only featured 1 serious trap/dubstep stage during Weekend 1. While Tomorrowland managed to bring in heavy hitters like GUD VIBRATIONS and Seven Lions in the first week, Weekend 2 traded bass music for extra techno. During Weekend 2 Slushii and Alison Wonderland were some of the only bass music artists you would find. The silver lining though is that Tomorrowland was having none of that Future Bass stuff that is still not gone in America. Also we’re not complaining about more techno.

Hip-Hop/Pop Crossovers

At EDMTunes we have often been critical of dance music producers turning to pop, but now pop wants to invade festivals. EDC Vegas has done it with little success, now rumor has it that Tomorrowland wants to take on a bit of a Coachella vibe by bringing in genre-crossover acts. During Weekend 1 the Organ of Harmony played host to a Live Stage of hip-hop and pop acts. French Montana, Lil Pump, and Dua Lipa graced the Organ of Harmony with mixed results. As expected there was some backlash, and Dua Lipa made things even worse. Will Tomorrowland abandon or expand this initiative in 2019? That remains to be seen.


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Exclusive premiere of new R3hab Remix

R3hab is back with another club banger! This time it’s a remix for David Guetta‘s “Don’t Leave Me Alone” featuring Anne-Marie due for full release Friday (August 17).  

David Guetta and rising British singer Anne-Marie teamed for a joyful new song, “Don’t Leave Me Alone” earlier this summer as a synth-pop ballad. Now, R3hab is giving it a dance makeover. 

Ann-Marie’s vocals work so well to this new tempo that it almost makes you forget this is the remix! The pounding big room drops make it ideal for any main stage. It’s sure to make its rounds at upcoming festivals once it drops. 

This track will be off R3hab’s forthcoming new album due Sept 14. 

In the meantime check out the new remix here:

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“Send Moods” is out Friday, August 17th

Carter Cruise is a woman of many hats. Some may know her as an artist, performer, producer, songwriter, vocalist, and DJ, but no doubt you know her as a star. If you’ve ever caught one of her DJ sets you know how infectious her vibes are. Well, now she’s sharing that spirit with us through her new EP ‘Send Moods’.

The EP is a look inside a more emotional, vulnerable side of Cruise. This is the first project you’ll hear her vocals on. ‘Send Moods’ traces the thread of ill-fated love throughout time from past, to present, to future pulling influences from different eras and mixing classic acoustic sounds and vintage synths with modern electronic vibes. 

We got the chance to exchange questions with Ms. Carter to get a glimpse at the behind the scenes of “Send Moods” and what makes Carter, Carter: Love the new EP! It’s great to hear your voice and lyricism play out with these three tracks. What kind of headspace do you need to go into when you start writing a song? 

Carter: Thank you so much! And it really depends on the song. All the songs on “Send Moods” started out as poems that I built tracks around, but sometimes I like creating a beat and vibing off of that to write to. I was in a very emotional headspace writing these songs since I never expected them to be SONGS, I just wanted to put my feelings down. Obviously I cut them down a lot to fit to music because I’m pretty verbose haha. I like to get in my feels sometimes and just write down or record lots of ideas, and then later I go back with a more analytical mind to craft a song from those ideas. 

How did you end up getting into music? 

I’ve been doing music my whole life, mostly as a vocalist. When I was 13 my best friend and I wrote an entire musical. We would have “band practice” and write songs and dream of living in LA one day haha. Growing up in the suburbs of North Carolina I never really thought of it as a viable career option, but when I discovered DJing it opened up a whole other world for me. I initially started out as a Gogo dancer, but I always thought I had better taste than the DJs I was dancing for and I wanted it to be MY stage. My friend taught me how to make edits and I become obsessed. From there I started making mashups and then remixes and originals. 

Who do you think has/had the biggest effect on your sound? Where do you draw most of your inspiration from?

I grew up on singer/songwriter pop and musicals so I think that storytelling part of music has definitely had a big influence on me. As a vocalist and writer, Lana Del Rey has always been a huge inspiration for me and more recently, Billie Eilish. I like that they don’t have the typical “pop” sound in their vocals and that they tell stories and create characters with their music. As a producer, I love when songs fuse different genres and styles together so I listen to a lot of different music from around the world and take inspiration from that. 

