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The Chainsmokers videographer Rory Kramer almost died in a terrible car crash.

Your life can flash before you in the blink of an eye. Daredevil and EDM videographer Rory Kramer got in a horrible car accident over the weekend, almost taking his life. The Chainsmokers, Krewella, and Justin Bieber cameraman was speeding in his car on loose gravel when he spun out of control and hit a tree that flipped him upside down. The crash totaled his car and peeled his skin off, creating a horrific experience. 

Rory shared his story to Instagram, making us realize this was an even deeper problem than just an accident. The famous videographer has been struggling with anxiety, depression, and his father’s battle with cancer, implying the recklessness may have been intentional.

We are extremely relieved he will make a smooth recovery and we hope people gain more awareness about anxiety and depression. Listen, talk and look out for each other. 

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Surreal is a fundraising platform expanding to more festivals this summer.

This is real life. Surreal is taking over festival season, granting lucky fans their ultimate wishes. Oh, and every giveaway donation goes to charity. If that isn’t a win-win I don’t know what is! The fundraiser will be hitting up Moonrise, Breakaway and Bumbershoot festivals this summer, collaborating with Excision, Tritonal, Illenium, and more!

So far, Surreal has raised over 150,000 for charity, giving winners the opportunity to ride helicopters to EDC with Kaskade, ride around a golf cart backstage with KAYZO, and jam out in the studio with Slander. Now the fundraiser will bring their joy to even more festivals. Although not mandatory for each giveaway, fans can donate as little as $5 to the contest for an entry. 

Check out the exciting giveaways for the upcoming festivals with Audien, Excision, Ekali, Gryffin, Deorro and more here

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It’s that time of the year again; Forbes’ newest list of the world’s highest-paid celebrities is finalized and published! Did you make the cut? Probably not, but fortunately for Calvin Harris, he made the 50th spot. Beating out The Chainsmokers (#59), Paul McCartney (#51), and even Drake (#53), Harris is the top electronic music producer in the world.

Floyd Mayweather, George Clooney, and Kylie Jenner control the top 3 spots on the list as one would expect. Forbes formulates their list entirely on the individual’s income from the past 12 months. Harris has earned a spot on Forbes’ Top 100 list for several years in a row now, while successfully growing the electronic music world fan-base.

Last month, we looked into how much Calvin made compared to the average worker. To refresh your mind, Calvin makes an average $48.5 million a year, or $132,000 a day!  Looking back at these numbers, it’s not surprising that Harris earned himself a spot on Forbes’ Highest Paid Celebrities List. In the long run, we can expect Harris and other electronic producers to make their way up the list in the years to come.

Check out the full list of celebrities on Forbes’ website here.

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This new track featuring Shallows is the perfect mixture of beautiful vocals and head-bang worthy bass.

Hailing from Canada, DJ and producer Excision is widely known for the heavy dubstep and debilitating bass that take over his tracks.  His live shows are an experience of their own, gaining so much momentum with their massive visuals and sound design that he has been able to start a few festivals himself.  Lost Lands returns this year in September, and Bass Canyon will debut this August in Washington.

Colorado-based DJ and producer Illenium has been nothing but busy this summer.  Amidst seemingly nonstop festival appearances around the globe, he has managed to produce various collaborations with artists including Kill The Noise and 1788-L.  This diverse producer is comfortable with any sub-genre of electronic music, touching on melodic dubstep, future bass, hardstyle, and more.

After teasing their collaboration for months with short previews on social media, Excision and Illenium have finally released “Gold (Stupid Love)“.  This track starts off with slow, deep vocals from Shallows backed by a soft melody produced by a guitar.  Gradually, bass, percussion, and then synths are added in as the tempo picks up, showcasing Illenium’s dreamy signature sound.  Each drop in the song brings Excision’s heavier, dirty sound to life, complete with vocal chops.  Even the vocals are extremely relatable.

Is it stupid that I love you?

Was it all a big mistake?

Do I wanna let it happen?

Do you wanna just walk away?

This track does an amazing job of blending Excision and Illenium‘s sounds, but maybe the long wait made it that much better.  If you haven’t been lucky enough to see it performed live at a festival yet, you can check out the video from Illenium’s set at EDC this year and (finally) hear the track in full below.

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The Coachella of the East Coast is back and here’s a low down on everything we’re looking forward to at Panorama Music Festival at the end of the month!

Goldenvoice presents Panorama Music Festival, where Music meets Art meets Technology meets Fashion, yup, they have it all! The festival fondly referred to as the Coachella of the East Coast due to not only its presenters, but also the vibe, has held true to its name since the past two years. In it’s third outing in New York City, Panorama is all set to take over Randalls Island Park from July 27-29th, 2018. 

If you’ve been to Panorama last year, it seems like quite a no-brainier that you’d be back for another year of awesomeness considering ALL that the festival has on offer. Of course as they do year on year, the line up is nothing short of stunning with headlining acts like The Weeknd, Janet Jackson and The Killers! And it doesn’t end just there, spectacular acts like ODESZA, The XX, Dua Lipa, Gucci Mane and Lil Wayne are all peppered in for good measure! 

In addition to excellent music spread across three stages, another major drawing point for Panorama is their delectable Food vendors line-up which they pride themselves by. Always extremely well curated, this year is no different. From festival favorites such as Roberta’s Pizza and Eggloo, to new-to-Panorama concepts like Avocaderia and Two Guys Chicken & Fries, amongst a ton more will grace the Randalls Island Park fields for the festival. 

