An all new, 3-part BBC series titled Can You Feel It – How Dance Music Conquered The World, is set to air this Friday, September 21st.

This new series follows the history of dance music from its origins in disco to house, techno, acid house and the current mainstream EDM explosion. As BBC describes it:

House music is now one of the most popular music genres on the planet. The charts are packed with 4/4 tunes made or remixed by superstar DJs. The irresistible and relentless groove of the dance floor fills clubs and stadiums, themes the biggest TV shows and is the soundtrack to mega advertising. You can’t escape the beat. But how did we get here?

The first episode will will air on BBC 4 at 10pm on Friday. “The Beat” explores the evolution of dance music’s signature 4/4, or four on the floor, beat pattern through. It features interviews and insights from Nicky Siano, Marshall Jefferson, Juan Atkins, Derrick May, Fatboy Slim and more.

You can watch a trailer for the series below.


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David Guetta 7

David Guetta – 7

There are few DJ/Producers who are able to provoke emotions of either love or hate all due to their music. Tiësto, Zedd, Alleso, these are just a few. You can add David Guetta to that list as well, as he is also one of the more polarizing names in Dance Music.

Having come from the Paris underground, the man has done it all. From being a hip-hop DJ in his early days to being crowned DJ Mag’s #1 DJ in 2011, there isn’t much left for him to do.  For now, Guetta has released his new album ‘7′, which also includes the ‘Jack Back’ project. When viewed together as a whole, they encompass the trajectory of Guetta’s illustrious career, albeit in reverse. When speaking to Forbes about the double album, Guetta had this to say:

“It represents a different side of me. Basically, I come from house music, and I wanted to go to my roots and just do something for fun. It’s a double album, so the idea is not to compromise. The first album is completely pop, and the second album is completely underground. Instead of trying to do a little bit of everything on the same record I’m like, OK, let’s go hard! All the way pop and all the way electronic.”

Since its release on September 14, 2018 the Album has shot up the charts, overtaking Eminem’sKamikaze‘ for the number on spot. In total, the release features 27 new tracks from David Guetta & his Collaborators.

‘7’, which is the pop-fueled side of the album, includes Seven singles, which were released in the buildup to the album. This includes everything from ‘2U’ with Justin Beiber, ‘Like I Do’ with Martin Garrix & Brooks, and ‘Drive’ with Black Coffee. Other than the singles, the remaining tracks on the album feature names such as G-Eazy, Steve Aoki,Lil Uzi Vert, Stefflon Don, Nicki Minaj, J Balvin, Sia, and even Bebe Rexha. In Total, this side of the album features a wide range of genres within 15 tracks, which makes it very hard for this writer to choose a favorite, much less favorites.

The B-side of the album features the Jack Back Project. This portion of the double album features the remaining 12 tracks, and kicks off with ‘Reach For Me‘. Next up is ‘Freedom‘ with CeCe Rogers, and this may very well be my favourite track on this side of things. It talks about, you guessed it, Freedom, and I believe that’s what Guetta has found through his Jack Back alias.

Perhaps what is the most well-known track from Jack Back at this point is ‘Overtone‘. This is where all the speculation that Guetta was behind Jack Back began, as he debuted the track at Ultra Europe. It had not played by anyone else since its surprise release. If you haven’t listened to the Jack Back Compilation, and are into House & Techno, it’s something I recommend checking out.

With over 81 minutes of new music, split between 27 unique tracks, David Guetta is making a statement. It is awesome to see such an established producer return to their roots, even if they bring their new styles along for the ride too. It will be interesting to see if Guetta has any plans to tour exclusively as Jack Back. Perhaps he’ll be using the material for those late night/early morning after parties. Regardless of what he does, Its just nice to have some quality music. 7 is out now and can be streamed below.

David Guetta – 7 | DOWNLOAD

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Out on Monstercat Instinct Vol. 2

After announcing on Tiesto’s Club Life podcast four days ago, Justin OH has released his latest single, “U&Me” on Monstercat Instinct Vol.2.

It opens up to light, sweet vocals with a gentle progressive build. The track then drops into the classic feel-good future bass. The whole vibe is very atmospheric and lovely! 

Justin OH delivers a tune that conjures up a smile. Light, bright, and happy. 

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SoundCloud: @justinohmusic

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Shiba San- Excluded EP

No stranger to the underground, French DJ and producer Shiba San is back at it again. A regular on well known labels such as Dirtybird, Relief Records and his own Basement Leak, he’s branching out into new territory. His newest two track EP is out now on U.K. based Kaluki Music. Excluded is an exploration into the deep, groovy sounds that inspired the tech-filled productions of Shiba San’s oeuvre.

