Deepend & Joe Killington – Could Be Love

Dutch deep house act Deepend has collaborated with UK singer/songwriter Joe Killington to release a killer new track on Spinnin’ Records. ‘Could Be Love’ is an upbeat, tropical feeling tune, marking Deepend’s return to Spinnin’ after a European tour with David Guetta.

“2018 has proven to be an exciting year for me; a fresh step forward musically, but also a new chapter in my career in regards to performing solo and seizing new opportunities. ‘Could Be Love’ resembles that fresh feeling perfectly, it’s a record that underlines the new vibe Deepend is currently in.” – Falco ven den aker

Moving forward as a solo act, ‘Could Be Love’ harkens back to Deepend’s original feel and instantly puts you on your feet. Joe Killington’s vocals and songwriting tell the story of a man pining after a woman. The deep house vibes resonate through the whole track, making it a perfect addition to any festival or playlist.

“Good to hear the first responses are positive, and I’ve been playing the song during my summer tour and really happy to see that the crowd started to sing along with the chorus after the first time hearing it.That’s always a good sign!”

Earlier this year there was a collaboration with fellow Spinnin’ artist Janieck, and we can only hope to look forward to more releases to come. Listen to Deepend’s epic return to Spinning Records ‘Could Be Love’ below:

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Post Malone Deja Vu Whethan Remix

Post Malone x Justin Bieber – Deja Vu (Whethan Remix)

Wunderkind Whethan has been going from success to success these past few months. From his joint album with Louis The Child to his recent remix of Clairo’s ‘Pretty Girl‘ he’s been putting out amazing pieces with aplomb. And now he’s taking Post Malone‘s song ‘Deja Vu‘ and giving it his creative spin with a brand new remix.

Some remixes are a crazy re-imagining of the original track. This isn’t one of those remixes. Whethan perfectly balances out the feel of the original with his own style.  Basically if you liked the original track and like Whethan, you’ll be sure to love his take on it. He’s also added a few dates to his Life Of A Wallflower Tour. So give the track a listen below and be sure to check out his new tour dates here for a show near you.

Post Malone x Justin Bieber – Deja Vu (Whethan Remix) | 

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Ekali shared a meaningful tweet today about his sexuality and music.

Ekali is the hero we all need in the music industry. Over the weeks, Ekali has shared his mental health to fans through Twitter, reassuring us that we are not alone with the struggle. With the anticipation of his upcoming EP, Ekali wants to get a few things straight. Yesterday, he was fed up with the homophobic comments he was coming across about his music and told those haters that his “music was not for them” and to “kindly fuck off”. Well said. This then triggered him with a follow-up tweet, coming out as bi-sexual and telling fans to “stop leaving hateful gay rhetoric”. Alison Wonderland, Chet Porter, Y2k, Hotel Garuda and more responded to the tweet, showing their compassion. 

We have so much respect for you Ekali. Thank you for being you. 

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Ekali Defends His Art & Comes Out As Bi-Sexual

Medasin confesses who the mysterious women he named his album after is.

The secret is out. The cryptic name behind Medasin’s new album has had us curious for months. Medasin named his debut album “Irene” but never told fans who she was. We speculated for a very long time, Medasin even had a contest on Twitter telling followers he would send them money if they correctly guessed who Irene was.

Last week, Medasin released his first album “Irene”, a journey of soothing sounds and melodic beats. Now, he has finally shared with us who the lady behind the music is. Bare with us, this is very touching. 

In a recent post to social media, Medasin reached out to his fanbase, asking to help out Irene. He revealed Irene was his former IOP rehab counselor of 4 years. Medasin confessed he was a drug addict in the past, and went to Irene religiously for counseling. She told him about her dreams of creating a coffee shop for recovering addicts and alcoholics, a safe place for them to talk and build meaningful relationships. Now that Medasin is in a more established place and has a bigger audience, he wants to help Irene’s dream come true. The thoughtful DJ/Producer created a GoFundMe for his former rehab counselor’s dream coffee shop and you can donate here

We hope Irene gets the coffee shop she deserves. 