But in a first by any music festival ever, Panorama has partnered with Postmates to take the entire culinary experience at Panorama to the next level. In order to help attendees skip lines and only come to food stalls to pickup their orders when ready, attendees will be able to simply log into either the Postmates app or be redirected from the Panorama app, and via a special geo-perimeter on Randall’s Island, order and pay for their food at participating restaurant vendors. After receiving a pickup time, attendees can simply walk up to the pickup window to retrieve their food. The thought of how cool this could be and just the idea of skipping the enormous lines waiting for food and missing all the action sure has us excited. 

Once again, for the second consecutive year, Panorama has also announced a collaboration with award-winning fashion brand Rochambeau. This year Rochambeau has reached out to up-and-coming NYC-based artists Kris Buhidar and Lia Kantrowitz to create the featured designs for 2018. If last year was anything to go buy, the merch was dope and the lines were LONG, so plan up in advance. 

Also, year on year Panorama has just been out doing themselves at THE LAB, powered by HP. Hailed as a playground of music and tech, THE LAB encompasses five interactive installations and a massive 360-degree virtual-reality theater at the heart of the festival. This will be the third edition of the exhibition that promises an all-new collection of interactive technology, artistry and design, created exclusively by New York City-based artists and curated by META. This is definitely a fixture at the festival worth exploring and we’d highly recommend you check it out, even though the lines can get long and winding during peak hours.

If all of this has you as psyched as us for next weekend, head on to the official website and grab your three-day or day passes right here. See you on the other side! 

Also, check out the set times below!

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Growing up in the UK and now living part time in China and Los Angeles, it’s no wonder Conrank has so many influences for his unique sound.

After releasing an EP on Circus Records in May, UK DJ and producer Conrank is already back at it with another new release, “Blast“-and he’s got a ton more of new tracks just waiting to be released. We were lucky enough to catch up with Conrank and learn more about all the fun he has creating and sharing his unique heavy bass sounds. 

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EDM.com: While you were living in the UK you toured Europe as a beatboxer, was that something you always wanted to do growing up? How’d you get into beatboxing?

Conrank: Beatboxing wasn’t really something I knew about growing up apart from maybe Police Academy or Michael Jackson…I kind of just lucked out, Killa Kela who was a pioneer and became a legend in his own right started working at the petrol station next to my house. We became mates and I learned from him. It was fun, but I quickly realized I didn’t have the same passion he had for it. It was awesome, but I knew there was something else out there for me.

With beatboxing you mimic drum machines­­ and other instruments or sounds, did that make transitioning into production easier?

I’ve always had a fairly musical brain, I’m not a theory person though, I do everything mainly by ear­­. Everything I had done before from playing the trumpet as a kid or beatboxing, to learning video editing software contributed to making the production transition easier. There wasn’t a huge transition for me. I just one day went, “F it…I really want to produce music,” so I did it and I just sat there day in day out till I could make something people might actually listen to. The beat got me, I couldn’t stop.

When you were initially starting out and refining your craft what was the kind of sound you were going for and why? Were you inspired by anything you listened to growing up or currently listening to at the time?

I started out focusing on DnB. I was really into that whole autonomic sound that D-Bridge was pioneering, it was so deep and emotional but still hard hitting on a sound system. My inspirations outside of that range massively tracks like “Terrorist” by DJ Vadim, stuff by say DJ Hazard or Dillinja and then, obviously, the dubstep legends like Caspa, Rusko, Skream, Coki, Mala, etc. There’s so much amazing music in the UK to be inspired by.

Your current sound is a mix of a few different things, how would you describe it to people who’ve never heard your music?

Whenever people ask me that I always get a little stuck. Non-conventional grimy heavy bass music…let’s say that for now haha. It really does pull in my love for house, dubstep, grime, DnB, etc, it’s like a melting pot. My brain laid out on a timeline.

So when you’re in the studio and you’re working on some new tracks, what’s the process like? How do these ideas come to mind?

I get a lot of budding producers hitting me up asking about my Ableton templates, drum racks etc. Honestly, I am the most unorganized producer ever. Every track is started differently, with different drums, different synths. I don’t have drum racks set up or templates. Generally, an idea starts with the bassline but not all the time, I might find a chord progression I love for example. The one thing that stays the same is how I process everything. Regarding ideas, I have to be in the right mental space, well rested, coffee down the hatch. I’m a daytime producer which seems to be rare. 

It doesn’t always come easy, sometimes I’ll be sitting in that seat all day and… NOTHING. But when ideas flow, it’s like a machine gun. I can knock out tracks for days. I’m a true believer in getting an idea down and not dwelling on one small part. I get the whole track mapped out start to end and then when the structure and idea is there and I’m buzzing off of it, I go in and get heavy on the details. If you build a house, you build the whole thing, then you decorate each room. That’s how I work.

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Back in May you released your Distorted Method EP which draws influences from your time living in both China and Los Angeles, what’s a song on the album that’s the most heavily influenced from these places and why?

I would say “Lose The Plot.” It’s just a mash of my experiences in those places. From the LA beat scene to UK dubstep and there’s definitely a lot of influence from music I discovered going to The Shelter in Shanghai and meeting other producers here. Shanghai has had a huge influence on my music, you can’t live somewhere and not be affected.

Which track off the album did you have the most fun with and why?

On Your Mind” was quite an emotional track to produce. I love that 90’s house/rave vibe, I used to go out and rage to that stuff as a kid and as I made that track it just all came back to me, my first clubbing experiences. It was an epic track to write and I had times where I was just in the studio smiling and losing myself in it. Probably why it ended up around the six-minute mark, it just couldn’t be a short piece.

You had a residency in China for quite a few years, how different is it playing there as compared to in the states? Do people react differently to your music?