You’ve been killing it touring! Any festivals you’re dying to get on the lineup of?

I’m stoked to be on the lineup for ANY festival, but one I’ve always wanted to attend and haven’t is Lollapalooza. The lineup is always sick af. Also, Electric Forest. 

What’s the craziest thing you’ve seen on tour thus far?

The craziest thing I’ve seen on tour was in Alabama when during my set, a guy bit another guy’s ear off. No, I’m not kidding, there was blood EVERYWHERE. I felt bad for the guy but I also thought it was kind of dope that it got that lit. 

If you could collab with anyone, who would it be?

Gordan Ramsey. Because I would love to collab on a mean beef Wellington. Music wise, probably Griz. I’m obsessed with the sax. 

If your friends could describe you in 3 words, what would they say?

I polled my friends and boiled it down to: Entertaining, Passionate, Loyal 

What should we expect next from Carter Cruise?

Nothing! Anything! Haha I want people to expect the unexpected. I have some more tracks in the works, one is quite similar to the vibe of this EP but I’m also experimenting with some heavier bass vibes. I love writing jams but as a DJ I also want to make music for people to dance to so you can probably expect some of that in the future 🙂

Finally, if you could give any upcoming dj/producer/songwriters out there a word advice what would it be?

DO YOU, BOO. Haha, but really, make what makes you happy, express yourself, don’t let other people limit you, and BE CONFIDENT in who you are! 

There you have it! “Send Moods” is out tomorrow, but luckily we have the inside scoop!!

Make sure to check Carter out while she’s on tour at Summer Daze Festival In North Carolina, her residency “Welcome to the Internet” in Dallas, and a huge performance at Breakaway Festival in Charlotte! Check out tickets for that here

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Sending our love to the producer!

Ekali has managed to gain a really strong and loyal audience in comparison to the years he’s been around as an electronic music artist. Other than his amazing productions; his character, honesty, transparency, and commitment to always speaking his mind have contributed a lot to that; allowing me to go as far as to say he’s become one of the most respected personalities in the scene right now. 

Right before his two anticipated performances at HARD Summer this weekend, Nathan Shaw shared what is probably his most personal story yet, touching on his mental health, and his issues with derealization and depersonalization. 

As mental health issues are something that is rarely touched upon in there music industry, it’s so nice seeing more and more artists be more open towards sharing their stories lately. Sending our love to Ekali, and our respect to him for being so strong. 

If you or a loved one are struggling with mental health, don’t hesitate to reach out for help. 

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Ekali Opens Up About Struggles With Mental Health

Still Haze, smle, Lyloh and more featured on this week’s installment.

Welcome to Underground Vibes Of The Week, the place to discover new music. No matter if it’s Trap, House or Ambient, heavy and dark or bright and bouncy; if it’s a vibe it belongs here.

 Peter Kuli – Potion w/ still haze

For this vibe, out through Majestic Casual, producer Peter Kuli teams up with multi-talent still haze, whose smooth vocals bounce over a catchy beat; mainly driven by guitars and hints of synths here and there. 

Benson – Hold Out (Wongo Remix)

Wongo really went above & beyond with his remix of Benson‘s “Hold Out“, creating a magnificent remix that is worth more than a couple listens. 

Tim Legend – Anything Can Happen (feat. MAIKA)

Tim Legend with MAIKA on the vocals is as summer as it gets. Released on Ultra Music, this is maybe Tim Legend’s biggest release to date. 

Autumn Keys – Halloween feat. Jay Squared & Tola

Autumn Keys recently released his debut album Harvest, and “Halloween” is one of the most interesting tracks; a chill Hip-Hop and ambient vibe.

ilo ilo – let me go

Mysterious producer ilo ilo goes absolutely crazy with his latest track “let me go“. 

synthe x JASPR – the refreshments

synthe and JASPR don’t hold back on the jazzy vibes with this one, managing to bridge the genre with offbeat electronic insanity. 

LyLoh – Riot!

