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Yoda would totally be DJ Mag’s #1 DJ in the galaxy.

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away….the Jedi and Sith music labels were pitted against each other in an endless DJ battle that almost led to their extinction altogether. Taking a closer look at these heroes and villains of the electronic dance music industry, Coruscant‘s EDM Insider has pooled the galaxies’ votes on our top DJ Jedi and Siths. 

Living for hundreds of years, Jedi DJ Master Yoda has seen it all. From watching techno fall and dance-pop rise he was done with the universe. Hiding out on Dagobah he had plenty of time to relax and peacefully grow old (and a little crazier). However, upon many long meditation sessions Yoda realized the force was telling him deep house and house was always his true calling. So now he’s back in the scene and killing it like never before. As he always say, “Do. Or do not. There is no try.

The hard techno Sith DJ Apprentice we’ve all come to love actually went through the wringer quite a few times to get where he is today. Having studied at the prestigious Jedi Music Temple, Darth Vader, formerly known as Anakin Skywalker, was taken under Obi-Wan Kenobi‘s wing and played alongside him at major festivals and clubs. However, there was a major falling out when Darth Vader secretly signed with Sith Recordings. Though, he never looked back once after he slew the competition with his sick techno beats. 

With having not one, but two suns, it’s summer every day on this Jedi DJ Knight’s home planet Tatooine. Okay so it’s scorching hot and there’s lots and lots of sand, but that never deterred Luke Skywalker from daydreaming on the farm and pretending that he’s actually on a beach listening to some tropical house and trying not to get too sunburned. Following in his father’s footsteps, Luke eventually trained to become a DJ and even adopted “Skywalker” from his father’s former moniker for his own name. But despite Darth Vader’s constant protests, Luke has never once thought about being anything but a tropical house DJ.

Popular progressive house Jedi DJ Master Obi-Wan Kenobi, or as his fans like to call him “Ben Kenobi,” also attended the Jedi Music Temple at a very young age. As talented as he his now, he actually struggled through school. He was a stickler for the rules of producing and often followed them religiously, rather than letting his imagination take over. Under the guidance of Qui-Gon Jinn, it was quite a few years of almost quitting and getting through all the doubt, that he finally found his unique sound. 

Bringing Sith Recordings back from the brink of death after former CEO Darth Plagueis retired, Sith DJ Lord Darth Sidious juggled both of his positions effortlessly. Managing the label during the day and training new DJ apprentices at night, Darth Sidious signed some of the label’s most legendary DJs like Count Dooku and Darth Vader while growing his own electro house/big room name. It’s no surprise that Sith Recordings eventually ruled the electronic dance music world for almost twenty years. 

Jedi DJ Master Mace Windu, aside from Yoda, is one of Jedi Recordings‘ most legendary DJs and for good reason. After years of perfecting his producing skills and experimenting, he discovered and created a new genre for dance music: future house/bass. Recently younger generations have taken quite a liking to it and, I dare say, it just might be what boosts Jedi Recordings’ popularity. 

The General in the Sith’s army of DJs, Grievous, attributes all of his success to his broken heart and grief. And yes, Grievous may be a cyborg, but he has feelings too (maybe a bit too much anger, but that’s debatable). After the death of his girlfriend, he decided to fully dedicate himself to his electronic music and move on with his life. However, after an almost fatal shuttle accident, Grievous had to undergo major surgery to survive and instead of just getting two arms back, he got four. Despite his disability, Count Dooku saw potential in him and under his tutelage, encouraged him to continue DJing. Good thing he never gave up because he’s one of the best electronic/electronica DJs out there. 

Being discovered at a young age by Darth Sidious, Darth Maul was trained and mentored at Mustafar‘s Music Facility in secret until he finally made his debut just a few years ago. Dubbing him Sith Recordings’ “Assassin,” Darth Sidious had a feeling Darth Maul’s bassy trap sound was the secret weapon they needed against Jedi Recordings’ trending dubstep DJ. And he wasn’t wrong!

Skirting the line between some dark and light sounding stuff, Qui-Gon Jinn was never afraid to dance with dubstep. Having been mentored by former Jedi DJ Master Dooku, he tended to follow more of his guidance than Yoda’s when it came to production, which led to many clashes with the higher ups of Jedi Recordings. Wanting to bring more dubstep DJs to the label, Qui-Gon was excited to discover new talent and help them grow, but he didn’t quite succeed. As we all know, Feemor successfully went on to making drum and bass, Xanatos was more into making the hardstyle music Sith Recordings tends to have, so he switched over to them and, of course, Obi-Wan does progressive house. Though, it’s pretty epic when Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon collaborate every once in awhile. 

Mostly known as Jedi Recordings’ most gifted DJ by both Yoda and Thame Cerulian, no one could compare to Count Dooku’s crazy mixing and producing skills when it came to trance music. Though despite many years of success with Jedi Recordings, Count Dooku began to fear Sith Recordings’ seemingly steady rise in the industry. Without any explanation he retired from the electronic dance music world until recently. Now he’s signed with Sith Recordings where he also releases tracks under his minimal techno alias Darth Tyranus

Hope you enjoyed our crazy DJ headcanons for our favorite Jedi and Sith! May the force be with you! 

As a bonus, this is totally what Darth Sidious would put out featuring Darth Vader:

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Unapologetically herself.

All hail GG Magree. This spark of fire shows no mercy with her music and being her truest self. The Aussie native has a personality that is infectious and shows an artistry on stage that cannot be replicated. She’s joined forces with heavy hitters like Zeds Dead, NGHTMRE, and Jauz, to name a few, and just released a killer single called “Bodies”. Oh, and did we mention she has her own fashion line? It’s safe to say she’s killing the game and is easily making her stance in the music industry. Last weekend, she had her first performance at EDC Las Vegas, melting the crowd at cosmicMeadow with high energy and headbangers. I sat down with GG in her trailer after her performance, picking the brain of an individual who screams originality more than most artists these days. She hopped on the couch next to me, wearing a vibrant red jumpsuit (that broke right before the interview LOL), and laid down her passions, values, and what’s to come for the trap queen. 