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Getter has been laying low ever since he announced he was moving on from Dubstep on Twitter and locked himself in the studio experimenting with different sounds ever since. Now, it seems the eclectic producer is ready to re-emerge on the scene with a brand new album titled Visceral, which too much of everyone’s surprise will see a release on deadmau5’s mau5trap record label September 28.

Getter had been dropping teasers for the album here and there, but for the most part his fans were left completely in the dark this year about the album. His connection with deadmau5 was first made public when he was a collaborator on the track ‘All Is Lost’ which was a part of deadmau5’s mau5ville: Level 1. Apparently the unlikely duo first linked up at a recent video game conference and began their business and creative ventures soon after.

The producer promises the project will be a very personal and heavily inspired body of work that he is proud of. We’re excited to hear what’s in store.

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Brasstracks – Too Far Too Fast feat. Thirdstory

Today, the on-fire NYC duo Brasstracks, just dropped a brand-new single, ‘Too Far Too Fast’ feat. Thirdstory. The song is from their forthcoming EP, For Those Who Know Part II which is the second and final installation of the EP series.

The dreamy summer love-song displays a sensual and funky side of the production duo’s style with refreshing and soulful R&B elements. Taking a different approach from huge leading brass sections reminiscent of Brasstracks’ previous dance covers, ‘Too Far Too Fast,’ blends uplifting piano production that perfectly carries vocals from the group Thirdstory.

NYC-based pop trio, Thirdstory, may sound familiar from their previous tour with Chance The Rapper’s band in 2017. Brasstracks are also acquainted with Chance producing and earning a well-deserved Grammy on the song, ‘No Problems’ feat. 2 Chainz & Lil Wayne, from the 2016 album Coloring Book.

Brasstracks – Too Far Too Fast feat. Thirdstory

‘For Those Who Missed It’ tour dates:

9/12 Constellation Room – Santa Ana, CA

9/13 SLO Brew – San Luis Obispo, CA

9/14 1015 Folsom – San Francisco, CA

9/15 Music Box – San Diego, CA

9/19 Soundwell – Salt Lake City, UT

9/21 Shady Park – Tempe, AZ

9/22 Life Is Beautiful – Las Vegas, NV

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cln – Waiting For You

cln is one of those producers that you always seem to see around and wonder how they aren’t more popular. 2017 saw some beautiful releases from him – from ‘Breathe’ via NEST/OWSLA to ‘The Other Side’ via Kitsune, the producer has been racking up releases on some of the most prestigious labels that electronic music has to offer.

This newest single ‘Waiting For You‘ acts as the first single from cln’s debut album, which he announced in tandem with the release last week. It’s evident that the acclaimed Aussie producer has been honing in on his sound more than ever, and has only showed us the tip of the iceberg. The record doesn’t have a definitive release date yet, but its safe to say that it will be worth the wait. For now, we can just hope that cln continues his ascent slowly but surely.

Stream ‘Waiting For You’ for you below and keep up with the young lad as he prepares for the release of his debut record.

cln – Waiting For You

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Timeflies – Little Bit (Feather Remix)

The American pop band Timeflies released their single ‘Little Bit‘ this past January. The fun and catchy song captured the attention of listeners with its good vibes. Now, upcoming artist Feather drops a remix and adds in his signature sounds. Featuring uplifting beats, Feather elevates the track and puts listeners at ease. You can simply bop your head to the dance/pop infused beats!

The remix begins similarly to the original except it has a faster tempo. The speed and synths work together to become a comforting tune. Next, The verses complement the track as it leads to the explosive drop. The drop itself is the main highlight because of its high synths and percussion sounds. Overall, the song will put you in a good mood with its exhilarated energy. Feather presents this remix with a free download which is now available.

Timeflies – Little Bit (Feather Remix) | Free Download

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One festival patron has been injured at Das Energi.

This is one of our worst fears. Utah music festival, Das Energi, had a stage collapse tonight due to severe weather conditions. The heavy winds resulted in the injury of one attendee. The structure fell on the patron and led the event to shut down completely. 

Around 8:00 PM, a portion of the stage came crashing down during a set by DJ/Producer SHARPS. The festival grounds has been temporarily shut down and are standing by for weather updates. Thankfully, the attendee only suffered from minor cuts and bruises. 