Lyloh showcases his skills with “Riot!“, a bright electro tune that bridges the old school with 2018’s dance sound. 

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The young talent also just announced a huge tour!​

Whethan has been giving fans gem after gem these last few months, staying on a pretty strict release schedule. Whether it’s with releases like his playful EP with fellow act Louis The Child or radio-ready gems such as “Superlove” featuring Oh Wonder, Be Like You” featuring Broods, and of course “High” with star Dua Lipa off the 50 Shades Freed Soundtrack, the young producer always manages to evolve and surprise with his fresh sounds.

With the latest installment to the series of his viral remixes, Whethan takes on Post Malone’s and Justin Bieber’s hit “Deja Vu”, showcasing yet another approach for creating captivating ear-candy.

Flipping the tropical and laid back vibe of the original, Whethan accompanies the vocals with cute plucks, clicky percussion and heavy bass. The drop stays within the minimal vibe, as grainy synths are supported by vocal shots and various other short but sweet elements.

Be sure to catch Whethan on his huge upcoming headline tour, with support from Alexander Lewis, Chet Porter, Manilla Killa and more!

Follow Whethan


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Gonna be one killer show!

Desert Hearts has announced Haunted Hearts Los Angeles at The Belasco Theater on October 31 featuring Damian Lazarus and the Desert Hearts Crew – Mikey Lion, Lee Reynolds, Marbs, and Porky.

Through what seemed like divine intervention that the stars aligned at Desert Hearts Festival 2018, two of underground dance music’s most prolific forces were brought together for all to enjoy. As the sun arose from the horizon, Crosstown Rebels leader Damian Lazarus treated the event’s renowned late-night revelers to four hours of his profound mystics. 

It is no secret that as a master of party curation himself Damian chooses to only play the world’s most iconic soirées and as such he gave the burgeoning festival his shining stamp of approval. Now, this new sacred bond will emerge once again, this time amongst the crypts of Los Angeles’ historic – a locale that is fitting for such a celebration of the dark musical arts. Halloween remains a prime holiday for the Desert Hearts community as the freaks gather in all their costumed glory to live out the actions of their famed mantra: House, Techno, Love.

Now, this new sacred bond will emerge once again, this time amongst the crypts of Los Angeles’ historic Belasco Theater – a locale that is fitting for such a celebration of the dark musical arts. Halloween remains a prime holiday for the Desert Hearts community as the freaks gather in all their costumed glory to live out the actions of their famed mantra: House, Techno, Love.

With a total transformation of the famed venue in store, attendees are sure to find themselves lost within a specially designed Haunted Hearts production and of course the world-class soundtracking put forth by this leading assemblage of musical talent.

Facebook Event Page

Ticket Link:

Connect with Desert Hearts

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Rukes’s parents have some serious medical bills following their car accident and need your help!

Rukes is a household name in the music world. This photographer has given us stunning content, capturing our favorite artists in extraordinary places. His photography has a unique aesthetic that cannot be replicated, creating stunning photos with unforgettable moments. He has taken insane shots of Avicii, Martin Garrix, The Chainsmokers, Tiesto, to name a few, and continues to impress us with incredible shots.

Sadly, the photographer has been facing some personal issues with his family. In early 2017, his parents got in an awful car accident, leaving his mom with minor injuries but his dad with serious neurological damage. Rukes’s father suffers from including TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury), expressive aphasia, and has developed severe depression and PTSD since the incident.

This tragic accident has left heavy financial repercussions on the family, hitting his parents with major bills and affecting their income. Party Favor, 3LAU, Steve Aoki, Destructo and more have donated to his family and now, it is our turn to give back. Please take a little time out of your day to help Rukes here

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Our Favorite EDM Photographer Rukes Has Created A GoFundMe For His Parents

Matt Fax EP Promises to be a “Game Changer”

Back in 2014, Matt Fax was unsure if he wanted to continue in the business. He publicly stated that he was quitting, and wanted to clear his mind. His future was a big question mark. Well, boy are we glad he chose to come back.

