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Hot off the desk is another exclusive track from Finnish deep house wonder, Yotto. He previewed his new track, ‘Chemicals’, during his Essential Mix on Pete Tong’s BBC Radio 1. This is the first track of the year for Yotto, and it sees its release on Joris Voorn‘s Green label. ‘Chemicals’ is one of two songs on Yotto’s upcoming EP Chemicals. The other song, ‘Second Life‘, is the other half of this EP. The track comprises of hi-hats skipping with
Looks like our favorite jokester DJ, Dillon Francis, has another surprise up his sleeve. After releasing his latest track ‘Ven‘ just a few weeks ago, Francis has already announced another new track coming out tomorrow. In recent social media posts, Francis teased his new track called ‘We The Funk‘ featuring Latin singer, Fuego. He’s best known for his collaboration J Balvin on their track ‘35 Pa Las 12‘. He’ll be making his first electronic debut on
Miami Music Week 2018 is about a month away, so we are well within the prime time for big announcements and shows. While each year brings a few unique events, there are some side parties of MMW that have become institutions in their own right. No Sugar Added (NSA) is one of those events, raging as a 2 day event from 2012 onwards. While No Sugar Added ballooned into a 3 day behemoth at
Using the right kind of effects can make any track stand out. For many producers, using the right amount of effects can be the difference between a banger or a complete bore of a track. Today, we’ll discuss one of the most commonly used effects and what it can do to help your productions. When you learn how to produce music, the last thing you probably want to think about is how much the
Back in 2015, Ultra Music Festival turned to the dark side and enlisted Arcadia Spectacular to put together their brand new RESISTANCE Stage. It featured an abundance of renowned techno DJs from across the world. The most impressive aspect was the new stage, which featured recycled military parts to create a steampunk wonderland. In 2016, the festival debuted the Arcadia Spider, which was a stage that left everyone speechless. RESISTANCE also spread to Singapore, Paraguay, Peru, Brasil, and Chile for the first
There are so many ways to go about it, but you have to put in the work! Creativity and writing skills go hand in hand and both should flow together if you want to maximize your results. Although you can read all about how to boost your creativity and writing skills, it’s worthless if you don’t put in the required time to experiment and practice!  Doing this doesn’t only makes you familiar with new
Wolfgang Gartner & k?d – ‘Banshee’ When producers “randomly” post a photo alongside another talented artist, fans realize that this act is often not so coincidental. It’s always done with a specific purpose in mind. Last week, Patrick Cybulski, better known as k?d, teased his fans by stating “new music coming soon” and removed the remainder of the photo on his Instagram post, seen below. new music coming soon . : @eddiethewanderer A post
The festival is just trying to give everyone a fair shot! At every concert, there is always a dedicated group of people that will camp out at the rail, sometimes for the duration of an entire festival.  Some festivals, such as Bonnaroo and Electric Forest, have initiated various procedures to give other festival-goers a fair shot at being front row for their favorite artists. Having a spot at the rail during a music festival
The ASOT team wasted no time in riding the hype from what was an absolutely ridiculous ASOT 850 in Utrecht, making select videos available via artist channels for fans all across the world. We’ll take you through the videos which have been released as of today in chronological order in regards to their set times. Check them all out below and we will add more as they become available! ilan Bluestone NWYR And now we
Since its release back in December, Virtual Self’s ‘Ghost Voices’ has taken the dance music scene by storm. Calvin Harris recently confessed that it was this song that inspired him to return to his roots. Above & Beyond have made this track a pillar in their sets while on tour. And Sirius XM’s Electric Area recently named ‘Ghost Voices’ the number one dance track in North America. But one producer has been building up
Many music festivals and shows have seen their fair share of startling moments. Sometimes the music and atmosphere can make people make some not-so-wise decisions and place themselves in life threatening situations. Recently, this happened when one attendee got a little too comfortable with playing with the scaffolding at Above & Beyond‘s show at the Fillmore in Detroit. On Sunday, a shirtless man decided to hang off of the lighting scaffolding that was attached
Corey James – Find You (Ft. Nino Lucarelli) Corey James is following up his recent collaboration ‘Eros‘ with Years with a preview of ‘Find You‘ featuring Nino Lucarelli upcoming via Protocol Recordings. ‘Find You‘ features an uplifting progressive groove that creates a fresh downlifting euphoric ambience to set the perfect mood for dancing the night away. ‘Find You‘ will be released via Protocol Recordings Februray 23rd, and will be Corey James first return to
Steve Angello’s New Album Is Filled With Dance Floor Hits Steve Angello has come a long way after the Swedish House Mafia split. His 2016 album ‘Wild Youth’ showcased the beautiful and versatile sound of the Swede. Finally, after waiting 2 years with teasers and ID tracks at festivals, Steve has previewed his forthcoming album ‘Human’. Steve Angello has remained true to himself and to his music. He can be versatile within electronic music