EDM: First off, what was the first moment, event, or artist that inspired you to become an artist?

GG: I think like listening back to Skrillex back in the day and Zeds Dead for sure, because I feel like music is such a powerful thing and I would listen to Skrillex or Zeds Dead when I was feeling a type of way then I’d be like, “Fuck how do I make people feel that..”, so then I don’t know, it just kind of started happening when I was playing shows and I met Zeds Dead and they fucked with me heavily and then I start working with them. It was a very natural progression. The only way to get through to people is to just be real and be who you are. When I perform, a majority of the photos that people take my eyes are in the back of my head. I’m an absolute mess because I give 110% all the fucking time, that’s just how I am. I’m not out there to be pretty, I’m not out there to be any type of way but me.

EDM: That’s what a lot of people say. They can really see your artistry on stage.

GG: Yea I only ever play stuff that I absolutely love, every song I play has touched me in a way, so I think that translates really positively, because music for me is the best release of positive energy and I want everyone that comes and watches me to feel free, feeling happy, feeling fun because that’s what it is. Music is that.

EDM: Through your journey in the industry, have you had any prominent obstacles with being a female. If so, what were they and how did you overcome them?

GG: I think that the thing that kinda upsets me is that people put so much pressure that I am a female, they are like, “Oh, being a female, how does that make you feel?” It’s not being a female it’s just being an artist, and that is the most dominant point to make. It doesn’t matter, like all my homies that are guys feel exactly the same, being a girl doesn’t differentiate me in any way. We are all artists and we are all out here trying to make our stand on the world. The thing that upsets me so so much is like when people say, “Oh there are no girls on this lineup.” If there are no girls, if they didn’t fit, don’t book us. Don’t make it out to be like, “Oh we have to do this for the girls,” we don’t. If they work, amazing. If they don’t, amazing. Being a female, being a male, it doesn’t matter. It’s music. Its not gender based. It’s nothing like that. and I think if people see that, that’s beautiful, but if they don’t and want to hold onto dark factors of being a male or female, that’s not what I’m about. I’m about having fun, bringing positive energy, making people feel happy. 

EDM: So you’re from Australia, how does the electronic scene differ there compared to the states?

GG: Australians are crazy, we are all crazy, that’s like another reason I adore music so much, just because we are slightly isolated. For us to make our stance in other countries it’s hard. So we force ourselves to be dominant and precise with everything that we do because it’s Australia, it’s like its own little bubble but if you can step outside the bubble and make your way in any other country then you’re killing it. But Australia in itself, we have the best because we are isolated so we force ourselves to make different genres. Like Rufus, Flume, Alison Wonderland, we’re all so different. 

EDM: It sometimes can be hard for artists to be talented at producing as well as performing. You have incredible stage presence, it’s clear from your set you just finished. Is that innate energy, or is that something you had to practice?

GG: For me like, this is one thing that I say to my friends and family and everyone. “I’m sorry for what you’re about to see but I’m possessed”. When I perform, I am literally a different human. Every single photo of me is eyes in the back of my head like I have no idea what I’m doing. Then I look back and I’m like whoa because the way that music makes me feel. I look out in the crowd and that’s the only way I’m reactive. If people are reacting I’m reacting back. I see what they see. I want them to feel what I’m playing and like I said earlier, I’ll only play stuff that I like. So I’m hoping in return they will like what I play. It’s such a different way to look at it because most people will only play stuff that are hits or whatever, but like I want people to be there because I love it, and that is the only thing I ever want. Music kinda found me, I didn’t find it. Everything that I’ve done its been like “oh shit okay whoa, this is tight”. It’s been a really nice progression because it’s something I live and breathe, so it comes super organically.

EDM: You’ve been crossing off many festivals off your list. What’s the weirdest thing you’ve witnessed at a festival or show? 

GG: I once had a couple propose to my latest single, at a show. In Montreal, they came backstage, and they were like, “Oh GG, we love you blah blah blah,” and he was like, “My wife has been obsessed with one of your songs, I want you to be here for this proposal.” I was just like omg, this is heavy but, whoa my music makes you feel that type of way. Being an artist that like writes lyrics and that’s what I do, its perfect. This is what it’s about. 

EDM: You have accompanied many heavy hitters in the industry. What artist is on your wish list for future collabs?

GG: ASAP, Drake and Post Malone. And one of them is happening.

EDM: Your sets over, will you be a spectator for anyone? Who are you stoked to see here?

GG: Oh of course! I always stay! Well, I’m flying to Vancouver tomorrow because I have a show but then I’m coming back because I love watching other people. I’m coming back.

EDM: You are very versatile with the things you do. Aside from music, what’s your next venture outside of the music world?

I have a line called Yeah Pussy, myself and my manager own and we’re kinda branching out into working with other artists, videographers, photographers, fashion. I don’t know we are gonna make that into a world where like it’s not just a home for music it’s for careers. And it’s not female only because of the name (laughs) because you know I’m not about that. If you are loud and you are dominant you’re in. Fuck with us because we will fuck with you. 

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It’s gLit!

Sit back and check out these fabulous looks from our favorite glitter company Lunautics. Created by Claudia Pena, this biodegradable product accentuates every festival face, radiating positive vibes everywhere! Lunautics comes like the rainbow, with a variety of colorful glitter, face and body gems, and fun adhesives. The possibilities are endless! Oh, and with every purchase from Lunautics, you help provide jobs, job training and career counseling to people with special needs and learning disabilities in Los Angeles, how rewarding! Don’t sleep on these killer looks, click here to order yours!

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Element – You (ft. Khamari)

Brooklyn based musician Element is a tech developer by day and producer by night. With only a few years of production under his belt, he’s been quietly at work pushing the boundaries of electronic music and evolving his unique sound with every release. This week he returned with another powerful single titled “You”. This is a lush new collaboration with singer/songwriter Khamari. 