At the start, it was definitely tough because China doesn’t have the history of electronic music like the UK or the US, so it’s totally brand new. I remember playing a festival and some kids came to talk to me using a friend to translate and they said they had never seen a DJ or heard electronic music before. Pretty eye-opening. It’s changing rapidly though now. The crowds get down hard and the rail-riding thing is getting big over here. I’ve also had crowds just stand and watch me like a show, no dancing or anything, just like…ok, so show us what you can do. There are loads of awesome music scenes and genres coming out of China right now though. New producers, rappers, DJs… it’s a hotbed of creativity and originality, very exciting.

Do you have any crazy stories from your residency in China?

Those, I have a lot of. Once I was playing a festival and I got on the mic and started hyping the crowd up, the front row started grabbing the rail and dancing and generally having a good time. About two minutes later the music cut out and the stage manager came over to tell me they were shutting down the stage because my music was too dangerous. 

Another time I played a beach fest called Strawberry Festival, I didn’t have shoes on, well, because it was on a beach. Halfway through my set I suddenly felt a huge amount of pain in my foot, lifted it up to see what was happening and there was a nail head poking out. I literally stopped the music (there were around 10,000 people at the stage) explained what was happening and then the cameraman projected me having a nail pulled out of my foot onto the huge screens. The next day I was having an injection in my arse cheek for tetanus. 

Aaaaand the last one, so I was playing in a place called Hangzhou, I got on the mic asked for a tequila and about seven people turned up with a tequila to drink with me. Seven tequilas later (I was already a little drunk), I was having the best time, well, until I danced so hard that I fell off the stage and knocked myself out. I came around to hear them explaining on the mic that I was unconscious…I got up, brushed myself off and got back behind the decks and we went for about another hour. I still have a scar from that one.

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You also played the debut Circus Records x Bassrush show in LA, what was it like playing alongside Doctor P and Crizzly? And what’s one thing you’ll never forget about that experience?

The venue was epic and playing with those guys was amazing, it feels great to link up with my Circus Records and Bassrush family. And Doctor P has been a huge influence from the start, man, when “Sweet Shop” was released…game changer. I’ll never forget standing on the booth, screens all around me blasting my logo with a packed crowd raging. I remember being at a big Bassrush show a couple of years ago in DTLA and saying to my missus, “One day I’ll be playing these shows,” and bam, I got there. It feels amazing. I need to thank Bassrush and Circus for being such a huge supporting force in my career.

Talking about Circus Records, your newest track, “Blast,” was released on the label, and it’s an interesting hybrid of reggae-style and dubstep. How’d you come up with the idea to mix the two?

I had that vocal sample sitting around for ages waiting for the right time to use it, the right track. “Blast” came out of a studio session one day and I was like, ooohhh, maybe just maybe…grabbed the vocal, chopped it in and it just worked. I then built around that vocal even more and the track really took shape. The idea of mixing those styles definitely comes from the whole jungle ragga sound. Jungle has been mixing ragga/dancehall/reggae and bass music for a long time, I absolutely love it and there will be a lot more of that coming. 

What was the most challenging part of making this track and why?

The bassline…originally it started quite a few semitones lower, but the sub was at like 28/30hz, very few sound systems could deal with it and half the time it was just missing when I played it out…plus 28hz is extremely low. So, in the end, I had to bring the whole keyup, which was stressful, especially trying to keep the vibe and atmosphere the same. I tried it for a couple of days and it didn’t work. I thought the track was lost, but then a couple of weeks later I tried again and it just clicked. Track saved!

So what’s next for Conrank? Any new tracks you’re working on or playing at some shows/festivals?

So much I wish I could shout about. I have about thirty new tracks I’m testing out and working on, plus some huge tour and release announcements coming. Until then I’m playing Shanghai with Spag Heddy next week, then East Sea Music Festival on Daishan Island just off the Chinese coast. Then heading back to the US for the Wild Woods Festival and some other shows, which will be announced very soon. But I’m really putting my focus on the studio at the moment, I’ll essentially be on the road from August until January, so I want to write while I can. So in short what’s next? Music, lots and lots of music.

Special thanks to Conrank for taking the time to chat with me! It was a pleasure learning more about your career and we can’t wait to hear all of those new tracks!

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It comes as no surprise when Deadmau5 teases his fans on and off the stage. Just a few days ago he dropped his Mau5ville: Level 1 EP which featured a number of remixes and originals. Highlighted on the new EP was his track ‘Monophobia’ with Pendulum’s Rob Swire, but now he continues to keep us on edge by tweeting that another collaboration is coming.

The artist tagged in the tweet was alt-pop singer Lights. Lights has amassed a number of accolades including earning 100M in U.S. streams, 200K in U.S. album sales, and two JUNO Awards. She also has 2 million dedicated fans that follow her every move supporting the fact that her collaboration with the Mau5 is one to watch out for.

With a new EP and more music on the way, it’s nice to see more music from the legend. Stay posted for more details.

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You don’t want to leave your music experience entirely up to the festival gods. It’s best to have a plan of attack when you’re floating between 7 stages for 3 days. Here’s my top 42 artists to catch at this one-of-a-kind festival.

My friends have talked about the magic of Shambhala Music Festival for years, and this year I’mma finally see what all the hype is about. Or should I say, “aboot?”

If you’re not familiar, Shambhala takes place on a small family-owned farm called Salmo River Ranch in British Columbia. Now, I’m not really into places that get below 0 degrees, but in summer where everywhere south is getting above 100, I figure Canada’s a perfect festi fit. Plus I’ll get to break out my passport! That thing hasn’t seen much action in a hot minute. Tbh, the hope of dank poutine served at the late night kiosks is what really sealed the deal for me.