As a whole this EP is incredibly minimal and precise. Not only is it a testament to Shiba’s incredible musical talent but also a welcome relief to today’s overproduced tracks. ‘Look Back‘, the first track on Excluded, solidifies the idea of returning to a simpler time. The thrust of the track comes from its deep, thumping bassline, accentuated with a repeated vocal phrase, higher frequency drums reminiscent of the bongo and some funky synth stabs.

The title track ‘Excluded‘ by contrast has much more diversity in the high end. However it still manages to hold true to the idea of calling back to the roots of techno. Refraining from the ever more popular buildups in mainstream EDM in favor of building a continuous soundscape designed to keep his fans dancing all night long, Shiba continues to create some of the most impressive tracks in today’s underground scene.

Give Shiba San’s new Excluded EP a listen in the widget below. If you’re planning on seeing the Frenchman throw down any time soon, don’t be surprised if his set gets minimal and techy. But you can be sure of one thing- he always brings the groove to the party, so plan to move your feet.

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We love a good remix!

After reaching out to Illenium, producer PatrickReza snagged the chance to produce an official remix of “Crawl Outta Love” featuring Annika Wells

He transformed Illenium’s version into a bass-centric melodic rework. The original is so lovely already, but when Patrick adds some growl and heavy drops to it, he really elevates it to the next level. Can we talk about that second drop?! 

Speaking on the track, Patrick had this to say: 

“When Illenium released Crawl Outta Love I immediately fell in love with the arrangement, structure, and melodic vibe of the track. Annika’s vocals really spoke to me and the moment I heard her voice I was attracted to her raw talent and emotion in her incredible vocal performance. Needless to say, the original left me extremely inspired. I think electronic dance music as a whole is really lacking songs with raw and emotional vocals like Annika’s, many producers get lost in making intro, break, build, drop, repeat and I think it really takes away from many productions these days.”

No doubt we will be on the lookout for more from this talented producer. Check out the premiere of PatrickReza’s remix here:




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A teenager influencer by radical Islam in Germany has been arrested by police in connection with several terror plots. It’s reported the 17-year-old male, named Yusuf Erkocoglu, was plotting to blow up a gay nightclub as well as a Catholic Church in Frankfurt. He is a dual citizen of Turkey and Germany, but it is unclear whether he was born in Turkey or Germany. The Jerusalem Post was the first outlet to obtain the suspects identity with the help of a German intelligence source. Hesse State Police caught the teen without any casualties back on September 1st.

Sinan Akdogan, Frankfurt prosecutor spokesman, stated that the teen was suspected of plotting a major act of violence and was inspired by radical Islam. Even more horrific, police found instructions on bomb-making and various chemicals in the suspect’s home. We are not sure if the suspect would be able to successfully put together a working explosive but we are thankful law enforcement was able to shut it all down before anyone was hurt.

Currently, the suspect is being held on judge’s orders on suspicion of preparing a “serious act of violence.”

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Photo cred: Billboard

Deadmau5 announced today that he has made his first-ever film score for the movie Polar, set to release in 2019.

Directed by acclaimed Swedish director and drummer, Jonas Akerlund, the film is based off of the action noir comic of the same name. It is about a former top international assassin, The Black Kaiser, settling into retirement only to learn that his former organization is trying to kill him. Forced out of retirement, he goes head to head against a squad of younger, stronger assassins who are hell-bent for his destruction.

Jayson Rothwell (Silent Night) wrote the screenplay, and the talent includes Mads Mikkelsen (Doctor Strange), Vanessa Hudgens (Spring Breakers), Katheryn Winnick (Vikings), and Matt Lucas (Alice In Wonderland).

The music for this action-packed film brimming with mystery and intrigue will be entirely custom produced by deadmau5. Clearly, the steely and gritty feel of this film noir movie that’s set in an icy landscape should complement perfectly to some of deadmau5’s darker and deeper musical tastes, such as his 2017’s “Bad at Titles.”

Polar is set to be released globally in 2019 by Netflix, with the exception of Canada, Germany, and China, which will be released by Constantin Film.

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The Weeknd & Daft Punk – ‘Starboy’

Two years ago when The Weeknd and Daft Punk released their collaboration ‘Starboy‘, we didn’t know what to expect of it. We were just glad Daft Punk came back with something new. But like all new music, inspiration comes from somewhere. Little did we know that sometimes those musings could come back to haunt you. Now in 2018, both artists are being sued for at least $5 million for their hit.

Sources from TMZ claim that blog posts have been writing about the distinct similarities between the two. Let’s take a closer listen to the sound of their huge single. The hook, key, tempo, and prominent claps seem identical. Both have great rhythm. Who is the artist taking legal action? Self-described poet, singer and songwriter Yasminah is suing for them claiming her song ‘Hooyo’ as the blueprint.

She co-wrote and released her track in 2009 while the star track released in November 2016. Two of her producers had threatened lawsuits over the song before but they never went to court to settle. Makes sense since both songs are out. The problem is, she never got a cut of those settlements. Would you agree with her claim?