We hope the rest of the stages hold up and everyone stays safe. 

Update: The weather conditions have improved and the festival is back on!

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Dusky has announced their return to North America with a 15-date tour and they’ve gifted us a new EP to go along with it. Their ‘Aset Forever EP’ hits various points on the electronic music spectrum and every track will keep you itching to hit the dance floor.

Dusky’s first single from the EP, ‘Amongst The Gods’, has been a staple in their sets for the past year. It takes influence from the 90s rave scene with melodic vocals working in tandem with “shuffling breakbeat house rhythms.”

The EP is something near and dear to Dusky’s hearts because it’s named in tribute to Jan Francis. Francis passed away late last year. Dusky accredits him as the one responsible for their first bookings in London.

Listen to ‘Amongst The Gods’ below and grab your tickets for their North American tour here.

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Vicetone Ft. Meron Ryan- Walk Thru Fire

Would you walk through fire for someone? Probably not, but hey- it’s a nice sentiment for those day one, ride or die friends. For Dutch progressive house duo Vicetone, that’s what their latest track ‘Walk Thru Fire’ featuring Meron Ryan is all about. Released about a week and a half ago off MonsterCat, the track already has one million plays on Spotify and is garnering much attention from their adoring fans.

‘Walk Thru Fire’ comes five months after Vicetone’s last music drop in March with ‘Way Back.’ While ‘Way Back’ was more of a chill step, ‘Walk Thru Fire’ is a definite festival track that radiates positivity and encourages dancing.

The duo consisting of Ruben Den Boer and Victor Pool have also just announced they are going a North American tour, from August 25- November 10. Vicetone will make stops in Dallas, Houston, San Diego, Washington D.C., New York City and more.

Stream ‘Walk Thru Fire’ now.

Vicetone Ft. Meron Ryan- Walk Thru Fire | Stream


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Featuring remixes by Lifelike, Cassian, Mylo & more

Having accumulated over 13 million streams and garnering global support from the likes of BBC Radio 1, SiriusXM, DJ Mag and Mixmag, Moon Boots’ ambitious 2017 LP ‘First Landing’ cemented the Brooklyn-native as a naturally gifted collaborator, songwriter, and producer.

Now he is back delivering the highly anticipated ‘First Landing (Remixed)‘ album via Anjunadeep.

The album shines a bright new light on the widely praised original. From Lifelike’s distinct disco touch on ‘Keep The Faith’, Sydney-native Cassian’s energetic house take on ‘Never Let You Go’, and UK producer Rex Of Dog’s off-kilter reimagining of the title track ‘First Landing’, each remix is decidedly distinct from the next. 

Chuck on your moon boots and get ready to vibe out. This collection is sure to make your weekend 10x better. 






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15 Dates: LA, Chicago, Brooklyn, Austin, Miami, San Fran, + More

Dusky present their first original productions of 2018 in the five-track Aset Forever EP and announce their return to North America for a 15-date tour. They released their lead track ‘Amongst The Gods‘ for us today.

Aset Forever is named in tribute to Jan Francis, a friend of Nick & Alfie who tragically lost his life late last year. Founder of the ATG graffiti crew and School Records (alongside Loefah) – Jan was responsible for Dusky’s first London gigs both at ATG Warehouse parties and their Staunch residency at Corsica Studios.

This beautiful tribute shines brightly in the vibe of the new single. It’s ethereal grooves, breakbeat house rhythms, and sunrise melodies make you want to smile and dance your heart away. 

We’re transported to a 90’s warehouse with this new track and I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. 

The EP swiftly moves onto ‘The Ace’ – Striking at 130 BPM, ‘The Ace’ is a hard hitting surge of twisted sonics and clipped rave samples. A dark slab of warehouse tech, ’Staunch’ follows, with rolling Reese basslines, ‘ecstasy’ samples and eerie sci-fi chords.

The second half of the EP sees Dusky take things deeper. ’Angles’ is a blissed out wash of Detroit techno stabs and vintage house textures, before ‘The Captain’ rounds off the EP with punchy Italo basslines and icy synths. 

The ‘Aset Forever EP’ is available to pre-order before release on the 14th September.