And the music, of course. I wanted something different and new, and my friends seem to have a special affinity for the Shambhala culture and fam, so I secured a ticket before the lineup was released. And when it was, I was a little surprised to see a bunch of artists I’ve never seen or heard of on the lineup. Instead of bumming that there aren’t as many big name acts on the list (but there are some), I’m excited to experience a ton of new music! I’ve spent the last month picking through the names on the bill, and here are my top picks in a very particular order

See if you can label my music tastes as you work through the list.

  1. Dirt Monkey – Been wanting to see this wubbly wizard for way too long! Listen to his sick mix on the official Shambhala mixes Soundcloud
  2. Gramatik – Because he always brings the heat and the best beats
  3. Space Jesus – He’s been oh so quiet and I gotta see what he’s been up to
  4. Defunk! – Been wanting to see a defunk Shambs set forever and finally gonna see this Canadian funkbot in his element in the Fractal Forest
  5. Boogie T – I love him and all his riddimagic
  6. Buku – I will never miss a Buku set as long as I have feet to dance with
  7. Rezz – Space Mom!
  8. Destructo – He is legend
  9. Basstracks – I just know this’ll be good
  10. Charlesthefirst – Such a unique sound. Caught him opening for a show and can’t wait to see his festival set
  11. Black Tiger Sex Machine – Gotta get a healthy dose of filth
  12. Maximono – This was my second favorite Shambhala mix! These guys throw down the boots and cats
  13. Glitch Mob – Close to my heart
  14. Slynk! – They’re live set from the festival last year is full of happiness
  15. Perkulator – Saw him for the first time in June and didn’t want him to stop
  16. Yheti – Love those weird wobbles
  17. Shlump! – Heavy bass heaven
  18. Dabin – All the feels
  19. Opiuo – The one and only and one of my all-time favs
  20. Mr. Carmack
  21. Boombox Cartel – Please please play the mariachi drop!
  22. Dizzee Rascal – OMG this set will be redic and I must be there
  23. Theo Tzu – Not to be confused with Zhu, this dude’s Shambs mix had me stoked for his set right away
  24. Joker – A dub ninja I’ve still never seen
  25. Koan Sound – Love most everything I hear from them and never seen
  26. Dirtwire – I always here they’re great
  27. Stickybuds – A fresh Canadian mix of all the sounds
  28. Feed Me
  29. Dr. Fresch – OG
  30. Blackgummy – Missed his opening set at Rezz in Denver and heard he threw down
  31. Woofax – He’s got that glitch hop I love
  32. The Librarian – Saw her at Bassnectar and she killed it!
  33. Justin Martin – For my rave bae
  34. Edamame – Denver represent!
  35. Oshi
  36. Protohype
  37. Stanton Warriors – OGs of the British Garage scene one of the “never heard of’s” I’m most excited to see
  38. K Lab
  39. Illgates – He’s ill
  40. Phibes – He should actually be higher on this list cause his Shambhala mix was fire
  41. Greazus 
  42. Toadface – Heard the things
  43. Woolymammoth

Of course, we all know it’s impossible to make it to every set you want to see at a festival – you gotta leave your destiny in the forest’s hands – but these are the sets I most want to see. Next up, try to plan it out on the app!

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Due to a beautiful location, great atmosphere and an absolutely stunning line-up, the Dutch We Are Electric festival turned out to be a pleasant surprise.

Some of the biggest names in the scene stopped by at the relatively small We Are Electric festival in the south of the Netherlands. On a beautifully wooded festival site, 53,000 visitors enjoyed three days of music with a unique combination of acts divided across seven stages.

The unique combination was especially present on the main stage, where The Prodigy was programmed in between Paul Kalkbrenner and Dave Clarke on Saturday night. However, the concept behind the main stage was that every headlining act could bring its own production, in order to maximize the experience of the performance. Therefore most of the headlining acts were preceded by a break of around 30 minutes, which created the possibility for We Are Electric to add the legends from The Prodigy to their line-up. The British Dance/Rock crossover certainly did not disappoint and proved they are still killing it after more than twenty years of performing. By choosing this mainstage format, We Are Electric distinguishes themselves from the ‘traditional’ Dutch Dance festivals like Dance Valley and Mysteryland. While those festivals often stay within the ‘borders of EDM’ with their mainstage line-up, We Are Electric succeeded in pushing these borders.

The Prodigy @ WAE 2018

While the Prodigy was headlining the Saturday together with Paul Kalkbrenner, the French Electro duo Justice took full advantage of the mainstage concept on Friday. They brought their spectacular audio and visual show to the festival, which made it an amazing experience. Such an experience was also planned for progressive maestro Eric Prydz on Sunday, but due to a mechanical breakdown of his tour bus he was not able to bring himself and the whole production to We Are Electric on time. The organization quickly responded by arranging Lost Frequencies to be the replacement, but Eric’s only show in the Netherlands is something many visitors [including ourselves] were very much looking forward to. No other than Martin Garrix was surprisingly closing the mainstage of the weekender, which was one of the few ‘mainstream’ acts on the main stage. According to the organization, Martin is a welcome widening of the line-up with the dynamic shows he can come up with. Nonetheless, it is a massive closer of the weekend. 

Justice @ WAE 2018

The remaining stages suited the Dance music format to a larger extent since the different DJs continued after one another. Stages were hosted by big names like Oliver Heldens, Netsky and friends, and Paul Kalkbrenner hosted a Back To The Future stage in addition to his mainstage set. Among the other areas did the Drum & Bass stage really stand out. A large dome tent without any annoying pillars was keeping daylight out, and holding the amazing vibe of the crowd inside it. Drum & Bass does not see that many festival stages in the Netherlands, so it can be seen as a risk to dedicate the second largest stage to it the whole weekend. But looking at the happy faces from the crowd at both the Rampage and Hospitality hostings, it really paid off!