Element has recently taken a new direction with his sound, tapping a different singer named Sydney Sahr to deliver sultry vocals on his previously silky smooth single a month ago. Now he looks to keep the bed time/late night vibes sound going with an equally sexy track alongside Khamari. The collaboration happened organically after being friends for some time. The two East Coast natives decided to lay a song down on the buttery canvas. Carefully made by scratch, “You” is the perfect embodiment of Future-R&B music. Make sure you chill out this weekend to this song.

Element – You (ft. Khamari)

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A little over a month has passed, and the tributes to our beloved Avicii haven’t seemed to slow down. Signed to Avicii’s Le7els record label in 2012, DJ and Producer Syn Cole shared a sincere yet unexpected gift with us. Cole recently posted his own version of the Swede’s ‘Without You’, but with a twist.

A new take on an Electronic Banger

In a calm approach to the original, Syn Cole transforms the track into a tranquil lyrical journey. Changing all of the electronic elements to acoustic ones gives the track a breath of fresh air. It then exhales slowly for the the duration of the track. All of those happy beats are no more. What’s left in their place emits a sense of serenity as the piano plays the melody with no beat. After hearing this tribute, it’s no wonder Syn Cole caught the ear of Avicii and was later signed to his record label. The way Cole transforms an electronic banger into an acoustic piece takes raw talent and gives us a clue at what Avicii might have seen in him some six years ago.

Check the tribute out below:

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only can get better

Silk City – Only Can Get Better

Get ready for Diplo disco ladies and gentleman. Our favorite musical mash-up man has teamed up with famous British producer and long time friend Mark Ronson to bring us new the dynamic duo of Silk City. Their first ever single ‘Only Can Get Better’ serves up some reminiscent 90’s vibes, taking us back to the glory days.

The two made an appearance at EDC Las Vegas on an art car last weekend, but will make their official duo debut at the Governor’s Ball Music Festival, taking place June 1 to the 3 on Randall’s Island in NYC. In addition to their single today, the two also dropped an essential mix, just in time for Memorial Day weekend.

Diplo has been making the musical rounds lately. Just this month, he’s released two tracks with Labrinth and Sia as new supergroup LSD, and last week put out a high-energy track for Deadpool 2 with Lil Pump and French Montana. Seriously, is the guy trying to set some sort of record for most collabs in one month?

Stream ‘Only Can Get Better’ below, and stay tuned for more Silk City.

Silk City – Only Can Get Better | Stream

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The Temper Trap Sweet Disposition Midnight Kids Remix

The Temper Trap – Sweet Disposition (Midnight Kids Remix)

The Midnight Kids’ name must come from the fact they stay up to midnight producing music because they’ve definitely been busy lately. The duo has been cementing their reputation as top-notch producers with the release of killer remix after killer remix. The most recent one being an awesome remix of Louis The Child’s ‘Last To Leave‘. And now they’re continuing their hot streak with another fire remix. This time they are taking the indie anthem from the Australian band The Temper Trap, ‘Sweet Disposition‘, and giving it their own flair.

And this was definitely the ideal track for them to lend their signature nostalgic style to. The original lyrics and vibe just work too well with the kids’ layered synths to create an absolutely gorgeous piece. Grab your copy as a free download in the link below and keep an eye out for some of their original music.

The Temper Trap – Sweet Disposition (Midnight Kids Remix) | Free Download

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ossicIn the era of millennials, start-ups in every corner of the world can get their funding through fundraising platforms and build up their business overnight thanks to the solidarity of like-minded people. Even DJs have used websites such as Kickstarter to get enough money to introduce themselves in the industry. Sometimes the project is a success and all contributors receive their share, whether it’s an item, a goodie or a product named after them. When the project doesn’t work out, backers should get their money back. Seems like this is not exactly what happened with Ossic, an innovative headphone company that shut down after raising more than $3.2M, and no refund has been issued whatsoever. The result? Angry, disappointed people who could not see the idea go through, and a potential lawsuit if the company doesn’t return the money as expected.


It all started back in 2016 when Ossic launched a campaign to raise funds for their new high-end headphones, Ossic X, which were marketed as a revolutionary concept perfect for Virtual Reality and 3D audio. With more than 22,000 pre-orders, the company was expected to enter mass production in spring 2018. When the time came they released a statement on their website informing that they were unable to keep their project alive, stating financial reasons as the main reason for deciding to shut the business down:

“To fail at the 5 yard-line is a tragedy. We are extremely sorry that we cannot deliver your product and want you to know that the team has done everything possible including investing our own savings and working without salary to exhaust all possibilities.”

In spite of the letter of apology, backers who supported the idea are extremely upset about the outcome, to the point that they are considering filing a class-action lawsuit against the company. So, next time you decide to contribute to an innovative idea, be aware that there’s always a risk.

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There are few songs with the ability to transcend dancefloors and become a worldwide phenomenon. ‘Kernkraft 400′ is of them. Whether you know the track by name or not, I guarantee you have heard it. If you have heard it, I’m sure you’ve sung along to its infectious melody at your local sporting event. This track from Zombie Nation is one of those rare songs with the ability to shatter barriers. Leaving the dancefloor behind, this is the story of how the track has grown into its popular place.

In their new series titled ‘THE STORY OF‘, VICE follows the story of some of pop culture’s most iconic hits. The initial episode features Darude’s ‘Sandstorm‘, while the second is the viral internet video ‘End of Ze World’. In the third installment of their series, VICE follows the story of Kernkraft 400.

Released on March 15, 1999, the track saw initial success – but it wasn’t until a couple of remixes later that the song came to be what we know today.Originally a techno tune, the track was composed by the duo of Splank and Mooneron on analog gear. Kernkraft was played in “illegal parties”, which took place at “empty houses, and empty industrial spaces” in Munich, Germany.

The Track We Know Today

Upon production, the track was sent to a label, where it was eventually signed by Munich’s Gigolo Records. The track later got sent to Italy for further distribution & licensing, which is where the tune initially got remixed.

To the dismay of the initial producers, Dj Gius added some subtle changes to track, including a four-on-the-floor beat, some hi-hats and a “little break in there”. From there the track further spread, with distributors even omitting the fact that this was a remix to begin with.