A1. Amongst The Gods

A2. The Ace

A3. Staunch

B1. Angles

B2. The Captain

Check out the 17 Steps bosses while they’re on their North American Tour. 

Dusky 2018 North America Tour

  • 9.29 – CRSSD Festival, San Diego CA (Tickets)
  • 10.04 – TBD, Austin TX (Tickets)
  • 10.05 – Kinda Super Disco, Houston TX (Tickets)
  • 10.06 – It’ll Do, Dallas TX (Tickets)
  • 10.12 – Coda, Toronto ON (Tickets)
  • 10.13 – Space, Miami FL (Tickets)
  • 10.25 – No Vacancy, Portland OR (Tickets)
  • 10.26 – Sound, Los Angeles CA (Tickets)
  • 10.27 – The Midway, San Francisco CA (Tickets)
  • 11.16 – Sound-Bar, Chicago IL (Tickets)
  • 11.17 – Newspeak, Montreal QC (Tickets)
  • 12.06 – The Social, Orlando FL (Tickets)
  • 12.07 – Analog, Brooklyn NY (Tickets)
  • 12.08 – Vinyl, Dever CO (Tickets)
  • 12.09 – Shady Park, AZ (Tickets)

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Lowtemp Music signee and Gramatik protégé Will Magid, otherwise known as Balkan Bump, has seen his career take off since he was discovered by the Slovenian electro-funk producer in mid-2017. Immediately seeing something special in his new signee, Gramatik released their collaboration ‘Aymo‘ last October, and took Balkan Bump with him on his Re:Coil tour along with Haywyre. Balkan Bump took advantage of being able to spend so much time with such talented musicians, and one of the results of that experience is his new single “Give Me Something to Funk” featuring Kelly Finnigan.

Released today, Magid had this to say about the new tune: “This song is a direct result of touring with Gramatik and Haywyre. As a matter of fact, I recorded most of it on our tour bus…Sometimes I would walk towards the bus with a strut, grooving in my mind to make-believe future songs. One night the groove in my soul was so infectious I had to record it.”

In addition to the fantastic vocals laid down by Kelly Finnigan, Gramatik’s touring guitarist Adam Stehr also contributed to the creation of the track. The groove on “Give Me Something to Funk” is undeniable, as it has been on every single Balkan Bump release to date. His shows on the Re:Coil tour impressed both audiences and his musical peers enough to keep the momentum going into this fall, when he will play a full slate of tour dates with Beats Antique, CloZee, and Russ Liquid, as well as one more very special show with Gramatik at Red Rocks Amphitheatre on September 1st.

Take a listen to the groovy “Give Me Something to Funk” below, and check out Balkan Bump’s tour dates to see if he’ll be hitting your city in the coming months!


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Decadence Arizona holds nothing back by announcing two of the largest electronic dance music acts in the game.

Decadence Arizona is known not only for supplying a top-notch production for guests but also for booking some of the best electronic dance music talent known to mankind. Their luminous theme takes their attendees on a once and a lifetime rollercoaster ride full of tradition and surprises. As if the hype for this year’s New Year’s Eve Celebration wasn’t already at an all-time high from when organizers announced that this year’s event will be evolving from a one-day event into a two-day celebration, Decadence Arizona just announced two huge headliners. 

The first headliner who was announced was none other than the legend himself. It was rumored Skrillex was planning on making the U.S. festival comeback but no one expected to see him back so soon. He has been locking himself away in the studio producing new music and I guess the time is nearing for him to show the world just what he has been working on. It is safe to say this name alone would be a reason just to attend this New Year’s Eve Celebration. 

The second headliner is equally if not just as big as Skrillex’s comeback to the U.S. festival scene. Porter Robinson has been a little absent from the festival and show scene due to his concentration on his side project and new alias Virtual Self. No matter if its Porter Robinson or Virtual Self playing attendees are always in for a treat because both are dance music geniuses. It is safe to say, that this set will probably extra feelsy and super emotional. 

Decadence Arizona is doing an exclusive public presale and it begins Friday at 10:00 a.m. MST. Guests can also message the Relentless Beats Facebook account beginning Friday morning at 9:00 a.m. MST for the presale code. The rest of the headliner announcements are coming soon, so hang on tight. Follow the link to purchase tickets. 