Rampage stage @ WAE 2018

Beyond the stunning line-up, We Are Electric visitors also enjoyed beautiful weather conditions that were quite extraordinary for Dutch standards, which made it very pleasant to keep on dancing until the 3 am ending. The people that spend the night on the camping even had the opportunity to join the silent disco that had been set up for them. Because the open fields with the different stages were covered by forest, which caused the festival to look cozy and spacious at the same time, there was plenty of shade to escape the burning sun. However, more free water tapping points would really be helpful next year, and 4 euros for 33 cl. of water is ridiculous.

Despite the slight water issue, We Are Electric managed to present a memorable weekender with their beautiful location, great atmosphere, and an absolutely stunning line-up. By giving their visitors the ability to witness performances from this many legends for only 99 euro [3 days Incl. camping spot], We Are Electric is definitely recommended to pay a visit when you are around. It will, therefore, be very interesting to see with what acts they will conjure up for next year’s edition since it will be quite difficult to top this year’s line-up. 

Sunset at the Techno stage @ WAE 2018

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deadmau5 and Swire reunited and it feels so good

It’s crazy to think “Ghosts’n’Stuff” was released almost a decade ago. deadmau5 and Rob Swire combined their talents to create one of the most iconic songs in electronic music history.

On mau5ville: level 1, out now on his label mau5trap, deadmau5 reunites with Swire for the new single “Monophobia.” Now, he invites fans to his home for an out of control party in the track’s video directed by Nick DenBoer & Kenny Hotz

This music video is bonkers. It features the animation of DenBoer whose unique work I’ve seen scouring the internet. The fleshy bodies transforming and flailing around are like a train wreck you can’t look away from. The dance moves are amazing. There’s really no way to grasp what might show up next. I’m here for it. 

In addition to “Monophobia” and an instrumental “Nyquist,” mau5ville: level 1 also features additional unreleased tracks including productions by Getter (“All Is Lost” [featuring nothing, nowhere]) and GTA (“Something Like“). The collection also offers remixes of “Monophobia” by GRAMMY award-winning remixer Latroit and deadmau5′ mau5trap label artists ATTLAS and Rinzen. mau5ville: level 1 is the first of several levels of new and unreleased original music and remixes to come from deadmau5 in the coming months. 

Discover mau5ville: level 1 here: https://mau5ville.lnk.to/level1









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Crizzly x YDG=Heavyweight Champs

Crizzly is back with another heavy hitter, this time bringing along Los Angeles’ YDG for the new track “Knocked Out“. 

It’s as aggressive as ever, so Crizzly and YDG fans alike will rejoice. 

2018 has been a wild few months for Crizzly so far. Alongside the release of “Bangin,’” his debut release on the label, he dropped the floor-stomping “Riot” with Slice Gang, alongside also blasting his way through shows across the United States and Canada, including a stop off at the first Bassrush x Circus show in Los Angeles this past June. With a back-catalog spanning back to the beginning of dubstep kicking off in the US, he’s a driving force of the scene with nothing left to prove. 











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Image result for friendship cruise

In the past, we reported that Gary Richards, better known by his stage name Destructo, launched a new festival cruise called Friendship, and it sold out in a mere two days! Today, the Holy Ship! founder has officially released the inaugural lineup and you have to take a look.

Taking on one of his biggest projects to date, the American music executive is continuing to prove why the new undertaking will be better than ever. The event will be one of the most highly anticipated events since Richards took the role of President of Event Conglomerate LiveStyle.

If the stacked lineup including Drezo, Wax Motif, Kill the Noise, Nora En Pure, Motez, Anna Lunoe, Jackmaster, Doc Martin doesn’t satisfy all of your hopes for the first-ever festival, than perhaps the guest of honor Giorgio Moroder and the burlesque icon Dita Von Teese will.

The magic will unfold on Tuesday, December 11 to Saturday, December 15, 2018. The stunning ship will leave from the Port of Miami and set sail to Coco Cay in the Bahamas.

The lucky partygoers that managed to get their hands on tickets when they first went on sale will have the opportunity to witness four nights of epic sets and ultimately, build friendships that will last a lifetime.

Although the cabins are completely sold out, the hardworking team behind the event has launched a contest giving those who enter one last opportunity to secure a spot onboard for them and three of their closest friends.

The countdown is on and with more talented artists to be announced, the hype is real!

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your love

Andrew Bayer feat. Ane Brun- Your Eyes

It’s always an exciting day whenever we can highlight new music from Andrew Bayer. Taken from his upcoming album, In My Last Life, Andrew Bayer’s next release is called ‘Your Eyes’, out everywhere today. In a Facebook post accompanying the release of ‘Your Eyes’, the Anjunabeats star talked about finding comfort in exploring the boundaries of his album work compared to his club work. He even says he took an indie approach to this album. There’s not many producers- especially trance ones- that can mesh trance and indie together. Andrew Bayer clearly does not fall into that category.

From start to finish, ‘Your Eyes’ radiates with emotion. Featuring vocalist Ane Brun, this new track is soft yet upbeat, and at every turn fills you with raw emotion. The track starts off quiet and calm before Bayer kicks in a soft and steady beat that flows throughout the track. Ane Brun’s angelic and tranquil vocals stand out amongst the beautiful melodies in the background. If the tempo doesn’t grab you, just listen to the words of Ane Brun. If this track is any indication on how In My Last Life will sound, this album will certainly be one of this year’s standouts.