Following release after release, hit after hit, and dubbed “Baby Eric Prydz,” Matt Fax continues to amaze. His debut EP will feature three songs that, in his words, “will be a game changer.” The three tracks included are ‘Dark Woods,’ ‘Echo,’ and ‘Ghost Stories.’ The EP will see its release on August 24 through Enhanced Music.

Fans were lucky to hear a glimpse of ‘Ghost Stories’ in Fax’s live stream from Enhanced Music HQ:

Today we catch a deeper look into the EP, with snips of all three tracks appearing in a preview on Soundcloud. ‘Dark Woods’ possesses classic trance elements with a layered, pensive build up. ‘Echo’ utilizes a signature old school scratch beat element, an offering of uplifting bliss. Finally, ‘Ghost Stories’ appears to be a more melodic anthem, holding true to Fax’s progressive style, but will absolutely bring the house down.

Checkout the full EP preview below, and prepare for more big things from Matt Fax.

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We came across one of the funniest revelations on Twitter yesterday courtesy of Steve Aoki. Aoki shared a video from inside the DJ booth while Calvin Harris was spinning and there was something particularly intriguing… Calvin Harris had a framed picture of Rod Stewart in the booth facing him while he played. We’re not entirely sure if this is a regular ritual or a one time appearance. Steve Aoki shared the footage late Tuesday night with the caption “When u realize @calvinharris has a framed photo of Rod Stewart on his dj booth. Simply amazing.”

Perhaps you shouldn’t be too surprised that Calvin Harris idolizes Rod Stewart. After all, they’re both from Scotland. They’ve also achieved the impressive feat of becoming a Scottish artist to reach #1 on the US Billboard charts. Harris accomplished this back in 2011 while Rod Stewart accomplished it back in 1993 for his single “All For Love” which featured Bryan Adams and Sting. Take a look at the video below and have a laugh!

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It is truly a sad day for anyone who is a fan of music and perseverance. Aretha Franklin, one of the most iconic figures in the music world of the past generations, has died.

After a battle with pancreatic cancer, the 76-year-old “Queen of Soul” passed away early Thursday morning. According to a long-time friend, the singer and pianist had “been ill for a long time” – but this doesn’t make the loss any less real.

Franklin grew up in Detroit, where she was a mainstay in the church choir where her father was a minister. Leaving home at just 18 to pursue a recording career with Columbia Records, Franklin quickly grew to become one of the most impressive names in the American music industry. With hits like ‘RESPECT’ and ‘(You Make Me Feel Like A) Natural Woman’, as well as 18 Grammy wins and 44 nominations, it’s no surprise Franklin was also the first woman to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

It is a tragedy and we’re sad to hear such news. Rest In Peace Aretha, knowing the generations of musicians you have inspired will carry your legacy further into the future than you could have ever imagined.

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See the source image

It comes as no surprise that Avicii‘s legacy lives on through his haunting lyrics and distinct melodies. What may be slightly more shocking is the fact that despite the Swedish musician’s sudden passing, his army of dedicated fans are still voting and supporting his iconic tracks, ultimately still rewarding the beloved artist with impressive awards.

During Wednesday night’s Rockbjörnen gala in Stockholm, attendees were treated to a historic and memorable moment that will live on for years to come. Avicii’s father, Klas Bergling, was present to accept the award for the Best Swedish Song of the Year for his son’s chart-topping single Without You‘, and trust us when we say that there wasn’t a dry eye in the room…

This special event marked Klas’ first public appearance since the heartbreaking death of his son. Although many would have believed that this particular occasion would be one full of sorrow, fans were delighted when he began to proclaim his gratitude and appreciation for the world’s continuous support.

“I am happy to have been given the opportunity to be here tonight to say thank you for this amazing award that you have rewarded Tim and Sandro and to everyone of you who have voted for ‘Without You,’ an amazing song. [….] But also, and perhaps foremost to say thank you for all and every amazing tribute you have given Tim and his music. From all his fans and others, from churches, schools, festivals and so many more. It’s been almost incomprehensible and it has warmed our hearts, all of the family, during this hard time, so again a big thank you to everyone.”

The touching moment can be seen via the below clip at 2:44:55. Live performances are notorious for unplanned and unexpected situations, however, this special speech was one that, without any doubts, came from the heart.