Ticket Link: 🎟:

Peep down below for the after movie from the previous year of Decadence Arizona. 

Connect with Decadence Arizona:

Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Website

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The Atom stage will be present at Nocturnal Wonderland for a special Gud Vibrations performance.

It’s pretty common for artists to bring their own stage designs to an already full production high tier festival. When they do bring their stages it is a sight to see. Nocturnal Wonderland has announced on social media that NGHTMRE and SLANDER will, in fact, bring their full Atom stage with them to Nocturnal Wonderland for headliners to enjoy. Whether you have heard of these artists or not it is without a doubt that you have come across a video or a photo of this jaw-dropping, eccentric, and straight up one of a kind stage design. Both artists will take the stage on September 15 (Saturday) at the Labyrinth stage hosted by Gud Vibrations. Tickets are still on sale for the Two-Day festival so hurry up and purchase them before it is too late. 

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Ticket Link:

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Connect with Nocturnal Wonderland:

Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Website

Connect with SLANDER:

Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Soundcloud

Connect with NGHTMRE:

Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Soundcloud

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Vocals from David Shane add a brighter, melodic element to this heavy trap track.

QUIX, from Aukland, NZ is a DJ and bass producer.  When he was younger, he started learning to play the drums and got into production a few years ago.  Last year, he went on his first North American tour and has also toured in various countries around the world.  He has also performed at multiple festivals including Electric Forest, Shambhala, and Bassrush.  Following the release of his Heaps Cool EP, he has dropped various singles including “Fatality” and “LAMBO“, a collaboration with Matroda.

Hailing from Canada, 22-year-old Vincent is an extremely innovative producer and DJ that blends trap, future bass, and more.  His breakthrough, “Anax“, led to various remixes such as Alison Wonderland’s “U Don’t Know” and RL Grime’s “I Wanna Know” feat. Daya.  His tracks have had play counts in the millions.  Playing alongside artists such as Boombox Cartel and Luca Lush, he’s currently preparing to play at Dancefestopia in early September.

Out today, Quix and Vincent have brought their forward-thinking production skills together to form the massive new release “Hero“.  With passionate vocals from David Shane, the production within this track is so complex that new elements can be heard every time the song is listened to.

The track opens with an almost hip-hop sounding backing before a soft piano melody introduces David’s smooth vocals.  “No, I ain’t gonna be your, be your hero” echoes as the percussion increases and the sound amplifies, leading to the dark drop.  This trap-filled chorus has deep bass but is also accompanied by a high-pitched instrumental melody.  David’s vocals return for the second chorus before the second, dirtier drop.

For other listening options, click here.

Keep up with these two amazing artists and view their upcoming tour dates below.

QUIX: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

Vincent: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

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Volt shows no mercy and holds no prisoners with his new track ‘The Purge.’

This is not a test. This is your emergency broadcast system announcing the commencement of Volt’s newest track ‘The Purge’ sanctioned by Bass drops level four and lower have been authorized for use during ‘The Purge.’ All other sounds are restricted. People from all different backgrounds, social class, religion, sexuality, race, and gender have been granted accessed to participate in the listening of ‘The Purge.’  Commencing at the first bass drop, any headbanging, including mosh pits, will be legal. Blessed be our New Bass Founding Fathers and America. 

Volt is back, and this time he is ready to twist some ears with his latest release. Coming fresh off his previous successful track, Blackout, Volt takes his fans through another undeniable ride of their lives. ‘The Purge’ does not wait one second and goes straight for the kill. The builds up for each drop help bring new experiences and new sounds to the bass genre. They are not your average joe drops like every artist seems to be producing these days. 

“It was 3:00 a.m, and I had just finished watching a bunch of scary movies. My studio has an open window that overlooks downtown, Los Angeles. I started thinking about what it would be like if there were a Purge type situation in a place like this. For this track, I wanted to try and capture that feeling of fear and despair in the buildups and breakdowns while bringing back in the intense energy of fighting back or being one of the Purge participants. I hit up my friend Jade to put together a full length visual and it all just felt right.” – Volt

It’s nice to hear that each breakdown has its own unique sounds and are always kept unpredictable from start to finish. It helps fit the theme of the song since ‘The Purge’ can be unpredictable too. Turning corners left and right and then all of a sudden an almost psytrance bass drop gets thrown in the mix. One thing is for sure, and that is this will be a purge that will go down in history. Take a listen now. The track is streaming everywhere.  