Andrew Bayer proves once again what a special talent he is. It’s no wonder he lends a hand to Above & Beyond’s album productions. If you want to read his full Facebook post, you can find that here. In the meantime, you can check out Andrew Bayer and Ane Brun’s new album track ‘Your Eyes’ below.

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Excision & Illenium – Gold (Stupid Love) feat. Shallows

Excision and Illenium had been teasing this track in their sets as of recently and fans had been left wondering when they would be able to enjoy the track in all of its amazing glory once again and fortunately for us all it is finally out!

The track “Gold (Stupid Love)” interestingly enough happens to be a remix and their own take on the earlier release of Shallow‘s “Gold” which premiered on June 7th. The original track was just as good but the tempo was much slower. Illenium and Excision take the time to give the track a melodic dubstep boost and showcase each other’s musical styles.

The first drop consists of Illenium‘s known melodic dubstep style which is then proceeded by an even heavier drop showcasing Excision’s well known heavy dubstep, mix that all in with Shallow‘s lyrics that draw you in with the relatable story of an unsure love and you get this incredible rendition of Shallow‘s track.

Make sure to give the track a listen below, you won’t regret it!

Excision & Illenium – Gold (Stupid Love) feat. Shallows

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2018 just can’t get any better–Ultra Taiwan has announced that it is making their rendition a TWO day event this year! For the first time ever on the island, this festival is going to get bigger. The event will take place at Taipei Dajia Ultra Park in Taipei, Taiwan on September 8-9, 2018. Past headliners have included Above & Beyond, Chainsmokers, Zedd and Martin Garrix.

The news comes to us via their Instagram account showcasing the terrain, good vibes, and past memories from Ultra’s Worldwide Event in Taiwan. This is Taiwan’s first Ultra Super Generation Music Festival. This is a huge move for the powerhouse festival company as Ultra continues to dominate Asian continent.

It is the fifth anniversary of Taiwan’s Road to Ultra, so Ultra Worldwide has planned something special. For anyone that has purchased a RESISTANCE Taipei or Road to Ultra ticket, you get the option to upgrade for a fee and gain access to UMF Taiwan. Those that purchased a combo of both tickets will automatically be upgraded for free. The music festival experience couldn’t get any better than this.

Tickets are on sale now and can be purchased here. Single day passes start at $125 while two day passes start at $170. Premium and VIP passes are available as well. We know that travelling for festivals can be quite daunting, but for a historic change of events like this, how can we say no? Time will reveal the lineup for this one so we will be waiting eagerly for the next announcement. See the video below to get pumped!

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C.H.A.Y. – Who’s That? EP

Underground techno and house music comes through in full force through producer C.H.A.Y.‘s tracks. The Orlando native has shared the stage with some A-list DJs such as Mija and AMTRAC and continues to create a signature sound that is upbeat and complex. C.H.A.Y. is only getting started but has releases on Dirtybird, Toolroom, Audiophile, and more. This time he returns with his Who’s That EP release on Dirtybird Records.

The Who’s That EP is a two track EP that is filled bouncy bass lines, melodic synth lines, and driving percussive beats. The first track ‘Who’s That‘ is created with analog synths and wobbly bass, giving it a solid foundation for a fire tech-house track. Added in is a vocal line saying “Who’s that on the microphone” and this gives the song the finishing touch to make it addictive. Following the title track is ‘Meugitions Of Tym’. This track is characterized by its intense oscillating bass and layered percussive lines. Looking at the complex structures of ‘Who’s That’ and ‘Meugnitions Of Tym’, we can see the mastery of production the talented young musician holds. Give the EP a listen in its full glory below.

C.H.A.Y – Who’s That? EP

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Snavs & Nonsens – Blow Up

2018 has been a huge year for Danish Trio NONSENS. This year they have released a number of solo originals including ‘Let’s Go‘, ‘Make it Pop’, and their most recent track, ‘Get Em’. Since coming onto the scene in 2016, the three have combined their skills to create a distinctive trap sound that has made them climb the charts. Now, they return with a collaboration with fellow Danish Producer Snavs.


In their newest collaboration, ‘Blow Up‘, we see an explosion of synths paired with intense build ups. The track is definitely a head-banger perfect for that mid set rage fest many of us have come to love. NONSENS and Snavs have also added a few melodic elements that soften the track and give it an element of mystery. As NONSENS’s sound continues to evolve, make sure to be on the lookout for plenty of bangers from them in the future. Give it a listen below.


Snavs & Nonsens – Blow Up

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Bassrush festival is bringing in a hot lineup to Arizona.

Tis the season of Relentless Beats. It’s that time of year again where they have announced Bassrush Massive Arizona’s stacked lineup. The music brand makes its exciting return on August 25th, featuring Zeds Dead, NGHTMRE, G Jones, Space Jesus, Midnight Tyrannosaurus, Hekler and more.

Bassrush is popular for hosting their drum and bass stages at Insomniac events like EDC and Beyond Wonderland. It has evolved to its own tour, bringing big names like Skrillex along with them for the ride. Don’t miss out on this epic event.

Tickets are on sale now for the headbanging experience. Grab them here!

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Recently, I had the opportunity of speaking with Said The Sky about his music career. Having accumulated millions of streams, and collaborated with the likes of 3LAU & Illenium, it was certainly interesting getting his thoughts on how to establish a roadmap for your career as a producer, childhood influences, and even upcoming music. This episode is filled with some great content. Enjoy!


EDM.com: You’re getting millions of streams on Spotify which is extremely impressive. How did your career start?