It wasn’t until 6 months later that the “Stadium Chant Mix” – the one we’re all familiar with – was released, and the rest is history. Reaching a worldwide audience, the track can still be found in clubs, festivals, and sports stadiums alike.

You can watch the full episode below.


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Check out an audio-visual piece of art like no other!

Big Wild never fails to impress with any endeavour he embarks in. Last year, we were blessed with his Invincible EP alongside a tour across the U.S. With his latest work, he’s set the bar higher than ever before.

Partnering with ODESZA’s Foreign Family Collective and The Yazuki, they’ve created an audio-visual experience that’s truly remarkable. Entitled Ascension, the masterpiece tells a powerful tale of a society obsessed with technology and that has neglected the nature around them. 

Big Wild provided the score for this astounding work, incorporating a human chorus alongside synths that mesh an organic world and machine-driven world together. Check out the piece as well as Big Wild’s personal statement:

This art piece tells the story of an advanced society that’s become so mechanized and ruled by technology that it’s neglected the natural environment, which it, in turn, has to now rebuild. The painful irony of this situation brings to question our infatuation with technology and an increasing detachment from the natural world.

We wanted to create our own world and convey a simple but powerful message. I really wanted to experiment musically and collaborate with visual artists to create something unique. I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out!”

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Diplo has been on a roll lately. Not only has he been working on projects with his new supergroup as well as working on a track for the Deadpool 2 soundtrack – he’s got another one coming, too. This new project involves helping shape the new anthem for the FIFA 2018 World Cup, and he’s not doing it alone.

The track speculated to be titled, “One Life To Life. Live It Up.” looks to combine the forces not only Diplo’s production but also the work of fellow artists Will Smith, Nicky Jam and Kosovar singer and songwriter Era Istrefi.

@nickyjampr ✖ @Diplo ✖ @strefie ✖ @WillSmith – One Life to Live. Live it Up. #WorldCup

A post shared by Will Smith (@willsmith) on May 22, 2018 at 4:10am PDT

The four are believed to have filmed the music video for the World Cup track over the weekend.

With the World Cup finale being one of the most viewed television events in the world the group is looking to perhaps create a special anthem that can follow in the footsteps of the previous years anthem. With Pitbull, Shakira & Ricky Martin all setting the bar so high in their previous anthems, can this year’s anthem live up to expectations?

With thousands of fans already liking Smith’s revealing Instagram post minutes after putting it up, it seems everyone is most excited to see what this group can create.

The track is slated for a release on May 25th according to Billboard – and when it premieres, we will be sure to keep you covered on it.

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​John Digweed has announced the ‘Bedrock XX’ anniversary compilation

If you rewind thirty-six years ago, you will find John Digweed initially launching his producing career. If we fast forward to 2018, you will see that the English DJ has truly made a name for himself with numerous accomplishments under his belt. Among these successes, the impressive musician has gained worldwide stardom due to his launch of his record label Bedrock Records.

Today, the boss himself has announced that the ‘Bedrock XX‘ anniversary compilations will be dropping on June 22, 2018.

This highly anticipated compilation will consist of two mixed and two unmixed discs, in addition to the five-vinyl box set. This impeccable keepsake marks the 20th anniversary of the label and will be beautiful wrapped in a four-disc CD deluxe box set, like the true gift that it is.

Featuring some of the label’s favorites such as Guy J, Josh WinkAlan FitzpatrickRobert BabiczPig & DanMarc RomboyFairmontPaco Osuna, and that’s just to name a few. This mix is guaranteed not to disappoint.

In addition to the tracks by the talented artists, fans will find fresh new aspects from the founders, Nick Muir and John Digweed. Does it get any better than this?

Check Out The Full Track List Below:

CD1 Mixed By John Digweed 

01. Eagles & Butterflies Vs John Digweed & Nick Muir – Crazy Diamond Reprise
02. Yunus Guvenen – K’Aisha
03. Guy J – End Of Lost Cause
04. John Digweed & Nick Muir – Organia
05. Quivver – On & On
06. Robert Babicz – Dream Machine
07. Josh Wink – BPM
08. Martin Eyerer – El Circulo
09. Fairmont – Malinalli
10. Musumeci – WSSOF
11. Monkey Safari – Xelerator

CD2 Mixed By John Digweed 

01. Marc Romboy – Laika
02. Hannes Bieger – Mauna Loa
03. Ruede Hagelstein – Chromapark
04. Paco Osuna – Your Lights
05. Sam Paganini – Endless feat. Zøe
06. Lee Van Dowski – Ironclad
07. Pig&Dan – Pick Me Up
08. Oliver Lieb – Osyris
09. Alan Fitzpatrick – Vibes
10. Ian O’Donovan – Whiteout

CD3 Unmixed 

01. Josh Wink – BPM
02. Hannes Bieger – Mauna Loa
03. Robert Babicz – Dream Machine
04. Quivver – On & On
05. Yunus Guvenen – K’Aisha
06. Monkey Safari – Xelerator
07. Ian O’Donovan – Whiteout
08. Musumeci – WSSOF
09. Guy J – End Of Lost Cause
10. Eagles & Butterflies Vs John Digweed & Nick Muir – Crazy Diamond Reprise

CD4 Unmixed 

01. John Digweed & Nick Muir – Organia – Intro
02. Marc Romboy – Laika
03. Oliver Lieb – Osyris
04. Fairmont – Malinalli
05. Martin Eyerer – El Circulo
06. Sam Paganini – Endless feat. Zøe
07. Pig&Dan – Pick Me Up
08. Paco Osuna – Your Lights
09. Lee Van Dowski – Ironclad
10. Ruede Hagelstein – Chromapark
11. Alan Fitzpatrick – Vibes

Groove Cruise Cabo 2018 will be embarking on their journey October 10 through the 14. This year’s will be starting in San Diego and ending in Cabo San Lucas. Groove Cruise Cabo just dropped its stacked phase one lineup featuring headliners Dash Berlin, Benny Benassi, Cosmic Gate, Laidback Luke, and Shiba San.