We would like to extend our sincerest congratulations to Avicii, Sandro Cavazza and everyone else that worked closely on the epic track. To relieve the magic held within the piece, among other incredible related singles, listen below.


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Burning Man is known for all of its awe-inspiring art installations and art cars. This huge Boeing 747, put on by The Big Imagination Foundation, is a two-story, 20-ton that features an open roof bar and lounge in it. This is the largest art car to ever make its way to the playa.

Burning Man art car

The skilled creators of the art car worked for four years to create it. First, they started with the top half of the nose of the plane. Then, they got to work by removing the wings and the tail. Finally, they removed the roof. The trip to Black Rock City was completed by the help of highway patrol escorts. Also, had to completely shut down Highway 447 on their way.

If you’re heading to the dust, make sure to stop by 10:00 and K where it’ll be parked for most of the week filled with all kinds of musical shenanigans.

Photo credit: Big Imagination Foundation’s Facebook page

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Remembering the legend

The world lost a legend today. One of the world’s all-time greatest vocalists, Aretha Franklin, passed away this morning at the age of 76. Her powerful messages and the breathtaking voice that delivered them will forever live on in our hearts and through her library of timeless classics. 

In honor of how much she has achieved in her wonderful career, we have complied a list of some of our favorite tracks featuring the Queen of Soul.

Coffee Break – Zeds Dead

In This Whole World – Gramatik 

Jazzy Belle – Outkast 

School Spirit – Kanye West

In My Lifetime (Remix) – Jay-Z

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Chainsmokers Good Morning AmericaThe Chainsmokers continue to be on a roll and show no signs on any slowing down as they tackle festival appearances, residency shows, new music and now even making an appearance on Good Morning America.

On their apperance on Good Morning America, The duo took the time to speak on what keeps their energy so high while being on the road and performing day after day. They also recount on the time Jennifer Lopez joined them on one of their residency shows in Las Vegas and how the latest collaboration with Emily Warren, ‘Side Effects’ came together.

Of course after the interview the guys couldn’t leave the set of Good Morning America without putting on a performance for all the fans in attendance. The Chainsmokers took the stage joined by Emily Warren and Drew Love of THEY. to perform a few of their top hits, including, ‘Somebody’, ‘Side Effects’, ‘Paris’ and more.

Check out a few videos from the performance below!

The Chainsmokers continue to bring the energy wherever they go, to see if they’ll be making an appearance at a festival near you, head to this link for more information. If you’re stopping by Vegas anytime soon you can also check out their residency at the Wynn Las Vegas with three dates currently announced to take place real soon, get your tickets and don’t miss out!

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GAWP – Who Is She EP

Just months after a critically acclaimed set of performances on his inaugural North American tour, the UK bass driven tech house mastermind GAWP is back in the U.S. and smashing dance floors with his unmistakeable sound. And if you’ve seen GAWP on this most recent leg of his travels, you will have definitely heard two brand new tracks that are all but impossible to find. Well you’re in luck. GAWP’s newest EP, Who Is She, drops August 17th on Treasure Fingers’ Atlanta based label, Psycho Disco!

The A-side is of course the namesake ’Who Is She’.  This impressive track contains everything you would expect from a GAWP production. A bouncy low end paired with a reverbed creates a solid foundation for the Brit to get fun and experimental with the vocals. All the words are pulled from the phase “So when did you know who you were,” spliced and rearranged throughout ‘Who Is She’. This psychedelic vocal accent to the bass heavy composition makes it obvious why this is the title track for the EP.

And don’t be fooled by the term B-side, because ‘Gold Baby’ is just as likely to knock your socks off. Reminiscent in ways of his Dirtybird Select banger ‘Prime Society,’ the second song on GAWP’s EP is a heater. Driven by a his signature rumbling bass line and precise instrumentation, ‘Gold Baby’ is proof that sometimes leaving out the vocals can make a track even more powerful.

You can listen to Who Is She a day early thanks to EDMTunes and the folks over at Psycho Disco! Also, you can still catch GAWP throwing down these absolutely dirty tracks at The Grasshopper in Detroit, at any of four Florida dates or at Seismic Dance Event in Austin, Texas. Check out all the latest GAWP news on his Facebook and let him know what you think about Who Is She.