Said The Sky: It came from a bunch of things coming together. The first thing that got me started was my mom putting me in piano lessons during second grade. I did that for 3 or 4 years before I begged her to take me out of them because I hated it. I picked up Trombone for a bit. But I couldn’t walk by the piano in our kitchen without wanting to play. So I got back into that. A buddy of mine introduced me to trance music. I loved it. The idea of writing melodies myself was great. I loved the idea of being in control and writing everything myself.

What advice do you have for upcoming producers looking to establish themselves within the EDM scene?

It’s tricky as a lot of the tolls I used to build my career (such as Soundcloud & Hype Machine) had a lot more attention when I was doing it. If you marketed yourself well on Soundcloud, you charted on hype machine. That’s adding a tonne of plays to your music. That helped me.

If you’re starting a career in music, and an artist you love just headlined Red Rocks, understand they’ve already done it. If you want to be successful & do what they’re doing, dive into their career. How much music were they releasing? How far apart were the releases? It’s a nice way to map out your future.

I think it’s good to pay attention to what successful people are doing. Although you may not take that exact route yourself, it gives you a good idea of what you can do in order to achieve your goals.

If you could predict the future, where would you like your career to be in 5 years time?

Oh man. I’ve thought about this. I have 2 answers. One of them is the Said The Sky project doing amazing & I’m headlining stadiums. Something huge. Like a whole band behind me. ODESZA are great. Kygo is a good example. I’d love to get to that point. I’d also love to be producing & writing for other people. Spending my days working on music. I love that.

This is a question that I ask at the end of every single interview I do. If the world was to end tomorrow, what would you want future generations to remember you by?

This is super hard. I don’t know if it would be anything specific. I just loved the idea of being genuine with every single person you meet. If people remembered me as a genuine person who never changed, or acted differently for any reason, that would be pretty cool.

You can check out the audio version here:

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BTSM hit the road

Black Tiger Sex Machine just announced they will be heading back on tour this fall. This is following the Ceremony Tour.

Check out a full recap here: 

These three throw down an insanely hard show. They know how to give the people what they want and those who are lucky enough to see the live act are never disappointed. 

BTSM Ceremony Tour Dates

We also got to chat with them about their upcoming tour! 

EDM.com: You guys just recently finished the Ceremony Tour, what kind of changes should we be expecting for this upcoming fall?

BTSM: We’re bringing our full stage and tour production to cities that were not a part of the Winter/Spring tour. We’ll also be redoing the full set – lots of new tracks from friends and our Kannibalen family – as well as reprogramming the lighting and video synchronization.

If you could play at any event/place in the world, where would that be?

We, unfortunately, haven’t played Red Rocks yet. That would be magical! Definitely at the top of our list right now.

Love your Futuristic Thriller Mix Part XVII, so filthy. What made you link on to Blade Runner 2049?

All three of us are huge Blade Runner fans. We did the original movie about four years ago, so it felt about time to follow it up with the new one. The story is so deep and fits our sci-fi style perfectly that we couldn’t pass up using it in this latest episode.

Your production is next level. After the “New Worlds” album do you hear your sound transforming? Do we have a new album in the horizons soon?

Thanks! We’ve been working on a few new songs and preparing the next release at the moment. We’ve already previewed a few tracks in the latest Futuristic Thriller mix, so fans can get a taste of what’s to come. In terms of sound transformation, we feel very free to explore whatever styles we’d like. We’ve never aimed to make hits or follow a specific trend. We enjoy certain genres and love blending different ones together. We’re lucky to have a fan base that will follow us through the musical journey! As for an album, we’ll see!

Your Kannibalen Label is doing quite well, what does it take to make it on to the roster?

We’re extremely happy with the label and everyone on it. This year has been our biggest yet and we have tons of great releases lined up all the way until 2019. For new releases, we look for a mix of solid bass design and strong songwriting. We don’t necessarily stick to one genre – but overall we love heavy bass that still has a nice musical vibe to it.

If you had the chance to collab with anyone on your next album who would it be? Who would you want to make a guest appearance at your show?

Boys Noize and Justice would be a dream come true for us as far as collaborations. We’d love to do a Destroid collaboration and have them do a guest appearance with us on stage. Would be some pretty futuristic bass heavy robotic fun!

Finally, how hard is it to see out of those helmets?!

It’s a bit tricky, but we’ve gotten used to it. Basically our range of sight is limited on the side and everything is slightly a bit more blurry. We make it work though 😉

Check out the guys on tour this fall, they will not disappoint. You can grab tickets here

Follow Black Tiger Sex Machine here:  

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The tropical music festival Your Paradise Fiji has released their incredible lineup.

Okay, who wants to take a trip to paradise this December?

South Pacific’s elite music festival has announced their out of this world lineup. Your Paradise Fiji takes place December 7th-13th, with private islands, breathtaking beaches, and legendary acts. The island getaway will feature Benson, Breakbot, Conspiracy Crew, Dena Amy, DOORLY, Ekali, FISHER, Generik, Habstrakt, Holy Goof, KAYEX, Kyle Watson, Made in Paris, Miguel Campbell, Mija, Nora En Pure, Patrick Topping, Set Mo, and What So Not

With the combination of beauty, intimacy and euphoric sounds, this is a destination festival unlike any other. Your Paradise Fiji has already built a reputation for creating a truly surreal experience, so you won’t be disappointed. 

Sign me up!