Of course, Groove Cruise has more to offer than an amazing phase one lineup. For the first time, it’s setting sail on the West Coast The Norwegian Pearl. The ship has 13 restaurants, 16 bars/lounges, spa, fitness center, casino, bowling alleys, and much more.

Groove Cruise Cabo is a 96-hour, non-stop experience, comprised of 4 straight days of dancing, pool parties, as well as themed extravangazas and onboard events that rival the best dance music festivals in the world.

Tickets are selling quickly, and prices increase on June 8. Don’t wait to get in on the action, tickets can be purchased here!

Groove Cruise Cabo

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Markus Schulz feat. JES- Calling For Love

In the world of trance, there are very few producers and singers that resonate in the genre like these two. Markus Schulz, a major legend in trance, has teamed up with long-time friend and vocalist partner JES for a new song titled ‘Calling For Love’. JES is a legend in her own right, being featured on countless trance and progressive tracks stemming from Schulz to Armin van Buuren, Cosmic Gate, Ferry Corsten and many more.

‘Calling For Love’ adds to Schulz and JES’ long list of tracks that deliver special feels. JES’s vocals pop out in the beginning, all the while Markus Schulz gradually weaves in the melody. As the song begins to seriously build up, JES vocals fade and Schulz’ iconic trance production shines through. The bassline is euphoric and energetic at the same time. You should be hearing this song for months to come.

Check out Markus Schulz and JES’s new song ‘Calling For Love’ below.

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Headlining acts include Deadmau5, Flux Pavilion b2b Doctor P, Future, Tiesto, Machine Gun Kelly, and more!

The 2018 festival season is off to one heck of a start already. There has been no time to waste with lineups dropping left and right. Global Dance Festival has announced its return for its 16th year anniversary and they are promising more surprises than ever before! On Friday, July 20th and Saturday, July 21st, the return of #GDF will make its way back to its new home at Sports Authority Field at Mile High in Denver, CO. 

Global Dance Festival changed homes from Red Rocks to Sports Authority Field for the first time just last year. The open field was the perfect transition from the original Red Rocks because it allowed room for more activities and helped attendees navigate from stage to stage. This year, Global Dance insisted on major changes from the previous installment. #GDF18 will be expanding to larger festival grounds, a brand new stage, additional rides and more. 

This year the lineup is more diverse than the past and it’s exciting to see more dance music festivals finally make that change. Welcoming other genres besides electronic music at an all dance music festival can get a little intimidating but the scene is changing. MK, Claptone, Claude VonStroke, Gorgon City, and Thomas Jack are just a few who will be spinning at the Amazon stage. Other huge headlining acts at this year’s Global Dance Festival also consist of Deadmau5, Flux Pavilion b2b Doctor P, Future, Gucci ManeTiesto, Machine Gun Kelly, and more. Take a look at the full lineup below for the rest of the artists who will be joining everyone this year at #GDF18

Tickets are available for purchase now as well as three-installment payment plans. This is the year to not miss out on #GDF18 so get those dancing shoes ready because its time to go Global!

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It’s a been a little over a month since the passing of superstar DJ Avicii and he still remains in the news headlines nowadays in one way or another. This time it’s regarding the rumors making the rounds around the internet about an possible impending Avicii album release.

Diana Baron, Avicii‘s public relations representative, spoke with Billboard on this subject and has stated that reports from Swedish publication Aftonbladet have been mistranslated and wrongly circulated stating,

Tim had been working on new material and had posted 9ish photos and Instagram stories about his sessions this year,” says Baron. “As of this moment, these stories about a scheduled release are just rumors coming from hopeful fans who loved Tim and his music.”

An April Variety interview with Geffen Records’ executive Neil Jacobson may have actually added to the confusion on this as he went on to state that Avicii’s next album had been shaping up to be, “his best music in years.

Unfortunately for fans hoping to hear some of the last tracks worked on by Avicii it means it maybe an even longer wait if a release is even planned on happening. If we catch wind of anymore news regarding this matter we will be sure to keep you all updated.

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Cheat Codes I Love It

Cheat Codes – I Love It

One great track can be just a fluke. Two can be a coincidence. But three killer releases is a pretty sure sign of a killer EP. With that being said, it’s safe to say that Cheat Codes’ upcoming Level 1 EP is definitely going to be EP you shouldn’t sleep on. The trio switched things up from their usual dance-pop sound to drop the first track off that forthcoming EP, their g-house banger ‘NSFW‘. Then a couple weeks ago the trio dropped the second track, ‘Balenciaga‘. And now they’re following those up with their third release off that EP, ‘I Love It‘, a collab with DVBBS.

And just like the previous two releases, ‘I Love It’ is a heater of a track that has that sweet house feel. Give it a listen below and keep an eye out for the release of their Level 1 EP which is slated to drop on June 8.

Cheat Codes – I Love It | Download

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Silk City Essential Mix

Jack U might be gone on hiatus, but Diplo isn’t done with supergroups in the slightest. On the pop front he’s got LSD releasing music, but as an EDM fan you’re probably not loving that project as much. Don’t fret because Diplo‘s Silk City project with Mark Ronson is actually a breath of fresh air just in time for Summer.

In fact Silk City debuted at EDC on one of the art cars, and then released its first single this week. To really drive home the Silk City vibe, Diplo released a Silk City Essential Mix. It’s not a BBC Essential Mix, but the goal is the same. This mix shows off the shimmery Summer house vibe that Diplo and Mark Ronson are going for with this project. It’s like Calvin Harris’ ‘One Kiss’ but taken a step further towards disco/funk.

The mix features tracks from Cajmere, Silk City, Tchami, Mobb Deep, IDs and plenty of reworks and bootlegs from the new duo. Diplo couldn’t have picked a better time to unleash this mix on us because this just might be your Memorial Day Weekend party mix.