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Soul singer Aretha Franklin has passed away at the age of 76.

Today is a sad day for music. The most beloved woman of soul, Aretha Franklin, has died at the age of 76. According to many sources, the cause of death comes from her long battle with pancreatic cancer. Her publicist shares Franklin passed this morning around friends and family in her home in Detroit, Michigan.

The songstress is known for her powerful voice and became a catalyst for women rights and freedom with songs like “RESPECT”. Many artists have tried to replicate her artistry such as Mariah Carrey, Whitney Houston, Alicia Keys, Mary J Blige and so many more.

We are lucky to have lived during her existence, and her music will live on forever. Blast some Aretha today and show some ‘respect’.

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swedish house mafia

Amy Thompson Steps Down From Manager Role

Swedish House Mafia does not stop being in the headlines this past couple of weeks. They have taken the headlines with news that they are in the studio and that they want to play Tomorrowland in 2019. This time Amy Thomson, longtime manager of the Swedes, has taken it up on Instagram that she is resigning from her role.

The picture she shared was a message from Steve Angello confirming they are in the studio. Hopefully, the new management of Swedish House Mafia will take good care of them and bring out the best of them for their upcoming tour and music. Amy’s caption on Instagram stated:

 I guess now is the time to say that in May this year I told the boys I would be leaving end of summer 2018. In this industry people expect you to stay in projects that make you powerful. Ego. Pride. Power.

Check the rest of her reason why she left down below:

Thanks for all the messages I got hit with about this. But I guess now is the time to say that in May this year I told the boys I would be leaving end of summer 2018. In this industry people expect you to stay in projects that make you powerful. Ego. Pride. Power. Money. All of that. But for me I have learned that life changes you and what you want to do with that gift is a gift in itself. It was a big decision after 14 years but one I made for myself. I wish them so much joy and happiness and success and I will be watching proudly but the era of me with the boys is at an end. And what an era it was. We changed the game so many times through everything from brave hearts to sheer blindness. What a ride. But for me life’s changed now. The future belongs to a new set of people around them and I wish them luck with all my heart. And I suppose telling people in this way is not very CEO of me. But that’s not who I am. My passion got me here not a boardroom. Thank you to everyone who helped us. Who put up with us. The fans who stayed with us. We made history. But most of all to my daughter who shared me with this crazy ride without ever complaining. We Came. We Raved. I Loved it. Thank you so much. Amy x

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Their perfect sunset track? Four Tet’s remix of Opal by Bicep.

Did you know Axwell was early on inspired mainly by disco and trance? That Ingrosso’s first ever show was in a Middle Eastern cafe in Stockholm? That their dream collaborator is Michael Jackson?

The superstar Swedish duo had lots to share with Beats 1 ahead of their One Mix this weekend. Like Diddy coming to their backstages parties before electronic music blew up in America, and turning to Bon Iver for pick-me-up music.

Read on to see what they had to say. And tune into Beats 1 One Mix this weekend for an exclusive mix from Axwell Λ Ingrosso this weekend, packed with smashing summer tunes from the likes of Fisher, Magnificence, Green Velvet and DJ Koze.

Air Date: Friday 17th August 2018 – 21:00 LA / 00:00 NY / 05:00 UK
Tune in here 

First show experience?

Ingrosso: In a Middle Eastern cafe in Stockholm

First time you brought your mom to one of your shows?

Ingrosso: I think my Mom came to that one too.

The artist who inspired you to become a musician?

Axwell: A lot of disco, early trance inspired me. But being Swedish, maybe ABBA.

Go-to places for new music?

Axwell: Spotify for sure

Guilty pleasure record?

Axwell: Boston Bun – Missing You
Ingrosso: Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs – Don’t You Forget About Me

Desert-island dance record?

Axwell: Energy 52 – Café del Mar
Ingrosso: Faithless – Insomnia

Dream B2B partner?

Axwell Λ Ingrosso: Each other

Favorite BPM?