We often see reworks of old music into our latest hits today. Kanye West did it with his version of ‘Harder Better Faster Stronger’. Mark Knight made a deeper cut from Kylie Minogue’s ‘Cant Get You Out of My Head’ with ‘Your Love’. What some call theft, others might call it inspiration or influence. Music is very hard in copyright law but we as listeners see it as “hearing” other artists’ influence through their music. So, do these artists get credit for their music being sampled? Well in this case, it doesn’t look like it did.

Permission is everything folks! It’s easy to make music, it’s hard to claim it as your own.

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A few weeks ago, Dutch big-room duo W&W announced a huge collaboration with Armin van Buuren. Turns out they’re not stopping there. Earlier today, the duo tweeted a picture with DJ Mag top DJ Martin Garrix with the caption, “W&W x Martin Garrix = ?”.

Now this could easily be dust in the wind as Willem and Wardt might have only seen Garrix at a show and took a picture with him. But in the past, the duo haven’t shied away from monster collaborations. They’ve done collabs with Armin van Buuren, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, and Hardwell, respectfully. So adding Garrix to that star-studded list only seems right. After all, Garrix has his fair share of monster collaborations as well.

The tweet doesn’t indicate a track name or release date, but we’ll be sure to provide any updates as they come along. In the meantime, check out the tweet below and let us know what you think it means.

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Related image

Last month, the legendary Carl Cox announced his plans to build a new Space Ibiza club on the White Isle. He elaborated that he lost his home, and needed to build a new one. Recently, the British producer has revealed the full team behind the new project, and trust us, he has teamed up with some of the best individuals in the business!

It comes as no surprise that the house and techno DJ is working with Pepe Rosello, the founder, and owner of the original Space Ibiza club. Rosello has recently released a statement regarding the new venture, stating,

“Space is a way of living the music, which is part of our shared experiences in the most vibrant moments of our life. The roots of Ibiza extend to new destinations with the joy, passion and enthusiasm for this adventure, to return to our house, the island.”

The excitement and likemindedness continues as the duo has also partnered with Dave Browning, a trusted Ibiza Promoter with over 15 years of experience, and Juan Arenas, Space Ibiza’s General Manager who was onboard during the final 10 years before the venue closed back in 2016.

It’s truly a thrilling time for the team as they all share the same goals and aspirations, resulting in a collaborative spirit and positive launch into the new project.

Space club Ibiza has always been my home for the last 20 years, and now to pave the new way for the future of Space is really exciting. Forming a partnership with Pepe, Juan, and Dave Browning, to run the newly formed team, feels solid in the way that we are a family team, and I feel we can bring everything back to where it belongs. -Carl Cox


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One of the most anticipated acts to perform at Lost Lands festival this past weekend belonged to NGHTMRE & Slander. While throwing down yet another incredible performance, the trio also dropped some very exciting news with the help of WAVEDASH.

NGHTMRE & Slander’s hit track ‘Gud Vibrations‘ released in 2015 and instantly had fans hooked on it’s melodic but heavy dance beats. Since then, the song has evolved into a movement that has brought good vibes to everywhere they’ve performed at. From impressive audiovisual production, high energy banging sets, and insane supporting artists during their world tour, the trio has undeniably titled themselves as a crowd favorite.

At Lost Lands, WAVEDASH joined NGHTMRE & Slander on stage to announce their upcoming Gud Vibrations record label. To add even more excitement to the incredible news, WAVEDASH also stated that the first release on the new record label will be their new EP. If you have been a fan of theirs since day one, you know this project has been in the works for a long time.

For all you Gud Vibration fans out there, keep your eyes and ears open for the official announcement coming later this week!



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Saladin & MC Flipside – Don’t Interrupt Me

When hip-hip meets EDM, an exciting collaboration is born and we present two artists who made it happen. The Chicago DJ and producer Saladin teamed up with Toronto artist MC Flipside for their new single ‘Don’t Interrupt Me‘. It features a bass house vibe with its heavy bass and hard-hitting beats. The vocals complement the track as it keeps an audience entranced by the sounds. Released by Tommy Boy Entertainment, this production can be played at any event while keeping fans pumped!

‘Don’t Interrupt Me’ is an upbeat track and can easily keep a crowd’s attention. When you press play, it begins with the beats and male vocals. The lyrics hold a catchy phrase which makes it memorable for listeners. It definitely allows ravers to keep on raving and live in the moment. The bass comes in and performs a huge role while playing simultaneously with the beats. It helps the song build momentum when the tempo speeds up. Overall, Saladin and MC Flipside created a banger that you don’t want to miss!

Check out ‘Don’t Interrupt Me’ down below and let us know what you think.