Silk City Essential Mix TRACKLIST:

Only Can Get Better – Silk City
Brighter Days – Cajmere ft Dajae
Brighter Days (Flosstradamus Festy Re-Edit) – Cajmere ft Dajae
Lick Shots – Missy Elliot
Professional Widow (Armand’s Star Trunk Funkin’ Mix) – Tori Amos
Moog Beat – Mele
Milkshake – Kelis
Love’s Plan – Route 94 & Drake (Silk City Special)
Missing You – Boston Bun
Lady – Modjo
Strings Is How We Do It (Silk City Special)- Derrick May & Montell Jordan
Rising – Sante Sansone
Go Deep (Tchami Remix) – Janet Jackson
Bodak To The World (Silk City Special) – Cardi B & LTD
I Found A Boujee Hustle (Silk City Special) – Wuki & Axwell & Migos
Work It Out – Karizma
Shook Ones (Lenny Kiser Remix) – Mobb Deeo
Shook Ones Pt II – Mobb Deep
Electric Relaxation – Tribe Called Quest
Heavenly Break – Eli Escobar
Get Up (Remix) – Masters At Work
Mystery Of Love – Mr Fingers
Deep Inside – Hardrive
Found A Child – Ballin’ Jack
Could Heaven Ever Be Like This (Paul Nice Edit) – Idris Muhammad
No One Can Change Me (Nick Holder Remix) – Daniel Steinberg
93 Til Infinity – Souls Of Mischief
I Can’t Get No Sleep (Featuring India) – Masters At Work

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They’ve got Benny Benassi, Dash Berlin, Laidback Luke, Cosmic Gate, and more!

Good news for all festival goers, the season doesn’t stop when summer ends. Groove Cruise keeps the festival spirit thriving into October. Set sail on October 10th and travel the seas while enjoying multiple pioneers of electronic music. As you dance your way from San Diego to Cabo San Lucas you’ll enjoy sets from Benny Benassi, Dash Berlin, Laidback Luke, and Cosmic Gate

Groove Cruise is now on its 30th sail, meaning this anniversary adventure will be extra epic! Don’t miss your chance to be apart of the biggest floating festival to date! 

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dance music

Ever since dance music exploded into popularity throughout the past decade, naysayers have been proclaiming the bubble has burst. Citing varying statistics from any source; anything foretelling the death of Electronic Music Industry makes for good content. The latest in this is a global sales slump of close to $100,000,000.

Over the course of 2017, the dance music business sunk from $7.4 billion in sales down to $7.3 billion. This marks a two percent decrease throughout the year. The biggest portion of that is attributed to the decline in recorded music revenue overall. The country hit the hardest overall was the United States, seeing an almost four percent decrease overall, followed closely by Canada.

While these numbers may appear to bode ill for dance music, IMS disagrees. One of the potential reasons can be attributed to EDM crossover records which are now labeled as Pop or even R&B. Genres shift and change as EDM works its way ever more into mainstream culture, and maybe the numbers just haven’t quite caught up yet.

Other market signs foretell an even brighter future for electronic music. Some of the most popular playlists posted on music streaming platforms like Spotify and Apple Music are strictly electronic music, and popular DJ booking rates have shown no sign of plateauing over the same time period. If the industry continues to grow at this same rate, EDM could potential be worth over $9 billion dollars in just a few years time.

Via Digital Music News

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The Spirit of Suwannee is sure to be felt with this lineup full of different genres and talents coming this October.

It’s almost time to head down south to Live Oak again for the 6th annual Suwannee Hulaween Music Festival.  The festival is taking place on the weekend of October 26-28, planned to be right before Halloween.  With the date quickly approaching, and the lineup finally out, it’s time to gather the squad and start planning this camping trip of a lifetime.

This years lineup features both live and electronic artists, geared to defy genre boundaries and attract a little bit of every taste.  Whether you choose to chill out with Odesza, get groove with Gramatik, or rage the night away with REZZ, this festival has a beat for every liking.  Also included on the lineup are some of our favorites including Troyboi, NGHTMRE, Snakehips, Manic Focus, and more.  

Talent buyer and partner of Suwannee Hulaween, Michael Berg, commented on the lineup choices saying,

“Our entire team obsesses over the lineup from top to bottom.  Within our means, we strive to make sure it’s exactly what the #HulaFam is looking for musically when they come visit us in FL for the weekend at Suwannee.”

Combining a state of the art lineup with one of the most breathtaking venues, Suwannee Hulaween is sure to not disappoint.  Draped in Spanish moss and accompanied by the Suwannee River, this location makes for an immersive experience like no other.  (Oh, and did we mention free showers on site?)

Check out their website here for tickets and more information about the festival.

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Comparison will suck the joy out of your life!

When you’re in any creative field you tend to look up to the people you admire, people who have inspired you enough to take this path. But, they are not the only people, right?? There are up and coming personalities and those who just shoot up to the top overnight.

If you’re new, you might think “WOW, this human is doing great, I’ll get to this level someday,” but if you’ve been at it for a long enough time with no satisfactory results and see people shooting up here and there, your course of thought will be totally different and will go something like “Well, this is ridiculous, I’m way better and I should be there where that human is.”

Ever had a thought something similar to explained above cross your mind? If No, then good. You’re either new or believe in yourself so much that jealousy never striked your soul (which is definitely good) but if the answer is Yes, then hey, you’ve been sucked into the comparison realm. The state that you must be going through definitely is dream shattering but there’s always a way out and different perspective to take up and move on to achieve bigger and better.

So, here’s what you can do if you find yourself playing this real nasty comparison game:

1. You Don’t Know The Backstory

Once you find yourself comparing your life steps to others, just ask yourself, “Do I know the backstory of this person?” because the moment you start doing this, you’ll find yourself having no judgments regarding anyone’s success. You don’t know how hard that person worked to get here, you don’t know what that human had to sacrifice to achieve this, You can’t let the basic judgemental characteristic of this human nature get the best of you.

Whenever you find yourself starting any type of comparison say to yourself “I wish the best for this person in his/her journey and I’m sure I’ll get there too sooner or later.” Stay positive and think positive because overthinking and comparison will only bring you down!

2. It’s a Phase

If you’re not the one that compares to others and find that you’ve started now, this very well might just be a phase. Why? Because a string of things you must be working on didn’t work/ go as you planned (which is inevitable) and this is making you sad thereby looking at other and you’re trying to validate yourself!