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🛸 Volt Socials ⚡

Spotify | Soundcloud | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter: 

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Sophomore album slated for early 2019

Crooked Colours are fresh off celebrating the first anniversary of their debut album “Vera” and their UK/European Tour with Irish singer EDEN. Riding off that high they are giving us their first single “I’ll Be There” to be taken from their sophomore LP due for release in early 2019.

Penned during their time on the road,I’ll Be Thereis a perfect re-introduction for the group, taking some of the instrumental timbre which has become synonymous with the Crooked Colours style, whilst injecting layered tribal influenced vocals, hypnotic loops, and driving synths throughout.

It’s melodic and vibey to the max. It reminds me of warm sunshine. A nice hug perhaps? Yes, I’m here for this. 

Along with the release of “I’ll Be There”, the group has announced a 13-date tour of the United States. 

Make sure to check them out when they get to your area, I sure will be! 

Crooked Colours Tour Dates

Oct 24 – Velvet Underground – Toronto, ON

Oct 25 – Belmont – Montreal, QBC

Oct 26 – Bowery Ballroom – New York, NY

Oct 27 – Suwannee Hulaween – Live Oak, FL

Nov 01 – Constellation Room – Santa Ana, CA

Nov 02 – El Rey Theatre – Los Angeles, CA

Nov 03 – Gamh – San Francisco, CA

Nov 08 – Holocene – Portland, OR

Nov 09 – Fortune – Vancouver, BC

Nov 10 – Neumos – Seattle, WA

Nov 13 – 7th Street – Minneapolis, MN

Nov 14 – High Noon – Madison, WI

Nov 15 – Lincoln Hall – Chicago, IL

Follow Crooked Colours

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Moby – This Wild Darkness (Maor Levi Remix)

American DJ and producer Moby released his latest single ‘This Wild Darkness‘ earlier this year. His song captivates powerful lyrics and shares a story behind every scene. As he touched the hearts of listeners, Maor Levi created a remix that uplifts the original sounds. He adds trance vibes which alter the mood to be fun and upbeat. With both mixes, they still come off strong and share the same message.

Released by The Little Idiot, the remix begins with the simple beats and synths. It gives you a feeling to unwind and allows yourself to be free. As the song progresses, the choir sounds play peacefully until it reaches the drop. Once the drop releases, the high synths and beats play simultaneously throughout the track. Moby’s vocals are played towards the beginning and end of the song. Overall, Maor Levi produced a stellar remix and you can listen to it now on SoundCloud.

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Needs No Sleep – Jungle Cat EP

Australian producer Needs No Sleep has been consistently putting out some of the freshest, hard-hitting house music over the past couple of years. Following his club single alongside Lucati earlier this year, he follows it up with ‘Jungle Cat EP’ out now on Uprise Music. The two tracks on the EP are two house stompers that further cement his reputation as a producer of the very highest quality.

‘Jungle Cat’ is the perfect name for this beast of a record. It has heavy drums and tight percussion which creates a tense, brooding atmosphere, while a huge, scything synth line trickles back and forth on the track. ‘Ass Like That’ has a similarly dark vibe going on and shuffles and seethes along on a 4/4 beat. With its heavily down pitched vocal and super fat bassline it’s one for dirty warehouses and the darkest of nightclubs.

Needs No Sleep – Jungle Cat EP

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Guy Gerber‘s Rumors is making its way to Brooklyn for an open-air party at the Brooklyn Mirage. This can’t-miss party will take place during New York Fashion Week and will feature epic talents including Damian Lazarus, Lauren Lane and Kaz James.

Rumors originated as a beach party in Ibiza years ago, and since then it has turned into a global event that people can’t stop raving about. This year, it was dubbed Coachella’s ‘most epic after-party.’ Gerber showcases the best underground electronic artists to play alongside him into the deep hours of the night and they never disappoint.