Ingrosso: 120
Axwell: 120.1

Piece of gear you always need on the road?

Axwell: Laptop and headphones to make music
Ingrosso: Same, and a toothbrush

Biggest misconception about dance music?

Axwell Λ Ingrosso: That dance music producers aren’t some of the most technically talented in the world.

How often do you get out and have fun, and where do you go?

Axwell Λ Ingrosso: All the time, we also have the best job in the world. Summer in Ibiza or Mykonos with family and friends is always special.

City with the most underrated dance scene?

Axwell Λ Ingrosso: Feel like places in Mexico don’t get enough attention as they should.

Best piece of advice for new producers?

Axwell Λ Ingrosso: If you can learn to make any sound, then you’re truly free to create without any restraints. It’s about making it as easy as possible to create.

Dead or alive, who would be your dream collaborator?

Axwell Λ Ingrosso: Michael Jackson

What is one of the unique experiences you’ve had backstage?

Axwell Λ Ingrosso: 10 years ago Diddy started coming to our parties backstage, before dance music was big in America and that was crazy for us.

What’s one track that fans always lose their mind to?

Axwell Λ Ingrosso: ‘Greyhound’, and more recently ‘More Than You Know’ actually. When we played Ultra Korea they sang it so loud our ears hurt.

What was the first album you ever bought?

Axwell Λ Ingrosso: Daft Punk – Homework

Name one remix that you think is better than the original?

Axwell: ZZT – ZZafrika (Gesaffelstein Remix)
Ingrosso: Four Tet remix of Opal by Bicep

What song would you want (god forbid) played at your funeral?

Axwell: Probably something by Jon Hopkins
Ingrosso: Maybe Human Nature by Michael Jackson

What’s the perfect sunset track?

Axwell Λ Ingrosso: Four Tet remix of Opal by Bicep

What song do you listen to cheer yourself up?

Axwell Λ Ingrosso: Francis & The Lights & Bon Iver – Friends. Amazing song and we can’t help but think of the video of them dancing

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Mark your calendars, Getter has finally revealed his album release date!

It’s about time. Many sample approvals later, Getter has finally confirmed the date we will be listening to his debut album, ‘Visceral’. The release date has been pushed back several times, mostly because a few samples were taking FOREVER to get approved. Getter held us over with an epic YouTube teaser 2 months ago but, to be honest, it made the wait more agonizing for me. That’s how amazing the album sounds. Getter will be releasing it under deadmau5’s mau5trap label this September.

Get ready for his long-awaited world debut September 28th!

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Cohesive hodgepodge of beautiful sounds

Maribou State is back with another single off their new album Kingdoms In Colour out September 7th on Counter Records

The track today in discussion is “Nervous Tics” featuring vocals by Holly Walker, a fan favorite from singles “Midas” and “Steal“.

“Nervous Tics” is vibey and brilliantly composed. Walker’s vocals sound amazing with the string and percussion beats directing us in the background. 

The song, which premiered on Annie Mac’s legendary BBC Radio 1 show, was written over a number of writing and recording sessions in Berlin, Beijing, and London. It features a field recording running throughout the track of Chris and Liam in a music store in Beijing playing the Guzheng – a traditional Chinese stringed instrument. 

“It’s always felt like the Frankenstein moment of the album due to all the unorthodox parts that were glued together during the process,” they explain, “but the end result was something that felt cohesive and exciting to us.” 

I’m in love with the meshing of sounds here. Mixing all these different elements really do depict “the low-lying panic of modern life.” as Holly explains. “[We’re] all on our phones getting terrible news headlines and hyperreal Instagram images live-streamed into our brains, and it’s making us jumpy. This song is the realization that no amount of mindful breathing or downward dog can replace some good old fashioned human contact and emotion.

The single follows on from their recent collaboration with Khruangbin on “Feel Good” and is another taste of what’s to come from their forthcoming album Kingdoms in Colour.

The group has stated, “Nervous Tics” was almost overlooked from the final album cut. I’m very happy this was not the case!

Pre-order Kingdoms In Colour:

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DIRTYBIRD has been putting out hits non-stop!