From what I’ve learned, the comparison can go on for as long as you want and as intense as your soul wants. This thing can lead you down to a dark alley from which finding a way back can be rather difficult so, figuring this out as early as possible is the best way to make sure that this sudden comparison of your life to others was just a phase and if it comes back again in the future, you’ll be well equipped to tackle it!

3. Will It Do You Any Good?

Healthy comparisons are always good as long as you’re just trying to get motivated and work even harder. If you’re getting depressed and having signs of anxiety, you did it wrong boi. Comparison is a super subjective as some artists say that they compare themselves to their friends to get motivated enough and kill it at whatever they are doing.

While some just start overthinking so much that they destroy the best things that have been going on for them. In the end, it’s just about what your perspective is. Seeing everything in a positive manner can do wonders for you. If anything isn’t feeding your soul in a good way, it probably isn’t good for you!

Comparison will only suck out the joy from your life and leave you with a pretty empty heart. It’s like straight up watching Infinity War without seeing the previous movies. So yeah, you don’t want that. Always keep your head held high and on a planet where the life form has figured out how to get to another planet, you finding success is something that is definitely possible and you should have a firm belief in it, know that you’ll get to where you want and it’s just a matter of time. Hope this motivates you in some way or the other! Keep killing it!

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Run in conjunction with the Annenberg Inclusion Initiative by the University of Southern California, Live Nation is putting their money where their mouth is and taking major steps towards equality in the music biz.

While Live Nation Entertainment is stepping up their game in a major step towards gender equality in the world of music business. As announced by Live Nation’s President and CEO, Michael Rapino, Live Nation Entertainment has established the Women Nation Fund, an early-stage investment fund focused on female-led live music businesses. 

By setting up this fund, the company will not just provide access to the company’s plethora of contacts and resources but also capital investments for underrepresented female entrepreneurs in the concert promotions, events, and festival spaces. Businesses selected by the fund will be given access to Live Nation resources such as strategic advisory, industry contacts, and mentorship across lines of business and functional areas as well.

As explained by Rapino in the announcement, the Women Nation Fund is an attempt to “change the dynamic and widen the playing field” and the company’s first step in their attempt to empower new entrepreneurs and create more opportunities for women in the live music business. 

Gaining endorsement from the Annenberg Inclusion Initiative at the University of Southern California, Founder and Director of the initiative, Dr. Stacy Smith commented,

“Women are underrepresented across the entertainment ecosystem, but we see this particularly in the music industry. One crucial way to kick-start the effort towards gender parity is to fund female entrepreneurs. I applaud Live Nation for their leadership and for committing its resources in a way that can affect real change.”

The Women Nation Fund will identify, fund and grow the pool of female-led festivals, events and promotion companies available on a worldwide basis. The only major prerequisite will be that entrant businesses must be female-founded and oriented around concert promotion, festivals or live venue management. 

The talented panel who will be evaluating the applicants for funding will comprise a host of Live Nation female executives from various domains across promotion, booking, technology, ticketing, and PR/Marketing. The panel includes Anna Sjolund (Co-Managing Director/Head Promoter, Live Nation Sweden), Amy Corbin (Promoter, C3), Virginia Davis(Founder, G Major Management) and a host more. 

Head to the official Women Nation Fund website for more details on how to apply and the complete list of panelists and their work in the industry and accolades. 

The future is female! And kudos to Live Nation for doing their bit to recognize and support the growth of female-led businesses in our industry! 

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Certified banger right here!

Fresh off his electrifying performance with Malaa in EDC Las VegasCosmic Meadow, French house tastemaker Tchami is still riding the wave and decided to unleash a brand new track with producer trio Brohug and singer Reece

The producers’ latest solo EP Revelations, for the most part, showcased a lighter side of the producer, with tracks such as the hit “World To Me (feat. Luke James)” and of course the progressive anthem “Adieu”, a side that then turned darker with his collaborative No Redemption EP with Malaa, a deep journey through minimal and groovy house sounds. “My Place” is where this progression leads to, as it showcases something from both worlds. The track breaks into a dark atmosphere and Reece’s heavily processed vocals dominate a trap rhythm, before Tchami and trio Brohug work their way towards the drop, which is maybe the heaviest one we’ve ever seen Tchami’s name on. Enjoy the track below! 

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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/iamTchami/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tchami/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/iamTchami
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/iamtchami

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Who knew his latest track inspiration came from his daughter?

Armin van Buuren is a legend in the dance music industry. As one of the most influential musicians in electronic music, he has topped the Dj Mag Top 100 DJs poll a record of 5 times. His weekly radio show, “A State of Trance”, boasts over 38 million listeners in more than 80 countries, and he has performed at the biggest and best shows and festivals around the world. We caught up with him right before his show in New York, just in time to see him play The Brooklyn Mirage with Alpha 9.

“Blah Blah Blah” – what was your inspiration for the track?

Armin: Well, actually I understood a lot of people thought it was something to say to all the haters, but it wasn’t. The story started with Bullysongs, who was a good friend of mine and I did a couple of tracks with him; “Freefall” and “Caught in the Slipstream”. He was on tour with me on the Embrace Tour and we became close friends. He’s a super cool guy. He’s a father too. He has written a lot of really big tracks and I know that he’s been working with his son on the Galantis track. And I said to him, “What if we have vocal like that but on a psy-trance inspired triple-drop,” and he says, “So what are you thinking lyrically?”. I was I was at home sitting next to my daughter and she was telling me how she learned all these naughty rhymes in school, like with swear words and stuff that parents aren’t supposed to know. I started to see how important that is actually for the education of kids – learning nursery rhymes school. So the idea of inspiration actually comes from my kids.

You just played EDC, what’s your favorite part about EDC?

It’s a unique festival, it’s a night festival. You can’t compare it to any other festival. I think a lot of people try to compare it Tomorrowland or Ultra, but I say these are three completely different festivals. It’s a unique experience.