Make sure to snag your tickets here so you don’t miss out on this party during one of New York’s biggest weeks of the year. You won’t regret it.

Check out the recap of last year’s Rumors event in New York below.

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The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) is expressing concern regarding social media influencers and celebrities not properly indicating when they have been paid to endorse a product or experience. They have launched an investigation into the matter, due to the fact that these people with large internet followings could impact the shopping preferences and habits of potentially millions of people.

Problems arise when these influencers do not clearly disclose that they are being paid by the brand for their opinion and endorsement. According to the watchdog group, they have seen examples of the problematic posts themselves which are left unclear as to whether they reflect a personal opinion or are sponsored by a brand. As part of the investigation they’ve reached out to influencers to “gather more information about their posts and the nature of the business agreements they have in place with brands,” and are asking the public to share their experience with celebrity endorsed products.

Influencers and social media based marketing have been a boon to brands in recent years, as they allow them to reach more targeted audiences and boost overall sales. Under the current consumer protection law, influencers must disclose or make clear that they are being paid for their post, opinion and endorsement. If such posts are not labeled, consumers can be misled to believe that the endorsement represents the influencers own personal opinion or view.

George Lusty, the CMA’s senior director for consumer protection, explained, “Social media stars can have a big influence on what their followers do and buy.” He continued, “So, it’s really important they are clearly told whether a celebrity is promoting a product because they have bought it themselves, or because they have been paid or thanked in some way by the brand.”

Source/Photo: EveningExpress

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Oh Tomorrowland, it’s hard to even encapsulate how much we love you. When a brand just blows past your expectations and takes actions purely to improve your experience, it creates something way more than the typical American PLUR festival excitement. I could write a book about all the reasons Tomorrowland is the pinnacle of music festivals, but I already did that last year. So to make it interesting, we’ve rounded up the winners and losers of Tomorrowland 2018. Hit next for the losers.


Techno & Tech-House

If you’re only looking for filthy face-melting drops, you might wanna stick to America. Seriously, Tomorrowland has nailed the techno and tech-house game. Name a “must see” artist and they were probably there and maybe even had their own stage. Tomorrowland even had Charlotte De Witte and Solomun play the mainstage for peet’s sake! Adam Beyer, Jamie Jones, Tale of Us, Patrice Baumel, Boris Brechja all threw down amazing sets and that’s just a small sampling from Weekend 2. While Ultra’s Resistance is epic, Tomorrowland has a more subdued and emotional techno experience in addition to the epicness of the Atmosphere stage. It’s hard to decide which stage makes for the best techno experience, but Atmosphere, Garden of Madness, CORE, and Amicorum all were legendary.


You wouldn’t know it but Dirtybird rising star, Fisher, was not on the lineup this year. However his latest single “Losing It” was the most played track of the festival. It was everywhere with spins from Kungs, Throttle, Lost Frequencies, Sebastian Ingrosso, Fatboy Slim, Zonderling, and more. This track might not have made it to the aftermovie, but it was the track of the festival and we are NOT complaining about it.

Salvatore Ganacci

Lowkey Salvatore Ganacci won Tomorrowland more than anybody else. He first burst onto the scene at Tomorrowland 2017 with his original WTF moment, but he blew that away for his mainstage debut. His wild antics drew a massive reaction with lots of fans and lots of haters. Having met with Salvatore himself, he says the funny stuff was never really planned at the beginning and he just tries to have a good time and not take himself too seriously. Is that really any worse than a fake anonymous identity and a helmet? Beyond that, he is actually a serious producer on Ingrosso’s Refune label and that “Antidote” remix played by SHM at Ultra was his. The guy was such a Tomorrowland legend he made it into the Aftermovie 3 times.


Tomorrowland boasted the most LEDs ever this year, and it was most noticeable on its incredible Planaxis mainstage. While the 2016 Tree stage also incorporated LED screens, this was the most ever used and they were put to good effect. As much as we wanted aquariums built into the stage, that would not have been very kind to the fish.

Besides the Mainstage, the brand new Atmosphere stage boasted a fancy lattice netting structure coated with LEDs to create a surreal vortex effect going up the entire thing.