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Rob Swire Confirms New Knife Party EP On New AMA

1/2 of Knife Party, Rob Swire jumped on Reddit last week for a little Q&A action on the Subreddit /r/electronicmusic and fans got a pleasant surprise from the producer and singer/songwriter responsible for both groups Pendulum and Knife Party. By far the largest bomb dropped on the AMA was that we will be receiving a new Knife Party EP some time in 2018. This is a big surprise as it comes after the highly anticipated release of Pendulum’s remix album which dropped a little while ago featuring a remix of Skrillex. Besides confirming new music is on the way, Rob also answered questions about music production and even shared some crazy stories from past tours.

Check out some of the best parts of the AMA below.


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Rory Kramer is one of the more widely accomplished videographer in EDM. He’s kown for his work for EDM acts The Chainsmokers & Krewella. Unfortunately he informed everyone via an Instagram post about a serious car accident he was involved in along with some more serious problems that he feels led up to this.

Kramer has stated that the accident involved him losing control at a very high speed in his car. He was on a gravel road and ultimately led to his car hitting a tree. That led to him flipping upside down and dragging his face and shoulder against the gravel. He described himself as being left in a bloody mess screaming for help.

Unfortunately that’s not the end of it. Kramer even opens up and explains some of the more serious issues he was battling, stating:

I knew I had made a huge mistake of running from my problems of anxiety, depression, dealing with a father with cancer, rather than admitting them and seeking help.”

What I did was stupid and I could have easily lost my life. I am hoping to make changes in my life but I also hope to shed light on the fact you never know the pain someone carries until you lend an ear and listen as a friend.”

He goes on to explain that while his life from the outside looks amazing. But from the outside, you just never really know what one person is battling within themselves.

DISCLAIMER, GRAPHIC POST: 48 hours ago, I lost control of my car at a very high speed on a gravel road, hitting a tree that flipped me upside down, dragging the side of my face and shoulder against the gravel. It peeled my skin right off, leaving me as a bloody mess, screaming for help. I stood there looking at my upside down totaled car in disbelief. I knew I had made a huge mistake of running from my problems of anxiety, depression, dealing with a father with cancer, rather than admitting them and seeking help. I had lost my phone in the process and I was unable to call 911. So I crawled down the road to the nearest farm house and started pounding on the door until they answered and asked them to call an ambulance. I woke up in the ER and called my Dad as he is one of the only numbers I remembered off the top of my head. He went to track down my car so he could find my belongings. When he got to the junk yard, the guy that found my car said he couldn’t believe I walked away from a wreck like that and that my soundboks severed as a roll bar and saved my life. What I did was stupid and I could have easily lost my life. I am hoping to make changes in my life but I also hope to shed light on the fact you never know the pain someone carries until you lend an ear and listen as a friend. From the outside looking in, my life looks amazing and it is pretty freaking sick but I’m also a human being with real feelings and emotions and how we operate nowadays with social media people hide their issues and problems because we so easily judge and compare each other and are led to believe we can’t have anything wrong with ourselves. So be willing to have deep conversations with those close to you and be understanding of others and their feelings. Here’s to the beginning of the next chapter. Thank you to my family, friends, and nurses/doctors that took care of me and keeping me alive the last few days. Keep runnin’ it !

A post shared by Rory (@rorykramer) on Jul 15, 2018 at 6:21am PDT

Mental health continues to come up as a recurring issue throughout the dance music world lately. Recently, the late great passing of Avicii and even Above & Beyond‘s Paavo opening up about this very subject. It’s clear that this is something we need to be paying attention to. It’s important to seek out the help when we feel we require it. It isn’t something we should ignore or try to deal with alone.

We’re glad to hear that the incident didn’t get any worse and Rory Kramer is now recovering. We hope he finds the help and assistance he needs in order to deal with any issues he has.

We wish him a speedy recovery so that he can get back to doing what he does best.

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mord fab

Mord Fustang – Fabricated

The Estonian super producer Mord Fustang is no stranger to dance music. Back in 2011, his track ‘Lick The Rainbow‘ propelled him to the spotlight of EDM. Now he’s back in 2018 with a bang, dropping a 7 track EP titled ‘A New Sun’. Shortly after, he dropped an 11 track album titled “EXCITESHROOM ADVENTURE“ in rapid succession. Some new Mord Fustang is exactly what we need when the electronic music scene has become over-saturated with Pop/Future Bass songs.

The Estonian producer’s latest work really brings us back. It’s reminiscent of the pre-EDM Spotify playlist explosion with a heavier sound leaning on Electro and Progressive House. He looks to continue his hot streak with a new original called “Fabricated” which dropped last Friday on the imprint Dawn of Light. His latest offering is a high octane roller coaster of energy similar to the rest of Fustang’s next-level catalog. Check out his latest tune below.

Mord Fustang – Fabricated

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big pineapple
The anonymous DJ Big Pineapple has made some serious waves in the future house scene. Although we are not exactly sure who Big Pineapple really is, all signs point to Don Diablo.

Legend has it that Big Pineapple grew up on a remote island by himself. He made the most out of this situation, making toys and creating art from the pineapples which surrounded him. Years go, he meets a stranger who introduces him to electronic music. Who is that stranger? Well, perhaps none other than Don Diablo.

Stories aside, the clues point to Don Diablo. First, the only release to date from Big Pineapple is out on Hexagon, Don Diablo’s label. You may recognize the track, ‘Another Chance’, as it samples Roger Sanchez‘s vocals from the timeless classic with the same name.

If that does not give you enough of a hint, Don Diablo responded to a comment on Instagram which was clearly meant for Big Pineapple. Whether this was a mistake or not is to be determined. However, all signs point to Big Pineapple being the new alias of Don Diablo.

More revealing information is bound to be released, either intentionally or unintentionally. Until then, fans of Don Diablo can appreciate yet another impressive act on Hexagon.

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