Saladin & MC Flipside – Don’t Interrupt Me Stream/Buy

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EDMTunes keeps sneaking around the hottest events of the season. After quite a packed summer covering big time music festivals such as Tomorrowland, Creamfields, Burning Man, Riverside and more, it is now our turn to get glamorous and put on our fanciest clothes to rave with a view from the tallest building in Paris, the Tower of Montparnasse.

The event is hosted by Cercle, the most innovative dance music platform in the industry. Cercle’s concept is very clear: to have the best electronic music artists in the scene performing at breathtaking venues, where the melodies and the surroundings blend in an exquisite result for all senses.

On this particular occasion, Cercle will delight us with the presence of Berlin-based DJ and producer Monika Kruse, who will be bringing us her finest techno beats at an altitude of 210m. With the sunset at one of the most beautiful cities in the world, we are sure that this evening will be one to remember.

Since the observation deck at the Montparnasse Tower has a limited capacity, only 300 people will be part of this exclusive evening. If you are not among the lucky ones to attend,  don’t worry: the event will be livestreamed via Cercle’s Facebook Page. For more information visit Cercle’s official website here.

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This year’s Glastonbury Festival didn’t take place due to them having announced that 2018 would be a fallow year for them but 2019 has been announced and news has been revealed that we can expect for ticket sales to take place real soon.

Ticket sales for the 2019 festivities are set to take place in a few weeks on October 4th for all Coach and Ticket Packages with the standard tickets going on sale on October 7th.

The ticket price for Glastonbury 2019 will be £248 + £5 booking fee per ticket (children aged 12 and under are admitted free of charge and do not need a ticket).

The website states that the ticket price includes all of the following:

  • Entry to the Festival, with over 3,000 acts across more than 100 stages
  • Five nights camping (with no early entry fees)
  • Free programme
  • Free miniguide
  • Free cotton bag
  • Free mobile phone charging
  • Free on-site newspaper
  • Free mobile app
  • Free firewood
  • Kidzfield, where all entertainment, rides and activities are free of charge
  • Support for Oxfam, Greenpeace, WaterAid and hundreds of other worthy causes (£2m given annually in recent years)
  • Funds to improve the Festival’s infrastructure and environmental impact

For more information on these packages head on over to this page.

Keep in mind that registration on Glastonbury’s site is required before being able to purchase tickets.

Past headliners have included Radiohead, Foo Fighters, Ed Sheeran, The XX, Justice, Phoenix and many more and we’ve actually reported there are some changes are coming to the 2019 Glastonbury festival.

Make sure to keep an eye on Glastonbury‘s social media pages and we’ll also keep you updated when tickets are on sale!

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5 Tips to Planning a Fun Night Out With Friends

Getting several or as many of your friends as possible together for a night out detailed with all-encompassing fun-filled activities is such an excellent idea, for not only rejuvenating yourselves from the usual cumbersome routines but also creating memories to reflect upon and smile at during your declining years.

However, despite sharing a common ground with your buddies, getting each one of them onboard can be such an uphill task to accomplish, especially if the essential logistics that promises everyone a remarkable experience are not effectively addressed beforehand. Several workable tips that can help you pull on the right strings for the fun night out with your boon companions include:

Get everyone involved in formulating logistics of the event

To effectively ensure that you do not stumble upon barriers closer to the date of the night out, get all your friends involved in the decision making processes pertaining to the event ahead. Unanimously agree on a date that is most convenient for the occasion, and constantly update each other if at all there is a foreseen need for adjustments. Set up reliable communication channels such as a Whatsapp group that will seamlessly get everyone on the same page regarding the latest developments of the night out plans.

Choose activities that accommodate everyone onboard

Offer something that will make it a remarkable night out for every member of the crew. Trapped! Is just but one among many adventures that can get any squad of buddies creatively engaged in a fully immersive and energy driven experience. The escape rooms call for teamwork in unravelling a storyline that demands some significant logical input to unlock. Figuring out your combinations of the escape rooms is such a tensed but super-fun experience, as the maximum set time to come up with the right solutions is an hour. And once done with one escape room, there are always a series of other puzzles to uncover.

A sufficient supply of good food and snacks constitute a crucial detail of a successful event

Whether the whole team prefers ordering different items or the same combination of food, drinks, and snacks, ensure that you all dine like kings for the main meal which should also be supplemented with a good supply of snacks. Be on the lookout for outlets or menus with an exemplary display of culinary arts, as this is a stepping stone to stirring some great conversation among the crew.

Devise zero-destructors policies to guide you through the event

There are always those distractors there to cloud the whole occasion with a boring atmosphere. Therefore, come up with excellent policies to ensure that you all have fun during the night out such as turning off all your technological gadgets or only attending to them in emergency situations.