It’s more than just a bunch of DJs and great stages together It’s a vibe. It’s the L.A. vibe mixed with the atmosphere – really hard to describe actually.


What is your favorite festival?

Well, you have the big three, I just named them. I just know it’s really hard to pick my favorite because they’re all really important moments on the dance music calendar. Ultra is the start of the season. EDC is the biggest one in North America for electronic dance music. Tomorrowland, if you really put a gun to my head, I’d say Tomorrowland because it’s so close to my home. I know the guys from Tomorrowland really as I do the guys from Ultra and EDC.

So you’re on the 850th A State of Trance, did you ever think you’d get to 850?

No, I thought 500 would be good after 10 years. I still see a lot of good things happening in a trance music world. A lot of new talent coming off, the psy-trance inspired trance music is so huge right now. Last year I made a big bold move to do a weekly broadcast video which a lot of people actually like. I find it really scary because I felt like I sort of jumped into the deep. No, it’s fun. I actually enjoy it now more than I ever did because I used to stare at an Ableton screen and mix all the tracks together barely hearing all the songs, to be honest. Now, I have to mix live living one take which sometimes I make little mistakes and stuff the people actually appreciate that.

How has the music scene changed since you started?

It’s big. Well, mostly it’s become bigger. People take it seriously. I remember a lot of the interviews that I did in the early days was like, “When is the dance music bubble going to be over?”. Everybody was expecting that it would be gone. But I don’t think that you can really say that there’s a difference between dance and for example commercial pop. A part of dance music has become radio stuff. I think 99 percent of all the top 40 music right now is dance music inspired, it’s sequence based music. I mean obviously there are still analog instruments used but dance music has spread like an oil stain through every other genre.

When you’re writing a track, how do you decide when you’re done and when it’s finished?

It’s never finished. As soon as I finish a track, I start remixing it and you make mashups and you export acapella so you can put it on top of other tracks. It’s never done you know. There are so many albums of mine and tracks that I think I should have done that or even with “Blah Blah Blah”. Now I hear the master back, I’m like, “Oh I should have done this or that should have been louder or…”, it’s never perfect.

What’s your favorite fan encounter?

Oh well, I have to mention the white BMW again. I think that was in Vancouver. Somebody just bought a brand new extremely expensive BMW with all white leather seats and they asked me to write with a big marker on top. Oh yeah.

What is the most ridiculous thing you put on your rider they’ve fulfilled?

The most ridiculous thing I have on my rider? I don’t know even know my rider. Well for some reason I’ve been trying to get the bottle of red wine off of the rider because I don’t really drink red wine anymore, especially not after a gig. But for some reason, there’s always a bottle of wine in the dressing room. So I think my managers just keeps it on just for the sake of it.

What do you eat most on the road?

Healthy stuff, usually vegetarian or pasta. Right before this gig I just forced myself to eat because I wasn’t hungry at all, but I’m doing a three-hour set. Food and sleep and gym are essentials for life.

How do you relax when you get home from tour?

Work out a lot. Mostly, I’m actually pretty boring at home. I love watching Netflix.

What’s your favorite Netflix show?

I’m watching Casa de Papel (Money Heist) right now. I think it’s amazing. I’m marching. Currently, I like documentaries on Netflix a lot. I’ve been watching Robert Robert Kennedy assassination. That was quite shocking actually. I actually enjoy reading biographies and watching documentaries. This is strange habit that I have.

What is your most memorable tour stop or show?

It’s got to be last year when I did the Amsterdam Arena stadium called The Best of Armin Only, which was showcasing 20 years of my music with all my fans, all my tours, All the artists that I ever worked with. Two nights, sold out, live on national TV. It was the biggest thing I’ve ever done. I can’t really do anything bigger because there’s no bigger; it’s the biggest stadium in Holland.

How did you choose the tracks to play when you have to do the best of?

Well actually, believe it or not, there was a little bit of space to experiment. I played two shows, Friday & Saturday, and the tracklists were different on both nights. If you play four hours, and I’ve made so much music over two years. Five albums and a lot of best of’s, singles, and compilations. To put everything into four hours wasn’t doing it justice. We were thinking about the show, which artists could really bring it, and which artists were special on the tour. Also, the attention span in a stadium – to try to keep the attention of a crowd for that long and keep a show inspiring – there’s a lot of hard work. But, the good thing was is that we’ve done five tours. I was here at MSG (Madison Square Gardens) in 2014 to do the Intense show, and at the forum in L.A. we did the Embrace show, we had the Imagine show, we had the Mirage show. From these shows, we took the best live moments.

It was cherry-picking because if you have four hours and you have all these shows to cherry pick from – that was easy. Then, the best thing to do was that we rehearsed. We did a try out in front of an audience and in a smaller location without all the production. There was really a lot of effort that went into that show.

Window or aisle seat?

Window, to sleep. I sleep on planes all the time. I don’t think there’s ever been a flight in the last three years that I haven’t closed my eyes. Even if it’s a 20-minute flight, from a Greek island to another Greek island, I always close my eyes.

Is there anything else you want your fans to know?

So many things. There’s a lot of music coming. Working on the Gaia album which is what a lot of people are asking. Ever since I became a father of two I don’t think I’ve ever been more productive. It’s strange because you would think having kids you would have less time and I actually do have less time, but I guess I’m more efficient. I don’t play. I love playing PlayStation and I haven’t touched it for 3 months. Dedication.

Anything cool we can expect for like the new shows coming up? Anything ridiculous?

We’re testing out some new elements. I’m working on a new artist album. We’re also thinking about the Armin Only brand – do I want to continue with it or not. I haven’t made a decision yet because it’s very expensive to tour a show like that. You have to do at least 20 to 25 shows to recoup the investment that you do on a show like that. And then you need to have venues with a minimum 5000 capacity just to bring all the artists, hotels, flights in, and everything. For that, we’re always designing new stuff. I recently made a whole new visual package, so all the visuals that you see on my shows are brand new. So there’s always stuff going on.

You can check out Armin’s next tour dates here, and make sure to follow him to stay up to date on new releases!




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