If you are a loyal fan of Above & Beyond, then most likely Northern Soul has become your favorite track of 2018 so far. The music and the rhythm, combined with Richard Bedford‘s powerful voice are all components that make this song an emotional and perfect ode to Detroit, and another gem in Above & Beyond’s catalog. Remixing such a special tune is definitely a big responsibility, and only the brave can do it. Just a couple
We have just gotten word that AEG and Goldenvoice have bought out FYF Fest’s founder Sean Carlson’s stake from his festival and will carry on the torch without him. This move stems following a number of sexual harassment allegations against Carlson that first began back in November. After quietly distancing itself, AEG activated a buyout clause in Goldenvoice’s six-year-old deal with Carlson and acquired his remaining 50 percent stake in the festival. The multi-day event is now being booked by Goldenvoice’s Jennifer Yacoubian, who
Australia’s own Litche has been somewhat of a recluse when it comes to his music but is returning in a big way with the first track off his Debut EP Voyage with vocals by the lovely Woodes. Litche is no stranger to using Woodes’ vocals, as he gained massive attention for his remix of Woodes own track “Rise“. The two decided to come together for a production all their own and it’s a beautiful
It seems that smart speakers are the new product exploding in the marketplace with all tech giants rushing to get their offering live but currently Google and Amazon are the only ones making serious strides thanks to their powerful voice-assistants. Apple also just started to get their feet wet in the field but based on recent reviews, Siri still has a long way to go before it can compete with the best. The problem is that doesn’t
EDC Japan is back Headliners! And here is their stellar lineup revealed! It is time we come together to celebrate life, love, art, and music. Under the electric sky we rise once more Saturday May 12 and Sunday May 13 at Zozo Marine Stadium and Makuhari Beach Park in Japan. Join Deadmau5, Above and Beyond, Diplo and more in this international festival’s glorious return to Japan. Let the stages and the sound wow. The pyrotechnics
Dillon Francis has left the world of Snapchat to take his talents to Instagram. Yes, you read that correctly, the man behind the creative Snap Stories and ingenious movie-like clips has decided the new update was no good for him. And he’s definitely not the only one. Many other Snapchat users feel this way as well and have started a petition to get the App to go back to it’s pre-update setup. “Not really
The Austin based duo, Tritonal, is back with tour dates across intimate venues to celebrate the 10 year Anniversary of their label Enhanced Music. From what kicked off with humble beginnings in 2008, Tritonal and the beloved label Enhanced Music that they created, have come a long long way!  While the Austin based duo Chad Cisneros and Dave Reed have been filling out the largest of venues and playing every thinkable major festival, for this particular tour
Seven Lions has launched a new label and released a new single, ‘Calling You Home” featuring Runn. In an extraordinarily expansive and growing world of independent labels, Jeff Montalvo, better known by his expansive stage name Seven Lions, has launched his own label called Ophelia. Paired with the announcement was the label’s first release, “Calling You Home,” which features vocals from Runn.  The initiation of Ophelia will act as the new home for Seven Lions’
Last night, the annual NBA All-Star Game took place in LA at the Staples Center. Team Lebron came back late in the game to beat Team Stephen in a game that ended 148–145. Much of the game was a highlight reel, as the best players in the world took to the court to have some fun and give the fans a good show. However, amongst all those highlights, there is one event that no one
Over the weekend, the first celebration of A State of Trance 850 took place in Utrecht, Netherlands. Throughout the weekend, an insane amount of new music was premiered ranging from new singles, mashups, collabs, and remixes. One remix in particular, done by one high-profile group for another high-profile group, seemed to catch many people’s attention. During W&W’s set as their new revived trance project NWYR, they dropped their remix of Above & Beyond’s ode
Your weekly dose of the hottest dance music releases. Welcome back to Word of Mouth, where we bring you the latest releases from your favorite dance music artists. While the bangers never stop coming in this industry, this week you’ll truly have to brace yourselves. Good tunes are ahead. Don’t Give Up On Me feat. Mako – Kill The Noise & Illenium The wait is finally over. Kill The Noise and Illenium have been
Social media is affecting musicians’ mental health. Is it affecting yours? Would you purchase the rights to Prince’s first song for half-million dollars? Social media may be causing more harm than good, according to study. The ability for anybody to access any song they’ve ever heard at an instant is here. We live in a world where instant gratification runs rampant, but sometimes it’s at the cost of the wrong people. Those are the

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