Be clear in your invitation

Finally, to avoid running into confusion on the day of the night out, be very candid about the persons expected to attend the event. Specify whether your cronies can tag along with their families, neighbours, colleagues, or any other persons they may deem necessary. This move will ultimately create a warm atmosphere for everyone in attendance.

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New album Cocoon Crush out 11/9 on PAN

Record label PAN welcomes home Objeckt for the release of Cocoon Crush, his first LP since 2014’s Flatland. Following this announcement, Objeckt dropped the single version of “Secret Snake“, a musical amuse bouche for his upcoming album. 

“Secret Snake” is quite the experimental track. The mood is very atmospheric and futuristic. This is music I believe aliens would get down to. Objeckt is known for pushing boundaries and exploring complex sounds. This track is the perfect example of that. As the track begins to open up, you start hearing these guttural vocal tones that give off an almost ominous vibe. It makes your ears perk up! Then just when you think you know where the track is headed, he switches things up and brings in these bright synths! If this is just a sneak peek into the madness of Cocoon Crush we are in for quite a treat.

Written between 2014 and 2018 in Berlin and on the road, Cocoon Crush once again sees the producer jettisoning the functional requirements of the dancefloor. Marking a further evolution from the youthful exuberance of Flatland, Cocoon Crush explores a more introspective side, with themes of human interaction resonating throughout the record as it ruminates on a spectrum of complex moods rooted in 4 years of sometimes turbulent personal experience.

Cocoon Crush represents an aesthetic departure from Flatland’s largely synthetic tonality, drawing from organic source material and natural textures to illustrate perplexing and unfamiliar sceneries in photorealistic detail. In Cocoon Crush, Objekt diverges further still from his musical influences to craft the purest manifestation of his own musical personality to date: an intriguing and enigmatic album whose reference points are hard to pin down, in which ghostly synth passages weave through mind-bending, weighty drums, and ASMR-triggering foley collages scrape and sparkle. Through meticulous sculpting, Objekt traces a rich and impressionistic journey through claustrophobia, hope, guilt, anxiety and joy, nested in layers of sonic detail which reward with every listen.

The album is mastered by Rashad Becker, featuring photography by Kasia Zacharko, and layout by Bill Kouligas.

Pre-order Cocoon Crush: /

Follow Objekt:

Facebook | Twitter | Website | SoundCloud | BandCamp | PAN

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Burning Man, the annual soul-searching, art-displaying event where 70,000 people descend upon a desert to create a city out of nothing, might not have ended with enlightenment for all involved.

From the police reports at this year’s event, there was an armed carjacking, at least one death, 44 arrests, and a minor plane crash.

Burning Man 2018 Art
One of the art installations from Burning Man 2018. Photo Credit: Design Indaba

The armed carjacking reportedly happened on September 4, 2018, when a woman just outside of the Burning Man exit stopped her car to help a man on the side of the road. The man then used a knife to threaten her and stole her car.

Police were able to track down the car, and after a brief struggle, arrested 32-year-old Tiago Gomez of West Hollywood for the incident.

Also on September 4th, Burning Man contractor Sherman Nicholson was found “unresponsive and not breathing” in a truck, according to a statement from the Sheriff’s Office.

Nicholson received CPR from medical personnel but ultimately “died at the scene unexpectedly,” also according to the statement. The cause of death is under investigation.

The Federal Aviation Association and the National Transportation Safety Board are also investigating a small Cessna plane crash that occurred during takeoff on Saturday, Sep. 1st. The pilot and his three passengers were not hurt. The flight was scheduled to be a sightseeing flight over Burning Man.

Similarly to previous years, police made several arrests during Burning Man this year, most of which were related to drug possession and drug trafficking. However, there were also other charges including driving while under the influence, domestic battery, and obstruction of a public officer.

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Costa Rica’s longstanding transformative music festival, Envision Festival, is back in 2019 with one of the best lineups we’ve seen yet. The four-day event, held from February 28-March 3 in Uvita, brings together an array of talented artists, producers, vendors and much more.

This year’s lineup brings out some mega-heavy hitters, including CloZee, Nocola Cruz, Lee Burridge, Sabo, Bedouin, Random Rab, Viken Arman, and Trevor Hall. It also taps a handful of local Costa Rican Artists like Santos y Zurdo, Faceblind, Bunny Wabbit, Javier Portilla, Melissa O, and Mentados.

Along with the announcement, event founder Josh Wendel explains:

“Coming into our 9th edition, we really wanted to step up our game. We created a diverse and extremely strong gathering of well-established international artists and local emerging talents. Without a shadow of a doubt, we are proud to announce the best lineup in the history of Envision!”

You can catch the full lineup for Envision below and head here to grab a ticket. We’ll see you in the jungle!