The late great EDM legend was sorely missed at Tomorrowland, as it was one of the first festivals to give him exposure in his early days. The People of Tomorrow were out and about showing their admiration and love for Avicii through massive Swedish flags and the DJs showed their love by playing a litany of Avicii tracks. “Levels” was the 2nd most played track of the festival. Tomorrowland also put a permanent Avicii memorial on its One World Bridge where fans were often seen paying respects.

Tomorrowland Winter

While it was sweltering hot in Boom, people were already looking forward to the cool temps of March in the French Alps. Tomorrowland was so ready to hype Tomorrowland Winter, that the 2018 Aftermovie was released the day after the festival ended so all attention could be shifted over. We even learned that the crowd-favorite Freedom Stage will be coming to Tomorrowland Winter. Now things are full steam ahead for the inaugural event. Maybe SHM will christen the event as well.


The Heat

Ok so on one hand Tomorrowland was lucky enough to have avoided rain in the very rainy country of Belgium. On the other hand the heat and dryness was so intense that Weekend 2 was almost forced to abandon pyrotechnics. Friday of Weekend 2 was Belgium’s hottest day on record and the festival took serious measures to help people. These heat measures led to some of the strangest images you will ever see from a music festival. Seriously, watch the video above for a few minutes because you will never see something like that again. The scorching heat was most noticeable in the brand new Atmosphere stage, which was sadly not designed with a heatwave in mind. The enclosed structure provided very little openings for steam air to get out, so the result was an absolutely steaming sauna where you could literally see the heat emanating off of people. All that being said, Adam Beyer, Eric Prydz, Q-Dance and more were still incredible in there.

Axwell / Ingrosso

Axwell and Ingrosso are not really losers at all, but the “Axwell Ingrosso” duo might be done at Tomorrowland for a long time. Over the course of Tomorrowland’s 2 weekends, the Swedish House Mafia members did everything they legally could short of announcing a world tour and Tomorrowland 2019 performance. During week 1 Steve Angello brought Sebastian Ingrosso onstage purely for the SHM hype. Then during Weekend 2 during Sebastian Ingrosso’s set he brought out Axwell and they told the crowd this would be their last time performing at Tomorrowland for a while.

Bass Music

Tomorrowland really makes clear the difference between the American dance music scene and the European scene. Tomorrowland really only featured 1 serious trap/dubstep stage during Weekend 1. While Tomorrowland managed to bring in heavy hitters like GUD VIBRATIONS and Seven Lions in the first week, Weekend 2 traded bass music for extra techno. During Weekend 2 Slushii and Alison Wonderland were some of the only bass music artists you would find. The silver lining though is that Tomorrowland was having none of that Future Bass stuff that is still not gone in America. Also we’re not complaining about more techno.

Hip-Hop/Pop Crossovers

At EDMTunes we have often been critical of dance music producers turning to pop, but now pop wants to invade festivals. EDC Vegas has done it with little success, now rumor has it that Tomorrowland wants to take on a bit of a Coachella vibe by bringing in genre-crossover acts. During Weekend 1 the Organ of Harmony played host to a Live Stage of hip-hop and pop acts. French Montana, Lil Pump, and Dua Lipa graced the Organ of Harmony with mixed results. As expected there was some backlash, and Dua Lipa made things even worse. Will Tomorrowland abandon or expand this initiative in 2019? That remains to be seen.


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Exclusive premiere of new R3hab Remix

R3hab is back with another club banger! This time it’s a remix for David Guetta‘s “Don’t Leave Me Alone” featuring Anne-Marie due for full release Friday (August 17).  

David Guetta and rising British singer Anne-Marie teamed for a joyful new song, “Don’t Leave Me Alone” earlier this summer as a synth-pop ballad. Now, R3hab is giving it a dance makeover. 

Ann-Marie’s vocals work so well to this new tempo that it almost makes you forget this is the remix! The pounding big room drops make it ideal for any main stage. It’s sure to make its rounds at upcoming festivals once it drops. 

This track will be off R3hab’s forthcoming new album due Sept 14. 

In the meantime check out the new remix here:

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