Shiba San returns to DIRTYBIRD with his Don’t Talk EP, a massive two track release that embodies his ability to seamlessly blend a multitude of styles into underground hits.

The EP features two articulately constructed beats titled ‘Don’t Talk’ and Moskito’. The title track leads the release with peculiar melodies, flowing acid synth lines, and hissing percussion – culminating into a tune that’s as catchy as it is disorienting. Shiba San follows up the title track ‘Moskito’ which offers razor-edged sawtooths that are sure to haunt festival stages just as its title suggests.

Over the last four years, Shiba San has built quite the reputation for himself as a tech house hero, bringing Dirtybird tracks onto European ground with his 2014 anthem, ‘Okay’. Following the success of his track ‘Burn Like Fire’, Shiba San was further launched into the global spotlight winning two awards in consecutive years for Best Underground Dance Track from the 30th and 31st International Music Awards.

Check out the two tracks here below!

Connect with DIRTYBIRD

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Toyboy & Robin – Horn It

It’s no secret that London is bursting at the seams with heaps of talented DJs. With clubs like Ministry of Sound, Egg and Fabric all within the city, London has a huge pool of raw, energetic and downright brilliant deejays. While the big names like Carl Cox or Pete Tong are easy Londoners to identify, we think it’s important to listen to up and comers and underdogs of EDM. This week, London duo Toyboy & Robin have got our attention with their upbeat house track ‘Horn It.’

It’s been about five months since the duo has released any new music, as their last drop was a two track EP. ‘Horn It’ released off Danny Howard’s label Nothing Else Matters Records, the track is everything you’d want while at a rooftop house party. The two have managed to create what usually is a bothersome noise (a horn beeping) into something you can groove to all night. Listen to ‘Horn It’ below.

Toyboy & Robin – Horn It | Stream


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Facebook Algorithm Changes Drastically Diminish Artist Page Engagement

Back in January of this year, Facebook algorithm changes completely revamped the way we interacted with our news feed. The desired effect? Place the emphasis back on interaction with family and friends instead of being pushed and redirected to pages. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg had this to say about the changes:

While this update cautioned marketers and brands that they will “see less engagement,” nobody knew exactly just how much less. Until now.

In an analysis of over 43 million Facebook Page posts and 20,000 brands, Buffer, a social media management company, found some startling results. The findings show that overall, Page engagement has dropped by 50%. This includes over a 70% decline for Artist Pages. Subsequently, Artists are the group most affected by the algorithm changes.

While many pages attempt to counter this by posting more times each day, too many posts can also have a negative effect on traffic. Ironically, Artist Fan Group Pages have seen a spike in overall engagement. Algorithms originally pushing people to the Artist Page now push them to the Fan Page. So where Rezz‘s Artist page is suffering, “The Cult Of Rezz” Fan Group Page is thriving.

As a result, artists have been posting more frequently on Instagram and Twitter. The catch-22 is that Instagram is owned by Facebook. Instagram also continues to experiment with new algorithms, so right now, neither is really getting much traffic support. Thus far, Twitter has not experienced any adverse marketing effects, although new users are on the decline.

While the long-term effects of Facebook’s algorithm changes are yet to be seen, this is not an encouraging start. The authors of the study offered companies the following support: “The best way to reach our audiences on Facebook is to study the data, experiment constantly, be open to learning, and take a growth mindset.”

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Announced on the Ultra Music Festival homepage and all over social media, the Ultra Mexico Phase 1 lineup is here! And holy s***, it’s loaded. The event will take place October 13-14 at the Foro Pegaso in Mexico City.

Big names gracing Phase 1 include Marshmello, Armin van Buuren, Illenium, Carl Cox, Axwell/Ingrosso, Steve Angello (Swedish House Mafia, maybe?) and Tale of Us, just to name a few. NGHTMRE + Slander bring their Gud Vibrations project to the magical festival ground as well. Trance fans are also take care of with Markus Schulz, Ferry Corsten, Cosmic Gate and many more scheduled to play.

GA tickets are going fast, and this announcement alone is reason enough to be there. Checkout the Ultra Mexico Phase 1 announcement below, in all its glory and splendor.

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