Feature Photo: Manuel Pinto

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Those that attended Lost Lands this year received a special treat from NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal, also known as DJ Diesel. The 7 foot star rose to the occasion and energized the crowd with a short but intense 30 minute surprise set. From the looks of fan videos online, festival goers were taking double takes if Shaq was actually at the festival! Few guessed Shaq would be the surprise DJ set as most thought it would be Skrillex or Deadmau5. DJ Diesel’s debut yesterday may now go down as the best set of Lost Lands 2018!

DJ Diesel recently announced a Summer of Shaq Tour DJ Tour this past June. Since then, he was made stops in China, Miami, Atlantic City, Washington DC, and Las Vegas. O’Neal started DJing back in the 80s but has stepped it up with public appearances and an official global tour.  We’re impressed how well Shaq has made a name for himself in the DJ world so far and look forward to when his next tour begins!

Take a look at some highlights from Shaq’s surprise appearance at Lost Lands this past weekend!

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Astralwerks, one of the most influential Electronic music record label of the past 25 years having industry heavyweights like The Chemical Brothers, David Guetta, Swedish House Mafia & Eric Prydz has just announced the signing of the rising future bass DJ & Producer Illenium, Swedish superstars Axwell & Ingrosso & the masked man of EDM Marshmello. 

These signings are the first under the new General manager Toby Andrews. Astralwerks has also seen some new editions in key marketing, A&R and Creative direction roles. All these moves show Andrews has his sights set high since taking the reigns in May and intends to keep Astralwerks on top of the dance music scene for years to come.

Speaking to the press about the new artist & management signings Andrews said,

“We’re incredibly excited that artists of the caliber of Illenium and Axwell Λ Ingrosso have decided to join the Astralwerks family. As we renew our focus on the label’s historic strengths in dance and electronic music, these artists reflect where we are headed in the coming years. Each and every member of our new Astralwerks team has a true depth of experience in the genre and are obsessive about the music. Their years of experience coming from all corners of the world prove that we are a forward-thinking and global label, poised to provide our artists with a high level of support as we continue our label’s legacy as a frontline label for the best and most cutting-edge artists in the dance and electronic music world.”

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What could possibly be better than seeing all of your favorite DJs on one giant cruise in the Caribbean? How about getting a ton of planned activities hosted by said DJs throughout the course of the event? Well you’re in luck because we have a run down of the different activities being offered on Groove Cruise Cabo and all the instructors you’ll be interacting with!
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Kung Fu Class with Laidback Luke

For those of you who don’t know, Laidback Luke is actually quite versed in the martial art of Kung Fu. He is an acclaimed Kung Fu champion on the international scene so he knows how to throw a punch! If you want to learn some sweet self defense moves or just watch Laidback Luke throw down some sweet moves you’ll want to make some time for your Kung Fu passion.

Blackjack Tournament with Cosmic Gate

Would you rather sit back and sip a drink with the most physical activity you’ll have to do is count to 21 on your fingers? Then you’ll want to go kick it with Cosmic Gate at the Blackjack tournament! Bluff your way to the top and who knows, you might actually win some money,

Ping Pong Tournament with Shiba San

The Underground French House Maestro Shiba San will be handling the duties on the miniature tennis courts. Known by many names across the world, Ping Pong’s reach extends from the U.S. to China. And although it’s one of the most fierce competitions in the Olympics, expect this tournament to be filled with laughs and friends and a fair amount of booze.

Bowling Tournament with Two Friends

Ready to drop some pins? Well Two Friends is helping you out by hosting yet another tournament, this time in a bowling alley. Show all your friends the sick spin you can put on the ball and tally up your strikes as you sail across the Caribbean.

Spin Class with Benny Benassi

If there’s one man who knows how to work the decks at a festival its Benny Benassi. But now he’s set to help you work those buns in spin class on the cruise! Work off some of those extra calories or help loosen up your legs after they get tight from dancing all week on a stationary bike in the middle of the ocean!

Xbox Challenge with MK (Mark Kinchen)

Ready to test your video game skills? Well soulful house producer and Area 10 purveyor Mark Kinchen will be hosting a Xbox challenge during Groove Cruise Cabo. Unleash your inner nerd and show these petty noobs who the real king is. Maybe MK will even be impressed enough to play on your team.

Beer Pong Tournament hosted by Factor B

Now we’re talking! This is the kind of game that belongs on a festival cruise! What could be a more appropriate pairing than Beer Pong and trance music! Definitely get there early for this activity hosted by Factor B, it will almost certainly fill up!

Artist Soccer Game with Various Artists

What would an international cruise be without the #1 international sport in the world? Several of your favorite DJs are sure to be participating in the Artist Soccer Game so you’ll definitely want to catch a bit of that. Who knows, if you have some sweet moves they might let you join in!

Deep House Yoga with Alyssa Jo

What could be more relaxing than Yoga to deep house music. Let the melodies and low end grooves soothe and stretch those tired muscles before you head back out to get your freak on! Stay tuned for the hosts of this event!

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Out now on Monstercat Uncaged Vol. 6

St. Louis-based producer, Notaker, is back taking us on an epic journey through “The Storm” out now on Monstercat Uncaged Vol.6. Notaker is pulling out all the stops for this smooth, cinematic track!

The gradual build raises the tension until we get to the first drop and he brings in those powerful arpeggios. I even hear a little 80s synths going on as he brings us deeper into the storm. Finally, that last drop takes us on a whole different trajectory into some dark bass goodness. Overall, the song is haunting and captivating. Notaker has perfected the ability to keep the listener on their toes. You never know where he’s going to take you. This talent is characterized both by his unique sound design and his ability to immerse fans into his narrative.

In 2016 Notaker signed his first hit record, “Infinite”, with the independent electronic music giant Monstercat. The song has had immense success amassing over seven million streams on Spotify and being affiliated with global brands such as GoPro. He followed up with “Gems” and “Shimmer” on the label and later singed “Born in the Flames” with Armada Music and “Abyss” with Mau5trap. In October 2017 Notaker unveiled his new Vessel series with the Genesis EP, a series focused on pairing music and artwork together to bring the listener on a journey through space in time through the vessel. The Genesis EP, released with Monstercat, has been streamed nearly one and a half million times, landed a song, “Wake Up You’re Dreaming” on the video game Rocket League, and was given a 9/10 rating by DJmag.

With support from heavyweight acts like Deadmau5, Above & Beyond, Seven Lions, Gareth Emery, Slushii, Arty, Thomas Gold, and Sander Van Doorn, Notaker is poised to be a staple the in electronic music world.

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SoundCloud: @notakermusic

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Lane 8 – Little by Little (Remixed)

Daniel Goldstein, a.k.a. Lane 8, is here to deliver a new remix for his second album Little by Little, released this year back in January 2018. This new Anjunadeep mix immerses us in a deep house universe. All the songs have been carefully remastered to bring a new fresh sound. Following his characteristic style, Lane 8 combines a steady beat with powerful tunes to make each track unique, as a full cinematic experience.

‘Stir Me Up’, one of the most beautiful songs of the compilation, has some very catchy and playful lyrics. The track received remixes by four different artists: Khåen, Ryan Murgatroyd, Avoure and Jody Wisternoff.  

‘No Captain’ is another great tune from the album, with a mesmerising melody and a great vibe. Poliça‘s vocals are sweet and tender, making it the perfect song to connect with yourself. ‘No Captain’ also presents three different versions from Dirty South, Anderholm and Attlas. Other songs that you will find in this album are Daya (Fairchild Remix), Hold on (feat. Fractures, Ben Böhmer Remix) and Clarify (feat. Fractures, Tinlicker Remix).

With this production, Lane 8 is looking to leave an even-stronger impression on the dance music world. He signature style combines fast rhythms with a soft touch. The remixes add a high level of intensity and bring us a whole new perspective of Lane 8’s music. Listen to the album here and enjoy.

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Sydney’s annual Deqon.1 festival welcomes a whopping 65,000 people on a daily basis throughout the course of their event. In the crowd, you will find a vast array of individuals, ultimately, creating the beloved atmosphere that electronic dance music festival is well-known for.

This year’s edition greeted the same hardstyle-loving music enthusiasts. Unfortunately, it wasn’t all fun and games as it has recently been reported that two partygoers have died from suspected drug overdoses, and three others remain in critical condition in the Nepean Hospital.

Adding to the controversy, Premier Gladys Berejiklian has chimed in by stating,

“I never want to see this event held in Sydney or New South Wales ever again — we will do everything we can to shut this down”.

She continued by giving her personal opinion regarding the touchy subject of pill testing. She declared that it is “not a solution”, and that “anyone who advocates pill testing is giving the green light to drugs. There is no such thing as a safe drug, and unfortunately, when young people think there is, it has tragic consequences.”

Her point of view has caused quite a stir since it has been released, and many have retaliated as they do not believe that she is correct – including harassment minimization group Sniff Off, and one of the father’s who had lost their son during the 2015 edition of the fest’.

Known for their campaigns against police harassment focusing on how they often execute “pointless ritual humiliation”, Sniff Off has responded to the Premier’s statement by posting,

Using the tragic loss of these two young lives to push her absurd ‘just don’t do drugs’ message, when it is the NSW government’s extreme over policing measures that allowed deaths like this to occur in the first place”. Installing police with drug dogs at festivals only causes people to panic-swallow all their drugs at once, so it’s no wonder that people overdose.

In addition, they also revealed, what some may find to be, interesting facts directly related to the deaths.

“For years Defqon.1 has had a ‘zero tolerance’ policy on drugs. They tell patrons that anyone found with drugs will be handed over to police. Since 2013, the Defqon.1 death toll stands at four, with two more people dying after this year’s event. This is what ‘zero tolerance’ has achieved. It’s way past time to take a different approach. It’s time for drug safety testing now.”

Furthermore, Nigel Pauljevic, the twenty-six-year-old who passed away after taking ecstasy at Defqon.1 in 2015, truly has the most caring father, Mita Pauljevic, as he has recently called on the Premier to not close down the festival.

Nigel Pauljevic, 26, who died at the Defqon dance festival in 2015.

Don’t stop the festival. This is normal for kids to get together. Get rid of the dealers. When these guys commit several murders, it’s mass murder. They should get life.” -Mita Pauljevic stated.

Although the opinions will continue to keep circulating online, one thing is for certain, the tragic deaths of the 23-year-old man from western Sydney and of the 21-year-old woman from Victoria will not soon be forgotten. We would like to extend our sincerest condolences to the family and friends of the victims as they live through this difficult time.




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The venue has boasted the best of house & techno on a booming sound system in a setting fit for the summer.

A great venue can amplify a live show experience. The size, layout, style, and of course, sound system, all play a role in taking an attendee’s night from simply watching a DJ behind a booth to an experience that’s immersive, imaginative and creatively cultivated. Emphatic sound that penetrates the soul, visual stimuli beyond bare bones LED screens, and ample room to groove transform simple spaces into stimulating concerts.

A sprawling outdoor oasis nestled in the industrial enclave of New York City’s East Williamsburg, The Brooklyn Mirage stands out on all fronts. With dazzling lighting, a pulsing KV2 sound system and eye-popping 3D video projection mapping, the production shines. Tropical palm trees, overgrown vertical gardens, and multi-level viewing platforms boasting gorgeous New York skyline views make for an atmosphere that’s unique to The Brooklyn Mirage.

Best of all, the venue is a testament to the heart of dance music. Highlighting the finest in house and techno, taking a page out of the Ibiza nightlife book, The Brooklyn Mirage has hosted acts like Mayan Warrior’s East Coast art car debut, The Cityfox Experience: Regenerate, Bedouin’s SAGA, and Tale Of UsAfterlife.

Opting for an open-air layout, the venue is perfect for the summer. Dancing under the expansive NYC sky on a summer night is pretty surreal. Unfortunately, winter in the city is harsh and unforgiving. Cold, icy winds and thick snow not only ruin an attendee’s experience but also tarnish an outdoor venue. Naturally, The Brooklyn Mirage is taking a hiatus as fall blooms and winter creeps closer.

There are only a few shows left at The Mirage. One of the standouts is Jamie Jones‘ world-renowned “Paradise” event series on September 22. Stretching from 6 PM till 4:30 AM, the dance music marathon spans 2 stages with a diverse lineup of international stars and New York favorites joining tech house extraordinaire Jamie Jones.

Underground virtuoso and No.19 Music frontman Art Department will bring his dark signature sound as his last currently announced North American show of the year. Detroit underground hero and FXHE Records label head Omar S is also on the bill, while Toronto’s Rawthentic Music creators Carlo Lio and Nathan Barato feature for a special back-to-back performance. Rounding out the main stage lineup are Hot Creations signee Kevin Knapp and NYC’s own Eskuche.

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The Brooklyn Mirage’s last hurrah for the season is the weekend after, on September 29. Dubbed The Cityfox Experience: Transcend, the event will host a global array of live performers from Detroit to Berlin, with an emphasis on tastemakers that transcend the norm. 

Henrik Schwarz will bring his compelling blend of jazz, house and techno alongside classically trained artist Johannes Brecht, New York City composer Justin Marchacos and minimal house savant Leafar Legov. Rounding out the live acts will be Berlin’s own MIDAS 104, Detroit techno legends Octave One, Diynamic mainstay Stimming and the youngest artist to ever join Steve Bug’s Poker Flat Recordings, fast rising star, Tim Engelhardt.

Perfectly complementing the heavy-hitting live lineup, a wide array of some of dance music’s finest DJs will bring their talents for the closing event. These include Sous Music frontwoman Anja Schneider and melodic house Cityfox regular, Atish. Joining them are Swiss house and techno producer Barem, emotive Innervisions signee Eagles & Butterflies, Nervous Records’ Jay Tripwire, Crosstown Rebels’ jozif, stirring Afterlife signees Mind Against, and Berlin’s Sandrino of Frankey & Sandrino.

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With brilliant production, a roster of dance music’s finest artists, and homage to genres that make dance music what it is, Jamie Jones’ Paradise and The Cityfox Experience are going to close out the season with a bang. 

A true slice of Ibiza nightlife, The Brooklyn Mirage has shaped up into one of NYC’s best dance music venues, one that we’ll be itching to get back to come summer next year. 

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